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Trouble in Love by StephanieMariex
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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 Chapter Three.



I felt someone called me gently, trying to wake me up  from my peaceful slumber, so I did what I do best; I flipped them the bird and buried my face into the soft, warm pillow.




My pillow chuckled slighty, vibrations of sound running up and down his chest.. I found myself smiling sightly.




That's when I realised.




Wait a minute.. Pillows don't chuckle, OR have chests so what in the name of Merlins spotty bloomers was I lying on?!




I slowly found the courage to look up, and found myself staring into a beautiful set of Emerald-Green eyes.




I made a noise between a 'oh' and  a 'meep' when I realized it was in fact Al Potters muscular shoulder was sleeping on, and fell off the compartment bench with a loud thud.




I quickly shot back up, patting myself down and fiddling with my hair, blushing furiously, mumbling. "I'm alright, I'm okay.." over and over to myself while the compartment stared at me with expressions between shock and amusement.




Finally, Rosie snapped of it.




"ALRIGHT, WE'RE WASTING TIME, BOYS GET YOUR BUTTS OUT SO US LADIES CAN CHANGE!" She shouted, taking the attention off me so that when the boys scramble out, I sent her a grateful smile and she sent me a wnk in return.




I grabbed my school uniform and slowly started slipping it on.




Hogwarts uniform often consisted of this; an ugly pleated, knee-length skirt, a white school blouse, flat shoes, your house tie, a sweater-vest or cardigan and robes.




Rose followed that regime to a frightening T.




Mine and Dom's uniform, however, consisted of this; Skirt shortened so it was mid-thigh, Blouse with the top buttons undone, No sweater-vest or cardigan, house tie and wedge heels.




As soon as we were finished, we both quickly brushed our hair and re-did out makeup.




When we turned around, it was to find our dearest Rosie staring at us in shock.




"What?" I asked, mirroring Dom's confused expression.




Then Rose snapped out her trance, looked at us and said, rather bluntly, may I add. "You look like sluts."




My mouth widened in shock.




"Wh- what?" Dom stuttered beside me, clearly as shocked as I was about Rose's behaviour. We'd always dressed like this, and Rose had never been this harsh about it before.




"You heard me." She spat coldly.




The next thing knew, the dumbfounded expression that was on Dom"s face dropped, only to be replaced by anger. Which was NOT good at al. Dom's werewolf tendencies ( she's not a FULL werewolf, she just gets stiff bones and a bad temper around full moods, though her temper goes of at any time.) and her Veela genes, versus, Rose's all powerful Weasley-temper was not a good combo. For both parties.




Dom's face grew red and then she unleashed.








"ME?! WHO GOES AROUND STEALING PEOPLES BOYFRIENDS COS' YOU WANTED HIM TO BE YOUR LATEST SQUEEZE, DOM?! She screamed, then her voice dropped and she turned to look between me and Dom. "In my eyes, you're no better than Heidi Green, Dominique. Considering what she did to you, Chloe, I'm surprised youcan even look at her,, let alone be best friends with you." She spat. Her voice going eerily soft as she uttered the final words. "To me, Dominique Weasley, you're nothing but a downright whore." 




The silence seemed to stretch on forever as Dom's face went from white, to green, to a queasy yellow colour, to purple, to red.




She finally stepped forward, rage in her eyes..








She punched Rose straight in the face, then with a final, icy glare, walked out the compartment, I followed her, wanting to comfort my best friend.




I looked back once, to see Rose staring after Dom with one look on her face that chilled me to the bone.. absolute hatred.








I found Dom in an empty compartment and just silently enveloped her into my arms while she cried into my shoulder. 




We stayed like that for about 2 minutes, before she pulled back. I her a tissue I had conjured and she blew her nose.




"Do you hate me for being like her, Chloe?" She asked me in a tiny voice.




"Oh, Dommie, of course not, you are nothing like Bitch-Face Green."  I said with a smile. "Rose just said that to get under your skin."




She smiled with relief, and hugged me tightly.




I laughed.




The train came to a stop at Hogsmeade station.




Just as me and Dom were to step off the train, Rose banged into Dom's shoulder so hard she toppled forward, grabbing my arm and of course, dragging me with her.




I didn't have time to shield my face from the blow that... never came. Instead, I fell smack-bang into a rock-hard chest, I looked up to see the arrogant James Potter in all his glory, with familiar smirk uncurling at his mouth. The one thing that ruined his seemingly god-like appearance and gave me a massive gush of satisfaction, was the black eye, slowly appearing on his left eye and the fact that his nose was still slightly crooked.




But still, he smirked at me.




"Wow, Bell, didn't have to fall for me." He announced arrogantly, his, Fred and Chad and a few other cronies laughing behind him.




I looked at him coldy before, measuring my words carefully so they didn't waver with all the anger I felt, and said to him in a flat, sarcastic tone. "I would love to see the day I fall for you, Potter." I said sweetly, giving him a smile. Before, I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him, grabbed hold of his shoulders, he started to lean in too, our lips were inches away from eachother. Instead, I leaned closer to his ear and said, loud enough for everyone to hear. "It would be really cool to see it rain fire." Then I brought my leg up and swiftly kneed him In his family jewels. 




He groaned and bent over in pain, while I walked towards the carriages with a proud smirk on my face, knowing I had won this round.




I scrambled Into a carriage with Dom and she gave me a tight hug. "You totally won back there!" She smiled.




I smiled back.




Soon enough, the carriage pulled to a stop outside Hogwarts and we all scrambled into the Great Hall and took our seats at the Gryffindor Table next to Alice and Lily.




Lily saw me and smirked. "I saw you make sure my brother couldn't reproduce." I waited for the hex to come, Lily was really protective of her family. What she said next though surpprised me. "Good on you, he's been tormenting you for years, I would've done the exact same thing." she smiled at me before turning back to chat to Alice. 




I notice Potter walk into the Great Hall, he glared at me. I smiled and blew him a kiss, satisfied when he turned redder.




Rose wasn't even sitting with her family. She sat there staring at her plate, occasionally shooting evil glares at Dom, who smiled at her waved, we both watched in amusement as Rose shot her the finger, only be to be yelled at by Professor Mcgonagall about her making "Vulgar hand gestures.'




I smirked and turned away, watching the First Years file in looking somewhat torn between looking excited, and looking frightened.




As the Sorting began, I felt myself zone out..




I snapped back to reality and stuffed my face, instantly feeling full-up and tired.




I waited impatiently for Professor McGonagall to finish prattling on aout  why the Forbidden Forest was *gasp* Forbidden. *Rolls eyes*




As soon as she dismissed us, me and Dom made our way to the Seventh Years Girls Dorm and changed into our pyjamas, mumbling goodnight to eachother,  i fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow...








A/N - So  Dom and Rose had little spat and we have the well-awaited return of Jackass Potter.




Want to say thanks to Charlene for liking my  last chapter when I had my doubts about it! So thanks!




Please review, I'd love to hear from you.



































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