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Summer's Where It Began by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

(James’s Point of View)

“Do you think we should go over there? Make sure she’s okay?” Sirius asked pacing along our small room.

“You really think she’d be happy to see us? Why are you so suddenly interested anyway?” I grumbled.

“Steady on mate it’s not like that. But it kinda is our fault that she’s had a falling out with her sister. I feel guilty I guess.” He shrugged, sitting on the end of my bed. “What do you suppose happened to her uncle?”

“Hmm?” I said pretending not to have heard him.

“Mr Evans brother, Tommy; the one he said died.”

“I dunno haven’t really thought about it.” James Potter you lying toad you’ve been thinking about it all night.

“Well I have and I have a theory.” He replied nodding his head.

“And that theory is?” I asked coming to sit beside him.

“Well I recon... from how Mr Evans said it and because of how upset Lily gets with you all the time. When we do something stupid or reckless that his death must have been some kind of accident”

“Possibly. You seem to have given this a lot of thought Padfoot.”

“Like I said Prongs it’s guilt. Here I’ve been giving her stick all these years for being an arse and not bothering to find out why exactly she’s been an arse. And after all this time she’s had a very valid reason. Then there’s moony. I gave him stick too for being chummy with her when she’s been so good to him.”

“Padfoot... Brother. You’re going soft” I laughed.

“It’s not funny Prongs. This is serious! When was the last time you saw Evans get that upset? Never. Not even when Snivellus called her you-know-what. She’s heartbroken Prongs.” He huffed.

“Yeah I know...” I sighed. “But either way I doubt she wants to see us.”

“What if we went to go talk to her sister?”

“Padfoot, you heard what the man said. Lily and her sister’s relationship has been strained for years. We aren’t going to fix anything over a cosy chat and a cup of tea.”

“Yeah... I guess you’re right Prongs. But I still feel bloody awful.” He lay back on my bed, arms spread in a V above his head.

“We can go over this afternoon. She if she’s feeling any better. She’s obviously not working today. She would have dropped by, by now.”

“Maybe she’s avoiding us.”

“I doubt it. From the looks of things around here she wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for work.”

“Good point. Did you see the bills staked up on the mantel piece?”

“Wasn’t really focussing why?”

“There were several of them Prongs. I didn’t mean to be nosey but I noticed one was a medical bill. It had a hospital address stamped in the corner. I don’t think Mr Evans is very well.”

“He didn’t look it did he. I don’t think Lily knows though. Remus would have said something otherwise.”

“Why wouldn’t she? You don’t think its something serious do you Prongs?” He asked concern in his voice.

“I dunno Padfoot.”

Suddenly there was a rapid knock at the door. Padfoot fell of the bed in fright and raced to answer the door.

“Evans?” He said as he opened it.

“Let me in you prat before Mary see’s me!” She hissed, pushing past him.

“Why? Who’s Mary?” I asked standing.

“My boss. I’m not supposed to be here. It’s... unprofessional.”

“But you know us outside of work? Doesn’t that make a difference?”

“Not to her it doesn’t, grumpy troll” She huffed. I laughed.

“So what are you doing here anyway Evans?”

“My father... and I... would like to know if you would like to join us for lunch.” She said quietly. I raised my eyebrows.

“Err... sure why not. We have to be somewhere later on though.”


“Oh... um... Pete he wanted a hand with his charms homework. Promised we’d help” I lied. She may know that Remus is a were-wolf but I doubted he’d tell her about us being animagus.

“Oh well that was nice of you. Anyway, we’re going to the Mole and Chicken at around 1pm so I’ll meet you there.” She said hurriedly trying to head for the door.

“Hang on Lils. Calm your cauldron, where you off to in such a rush?” Sirius said blocking the door.

“No...Nowhere” She stuttered.

“Well then, why not stay with us? We’re bored.” He replied. I gave him the Padfoot shut up look. He ignored me.

“Oh...okay. But how exactly are we going to stop being bored?” She replied hesitantly, I was surprised she didn’t slap him and bolt for the door.

“Three-somes are fun” Sirius replied with a wink. Merlin she’d murder him now!

She laughed. She bloody laughed! Since when does Evans ever laugh?!

“Er no thanks Sirius, I don’t do casual flings and one night stands. Never-had-a-boyfriend-Evans remember?”

“Naww Petal don’t say that. I’m sure plenty of muggle boys would love a chance at your trousers. Wizards too. Right Prongs?”

I blushed crimson. Okay Padfoot low blow. I’ll get you back for that one.

“Ha ha. Come on, we can go over to my place Petunia’s not home and both my parents are at work. We can play board games or watch a movie or something.”

“What’s a movie? Is that that constant moving picture thingy we learnt about in muggle studies in third year? You watch it on telly? Do we get to watch telly?!” Padfoot said excitedly. If he didn’t calm down he’d wet himself.

“Yes, now calm down we need to sneak out of here without being seen. I think she’s in the back office but the woman has ears like a bat!”


(Lily’s Point of View)

Spending time with Sirius and James was surprisingly fun. We crammed ourselves on my couch and watched Disney movies. We watched snow white and the seven dwarfs, Dumbo, Bambi and the latest movie Herbie goes to Monte Carlo.

I found myself squashed between the two boys holding the popcorn, but it was surprisingly comfortable. I laughed and cried and I wasn’t at all bothered if Sirius or James saw. For the first time in a very long time I felt genuinely happy. I wasn’t stressed or being picked on or lonely. I felt free.

Merlin I hate to admit it but my dad was right. Maybe being friends wouldn’t be so bad after all. Maybe I’d been selfish to myself the whole time trying to push James away. Maybe him and his friendship were just what I’d needed for so long. Had I really been so blinded by my own mind and Sev’s hatred?

“It’s almost one. We should really go and meet up with my dad. He only gets an hour break.” I said getting up to switch off the television.

“But we can come back and watch sword in the stone right?” James asked stretching.

“Sure I don’t see why not.” I replied. I locked up the house and we walked over to the mole and chicken.

There were a few people scattered around the bar. I spotted my dad instantly at our regular table.

“Boys! So glad you could make it. Hate to rush you but can you quickly decide what you want to eat. I haven’t got long.”

“If there’s steak we’ll have it.” Sirius jumped in quick as a flash. My dad laughed.

“Two steaks it is then. Take a seat lads.”

“Pads... you didn’t even look at the menu, the steak is the most expensive thing on it!” I heard James hiss into his ear. “Here Mr Evans I got it” He said aloud, trying to hand the waiter money.

“James son don’t be ridiculous. This is on me, my treat. Why don’t you play a game of pool with Lils while we wait for the food to arrive. Sirius and I can have a little chat” My father said with a smile. Directing him towards the pool table in the corner.

“Sure we can. Off you go Prongs, have fun with Evans!” Sirius said happily sitting beside my dad. I raised my eyebrows at both of them but my dad just shook his hand at me.

“Come on James. Ever played pool?” I asked. Popping a pound coin into the slot and releasing the balls.

“No... How do you play?” He asked.

“Okay see that white spot on the table. But the white ball on it. I’ll set up the triangle.” I told him as I put the other balls on the table. “Okay, I’ll break and show you what to do”

“Break?” He asked confused.

“This” I replied, sending the white ball hurtling into the others. “That’s called a break. Breaking up all the balls in the triangle. Now you try to pot a ball using the white ball. Like so...” I said potting the number 10. “See that ball was striped. So now I have to try pot all the striped balls and then and only then can I pot the black number 8 ball. You have to sink all the solid coloured balls, when you’ve done that then you can attempt to pot the number 8 ball. First one to sink all their balls and the number 8 ball wins got it?”

“Yeah I got it. What happens if I pot the black ball before all my other balls?”

“Then I automatically win. If you pot the white ball I get to put it back on the table anywhere in this semi-circle.” I answered, pointing out the semi circle. “Okay your go, try to sink one of the solids.”

I’ll admit James got pretty good the longer we played, I still won however. He accidently potted the black ball when there were only 3 balls left on the table.

“Bollocks.” He said with a laugh.

“Better luck next time Potter. You’re next Black!” I called out to him over at the table.

“You’re soooo on petal. Your dad’s been giving me tips!”

“Ha ha food’s here, we can play after.”

AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter and the next chapter in this story are dedicated to my great-grandmother who recently passed away. R.I.P Love you always x :'(

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