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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 29 : Complications
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Author’s Note: ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND READS??? AND OVER 400 REVIEWS? I just…I can’t. I can’t put how much this means to me into words that can convey what I really want to say. This means SO much to me, and I am beyond happy that I never fully gave up. I did at one point, but I knew I hadn’t really given up just yet. This story, believe it or not, has kept what little sanity I’ve had over the years :)

Thank you so much for all the support and all the love over the years.

This one is for you guys xx


Chapter 29

            Before any of the Potters had noticed, two weeks had gone by since their honeymoon had been cut short. Harry found himself buried in work, the death of three Aurors plaguing the offices with low spirit and plenty to keep everyone busy. Ginny, on the other hand, spent most of her days devising new plays for her Harpies to perfect down to the tee. She had held a few private lessons with her seeker to teach her the technique of a wronski feint, a move that her seeker desperately needed to learn.

            While Ginny wasn’t working, she was watching Teddy over at their flat. Some of his toys had migrated their way over, so he had a whole bin full of toys to play with. Teddy, being the mischievous little boy he was, most of the toys would wind up in opposite ends of the room. Ginny even found one in the oven one day, not quite sure how it had gotten there.

            The day after they had reunited, Harry and Andromeda returned to her old home to find it in complete shambles on the soil. Arthur and Molly took them into the Burrow, and often went over to help with the rebuilding of Andromeda’s house. Only the first floor was being rebuilt, seeing as the second floor was unnecessary because there were only ever going to be two people. In order for Andromeda to work on the house, Teddy would come over twice a week. He spent most of his time with Ginny, Harry joining in later in the day after work (which was Teddy’s favourite part of the day, much to Ginny’s knowledge).

            “Harry!” Ginny called for him, staring around at the mess that covered her kitchen. She pushed back her fiery hair in frustration, not knowing what to do.  She groaned inwardly, staring at the young child sitting at the table who seemed unaware of his actions.

            “Yes, love?”

            “I need your help in here!” Ginny replied back, grabbing a towel and beginning to wipe up the soup off of the counter.

            “I’m kind of busy at the moment.”

            “Kind of? What do you mean by kind of? Ginny asked with an exasperated tone.

            “Well, I’m busy. What exactly do you need help with?”

            Ginny gave a small groan and sighed, wiping a dot of tomato soup off her forehead with a towel.

            “I need help killing Voldemort, what do you think I need help with?” She snapped, tossing the dirtied towel in the sink and picking up a clean one. She looked over at Teddy, who was wearing a wide grin. “HARRY.”

            “Yeah, alright. I’ll be right there.” Harry answered, sensing Ginny’s irritated tone.

            Harry turned up in a few seconds, his emerald eyes growing wide as he walked into the kitchen. He looked at Ginny sympathetically, walked over to her and taking the towel from her hands.

            “What happened?” He asked, looking over at Teddy who held a wide grin on his face. Ginny claimed Teddy was going to be a real charmer; his smile was enough to win her over in a heartbeat. She would imagine any other girl would be the same.

            “It’s started, Harry. He’s only two years old, and he’s already doing magic! Levitated the blasted bowl and spun the soup everywhere. Doing all of this with a smile as big as the sun.” Ginny gestured towards the mess, and Harry nodded his head. Then, he pulled out his wand and muttered ‘scourgify’ and the kitchen was even more spotless than it had been before.

            “Now, your kitchen is perfect.” Harry smiled, placing a kiss on Ginny’s hair. “I can take Teddy in my office, if you want. Some of his toys somehow found their way in there, so it wouldn’t be too much of a trouble. You seem a bit stressed.”

            “No, it’s alright. You need the peace and quiet more than I do. And even so, I was just going to drop him back off with ‘Dromeda in a bit, anyway. Maybe stop by to talk to mum for a bit.” She stated, smiling as Teddy began to bounce slightly in his chair.

            “Okay, you do that.” Harry bent down and kissed the corner of Ginny’s mouth, leaving her in a pout once he pulled away. “You had soup on your lips.” 

            “Sure I did.” She laughed quietly as she glanced over to Teddy, who had wandered over to the microwave and began to press the buttons at random. Harry slid his arm around Ginny’s waist pulling her tight to his side, and she leaned her head against his chest. They watched as Teddy’s eyes lit up when the machine started to work, then stopped. He pouted slightly before poking a few more buttons to see if it would start up again. A small laugh escaped her lips.

            “Are you sure that’s safe?” Harry questioned, his eyebrow cocked.

            “Not quite.”


            Ginny knocked swiftly on the door with one hand, holding Teddy’s small hand in the other. He looked up with her with another wide grin, his signature look. It took a few seconds before the door opened widely to reveal a smirking face.

            “Mum! Little twat is here—,”

            “George! Don’t call Teddy that.”

            George gave an audible sigh and rolled his eyes.

            “I mean the older one.”

            “Oh, your sister—I-you-uh-Don’t call your sister that!” Mrs. Weasley scolds George while walking into the room, smacking him on the back of his head. “Are you still a child?”

            George ignored the question, and smirked at Ginny.

            “Is Fred here?” Teddy asked, his eyes lit up. Mrs. Weasley smiled lovingly, and nodded her head. The young boy then let go of Ginny’s hand and ran as fast as he could into the sitting room.

            “Little twat, huh?” Ginny joked, nudging George playfully as they watched Mrs. Weasley walk in after the little minions.

            “I mean it lovingly, of course.” He muttered as Teddy tackled little Freddie onto the couch, and then proceeded to jump on the couch as well. George and Ginny slowly followed them into the sitting room, standing in the doorway as they watched.

            “Mum’s got to be thrilled about the sudden spurt of young ones.” Ginny commented, watching Fred launch a pillow in Teddy’s direction, smacking him in the face.

            “Oh yeah. She adores Freddie, says he’s just like me when I was his age.”

            “And you’re sure that she likes it?” Ginny poked, followed by George giving a hearty chuckle.

            “Of course. Who can resist this beautiful complexion?” This comment received an eye roll from Ginny.  

            “You and Harry talked yet?” He questioned after a moment of silence, the tone becoming more serious. She took a glance toward George, who was looking at the family portraits hung to the side. Progressing from just Arthur and Molly all the way to the one taken at Harry and Ginny’s wedding, a sea of people crunched into one photograph.

            “About kids?” Ginny questioned.

            “I mean—it’s been three years, right? Not including the time in sixth year you neglected to tell us about.”

            “I guess so. We’ve talked, but I think we’re waiting.” Ginny answered.

            “Good, cause I want to keep you as innocent as possible. Just because he’s the chosen one, doesn’t mean—FRED WEASLEY, YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE.” George muttered curse words under his breath as he went to stop Freddie from squishing Teddy to the floor. He returned with a crying Fred in his arms, flailing about.

            “I’m too old for you to hold me Daddy!” He whined, kicking and screaming. “Let me go!”

            “No.” George said, smirking in Ginny’s direction.


            “Alright, alright.” George gave in, placing Freddie on the floor. “But if I see one more smack down, I’ll make sure your mummy gives you one, alright?”

            Freddie’s eyes grew wide before nodding quickly, running off towards Teddy. Teddy was ready with a pillow, Fred getting a face full of feathers when he ran in the room.

            “Is he scared of Angelina?” Ginny asked, and George nodded his head with a loud laugh.

            “Oh yeah. Ange is brilliant with him, she loves him to death, but if he does something wrong, he gets an earful.”

            “Just like you used to get, young man?” Mrs. Weasley questioned, popping up behind the two of them.

            “Just like me. Hey mum, can you keep an eye on them? I want to challenge Ms. Holyhead Harpie here to a little game of Quidditch.” His eyes sparkled with mischief, a smirk on his face.

            “Sure dear, just make sure you two are safe.”

            “Mum still thinks we’re nine years old.” Ginny commented to George, ignoring the fact that her mum was still there. “Even when I’m on a professional Quidditch team and married, and you run a shop and have a family.”

            “You don’t think I know how that feels?” George said. “And don’t you think that because you’re on a Quidditch team means you’ll beat me.”

            “Oh, that’s exactly what I’m thinking.”

            “OI.” Mrs. Weasley said loudly. George tried to hide his laugh behind his hand, laughing at his mother’s uncharacteristic outbreak. “Get out there before I change my mind.”

            “Yes ma’am.” George saluted, quickly running out of the back door, Ginny following suit.

            About an hour later, George and Ginny walked in, laughing and giggling like a pair of school children. 

            “Who won, dears?” Mrs. Weasley asked, cleaning up a puddle of milk on the kitchen table.

            “I won!” George exclaimed, a bright smile on his face. Mrs. Weasley looked over at Ginny, who gave a slight nod. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my son is probably wrecking havoc somewhere…” George muttered, sliding by his mother, giving her a peck on the cheek as he did. As soon as he was out of earshot, Mrs. Weasley turned towards Ginny.

            “Now, dear, who really won?” She questioned, her eyebrows raised.

            “Let’s let George think he won.” Ginny said with a smirk.



              After hearing her name, Hermione let out a sigh as she sat her book down on the table and walked into their bedroom. Clothes were strewn about the room, the books scattered aimlessly about. Her eyes grew wide as she walked in, finding Ron seated in front of the closet, dumping another box of things onto the already cluttered floor.

             “What have you—,” She whispered, looking around, but Ron quickly cut her off.

             “Have you seen my wand?” He asked hastily, shuffling through the items that were in the box before.

             “I haven’t.” She answered, still in shock, her eyes scanning the room. “Why is our room like this?” Ron let out an audible sigh before answering.

             “Why do you think, Mione?” He snapped. “I can’t find my bloody wand! What else do you expect me to do?” Hermione crossed her arms, and then looked at Ron.

             “I expect you to not behave like a three year old child, and to not make a disaster of our room!” She answered. “I was in the next room! You could’ve asked me to help you find it.”

             “But I didn’t want your help! I didn’t need it. I can find my wand on my own, I don’t need to be babysat.” He retorted back.

             “Because you’re clearly doing a brilliant job on your own.” She spat back, and Ron looked her in the eye.

             “Why are you so angry?”

             “Why are you being such an incompetent arse?” Hermione shouted angrily. “This is all,” She gestured to the mess. “For a wand that I could’ve easily summoned for you. But no, you had to be all manly and get it yourself.”

             “Hermione…” He said softly, as Hermione muttered a spell, Ron’s wand flying into her hand.

             “It was on the dresser.” She handed it to him, his eyes thanking her and apologizing all in one look. “And I, clearly, can’t sleep in here with all of this stuff in my way. So I’ll be sleeping in the guest bedroom, you have fun cleaning this up.”

            Hermione turned on her heel and walked straight out of their room, the slam of the door following her departure.


            Away in the office, Harry focused on the letters that he was writing, finding it increasingly harder with each letter he crumpled up. The words had yet to be formulated in his mind, let alone putting the pen to the paper. The words, if there were any, were hard to choose. He’d been on the receiving end of this before, but he certainly hadn’t found out in a letter, he had witnessed it. The most important people of his life gone, but he knew the truth of the matter, he had had been there. These poor people, on the other hand, would find out their lives had changed by Harry’s scratches and his uncertain words, never sure if the truth was, in fact, true. He could feel the burden crashing down on him with each flick of his hand, making another word on the page he knew wouldn’t improve the letter at all.

           His eyebrows were furrowed together, his eyes strained behind his circular glasses. With a sigh, he took them off and rubbed his eyes, the stress of life starting to wear on his mind. Surely he’d been through tougher situations, obviously. He just didn’t like to be the person to put others into those circumstances.

           With another letter ruined, he crumpled it up into a tight ball and threw it at the wall with a shout of frustration, just loud enough to be heard faintly in the next room. Trying to pull himself together, he gripped the edge of the wooden chair firmly, taking deep breaths and closing his eyes tightly.

           Behind him, the door silently eased its way open, Ginny quietly peeking her head in. She found Harry like this, hearing him muttering a few words that she couldn’t make out. His head was down, his eyes certainly closed.  With his back to her, she slid across the floor carefully with no sound being made. When she reached him, her arms wrapped around him, her head leaning on his shoulder. A soft sigh escaped Harry’s lips, and he instantly relaxed into the embrace.

           “Everything’s going to be okay.” She whispered into his ear, rubbing her thumb over his arm. He took a deep breath before responding with;

           “I guess so.”

           “You know so, you’ve gotten through worse things. You can do this, love.” She encouraged, hugging him tightly. “Do you need help?”

           “No, I don’t think you can help me.” Harry ran his fingers through his hair, furrowing his eyebrows together before Ginny met his gaze. Her eyes were worried.

           “Are you sure you’re okay, Harry?”

           “YES. I’m alright, Ginny.” Harry quickly snapped, Ginny jumping backwards a bit in shock from the sudden outburst. She shook her head slightly, blinking rapidly. “I said I’m fine.”

           “I think you should stop for a little bit.” Ginny said warily. “You’re really tense.”

           “I’m tense?” Harry questioned. “Gin, I’m not even close to tense. I’m frustrated.” He turned his back to her, running his hand through his hair once again.

           “Frustrated…” She questioned, and he nodded slowly, still facing away.

           “It’s all coming back. The nightmares, the battles, the deaths that—,” He stopped, and turned around. Tears were streaming down his face, his eyes filled with despair but with a great deal of frustration. Ginny stood there silently, not sure what to do.

           “Harry, you can get through this, I know you can.” She repeated.

           “I’m sorry, Gin, but you don’t. You weren’t there when I was searching for horcruxes. You weren’t there when I had to save everyone’s lives. It was all on me—,”

           “You want to know the reason I wasn’t there, Harry?” Ginny asked. “It was because YOU left me. You told me to stay behind, because you wanted me safe. But I wasn’t safe at all. Tortured by the Carrows almost every day. Constantly in pain, wondering when you were going to come back, and whether or not you would. And if you did come back, I wondered if you would actually want me. And now, after all that, you think you’re alone in this? We all lost someone or something close to this, so you are clearly not alone.”

           “Nothing’s changed. Everyone’s who is gone will stay gone, and absolutely nothing has changed. All of the feelings are still there, and they won’t go away.” He yelled with a great deal of frustration.

           “You can’t think like that, Harry!” She said, desperate for him to see things through. She needed him to understand. However, with what she saw, it didn’t seem it would turn out well.

           “You just— You don’t understand!” Harry shouted, his hands flying up. “You losing one important person in your life is not equivalent to the amount of people I’ve lost! You don’t know what it’s like.”

           Her face went blank, her eyes wide. Her expression looked as if she didn’t believe it, like he would never say anything like that. But he had. Harry stood across the room, motionless, as he watched her blink a single tear that rolled down her cheek. His heart dropped through his stomach. Of the few times he’d seen her cry, he knew that he hadn’t caused it. However, this time was different, and he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t take it back.

           “Gin…” He reached out for her, grabbing her hand gently, which she yanked out of his grasp forcefully. She gave him one last look before she spun away, slamming the door behind her. Harry acted quickly, opening the door she just slammed and running to her. He turned her around with his hands on her shoulders.

           “Let me go!” She yelled, thrashing out of his grasp. He moved her shoulders so she was looking at him, but her eyes refused to meet his.

           “Look at me.” She still refused. “Listen to me, Gin.” Her expression fell flat, and she stopped moving. Out of fear, Harry let go of her and watched as she backed away from him slowly.

           “Don’t call me that.” She warned, her voice threatening to crack. “Don’t even try.”

           “Please, let me explain.” Harry pleaded as she went over to grab her bag on the table. She turned and gave him a look that he couldn’t figure out what it meant. A million emotions trapped into one, blazing look.

           “There’s nothing to explain, Harry. You don’t understand my circumstances; you’ve never gone through them. I don’t understand yours, so I let you be. So what makes you think you know mine?” She slung her bag over her shoulder. “Don’t even think about coming to find me.” She spoke her final word through her teeth, holding onto her bag tightly and walking out of the front door. She was about halfway down the stairs; she heard a door slam and heavy feet running down after her. She quickened her pace as she made it to the street, crossing into the alley where she would apparate.

          “GINNY!” He ran out on the street, his chest heaving up and down. She spun on her heel, making eye contact with Harry for a small second. He stood on the other side of the street, hoping she would come back. His eyes were filled with despair and self-hatred, his emotions threatening to spill over.

          Please. He mouthed, but she gave him one last look before she was whisked away from reality.

Author’s note:

HA. Okay, for most of you that begged for this chapter, I bet this isn’t exactly what you wanted. But they needed this, and in a way, so did I. BUT the chapter was a bit longer than usual, I shoot for over two thousand words sooo I think three should do it.

As for the extreme lateness of this chapter, let’s just say grades, two soccer teams, and two personal trips to the emergency room decided to take over my life.

If any of you wish to revolt, please leave your comments/fire/pitchforks down in that box down there vvv

If you wish to be my best friend, that box below is where you can leave a lovely message and make my day :) And seeing as things are getting rather difficult, I could really use it. Thank you so much for reading!


PS. I think I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who because I feel like ripping hearts out in the next chapter. Hmmm… (Also Supernatural and Sherlock... But that’s beside the point)

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