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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 4 : 3- A Life for a Love
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3- A Life for a Love

Harry, Draco, Naomi and Emily all approached the large light grey manor house though as Draco went up to open the giant sized black doors, Harry pulled the other two back.

“Now look, the Malfoy’s are all former Death Eaters, they might be alright now but keep your guard up and your senses alert for anything that might seem out of place, understood?” The two Junior Aurors nodded just as Draco had opened the door.
Narcissa Malfoy was half-way down the stairs when the four entered, her long golden hair tied up and her usually pale skin, like her son’s, was tanned from her recent trip. “Mrs Malfoy.” Harry greeted with a half bow.

“Potter.” She replied flatly as she eyed him. “So, what news do you bring of my husband?” Narcissa saw Harry and Draco catching each other’s eye and when she saw the two Aurors behind Harry, her expression changed to blank shock.

“With all due respect, Mrs Malfoy, I’d like to search the house.”

“But what are you-?” Narcissa started but when she caught her son’s eye, she clearly thought it best to change tact. “Where... where would you to start your search?”

Harry turned to the other two. “Naomi, you check out the drawing room and the cellar downstairs, Emily you come with me upstairs.” The two Aurors obeyed and Naomi turned right into the drawing room. The same drawing room, Harry couldn’t help but think, where one of his best friends, Hermione, had been tortured by the Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange, but there was no time to stand there and reminisce.
He and Emily followed Narcissa into the master bedroom. “Check the other rooms on this floor. Let me know if you find anything.” And Emily went off into the next room while Harry entered the bedroom.

The entire room seemed pretty plain and clean with its lack of ornaments or personal touches to decorate the grey walls. After he had checked the wardrobe and the bedside tables, his wand tip alight after using various magical presence charms, he then turned his attention to the only other thing in the bedroom- the small Glass Viewer that they had been looking through back at the Ministry.

After removing the protective charms that were placed around it, he picked up the glass orb and examined it closely. In the reflection, he saw himself with Narcissa in the background standing by the door and Lucius standing looking out of the window. Harry was sure that this was probably the view that Seamus could see at the other end.

“Somehow,” Harry started. “This Glass Viewer has been Confunded.” He turned to Narcissa who was now looking scared. “How long ago did you go on holiday?” He asked.

“We left eight days ago for Tibet and we got back this morning.” She stated stiffly.

Emily walked back in accompanied by Astoria Malfoy; a tall witch with sheik black hair and a face as pale as her husband, holding a blond haired baby.

“I didn’t find anything out of place, sorry.” Emily said.

“No need to apologise.” Harry said, indicating the glass orb in his hand.

“Narcissa,” Astoria said in a high voice. “What’s going on?”

“It’s Lucius,” Replied Narcissa. “He’s... he’s...” But before she could finish, she broke down and burst into tears cueing Astoria, with a baby in one arm, to put her other arm around the grieving woman.

“What do you think's happened?” Emily whispered.

“Either Lucius Malfoy has made a run for it, which considering the enemies he’s made I think is unlikely, or…”

“He’s been kidnapped.” Emily finished in a breathless tone. At that moment, Draco came running in.

“Mother?” He said and he looked between his mum and Harry.

“Draco, I'm so sorry but I fear your father may have been kidnapped.” Draco’s eyes widened and, despite the tan, his face turned paler and he looked towards the small mass that was his mother, wife and son. “I’m sorry,” Harry said again while pulling, from inside the pouch that hung round his neck, the small mirror that once belonged to his God-Father. He put the mirror to his face and said “Ron Weasley.” Seconds later, Ron answered.

“Harry? Harry, what’s going on? Albert is going nuts down here!”

“It’s Lucius. I suspect he’s been kidnapped.”

“Damn it.” Ron muttered “That was what we feared down here. Seamus had another look at the Glass Viewer recording again and he says he found something. Here I’ll put you on with him.” And Ron’s pointed and freckled face was then replaced with Seamus’ round and paunchy one.

“Harry, I’ve been looking back on the recording and there’s a slight glitch about a week ago, it’s small but it’s there alright. I can’t believe I missed it. It happened about a day after the Malfoys’ left for their holiday, when Lucius looks sharply at the door then a second later he’s turning for the window. I think I’m safe in saying that the-”

“The Glass Viewer has been Confunded, yeah, I gathered.” After that Seamus' apologetic face was then replaced with Ron.

“Harry, Albert has told me that you are to return with the rest of the Malfoys’ ASAP.”

“Right, understood.” Harry turned to Emily and the huddling family. “We’re leaving for Ministry. Now!” He ordered and they all rushed down the stairs, all wands drawn. “Naomi!” Harry bellowed and she came running in, her own wand at the ready.

“What is it?”

“The master bedroom Glass Viewer's been Confunded. We think Lucius has been kidnapped, we’re leaving for the Ministry now.” And Draco, Emily, Naomi and Astoria, the baby Malfoy still in arms, rushed outside and as Harry got outside he felt Narcissa hold him back with a bony hand.

“Harry Potter,” She said, tears still in her eyes. “I want you… I want you to promise me something.” Harry stared at her. Although he had never liked the Malfoy’s even after they defected and helped the hunt of Voldemort’s old supporters, he couldn’t help but feel for the old grieving woman before him. “I want you to promise me that you won’t give up on this case; that the office won’t see him as some sort of… low priority because of the past.” Harry was about to reply when she continued “Promise me you’ll find my husband, please.” A sudden reaction in the pit of his throat, that was not his own, made him speak words he did not even think to say in an almost robotic tone as a dull pang of pain started at the top of his head.

“I will find your husband, Narcissa.” Narcissa seem to have ignored the slight shock on Harry’s face at what he’d just said and mouthed “Thank you.”

Naomi held back as the others moved on and said to Harry “I heard that. How can you promise a thing like that? You know you could just giving her false hope.”
Harry had a distinct feeling he knew exactly what had happened. He had once seen the very same kind of involuntary act that he had just experienced when a Wizard whose life Harry had once saved had been forced to stand down from fighting on Harry’s orders and he explained to Naomi the bond between two Wizards when one of them saves the life of the other. He then explained that the would-be victim is then in the debt of his or her saviour, for Harry was indebted to Narcissa in the very same way after what happened nine years ago.

“But… Harry, if you’re indebted to Mrs Malfoy, doesn’t that mean you’re-”

“No Naomi, I’m not compromised.” Harry answered quietly. “It was a one-time thing, okay? I’ve made my promise, now I just need to keep it.”

“Or?” Naomi pressed, her eyes narrowing.

“Or we risk Lucius Malfoy dying at the hands of whoever took him.” Harry replied, a little testily. “Nothing more than that, I promise you.”

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The Battle of the Survivors : 3- A Life for a Love


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