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All Bets Are Off by maraudertimes
Chapter 3 : The Party: Alexandra James
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*Author's note:

Okay, so basically, the Gryffindor party will play a HUGE role in this story. So, every few chapters, I will insert a chapter all about the party. This is told from Alexandra's point of view, but I will also have Sirius, Charlie, Remus, Peter, James and even Lily tell their sides of the story as well. Thanks!

My head was buried in my pillow, my body contorted into the foetal position, my physical way of holding myself together. I had been crying for so long I just heaved instead of actually having tears run down my face. My pillow was still wet though. I heard a door open and close. It was Charlie. She had been in the shower for at least an hour. That was unusual for her.

She wasn't the type of girl who would ever take over 20 minutes in the shower. She had three older sisters and two older brothers. All were out of Hogwarts already but she maintained that strange mind set that only allowed her to stay in the washroom for 15 minutes max.

I didn't stay on that thought as more sobs racked through my body and my mind jumped back to Amos. He had said we were over. Not that we were on a break but that we were over. It had been over a year since we started dating and now it was over.

He wouldn't ever bring me to Hogsmeade and buy me a butterbeer again. Never again would we go into Zonko's together, laughing at the prank supplies. Honeydukes trips would never end in him buying me a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean and us walking away, trying different kinds, kissing each other whenever we got a particularly bad one. I sighed, my breath shaky and uneven.

Happy memories of him hurt me more than the recollection of him breaking it off. Because I knew that in a week, he would be doing the same things with another girl. Amos was a boy that lots of girls fancied. And because our fight had been publicized and our break up had happened in the middle of the Hufflepuff common room, now most of the school would know about it.

Hufflepuff sixth years weren't known for being secretive. I felt someone sit at the edge of my bed and I looked up, catching the red-rimmed, ice-blue eyes that belonged to my best friends. Something was wrong. Her eyes didn't sparkle like they normally did. She was sad.

"Charlie, is everything okay?" I asked, hiccoughing.

She shook her head. "No, not really. I – I just wanted to tell you that…" She paused.

"Go on."

"I'm really hurting because of you. To see you like this hurts me," she said decidedly.

I felt a pang in my already hurting heart. Of course, Charlie was lying but I knew she didn't want to talk about it right now. Charlie was secretive, even with me and I let her take her time to tell me anything. It's what best friends did. She moved closer to me and put her arms around me. She shook with me, both of us crying but neither one of us making any noise. Her tears mingled with my fresh ones and we stayed there for a little while before we heard the doorknob turn.

She sat up and patted my head, wiping at her eyes. Our roommate Kendra walked in just as Charlie turned around and walked back into the washroom. Unless Kendra had noticed Charlie's wet hair, it would be a safe assumption that Charlie was just having a shower. But I knew what she was really doing.

Taking a shower had always calmed her down and hid the fact that she had been crying. The same thing happened with me. Having a shower after a long cry gave me a shield against the nosier girls in our grade. None of them ever suspected anything was wrong with me if I did that. But Charlie always knew when I wasn't feeling well. Then again, it was Charlie. She was my best friend.

"Are you going to the Gryffindor party tonight?" Kendra's musical voice asked. "I'm going and I'm getting ready in Lily's dorm. If you are going though, remember not to be too much of a drag like last time okay?"

I clenched my teeth. Kendra was not one of my favourite people. Her best friend Lily wasn't either. The both of them were sort of slags. Kendra more than Lily. Apparently the farthest Lily's ever been with a boy is strictly above the belt. Kendra is far more friendly than Lily.

And tonight was the annual back-to-school party night. Sure it wasn't exactly the start of the year but back-to-school party night always happened a month in. That way the first years wouldn't get lost and we wouldn't have stragglers running into common rooms after hours to join in the fun.

The Gryffindor parties were always the best parties. I had been once, last year, and hadn't actually drunk anything, but from what I could tell, they were the best parties ever. Amos had told me about the Hufflepuff parties which were really just a celebration of the first years. They were over by nine and never left a mess.

The Ravenclaw parties were bad too but not so bad. More than half the people who attended sat in a corner and either did homework, played wizard chess or talked about school. Ravenclaw. Are our parties amazingly fun or what?

But the Gryffindor parties. There was always alcohol and a fair bit of drugs when you got near the end of it, but that was around two in the morning, and they always enchanted the common room so that none of the teachers could hear the ear-blasting music or see the pulsating lights coming from within.

I hadn't wanted to go up until this point. But what with Charlie being the wreck she was, and me being the emotional catastrophe I was, drinks and dancing seemed like the best idea.

"Actually Kendra," I started, "I was wondering if you could help me get ready for the Gryffindor party. I've decided to go all out and I need someone like you to help me."

I thought she was about to burst. "Oh Merlin, of course Alexandra! Now that you're done with Diggory, the best thing to do is get him jealous." I rolled my eyes but Kendra continued. "I know he'll be there so you need to look hot. Smoking to be exact. I want you to look like the end of a cigarette."

I rolled my eyes again. "Kendra, it's not for a few hours at least. We don't need to get ready until, what, an hour beforehand?"

Kendra looked horrified. "Alexandra, I assume that if you're going, Charlie's going, so I'll need you both to have a shower and not the one like Charlie's having to cover up the fact that she's been crying. Yes I know you both do that, hell I do that too," she said at my shocked face.

"You do that?"

"Not important. Then we'll have to dry your hair, but a simple drying charm will do the trick, find the perfect outfit for you both, do your hair nicely and hers too I might add, put on the perfect makeup for you both and that doesn't include me leaving to Lily's to get ready myself."

I shook my head. "It'll take that long?"

She nodded as Charlie came out of the washroom. As soon as she saw us talking without shouting or even looking mad, she stopped, a towel wrapped around her as she stood in the doorway.

Kendra turned and stormed towards her. "Get back in there and use my shower supplies. Whichever set you want, but you will use all of it, down to the shaving cream and the perfume."

Charlie looked at me, confusion in her eyes.

"Do what she says Charlie. Don't worry I know what's happening."

Charlie stood there anyway, clutching the towel to her chest as if her life depended on it. Finally, Kendra pushed her back into the washroom, grabbed a hold of the towel and closed the door so much only her arm protruded. Then, she looked towards me, yanked the towel from Charlie and slammed the door shut.

"What the fuck?" Charlie screamed, pounding at the door. "Kendra I just had a shower."

Kendra scoffed. "Darling, that was a pity fest. I'm going to bet you stood there and cried your eyes out." A humph came from the other side of the door and Kendra smirked. Then she turned to me. "You next."

After three hours of showering, drying off, getting my hair pulled at and being slathered with makeup, the moment I had been dreading had arrived. Kendra had pulled everything from my trunk and my closet and put all my clothes on my bed. Our two other roommates, Zoe and Sydney, had come and gone, obviously heading for the library. It was strange how different we all were.

Charlie and I loved quidditch and we passed our classes easily. Kendra loved boys and whatever that entailed but she also passed all her classes quite easily. Zoe and Sydney passed all their classes with flying colours but they thoroughly enjoyed exams and essays and extra credit.

So, needless to say, Zoe and Sydney had looked at us in disgust when they saw what we were doing. They had never gone to a back-to-school party, even the Ravenclaw one. But when Kendra had pulled out all my clothes, I felt like grimacing too.

She had deemed almost all my clothes 'inappropriate' for the party although I felt they were appropriate for everyday life. Handing me a gorgeous flowing green tank top that I had purchased this summer and a pair of shorts I would call underwear, she smiled.

"This'll hardly cover my arse!" I complained.

"Oh shut up Alexandra," Charlie groaned. "At least you aren't wearing this!"

She gestured at her ice blue dress that also barely covered her arse but was much tighter than my outfit. It had average sized straps that covered her bra straps so, thankfully for her, she didn't have to wear a strapless one. The dress hugged her curves really well and showed off the toned legs she had gotten from quidditch.

"Oh the both of you shut up," Kendra said, shoving a few of her things into a clutch she had charmed. "Now I'm off to Lily's dorm. You're welcome to accompany me."

We both shook our heads. While we could barely stand Kendra and Lily, Lily's roommates were worse. She shrugged and opened the door, leaving into the hallway and then closing it. I looked at Charlie and she looked at me.

"You look good Charlie. She did quite a good job," I said.

She scoffed. "We both look like slags."

"But nice-looking slags that aren't cheap."

She rolled her eyes at my response. It was going to be weird for the next hour, sitting in this room dressed like this. I almost wished we had gone to Lily's dorm. Sitting on my four-poster and picking up the book I had been reading, I tuned everything else out and read.

The party was going hard, lights flashing everywhere. I had already had a few glasses of what I believed was spiked butter beer. Everything was beautiful and I laughed, grasping Charlie's hands and jumping around. She giggled and kissed me on the cheek. Someone whistled and I smiled, turning in their direction and sticking out my tongue.

"Okay, who got the Ravenclaw girls drunk?" A tall boy with beautiful black hair and impossibly grey eyes came over and began dancing next to us. "Because I would like to thank them," he whispered into my ear.

"Well, if I got myself drunk, so how are you going to thank me?" I yelled. "Oops," I giggled. "I didn't mean to be so loud."

The boy smiled. "Loud? I can barely hear you babe."

I stiffened. Amos used to call me babe. Looking up at the tall boy, I decided to take a chance. Looking at Charlie and winking, I grabbed her and brought her closer to me. Bringing my lips to her ear, I giggled before actually talking.

"I'm going to get over Amos, er, Diggory."

She smiled and winked. Grabbing the boy's hand, I pulled him away from the dancing crowd and over into a dark corner. I could barely make out the fact that there was a small hallway there. Walking backwards and tugging on his hand, I didn't stop until I felt the stone wall against my back. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.

"Hello," I whispered, thanking Merlin that Charlie had made me brush my teeth before coming. I giggled. "How many people have you kissed?" I whispered almost into his mouth.

"Um, what kind of question is that?" He asked.

"Well, I don't want some sort of mouth disease now do I? Because I do plan to kiss you mystery man." I had pressed myself closer to him and had my lips to his ear.

He shivered. "Well, I could ask the same question, mystery woman."

I'm not a woman," I giggled. "I'm a girl."

"A girl? Well then, how old are you Ravenclaw? And how old do you think I am?"

"Well, seeing as I don't recognize you and you don't seem younger than me, perhaps you're a seventh year. But you could be a really old-looking fifth year. And I'm a sixth year by the way," I rambled.

"Well Ravenclaw, I am a sixth year like you, unfortunately. Apparently we don't quite remember each other."

I frowned. "I must be really drunk, right?"

I could feel him smile against my skin. "I think you are. I guess that means I should not be doing this."

I grabbed his face and brought it so close to mine our eyelashes touched. "I think we should. And if I'm drunk, then why am I not slurring?"

I was about to kiss him, his lips so close to mine I could almost feel them on mine. Less than a centimetre separated out lips. And then I heard something I thought I wouldn't hear again.

"Okay babe. You sure no one's down here?"

The boy moved towards me but I flinched and his lips touched my cheek. We both stiffened and suddenly, Amos, er, Diggory, was right beside us.

"Oh, sorry mate. Babe, I think this corridor's taken."

I looked at the boy in front of me as he pulled away and realized how stupid I was. I had on shorts that were barely shorts, a shirt that hardly covered me and I was piss drunk. My ex-boyfriend was inches away from me with another girl and all I could do was stare at this boy with sadness in my eyes.

I pushed the boy away, shoving him into Amos. Trying to get past him, I had to push myself against him even more. When I was finally free, I turned and my eyes were an inch from Amos'.

"Sorry mystery boy, but I have to go," I said quietly to the boy I had almost kissed.

Then I pushed past Amos and his slag and ran back into the middle of the common room, dancing bodies all around me. I couldn't find Charlie so I found the Gryffindor portrait and raced out, crying. Only a few feet away from the opening, I sat down on the floor and began sobbing. A few seconds later I felt a hand on my shoulder. I flinched. Looking over at the person with their hand on my shoulder, I saw familiar blue eyes staring back at me. I flinched and the eyes saddened.

"Go away," I sobbed. "Go fuck that slag in the corridor like you were going to. Just go the fuck away."

He sniffed. "Merlin, Alexandra you're drunk. Really drunk by the smell of it. And may I just say you were in that corridor before I was."

"But I wasn't the one that broke up with you. And so what if I'm drunk? It's a party! Parties are for drinking, dancing and having fun." I frowned. "And if kissing people is something I like to do to have fun, what do you care?"

He hesitated. "I care because I still care about you. I came to this party thinking we were over but then I saw you. And I realized, I don't want us to be over. I still want you." I blanched. "But then I saw you and him and –"

"I didn't kiss him," I interrupted. "I didn't kiss him. I stopped because I thought of you."

His face lit up and a large grin spread over it. I smiled too, trying to wipe away the tears that cascaded down from my eyes. He caught my hand and I froze. He took his thumb and wiped a tear away. I leaned forward and pressed my forehead against his.

"Thank you," I said.

And then I kissed him. His lips melted with mine and we fit perfectly. He tasted like the spiked butterbeer I had and I smiled against his lips. I was destroyed when I thought we were over. And now I had him back. I kissed him harder, bringing my hands up to his face, running my hands through his brilliant blond hair. His hands went to my waist and then…

Footsteps. Clacking footsteps and then the sound of Professor McGonagall's voice echoing through the hall.

"Dear me, eight students out of bed tonight and it's not even that late. Professor Dumbledore will not be happy."

I pulled away from Amos, his face mirroring my shock. We scrambled to get up and ran down the hallway, away from McGonagall. As we ran, my hand grazed the wall and soon, we came upon a broom closet not that far from the Gryffindor portrait hole.

Opening it with shaking hands, I climbed inside, Amos clambering in after me. His large body took up most of the space and I giggled through my drunken haze. He shushed me but I giggled again.

"Make me," I whispered.

He kissed me, his hands snaking around my waist. He was warm and solid and I wanted to hold onto him forever so that I would never feel the sensation of falling away like I had earlier that day. My hands brushed through his hair and ran along his face. We stayed like that even after the footsteps went away.

"Alexan–" He started. "Al–"

I kept interrupting him with kisses. He smiled against my mouth and I did the same. I finally pulled back and let him speak.

"Alexandra, I am really sorry about earlier today. I don't know how that escalated to that measure." His eyes twinkled. "But I'm glad that mistake didn't cause me to lose you."

I nodded. "Me too. Now," I giggled, "kiss me for Merlin's sake!"

He obliged and as his hands crept up my shirt I gasped. He froze and pulled back but I met his lips again. He went slowly, tickling me at times and making me giggle, but efficiently shutting me up as quickly as he could. Then, just as he reached the edge of my bra, the door flew open and the light from a wand blinded me.

I blinked and Amos quickly pulled his hands away, brushing through his hair instead. I placed my hands on his chest as they had been travelling south without my realizing it. Blushing, I squinted to see some boys I didn't recognize.

"Ooh, a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw in a broom cupboard. If that's not a scandal I don't know what is," a fairly large boy with unattractive features snorted.

I blushed, looking towards the other end of the broom cupboard. Amos took my hands and I blushed even more.

"Excuse me boys, but if you could let us out. I don't think we'll be continuing if you keep staring at us," Amos said and I snorted.

The Slytherins moved out of the way. I giggled as Amos pulled me past them. I waved. I don't know why but it just seemed like a good idea. Amos laughed and pulled me towards him as we passed some of the other Slytherins who had two Gryffindor boys among them. Maybe they weren't Gryffindor like I originally thought. One of them stared at me as Amos and I walked by and his grey eyes startled me.

"Mystery man!" I shrieked. "I thought you were Gryffindor but now you're hanging out with Slytherins. You, m'friend, are a liar."

I hiccoughed and giggled. Amos ushered me forwards and I grasped his left arm trying to keep myself upright. He gave me a strange look and I smiled.

"Mystery man?" He asked.

"That," I said, pointing somewhere behind me, "is the boy I didn't kiss in that corridor tonight. I accidentally thought he was a Gryffindor. Oops," I giggled.

He gave me a weird smile. "Alexandra, I hate to say this, but that is–"

I stood on my toes and kissed him, shutting him up. "I. Don't. Care. Did. I. Kiss. Him?" I paused between each word to kiss him. "No. So. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. And. Bring. Me. Back. To. My. Dorm." With this, I kissed him harder and I felt his hands snake up my back.

Just as I was dragging my hand down his chest, he pulled away and grabbed my hands in one of his. I whined but he put a finger over my mouth and shushed me again. I pouted and then tried to bite his finger. He smiled and wrapped me in his arms. He was still warm and I let myself collapse against him. Looking up, I tried to kiss him again but he put his finger on my lips again. I glared at him and he smiled.

"Babe, it's really early in the morning. I don't want to make any noise and get caught. And anyways, we're already at your common room." He gestured towards the knocker that asked us riddles if we wanted to get it. "So, I have to go because you're drunk and I know if anything happens you'll regret it in the morning."

I frowned. "No Amos, you're coming up with me." I tried to wink but ended up blinking a few times. "And I would never regret anything I would do with you."

He laughed and turned towards the eagle shaped knocker. It squawked and I jumped and then giggled. Amos shot me a look and I leaned against him as the knocker spoke.

"What is the one thing you must wish of this lifetime?" It asked.

Amos smiled. "I've got this. To be happy."

The knocker stayed silent and I rolled my eyes. "For it to have an end, otherwise it is not much of a lifetime. It is much longer than that."

The knocker nodded, but I was very drunk and everything was swimming and the door opened. I stumbled in but quickly turned around. Grabbing Amos' shirt with my hands, I dragged half of him into the deserted common room. The only thing that stopped him from falling on top of me was his hands that had instinctively taken the edges of the door, keeping him out of the common room.

"Come upstairs Amos," I whispered into his lips. "I'll help make sure the stairs don't trip you up."

He groaned. "You do realize that you'll regret this in the morning? All the shameless flirting."

I giggled. "Flirting? You're already my boyfriend. I'm just suggesting."

He rolled his eyes and carried me to the steps that led up to my dormitory. I smiled and giggled once more. Getting drunk was fun! Amos placed me on the steps and I fell over without his arms around me. My face against the cold stone, I smiled and closed my eyes.

"Okay babe, I have to go because otherwise we'll both regret tonight. Can you walk up to your dorm?" He asked.

I giggled and turned, stumbling past the large bust of Rowena Ravenclaw towards the stairs. Amos obviously thought I could handle myself as he was gone and the door was closed by the time I turned around. I pouted as I made my way up the stairs. Sometimes I thought Amos was too good for me.

Oh well, I thought. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually be able to sleep in. I hadn't seen Charlie leave the party so I assumed she had come back to the dorm, but she had still stayed up pretty late partying with me. With Charlie sleeping in, there would be no one to wake me up in the morning.

I sighed as I fell against the banister, tripping over the last few stairs until I finally stumbled through my dorm room door. Stifling my giggles, I fell upon my bed and snuggled into my pillow. It was cool and smelled like strawberries, one of my favourite body sprays. I tried to pull my blankets over my less than covered body but my inebriated state complicated things. I finally gave up, grabbing a jumper from the foot of my bed and draping it over my cold legs. Smiling, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke with a start, sitting right up. My head pounded as I tried to see through my cloudy haze of a hangover and the darkness in the room. I groaned as I heard someone stumble onto their bed, not unlike what I had done earlier. At least, I thought it was earlier.

It was only when I realized the stumbled, half-drunken sounds were coming from Charlie's bed and I fully awoke. Squinting, I could see her shape trying to get her blankets over her body. The similarities between our drunken routines were striking.

"Charlie," I whispered. "Charlie, what time is it?"

She sighed and got off her bed, walking over to sit on mine. "Hey sweetheart, how are you? I didn't wake you did I?"

"Charlie what time is it?" I demanded, a little louder this time.

"It's four in the morning. I did wake you didn't I? I'm sorry sweetheart. Go back to sleep."

"Charlie," I whispered, grabbing her hand, "you don't sound drunk. But you came back late. Charlie, what did you do?"

She smiled at me in the dark and traced around my face with one of her nails. "Go back to sleep sweetheart, we'll talk in the morning, okay?"

I smiled. "Does Charlie have a boyfriend? Does – Oh I'm sorry Charlie I won't tease you anymore, okay?" I said as her face dropped.

"That's okay Al. Now go to sleep," she said as I closed my eyes and did just that.

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