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What If? by patronus_charm
Chapter 2 : Mixed Memories
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“Rose, Rose, are you alright?” Dom asked me.

“What? Oh yeah I’m fine, why?”

“It’s just that you completely zoned out for about five minutes, so I was a little worried. Oh, and Albus is waiting outside to see you. He says he wants to have the trio reunited for one last time.” Dom sounded rather sad at the prospect of us no longer being completely reunited.

After all, we all were pretty close. My parents and Uncle Harry used to call us the next generation of the Golden Trio. Obviously without all the battling dark wizards and defeating Voldemort. But we were always there for one another and whenever one of us went through a hard time, I always knew that the other two would come by and make me happy again.

Unfortunately the press had picked up on how close we all were. This meant, that whenever we were all out together we seemed to be mobbed by them. I hated that. It wasn’t my fault who my parents were or what they did. I didn’t ask to receive their fame.

“Silly Albus, I always knew he was a soppy one. I guess we’d better go and see him then,” I said fondly, and headed towards the door. It was odd thinking about how emotional he got. I was rather secretive about how I was feeling, whereas he shared every thought that passed through his mind.

I opened the door of Aunt Ginny’s old bedroom at The Burrow and stepped out into the corridor to find a rather nervous Albus.

“Hey Al, why do you look like you’re going to be sick? I’m the one getting married after all. You have no right to be nervous!” I joked.

Seeing Al so nervous seemed to ease my own nerves, as it was nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who had them. But then again, out of the three of us he tended to be the most emotional. He was so unlike Dom who seemed to disregard her own and everyone else's feelings. She was still pretty vocal about how she felt about things though, not like me. I found it was much better to keep certain things just to yourself.

“Oh nothing to be nervous about. It’s just weird thinking that one of us is settling down.” He ran his hands through his hair. He had apparently inherited that trait from his grandfather, James Potter, who had started the trend of running hands through hair.

“Hark whose talking, you’re getting married to Amelia in less than a month.” I thought fondly of his fiancée, Amelia Wood, who was the daughter of Uncle Harry and George’s former Quidditch captain Oliver. I always liked Amelia. She she was a Ravenclaw too, but in the year below me, though we still got on really well.

“I know it’s just weird that’s all. I doubt that Dom will ever marry, so I guess I’ll always have to put up with her even if you’re gone,” Albus joked. Dom was well known for her serial dating and intense fear of commitment.

“Hey, I’m not that bad, and who says that I’ll never settle down! Just because Victoire’s gone baby mad now, doesn’t mean I’ll never be like that. Besides, who wants to have to stay at home in the evenings and discuss how little a galleon can buy you now, when you could be out partying instead.” Dom stuck her tongue out at Albus as if to say that ended the argument.

To be honest, though I liked intellectual talks I didn't particularly want to be sitting at home at the ripe age of twenty-seven, while Dom had a good time. I mean, I didn't want to party, as I found large crowds of people rather daunting. But just being able to be free over what I did and when I did it was something that I would certainly miss.

“You may have a good thing going on actually, Dom. It’s a lot less hassle. I mean, do you remember the first time Scorpius met my parents? To say that was awkward would be an understatement,” I add on, and my thoughts drifted back to that eventful first meeting.


It was the summer holidays after fifth year had finished when I finally plucked up the courage to introduce Scorpius to Mum and Dad. I knew Mum would be more accepting of him, as she hated prejudice, probably due to her being a muggleborn and being at the end of it all the time. Dad was going to be a problem though. His level of hatred towards the Malfoy's had only fallen marginally since the end of the war, so you could imagine how delighted he was to hear I was dating ‘Malfoy’s spawn’ as he liked to call Scorpius.

While we were walking to my house, Scorpius babbled away about how exciting it would be to see the fusion of muggle and magical technology, and whether he should do a report on it to show his Muggle Studies teacher. I, on the other hand, ignored him.  Fearing how Dad might react filled my mind completely.

I hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, as he had time to come round to the fact that we were now dating. When Ronald Weasley didn't like something he tended to be pretty vocal about it, so I knew to expect some strong words from him.

Then there was my brother Hugo, the oddball of the family of our already strange family. Whereas I had inherited Mum’s traits, he had been given a mixture of their genes. This meant he liked mixing potions up in his room which often ended in disastrous consequences.

I still hadn’t forgotten the time when he attempted to make a potion which would mimic everyone’s farts. The eleven year old him had thought it would be hilarious to do so; to be fair, Dad and Uncle George seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea too. They were even considering selling it in the shop if it worked. It didn’t. The house ended up smelling so bad, we had to decamp to The Burrow for a week until it had faded.

“Scorpius I’m just going to apologise now. I’m sorry for how my dad will act. I can’t predict how he’ll be, but I’m sure it won’t be pleasant, so yeah,” I mumbled, unsure how to warn him about Dad.

“Rose, relax it’s going to be fine. Stop overthinking things for once and come here.” I shuffled over to him, not sure whether to believe him or not. He placed a soft kiss on my lips which instantly calmed my nerves. “See your parents are going to love me, you’re part of them so they can’t be that bad,” he whispered softly to me, and wrapped me up in a hug.

“Thanks Scorpius, I needed that. Let’s go and get this over with then.” Powered on by Scorpius’s sort of pep talk, I was determined to not let this go badly.

Even though I had a key to the house, I thought it was best just to knock first, as that way we wouldn’t walk into anything unexpected. Trust me, anything could happen in my house, so it was best to take precaution. We were greeted by my mother, Hermione Granger, who had a large stack of books in her arms, no shock there; reading was practically an obligatory thing to do here. Even Dad read, though it was only the Martin Miggs comic books.

“Hi, you must be Scorpius! Rose has told me so much about you. Especially your views on combining magic and electricity, which I find fascinating,” Mum piped up excitedly. Ever since I told her about them, she had been dying to ask him about whether his theory worked or not.

“You wouldn’t have found them so fascinating if you had seen what happened when my cousin and I experimented with it. I managed to bribe her to do it, as I can’t do magic outside of school yet; but when we did do it, we found the two just produced too much power. This resulted in the light bulb we were experimenting on combusting, and the room nearly set alight, so I don’t really recommend it,” Scorpius replied grimly.

“Oh yes, I guess with those results you wouldn’t really want to do it again, but it is worth investigating. I may even suggest it to my friend who works in the Department of Mysteries,” Mum said, with a glazed look in her eyes. She gets like that when she's thinking of a new idea. “Oh do come in Scorpius, I’ve been such a bad hostess making you stand on the doorstep.”

As we stepped inside, I was greeted by my aunt Ginny and uncle Harry. What on earth where they do here? Were they trying to make this situation even harder to deal with?

“Hi Rose, how are you today? And this must be Scorpius! We would stay and chat, but we have to go. Lily’s plotting away on Teddy and Victoire’s wedding. We’d best stop her, as they haven’t even asked her to plan it,” Aunt Ginny said sounding very exasperated. Typical Lily and her love for planning, it was almost as if it was an obsession.

“It was nice to see you Rose,” Uncle Harry said. He tended to a man of few words, probably because he was married to Aunt Ginny who did all the talking for the two, I thought, as I watched them walk out of the door.

“Was that Harry and Ginny leaving?” Dad asked, while walking down the stairs.

“Yes it was, they were worried about leaving Lily alone so they decided to leave. Ron this is Scorpius.” Mum directed her hands towards to him, as if Dad wouldn’t be able to find him otherwise.

“So this Scorpius, huh? I’ve heard a lot about you from young Rose here, I guess I’d better find it if it’s true or not. Do you play chess then?” He always tried to find a new opponent as we all refused to play with him. There was no way you could beat him and losing got boring after a while.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr Weasley, and yeah I have played a lot of chess. Rose made me, as she wanted all the practise she could get, so she might beat you.” Scorpius laughed at the memory. I told him not to tell anyone, I thought angrily.

“Ha Rose, thought she might be able to finally beat me then! Come on then I’ll give you a game, and we can see how well she taught you. And don’t bother with Mr Weasley it makes me feel old, Ron’s fine!” Dad chuckled away, and patted Scorpius on the back before shepherding him into the study where the chess set was. Wow. I did not expect that.

“See Rose, it wasn’t that bad was it love?” Mum asked.

“Yeah I guess it wasn’t. It’s just with Dad you never know which way he’ll go,” I said.

“Yeah trust me I can understand. I‘ve know him for over thirty years now, and I think I can finally say I sort of understand your father,” Mum replied, laughing away at him.

Now I thought about it, that first meeting went surprisingly well. Scorpius hit off with my dad so well, I had to hear a play-by-play account of the chess match for the following weeks, much to my displeasure.

The window in the hall was open. As it overlooked the garden, I could hear Dad talking to somebody below about where to position the chairs in the marquee. I could tell that Dad prefered Scorpius to Xander; he tried not to make it clear, as he obviously didn't want to hurt my feelings. But it was one of things that I just knew.

I could sort of understand why though. He already had to get used to me dating one of his former enemies children, then for me to break up with them and start dating another must have been hard to cope with.

At least Mum understood my decision. She was easier to talk to after the breakup than Dad was. If it hadn't been for her and Dom forcing me out after I had broken up with Scorpius, I still wondered whether I would be in my hermit like state.

I cast my eyes across the garden, and thought of all the childhood things associated with it. Having water fights in the garden in the summer with all my cousins. Finding a spot in the shade to immerse myself in a book. Then in the winter, being bullied into snowball fights by Teddy, James and Fred, even though I would have preferred to be sitting by the fire, feeling snug with a book of course.
I never imagined I would ever get married in the same place. I still found it strange that I was getting married here as well. It felt as if I was finally making the transition into adulthood by getting married here. And by doing that, it wiped out the memories of my childhood. My memories of Scorpius.

Why was it that today of all days I was forced to be reminded of him? I hadn't thought about him this much for months. Then on my wedding day, one of the biggest events of my life, I wasn't full of glee and excitement. Instead, I had spent most of the day thinking about an ex. I hadn't exactly got wedding fever. But thinking back to a past relationship, probably prevents it from appearing.

I mean, everyone loved Scorpius, they thought he was perfect. In fact, he was perfect. For a moment I thought me and him had something special. Most people tended to think that when they're going out with someone though.

The fact that everyone had such a high opinion of him, probably meant that when the first major argument happened, it was so much harder for me to deal with. I not only had my own wishes to deal with, but I had everyone else’s wishes to deal with too.

Much to everyone’s surprise Scorpius and I managed to continue dating throughout Hogwarts. We had even decided to move in together at the end of school. I had been accepted onto the Healer training programme at St. Mungo’s, and to Scorpius’s delight he got accepted onto Auror training; so I guess you could say our lives were going perfectly.

Well, it was almost perfect until the first major argument happened. I had just arrived back from a gruelling night shift, which was forced upon the junior Healers. It was part of their initiation period to see whether you were up to the high standards expected of you. By the time I had arrived back home, the morning's Daily Prophet had just been delivered. I decided I may as well read it before collapsing into bed.

The main article on the front page was one I definitely did not expect to see. “Scorpius Malfoy, the one desired by many, was spotted without his girlfriend of five years, Rose Weasley, the famous daughter of two thirds of the Golden Trio; instead he was seen in the arms of childhood friend and famous model, Penny Parkinson.”

My heart dropped. I didn’t know what to do or think. The picture said it all really; Penny clinged onto him for dear life, and he seemed pretty comfortable in that position. I was just frozen in a state of shock, how could he do this to me, betray me?

The only course of action was confrontation. Something I usually ran from, but considering my supposed ‘boyfriend’ needed some serious explaining to do; this was the only way to get it out of him. I needed the truth, it was the only thing which stood a chance at saving our relationship.

I marched into our bedroom, to find him dozing away peacefully. It was the calm before the storm I was about to cause.

“Scorpius Malfoy, you have some serious explaining to do! What do you think my reaction was to seeing this on the front cover of The Daily Prophet, when I came back this morning? Do you have anything to say for yourself?” I burst out angrily while shoving the newspaper in his face.

“Rose? What are you going on about?” Scorpius muttered away dreamily, still semi-unconscious from his sleep.

“Maybe you should take a look at this, after all, a picture says a thousand words,” I spat out, hoping that this would make the anger bubbling away inside of me disappear.

“Oh shit. Rose, look, I can explain,” Scorpius said, sounding very worried

“Yeah you’d better be able to explain, as otherwise I’m not sure if I could stand to see you ever again.” I couldn't believe what he had done, as I thought I meant something to him, so I doubted any of his excuses would comfort me.

“Look, Albus invited me out last night, just to have a couple of drinks in The Leaky Cauldron, and then Penny came along. You know what I think of her, she does exactly what her mother did to my father to me. She seems to think we have something special, despite how many times I’ve told her that we’re just friends. Penny had far too many drinks, and was in no fit state to apparate back, so I decided the best thing would be to take her home, then I would be clear of her. Ask Albus if you don’t believe me, he saw it all! Of course the reporters had to appear then, and you know what it looked like,” Scorpius said the whole thing so quickly, and with so much passion, it was hard to hear, but I got the gist of it at least.

The story sounded plausible. I had heard all about Pansy Parkinson and her ‘love’ for Scorpius’ father. Al was there too, so I could always ask him whether it was true or not. I wanted it to be true, I didn't want to break up with him,  I loved him. So perhaps that fact messed up my judgement that evening.

“Hmm, I guess that’s vaguely believable. Don’t believe you’re off the hook yet. I’m still keeping an eye on you,” I said and with that, I marched back into the sitting room.

Author Note: Wow this is one of the quickest time’s I’ve updated a story! I hope you like it so far, and a review would be very much appreciated, as I love hearing your thoughts on the story so far? Also any predictions as to what’s going to happen next, the next chapter will be exciting! Thanks for reading, Kiana:)

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