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Dear Mr. Wizard God, Why do you hate me? Sincerely, Avery Willington by Crazy101
Chapter 1 : Starting it off
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*A/N anything you recognize from Harry potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. Oh yeah don't forget to comment!!!!
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So I totally stink at making an introduction, so lemme do the best I can. The name's Willington. Avery Willington (James Bond fan right here)
I was Sixteen years old and living in France (that's right, be jealous).

My dad, Alexander Willington,loved places like that. He raised me on his own. When I was seven, my mom ran away. Three years later she was found guilty of murdering tons people and was sentenced to death.

We don't like to talk about her.

I was a loner, everybody hated me cause I'm Christian. I have tannish skin pretty much year round. I had long, golden curls and startling blue eyes. I find myself looking average.

I go to Buexbaton's, and I don't like it there. All the girls are mean as all get-out, and the boys hate each other.

Ah, Buexbaton love.

I had a few friends, but they were'nt like friend-friends. They were just nice, that's all.

I have a huge house. Anyone who just met me would think I'm living the life.

Well, not exactly.

My dad does top secret stuff for our dear Mr. President and never has any time for me. When I was at a mere age of three, he left me alone for months at a time. That's what I do now. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and he loves me too, it's just he simply doesn't have time for his daughter and I understand. How,may you ask, did we get the money? Well my dad gets a crazy ammount of money, so we live a money-ful life.

i'll never forget the day when I got the letter. Dad had finally returned from a three moth trip to Naka-Shi(Japan) and when he shouted the best words of three months,
"I'm home!" I ran up,squealing, and jumped on him.
"Avery darling oh I have so many stories to tell! I've missed you so so so so so so....." He poked my belly every time he said "so". He finally finished and shouted,
"MUCH!!" andI collapsed into giggles. Before I could respond, the mail bell tinkled. You see, when I was nine I somehow managed to construct a system to where whenever we got mail, bells tinkled softly.


" I got it" I announced as I booked it along the huge driveway to the mailbox( earning me strange looks from my nosy and grumpy neighbors) and grabbed the mail.

I saw a large tawny owl sitting on the mailbox. My eyes softened. I fed it some crumbs from my pocket . It kinda nudged my hand, expecting for more.

"Nope, sorry Owlene"

I like to name animals okay????

(and sometimes talk to them, but no one needs no know how insane I am)

I saw an ancient cat sitting by the mailbox and smiled. I stroked it and it gave we a weird look and padded off. I flipped through the mail to see if there was anything interesting(there usually wasn't).

Junk Mail
Yellowed envelope with a wax seal

I gave out a low whistle. These were hard to find these days (The waxed seal, dufus, not the junk mail). I flipped it over on the back and it said:

Avery Willingtion
Big bedroom
122 Vermont lane
Annency, France

Hey, are they some creepy stalker?

How do they know where I live?

How do they know where my room is?

I knew that that wasn't true. I realized how long I've been out here and I ran back inside.

"Hey dad I got a letter"

"Well open it, silly!"

It contained a whole bunch of stuff including witches. I'm not that ugly, am I? I thought. An ancient woman walked through the front door. She looked disturbingly like the stiff cat I saw by the mailbox.
"hello, Mr.willington. I am Minerva Mcgonagall, headmistress of hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Your daughter Avery has magical powers. Such as these." Cat lady (aka mcgonagall) flicked a wand at a bowl of cereal. The bowl turned into a cat. Man, what was with cat lady and her cats?
"the usual age that young witches and wizards start is eleven. w-"

dad's cut her off and said,

"Ummmm, she goes to Buexbaton's"

"Not anymooooore" She sang.

"Uh, what?"

"Rules have been changed. Now we have a list of names that have been chosen to go to Howgwarts, she's on there. I've been assigned to all.... "she paused, " students from a non-magical household" she tread carefully.

"Avery will stay with the keeper of keys and grounds at hogwarts, hagrid. There is a list of items she will need to go to the school attached to the letter. Avery, you need to pack all of your clothes and anything you need. This is a boarding school, but you will return for the summer." I ran upstairs, found my biggest suitcase, stuffed all my clothes in there, double checked my room to make sure I got everything, and looked, a boarding school! For witches! With no pastel silk robes! I ran downstairs, with my suitcase bouncing behind me.
"Shall we?" Cat lady proposed as she and I walked out.

That's it, I thought. Hogwarts, come at me bro.

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