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Pregnancy Jitters by aquabluez17
Chapter 2 : Ray of Emotions
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"Did you just come home?!" Ruby screamed at Al.

Before Al could even say anything in his defense, Ruby started to rant her long red hair flying around as she moved animatedly, "You only care about your work. You do not care about me even a bit. I wait for you everyday and you always come late, saying you have work to do. Do you even think about me even for a minute?" she shouted at him without even letting him say anything in his defense.

"Before marriage, you were always looking out for me. Now you do not even care if I am around. I am just like furniture that you can push around where ever you want! I wouldn't even be surprised if you had some personal slag . Merlin knows how willing those stupid fan girls are, even if it is with a married man!" she screamed at him shaking with anger, tears now rolling down her cheeks

She got up of the bed and went to their cupboard. Opening it swiftly, she grabbed his night clothes and threw at him so she could ignore the shocked look he was giving her. She knew she had gone too far. It's not like Al had ever paid attention to his fan girls before but the words had just spilled out. Maybe it was her own insecurity since she had once been one of his fan girls but somehow he had noticed her instead of the others.

It was probably all of the fighting we had done after I had finally stopped looking at him as if he was Apollo the son god and started speaking my mind in front him... she thought.Tears were still running down her cheeks, but she was not sure exactly why she was crying.

Al stood as well as he watched as his one happy and somewhat, for a normal day anyway, calm wife started yelling at him, accusing him of infidelity. His temper rising he tried his best to refrain from yelling his heart out at his wife, but his anger was instantly replaced by concern when he saw her starting to cry.

He watched her in awe as she got up and went to get his clothes for him and then ended up throwing them at him, which he caught at the last second only due to his seeker reflexes. How is she still thinking about me when she is so mad at me? I will never be able to understand this girl I swear. When she was close enough, he tugged on her arm and reached his hand up to wipe off her tears from her face. He backed up surprised when his silly wife randomly threw her arms around him, refusing to let go.

"Ruby, Ruby what's wrong love?" Al asked her in concern as he patted her long red mane, while trying to calm her down.

He did not know what to make of her strange behavior. One minute she was yelling at him and now she was hugging him as if her life depended on it. He brought up his arms to her shoulder and pried her away from him so he could look at her face.

"Is everything okay Ru? Are you feeling well? " Al questioned not sure about what could be wrong with her since she did not look or feel sick. Maybe we just ran out of pickles so she is taking out her frustration on me. Yes that probably what is wrong.

"Ruby if you want pickles I can just go get some for you. You don't need to be upset love, here I will go get them right now," Al told her and turned around to grab his wand so he could some how summon some pickles.

Where the heck am I going to get pickles at such a late time at night? You know what, I will get them from where ever I need to. I am after all Albus Severus Potter. I have got to get her to stop crying. He snapped out of his thoughts when he felt her hands on his shoulder pulling his attention back to her. He turned around to face her again, staring at her face with worry pouring out of his eyes.

Ruby stared into his emerald green eyes with her tear stained face. His eyes always told her how he felt and right now they were full with concern and worry. She unwillingly started to smile, through her tears and hugged him hard once again, her head buried in his shirt once again.

Without removing her head out of his shirt, she mumbled, "I'm just hugging you Al. It's not that big of a deal. I have rights you know! And one of them happen to be my ability to hug you whenever I want. After all why else would I marry you," grinning slightly into his chest, knowing that he was probably thinking she was going crazy with all of the physical contact she was displaying.

When he refused to respond to her verbally or hug her back, she let her hands slide down his back feeling his muscles go tense underneath her touch only to relax. Her hands found their way to run over his arms. She placed her hands on his arms and slowly brought them up and placed them around her waist.

Al felt her hands on his arm. A current ran up his spine as she his arms with her hands. It made him feel good almost as if he was at home. Then he realized that he was at home and with the one person he could not be without, his Ruby. It had taken him so long to understand that he wanted to be with her forever. To realize that she had to be his. To finally place that possessive pronoun in front of her name every time he said it, to show the world, that she did indeed belong to him.

He let her place his arms on her waist, feeling the warmth of her radiate through her clothes and hit against his arms. She dug deeper into his chest as if he was her shield, her only savior. He did not mind that, he would always keep her safe, always stand by her, and always deal with her craziness since he loved her.

He smiled as she nuzzled into his slightly opened shirt, trying to get a response out of him. Tightening his grip around her, he brought her even closer to him and rested his head on her fiery red hair. Smelling in her fragrance and slowly dissolving in the love she was showering over him, just like every day.

Before losing control completely, he thought to himself, I will ask floo Lily tomorrow what is wrong with her. She is not saying anything but that doesn't mean that I don't know that something is wrong. Ruby is acting way to strange, even for herself, he thought, smiling at his thoughts.

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Pregnancy Jitters: Ray of Emotions


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