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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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 Sadly he doesn't. He follows me around for the next month, until it nearly Christmas. It's seriously stressful, finding new places to hide. He keeps finding my other hiding spots. Suspiciously, like a few days after I hide there. It's not normal.

I pick up the basket of sweets lying near me.  Bertie Botts, Fizzing Whizzbees, Ice Mice or Toffee.

I pick the packet of Bertie Botts. I fish out a green one and chew it. Yum. Apple.

Where do the sweets come from? They aren't technically mine. I didn't just steal some random sugary snacks.

They are Chelsea's.

From Kirk Turner. I know. Oh I know.

Thing is, Chelsea technically doesn't like him. She was drunk and female. She can't be held responsible for her actions. Problemo is, he's bordering on obsessed. Soon we'll have two stalker guys following us round. No matter how big Hogwarts is, there won't be enough room for two of them.

But until he reaches stalker point, I can enjoy her never ending supply of sweets. Which she hates because, and I quote, " Sweets add fat." I told her there is no point being alluring to a boy who's dad owns several sweet shops, if you're not going to at least eat the sweets.

It took me ages to get rid of the Snapesque nose she gave me.

I tuck the packet of Bertie's into my pocket just as my alarm goes off, singing, "You have class. You have class. You have class. You have class," To the tune of 3 blind mice.

I point my wand at it lazily, shutting it up, and stand up and stretch.  I have Care of Magical Creatures, so I grab a random quill, my books and hurry downstairs, through the quiet common room. Some random pieces of paper fly out of my arms as I scurry down the staircase, fighting against the mass crowd pushing the other way.

I almost trip as I make my way across the grass, ignoring the laughing crowds of 7th years under the trees.  Hagrid's hut looms closer and I reach the edge of the little crowd around it.  Chelsea and Rose are standing near me, arguing.

"You've got to talk to him.  Get him to stop," Rose waves her hands around, almost hitting somebody nearby.

"I will, it's just complicated. What am I supposed to say?"

"What's going on?" I ask, stepping close to them.

"Kirk's got worse and I want her to tell him what she thinks."

I nod, shooting Chelsea an apologetic look, " Yeah, you should. Any chance you could wait until after the next load of sweets arrive?"

Rose elbows me sharply in the ribs, ignoring my wince of pain and saying, " No, Chelsea today. After this class."

She thinks for a moment, before noticing something and eyeing me evilly.

"I will if Cord speaks to Tye today."

"Err no."

"Actually Chelsea that's a good idea."

"No, no way. Uhuh. Not today. Nana."

There is no way they are gonna make me do this. No. No. NO.NOOO. Not today. I'm too full up on sweets and hyper to do this. It needs careful and considerate consideration and a full proof escape plan when things go wrong. Not randomly.

"Yes, I promise I will speak to Kirk, if you deal with Tye," Chelsea gives me big puppy dog eyes. We settle down to have a look at the Kneazles and end up writing almost an entire essay before the going grey haired Hagrid, was satisfied.

"Fine," I mutter, as Chelsea and Rose stuff their books into their bags.


"I'll talk to him."

The girls high pitched screeching becomes too much for me. It's not like I'm asking Al out or anything. That would be worth screeching for. No I have to talk to Tye. Uncomfortable.? Yes. Screeching? Not a help at all.

I hurry ahead and make it into the Great Hall, hoping to get some food for my stomach. I know I just ate sweets, but my stomach is a bottomless pit of ever growing need for food. Food is sort of like a drug in that way.


I turn around to see Tye scrambling after me, his tie floating in the air, and his robes half falling off. I resist the urge to scramble behind the tapestry beside me and wait for him.

"You stopped?" He says, incredulously as he reaches me.

I nod silently, not quite able to look him in the eye.

"Look, Cordelia, I need to talk to you. I'm sorry, you don't know how sorry I am and I want you to know and I have these hopes an every-"

I raise my hand, cutting him off quickly.

"I need to talk to you as well."

I take his arm and drag him behind the tapestry, into the secret passage.

I immediately get attacked by his mouth.

"Get the bloody hell off me," I screech, hitting him on the head repeatedly with my books.

"What?" he, steps away from me, " I thought that's why you brought me here. To get back together."

"No," I almost want to scream with annoyance, "I said I wanted to talk to you, not hook up."

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?"

"Look Tye," I begin, frowning, " You need to stop following me. It's creepy and bordering on obsessive. I know you're sorry, I get that. But I'm not going to get back together with you. You had your chance, you  blew it. I'm sorry if it hurts you, but we aren't ever going to date again. So please, leave me alone."

I watch as his face saddens, turning multiple colours before finally deciding on pink.

"Oh, okay."

"Look, sorry that was a bit harsh. But I needed to get through to you. And now I need food before I die. Bye Tye."

I touch his arm lightly before leaving, walking fast paced towards the Great hall and slipping in beside Chelsea.

"What happened?"

"I think I might have been a tad harsh," I frown, examining the Yorkshire puddings, " But it's done. And for your information Chelsea, Kirk is just over there."

She blushes furiously and spoons some food into her mouth.

"Let me eat first," she says, after she has swallowed. So we ignore the looks Kirk is giving Chelsea and admire Mia's new bracelet. It's a beautiful pale gold colour, with little blue gems encrusted into the edge.

"Listen, guys I heard some juicy info on Albus today," Belle says, leaning forward and accidently drooping her hair into the custard.

Juicy goss? Interesting. Albus? Need to know.

But just then I notice Kirk getting up and I know this our only chance.

"Now," I mutter to Chelsea, nudging her. We all watch as Chelsea slowly walks over to Kirk. She stops before she reaches him, and I know she wants to turn back. But she bravely carries on and taps Kirk on the shoulder. It's sort of awkward seeing the delighted/ ooh hot girl face that appears on him. Chelsea obviously notices it too, because she starts to talk fast. We can't make out what she is saying, but it's turning Kirk from excited to annoyed. His eyebrows furrow and I worry about how Chelsea is going to get out of this. To my relief she nods one last time at him and scurries back, hitching her bag higher up her shoulder as she passes us.

"Let's go," Rose says, and after giving my Sticky Toffee Pudding one last forlorn look, I collect my books and follow. Chelsea walks fast up the stairs and we only catch her when she reaches the dorm.

"I thought he was going to hit you," I say, dropping my books and fishing a couple of Bertie Botts beans out of my pocket, throwing one to Rose. Mmm mint.

"No, he was just embarrassed," Rose says wisely, changing out of her uniform. I gather my stuff and throw them willy nilly into my trunk, taking off my robes and tights. I slip into some socks and follow them both downstairs. The common room is overcrowded, first years throwing things, paper airplanes flying round the room and Waffles is slumped by the fire, next to Albus and James. I walk over to them and curl up on the only free seat, leaving Chelsea and rose to sit on the floor.

We are all laughing at one of James's completely unfunny jokes when a little ra-ta-ta-tat  comes from the window. Someone opens it and a lovely willowy owl floats in, landing beside Chelsea.

"It's Florence," she exclaims, untying the letter from around the owls leg. Florence is Chelsea's parents owl. Chelsea hardly ever get's letter from them, because they travel a lot. Her eyes widen and tears threaten to burst forth as she reads the letter. She slumps down when it's finished, ignoring our "What is it's."

Eventually she says," My parents are cancelling me coming home for Christmas. They have found some urgent important thing, that needs to be found or something stupid. I haven't been home for Christmas for ages, and this was going to be a good year. all of you are going back home and I'll be all by myself and it's just not fair."

She leans forward on the carpet and I can hear her crying. Hang on. We always have spare rooms and mom loves Chelsea, probably because she is more ladylike than me.

"Chelsea, how about I see whether you can  come back with me? My mum won't mind. "

She lifts her head off the carpet. her eyes red from crying. She looks confused for a second before saying in a watery voice, " I couldn't do that, too much trouble."

I almost laugh, but stop at the look on Chelsea's face.

"Oh, Chels, it's fine. Seriously. My family loves you. Probably even Delilah loves you, more than me at least. No complaining allowed. I'm writing to ask now, and your coming."

I grab some parchment from the table beside me and borrow Rose's quill. I scribble down an explanation of what has happened and put lots of kisses at the end. Making sure my mother's name is on the envelope, I stand up.

"Someone come to the owlery with me?"

Chelsea stands up as well and we head out of the common room, leaving a very startled and confused group behind. The lights on the walls are shining very bright, but it's quite dark out of the windows. We pass some 4th years giggling, over some book with a bright pink cover and when we take some secret passageways we bump into several couples snogging.

"Hey, so I heard something about Albus that I think you should know," Chelsea says, breaking the silence as I attach my letter to a barn owls outstretched leg. It wait patiently as my finger begin to shake slightly.

"Mmm?" I ask, finally securing the last knot and taking the owl over to the window.

"Would you like it slow, or rip a plaster off fast?"

"Plaster fast?" I look at her confused. How bad can it be? I lean out the window and let the owl fly away as Chelsea rattles it off very fast.

"Albus has a girlfriend." I turn to look at her, leaning back against the wall.


"Cordelia I'm so sorry. "

"It's okay," I murmur, stepping forward, " it's not as if it's the first girlfriend he has ever had."

Sadly, this is true. He's dated quite a few girls, even some in the year below. Not as many as James of course, but sadly I am not the only one to see how gorgeous he is.

"Yes, but," Chelsea begins, looking at me worriedly, " He's dating Scarlet Qualley."

I stumble back again, and almost slide to the ground.

"He was introduced to her at the Halloween party by Carson Edgar. They started to date a last week but have been keeping it quiet."

I keep silent, chewing at my lip. Again! Again. She has done it again. Admittedly this time she didn't know I liked him, but still. I nod at Chelsea before running out of the room and back to the Gryffindor common room. I run past my friends and throw myself on my bed. I knew I should be prepared for him to get a girlfriend, but Scarlet Qualley.

Yeah, she has perfect curly brown hair. And yes she is tall and has long legs. But she is a horrible person.

Damn it. Why does Scarlet always ruin everything. 

So yes, Al has a girlfriend. But on the plus side she is now stalkerless!!

And christmas is coming soon, so buckle up. 

In the nest chapter there will be crying, dresses and Muggles.

ALSO there are only 3 more chapters after this!! 

PS. please remember, reviews are good news.

okay, that was rubbish rhyming but please review

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