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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 39 : New Year's Eve
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 Chapter Thirty-Nine

“This isn’t going to work” said Rose in a sing song voice as we all reached the bottom of the stairs, Anita and I were hand in hand by this point and it was only know I realized the flaws behind this scheme. I’d been so caught up in planning I’d failed to realize that Anita and I are strangers to eachother and we’re expected to have instant chemistry, a solid backstory on how we fell in ‘love’ and it was all just too many lies for my liking, especially when you add alcohol into the mix. Anita looked lovely though and you could just about believe that she did have Veela blood in her.

I hadn’t realized exactly how many people were going to be at this party. There had to be easily one hundred people in the house, which was luckily massive, but I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised as the Potters are the most well-known family in the country. The rest of their large extended family were in attendance (even Harry’s muggle relatives had wangled an invitation – though they looked very uncomfortable), Harry and Ginny’s personal friends as well as many important people from the Ministry and Quidditch industry with their families, James’s Quidditch team not to mention all of Al and Lily’s friends from Hogwarts. What was even more surprising was the fact that despite all these people being in attendance it still didn’t feel as if the house was full.

Anita, who seemed in her element, led me to the Dancefloor with the explanation that if we were a real couple that’s where we would be. I sighed. I hated dancing especially in public as I always became very aware of myself and at that point in time I hadn’t drunk nearly enough to lose myself in my actions. Some of Lily’s favourite muggle dance music seemed to be sound tracking the evening much to the displeasure of Hugo who was complaining that the sound was making his ears bleed. Lily rolled her eyes and grinned widely as she saw me approach with Anita

“How’s it going” she whispered to us as we reached her “Nobody’s asked any awkward questions have they? Aunt Fleur is my main concern right now, she’s very keen to meet Oliver’s French girlfriend and she thinks she might know the family”

“We’ll just avoid her” I sighed. I’d been looking forward to seeing Fleur though in reality it was probably a good thing as I always lost my words around her but I’ve never been one not to take one for the team. Anita and I danced for a bit, very awkward, before her feet began to tire and she decided that she wanted to sit down. That’s when James approached her

“Benson” he said shaking my hand “Well, well, well Benson, you said your girlfriend was pretty but I didn’t think she would be this beautiful” he finished kissing Anita’s hand. She giggled nervously but looked happy James Potter had just kissed her hand

“Thanks James, but stay away from my girlfriend” I replied “Margaret this is James Potter, you’ve heard of him in France haven’t you?”

“Oh yes” said Anita putting on an astounding French accent that surprised Lily, Rose and I “You’re a very big Quidditch star”

“Well I don’t like to brag” said James arrogantly. Lily coughed. James glared at her, then me like it was my fault. I really don’t know how he came to that conclusion

“So, pray tell, how did you two meet” asked James

“Oliver helped me with my English when I arrived at Hogwarts” said Anita. That accent was really fantastic “He gave me tuition every night, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was falling in love with him”

“Hang on, hang on” said James “It was you doing the chasing? Wow, Benson I’ve really underestimated you. You’re such a player”

I don’t know why but that made me feel quite happy

“Well it wasn’t all one sided” I interjected “I fancied her from the off, I mean I’m not blind obviously, why else do you think I offered her those lessons to improve her English?”

“Clever method” said James nodding “I can’t believe for all of these years I thought you were just Hugo’s slightly dorky but somewhat cute best friend. Clearly you are a god amongst men Oliver Benson” and with that James was pulled away by some Quidditch groupie. Anita and I discretely high fived as she pulled me back to the Dancefloor

“Thank you so much for this” I said as the dance began. It was a waltz. Simple as, we’d been taught this back in fourth year for some reason

“You’re welcome” said Anita with a smile “To be honest, I have an alternate motive for agreeing to do this you know”

“Oh really what’s that” I said moving us slightly to the left so Fleur Weasley wouldn’t spot us as she walked by the door

“Well, seen as though I have done you a massive favour” Anita continued “I thought that you and Lily could do one for me once this is all over”

“Sure” I said “What is it?”

“I want Fred” said Anita tilting her head to look at Fred who was dancing with a fifth year Ravenclaw girl, though he didn’t look happy about “I think he’s really gorgeous and I’d just quite like to get to know him better he doesn’t even know I exist at the moment”

“Unrequited love sucks doesn’t it” I said looking over at Lily who was being chatted up my a reserve member of James’s Quidditch team not looking impressed whatsoever

“Totally sucks” said Anita as we both laughed. Anita looked at me looking at Lily and stopped dancing “Dude, you’re clearly wanting to dance with Lily aren’t you?”

“Yeah just a little bit” I said back. I liked Anita; I didn’t really have a friend who was a girl that I could just be 100% honest with without fear that it’d get spread around the Weasley/Potter family like wildfire. Anita led me by the hand towards Lily, Hermione and Ginny

“Lily” said Anita putting the awesome (and kind of sexy) French accent back on “I was just wondering if you could take Ollie off my hands for a while he keeps stepping on my toes and it’s beginning to hurt”. I smiled at Lily who grinned

“I av of course tried to teach him to dance properly” Anita explained to Hermione and Ginny “But these English boys just can’t compare back to the boys we av back in France, not that I don’t love my little Oliver of course”

“Sure, I’ll take him off your hands for a bit” said Lily leading me to the Dancefloor by the hand, typically a slow song started as we began dancing “Anita’s French accent is quite scary it’s that good” she said as we watched Anita talk to James, Vic and Teddy

“She seems so confident considering this is the first time she’s ever come to one of your parties” I said “I remember when I first came in third year, I nearly vomited all over the carpet”

“Oliver you did vomit all over the carpet” said Lily “James thought it would be funny to give you your first taste of alcohol and you couldn’t keep it down well, the house stunk for weeks”

“I must have blocked that out from my memory” I chuckled

“Eugh, watching you dance with Anita all night whilst some idiot reserve chaser chatted me up has been awful” said Lily “He actually used the ‘did it hurt falling from heaven’ line on me, you wait until I tell James the guy won’t be able to stand for a very long time”

“Watching other guys flirt with you isn’t really that fun for me you know” I said “I wanted to punch that guy, I didn’t of course because he has 3% body fat and is made up of muscle and I’m just a skinny little shit”

“Don’t put yourself down Oliver” said Lily hitting me on the arm “Besides, I like a skinny man. One who I can beat up”

“You cannot beat me up” I said

“Oh yes I can” said Lily sticking her tongue out at me “If you don’t believe me we’ll have an arm wrestle right here right now”

“I’m not having an arm wrestle with you in the middle of a Dancefloor on New Year’s Eve” I said, Lily admitted defeat. I looked over at Anita and it was clear Vic had sussed she wasn’t French but was keeping quiet, James seemed in awe of her and Teddy just looked very confused as to why one of his fifth year students was pretending to be a French exchange student and my girlfriend.

“We should get over there before Teddy figures out what’s going on” said Lily pulling away from me, a feeling I hated. I pulled her back and quickly kissed her on the lips, she kissed back for a second before nervously checking to make sure nobody had seen. I didn’t even see the risk anymore; Hugo, Al, Roxy, Rose and Dom all knew, I was technically single and I’d heard Ginny tell a friend that all the adults were expecting tonight to be the night Lily and I announced that we were together

I looked at Lily as she intervened in the conversation with Anita, Teddy, Vic and James and I wondered to myself – why exactly was she so concerned about us being together?

Thank you for reading as usual. Did you enjoy the chapter? Why do you think Lily seems so concerned about her and Oliver being together? And I can confirm a future chapter will see Oliver play matchmaker between Anita and Freddie. How do you think he’ll do? I haven’t written the chapter yet but I’m guessing not very well

Next Time: Someone’s pregnant, but who?

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Escaping the Friend Zone: New Year's Eve


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