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Roommates by Antilles
Chapter 3 : I get a job.
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A/N: Disclaimer thingy goes here. That Means I dont own Harry Potter.


 It had been a week since I had finished moving into my new flat with Jackson. And since then, I had slept in every day, and just generally been an outright couch potato. I had gotten through the rest of those ‘Top Gear’ DVD thingys that Jackson’s uncle had given him. They were freaking hilarious.

That was beside the point though. I can say that I was somewhat useful in the fact that there was always a hot meal waiting for Jackson when he got home from his practices with the Falcons. I felt like a housewife from the 1960’s, but it was fun. I loved to cook, and Jackson was good about eating anything I cooked, even when I was experimenting with new recipes.

Today was different though. After a week of being lazy, I finally had a reason to have a shower and get out of the flat. First I had to meet Victorie for lunch, then I had a job interview at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, and finally Fred had oh so kindly volunteered me to take his shift at Uncle George’s shop so he could go out on a date with some bimbo.

With a grunt I rolled over and slapped the top of my alarm clock, making it stop that infernal beeping noise. “I’m up… I’m up…” I mumbled to no one as I rolled out of bed and padded to the bathroom. Flipping on the shower, I stripped off my clothes while I waited for the water to warm up. One of my favourite things in the world was a nice warm shower, when I was underneath that stream of water, feeling it pound against my skin. It just felt refreshing and good, as if it was cleaning everything away. Finally the water reached the right temperature and I jumped in.

After being in the shower for what felt like hours, I shut off the water and stepped out. Wrapping a towel around my body, I grabbed my wand from the vanity countertop and dried my hair. Honestly, that was one of the best things about being a witch, not having to wait for my hair to dry. Anyways, I made my way over to my closet and flipped it open. I really hadn’t worried about what to wear in a while. The past few days I had just been going around in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Pulling a pair of jeans out of the drawer, I tossed them over onto my bed while I browsed through my shirts. Finally deciding on a rather fancy looking blouse mum had gotten me and a blazer, I grabbed a bra and some knickers. Throwing them all on, I went back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, along with putting on a thin layer of makeup and throwing my hair into a bun, I smiled. I was totally ready for this interview later today. Hanging my towel on the drying rack, I made my way down to the kitchen.
“Well, aren’t you looking all fancy and done up,” Jackson commented as he took a swig from the orange juice jug.

“Oyi! I drink that too, its not just you living here anymore!” I cried pointing a finger at him. 
Jackson just laughed as he screwed the cap back on and put it back in the fridge. “Right, well I grabbed some breakfast after my morning run, soo… have fun. Good luck at your interview Dom, I’ll see you tonight.”
“Bugger,” I muttered back at him as I sat on the stool at the centre island.
“Love you too,” he replied, and with a loud crack, he was gone, apparated off to his practice.
I cringed slightly as the words echoed in my head. I knew enough to know that it was just in a friendly way, but… with all the feelings I had been having the past few weeks, just him saying that made the butterflies flutter in my stomach. Frowning, I grabbed a cinnamon bun from the bread box and headed for the door. I needed a walk, and the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron was only a half hour walk away.

I stood outside of a nice little café down one of the side streets of Diagon Alley waiting for Victorie. I had to admit it felt a bit odd waiting for her. For the longest while when I was in my last few years of Hogwarts, I had hated her, we fought almost every time we had been in the same room for longer than thirty minutes. Yet ever since I had graduated and she had gotten engaged to Teddy she had… I don’t know, mellowed out compared to her old high-strung self and we had just started getting along. It felt good though to have my older sister back per se. Today would definitely be a sister talk day though, most of all because I needed advice. 

“Dom!” I heard someone call from behind me; turning to face the direction my name had come from, I saw Tori walking towards me, her jacket billowing in the wind. “I see you found the place okay.”

“Yup, James was talking about this place the other day when he stopped by. Said the potato soup was simply amazing, almost as good as mine or Grandma's,” I replied as she came to a stop in front of me.

“Well that’s always good; you two are the best cooks in the family,” Victorie said with a smile. “Now, can we go inside? It's so bloody windy out,” she said as she wiped some hair that had been blown into her face away.

“Right, sounds like a plan,” I said pulling to door open, letting Victorie in before entering myself. The bell above the door tinkled as it came to a close. “Looks cozy,” I muttered to her as I scanned the little café. It couldn’t have been bigger than fifteen or sixteen tables with a few booths along the back wall.

“It does… looks nice too,” Vic replied as a waitress approached us.

“Welcome to Azalea Café, please just sit wherever you want,” the waitress said waving a wand towards several empty tables near the back. “When you’re ready, just wave a hand and someone will be along.” She smiled at us before heading towards a table.

“Alrighty then… Booth or table?” I asked looking over at Tori.

“Booth,” Vic replied as she lead the way through the windy tables to a booth against the back wall. Taking off my jacket, I hung it on the coat rack attached to the divider and slid into the seat. As she slid into the seat across from me, Vic grabbed the menu and started flipping through it. “So Dom, how’s the new flat?”

“Good… I’ve been nothing but a lazy arse the past few days after getting everything unpacked. You, and the fact I have a job interview today finally forced me into the land of the living,” I replied grabbing my own menu and flipping through it.

“Sounds like fun,” Victorie replied.

“Totally… though I have to admit, cooking dinner every night was pretty fun. Jackson eats everything, even when I experiment,” I said with a laugh.
That got a smile in response, “Soo… how is that, living with Jackson?”

I shrugged, damn that Dragon Fire Chili sounded good… but I had an interview, so the gas that would accompany it might be too good. “It’s going fine, he’s a good roommate. Cleans up, is just as messy as me, and best of all, isn’t asking for rent until I have a job.” I finished with a smirk. “How’s being a newlywed? Lots of late nights?”

I laughed as I saw Victorie blush, “A few, but with Teddy’s promotion in the Magical Law Enforcement department he’s been super busy, and I’ve been pretty busy at St. Mungo’s myself.”

“Sounds like fun. Ready to order?” I asked.

“Ya… I think I’m going to get the meatloaf,” Victorie said as she set her menu down and clasped her hands together.

Sticking my hand up, we waited a minute before a waiter this time appeared at the end of the booth. “All ready to make your order then?”

“Ya, I think I’ll get the potato soup and a Butterbeer to drink,” I said setting my menu down at the edge of the table.

“Alright… and for you?” he asked as he wrote down my order.

“The meatloaf special with a pumpkin juice,” Vic said without looking at him.

“Alright, I’ll get that order in right away,” the waiter said as he finished scribbling down the order before heading off to the kitchen.

“So... Ready for the job interview?” Victorie asked with an inquisitive look.

I let out a loud sigh, “Not even in the slightest. I’m really hoping that they haven’t called my last place of work. I doubt they would hire me if they knew I threw a sandwich at a guy’s head.”

Victorie laughed. “No, I doubt that they would.”

“Course, I doubt they would call a muggle place,” I said with a shrug. “The Ice Cream Parlour seems like it might be a good temporary job until I can find something more permanent.”

“Probably. You know you could always work for Uncle George, he said any of us have a job with him if we ever needed it,” Victorie said as she lightly tapped her finger against the table.

I grimaced, “I know, but I want to get a job the right way, not because I’m family with the owner.”

“Eh…” Victorie answered with a shrug. “Soo… Any guys in your life right now?”

I could feel the blush rising in my cheeks, “Its… complicated,” I said, suddenly very interested in my nails.

Victorie laughed, “It’s Jackson isn’t it.” She more stated than asked.

“Maybe… I don’t know,” I replied timidly, “Sometimes I just get butterflies when he’s around, or about things he says to or about me.”

“SO yes, it’s Jackson,” Victorie replied with a nod. “That must be kind of awkward sometimes.”

“Yeah, It can get a little awkward,” I said honestly.

“I’d give you some advice really, but I wasn’t much better myself,” Victorie grimaced in response.

“Ya no, I know. It’s okay Sis,” I said waving my hand. “I’ll figure it out eventually.”

“I know you will, and I’ll help as best as I can,” Victorie replied taking my hand and squeezing it lightly. “We may not have always been the best of sisters, but we are pretty good ones now.”

I laughed, “Well, that’s definitely true.”

We were interrupted by the waiter as he appeared at the end of our table with two plates in hand. “Alrighty, who’s hungry?” he asked with a smile on his face.

We finished lunch pretty quickly after that since my interview was pretty soon. Giving Victorie a big hug, I headed off down the opposite way towards Florean's. By the time I finally made it to the Ice Cream shop I only had five minutes until my interview. Making sure everything was in order via my reflection in the window, I entered the shop.
I heard a wolf whistle come from the one side of the shop, “Well, look who it is, the lovely Dominique Weasley.”

I involuntarily shuddered slightly as I faced the guy who whistled. ‘Great…’ I thought to myself, ‘that’s just fucking great…’ “Hello to you too, Cormick,” I huffed back.

“Hey now Dommie, just trying to be friendly. What can I get for you today gorgeous?” Rodney Cormick asked. Rodney Cormick had been one of the, if not the, biggest creeps in our year, and a Slytherin to boot.

“Just your boss Cormick,” I replied curtly.

“Ohhhh, so you’re the one who has the interview,” Cormick replied with a rather predatory looking smile. God that’s creepy.

“Yes, I am. So if you could just tell me where he is?”

“Through that door, all the way down the hall, the door marked private.” Rodney replied pointing to a door just at the end of the counter.

“I’d say thanks, but that would be too nice for you,” I replied before heading to the door and down the hall. I reached the door pretty quickly. Straightening my blazer and blouse, I knocked on the door.

“Come,” came the muffled reply through the door. Grabbing the doorknob, I hesitated for a second before turning the knob and entering.

On the other side of the door was a modest sized office with a small desk at the opposite side of the room. Behind the desk was sitting Jacqueline Carter; Carter had bought the shop from Gringotts after the war when the original owner had been discovered as one of the dead. The shop had flourished since then, with another one open in Paris, one in Berlin and finally a brand new shop over in New York now. “Ahh, you must be Dominique.”

“Yes Ma’am, I am.”

“Well, I have to tell you, your resume is rather impressive for someone so recently out of Hogwarts. I see you worked at your uncle’s shop during the summer breaks while you were at school, and most recently at a muggle shop.” Carter said as she scanned my resume in front of her before looking at me. “Tell me… why should I hire you?”

I took a moment to compose myself and figure out my answer as she stared at me. “Well, I’m a competent worker, take the command when I need to, and I’m good with customers,” I said as I went over my answer.

Jacqueline nodded as she looked between myself and the resume. “Well then, I must say I’m glad to offer you the spot Miss Weasley,” she said extending her hand across the desk.

I smiled broadly. “Thank you Mrs. Carter!” Taking a step forward I took her hand and shook it.

“I’ll see you on Monday next week, ten AM, we’ll get you situated then,” Carter said as she reached into her desk and pulled out a packet. “Fill these out and bring them when you come in on Monday. Other than that, I think we are done for the day.”

“Thank you!” I said again with a big smile. It felt good to have a job again, even if Creepy Cormick worked here too. Him I could deal with later.

Finally after celebrating my new employment with a drink with Freddie, I entered Uncle George’s shop. “Hey Uncle George,” I said as I entered Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. 

“You really are much to gullible Dommie,” Uncle George replied with a laugh as I threw my jacket onto the chair behind the counter and made my way around to join him. “How he convinced you to take his shift AGAIN, I do not know.”

I shrugged. “Honestly, I couldn’t tell you… I think he’s been spending too much time with Aunt Angelina and her smooth talking abilities.”

Uncle George laughed. “Probably,” he said as he gave me a one armed hug. “Are the little birdies correct by the way? Did you just so happen to get a job down the street from me?”

I laughed., “Yup, I got a job at Florean's. I start on Monday.”

“Oh goodie, I’ll be there for my free samples!” Uncle George said with a smile.

“Sure, as long as you are willing to pay for those free samples,” I replied with a smirk.

“You bet, as long as you don’t tell your Aunt about the copious amounts of Ice Cream I am sure to eat now that I have an inside woman.”


“Good… now then, if you have the fort, I’m going to head to the back and work on some new products. Just call if you need me.” Uncle George said as he took a few steps to the backroom.

“Will do.”

A/N: Hey everyone.. So Chapter 3 is here. :) I think I said this in my last chapter, but I have a beta reader now. He's awesome.

So, how did everyone like that little taste of McCormick? Of Victorie? Please, let me knowwww!!! Reviews would be awesomeee!

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