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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 5 : Otters
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Long live the reckless and the brave,

i dont thnk i want to be saved

my song has not been sung,

so long live the reckless and the brave.


                                           -All Time Low, Reckless and the Brave



Hermione opened her eyes, she could her muttering from his room. Really? It’s what, she peered at her clock, two in the morning? Merlin it’s early.

‘’MALFOY, SHUT UP!’’ she waited for a reply, but only heard the same muttering.

She got up, slipped on her fluffy red dressing gown and Rabbit slippers, and made her way to his door. The closer she got, the louder the muttering got. Yawning, she made her way up to his steps.

‘’Malfoy?’’ she knocked on the door, but it swung open. She peered inside, and saw that he was thrashing around in his bed; he looked like he was in pain. Horror struck through Hermione. Is he hurt? What’s wrong with him? She looked at the last step; hesitant to go any further, but made her way in anyways, and shuffled over to the bed.

‘’NO! Don’t kill her, let her go! Please! I’ll do anything!’’ Draco started to thrash around again.

Hermione sat down at the edge of his bed. Oh! He’s…he’s having a nightmare. Concern built up in her, she took his hand, and started to sing soothing lyrics to him. Eventually, he started to calm down.

After a while, she saw the sun rising up through his drawn curtains and decided to go back to her bed. I wonder what he was dreaming about- his mother? Even Bellatrix was mentioned and his father! Maybe, maybe it was his dark days? Oh, I hope he is okay-wait, why do I care? She got back into bed, and shut her eyes.


‘’GRANGER WAKE UP! YOURE GOING TO BE LATE FOR CLASS’’ someone was banging at her door.

Hermione opened her eyes, and sat up in bed. ‘’WHAT?’’

‘’GRANGER IT’S EIGHT. CLASS STARTS IN 30’’ the banging stopped.

Shit! She quickly bolted up, and made her way into the bathroom, ignoring Draco’s smug face on the way in. She dried herself off with a non-verbal spell, got dressed and made her way to Great Hall.

Sitting down next to Harry-opposite Ginny, she let out a sigh.

’’Merlin Mione, you look shattered!’’ Ginny looked at her and grinned.

‘’Morning to you to! Yeah, I am, I was up half the night!’’ Hermione’s eyes wondered over to where Draco was sitting and then quickly back to Ginny.

‘’Why?’’ Harry asked.

‘’Be..cause I think there is an owl’s nest outside my window, and they kept hooting all night.’’ Hermione hoped she convinced them, but by the look on Ginny’s face, she knew she failed with Ginny.

‘’You should go tell the caretaker Mione, it’s not fair on you!’’ Harry replied.

Aww Harry, you always care. I hate lying to you.

After the stunt Ron pulled in the Gryffindor common room, Ron didn’t sit with them anymore, and sat with Lavender, who now decided to sit at their table instead of her own- which many Gryffindor’s hated. They would have been fine with anyone else, just not her. She pissed of their golden girl, that’s just a no no. Hermione hated being the ‘Golden Girl.’ She just wanted to be ignored- she hated the attention she got.

After their breakfast, they made their way to Defence against the Dark Arts. This should be fun! I wonder who the teacher will be. Walking into the classroom, she saw Mr Jacob’s again. What? Why is our potions teacher here? Hermione nudged Ginny, and pointed in Mr Jacob’s direction. Ginny grinned. Wow he is good looking!

They took their seats, and waited to their teacher when Mr Jacobs spoke;

‘’Hello class, I also teach Defence of the Dark Arts!’’

That’s not right! A professor cannot teach two subjects! It just doesn’t work!’’  She looked at him and took him in, better than the last time. She studied his face. His chiselled cheekbones defined his sharp looks.  His eyes- his eyes were grey, but they had tiny hints of blue to them, they were full of life and wonder, not like someone else she knew.  His bow tie was silver, and it matched his black suit with silver stitching. He was very dashing today-but there was something quite, familiar about him, like she had seen him before? Probably nothing. Hermione bent over to Ginny.

‘’Gin, why isn’t he wearing a cloak like the other professors?’’

‘’I think it’s a new Hogwarts thing, I don’t think the teachers have to be as formal anymore.’’ Ginny took her eyes off the teacher, and made her way over to Harry.

Hermione thought back to her other lessons, Gin’s right. None of the other teachers have looked formal. Hmm, it’s different. Hermione looked around the room, the majority of the D.A were in her class, she grinned and looked over to Harry who was grinning right back at her-he to, was thinking the same thing. She got up, and made her way to her friends.

‘’I can’t believe that most of the D.A are in here! This should be easy!’’ Ginny said, scanning her eyes over the class.

‘’Yep! I wonder what spell we will be ‘learning’ first?’’ Hermione chuckled at Harry’s question-and with that, it was revealed.

‘’Expecto Patronum is the spell you will be learning today’’ The three looked at each other and smiled. Easy! ‘’Class, I do not expect you to get this right first time, but you can give it a try. To do this, think of the happiest memory you have, and concentrate on it. When you think you are thinking of this memory, say the words ‘Expecto Patronum’ Okay class? Say it with me.’’

As the class muttered the two words, Half of the class’ (D.A members) patronus’ were released-including Harry’s, Ginny’s and Hermione’s. The class laughed.

‘’Wh...What just happened! Half of you released your patronus’!’’ Mr Jacob’s looked confused.

‘’Well sir, majority of us were in the D.A. we already know how to do this! It’s because of Harry, and Hermione!’’ Dean said to the stunned professor.  A grunt came from Ron’s direction

‘’What? Who is Harry?’’ Mr Jacob’s started to scan the crowd.

Harry stepped up feeling every pair of eyes on him. ‘’Me sir.’’ he sighed.

Mr Jacob’s eyes looked at Harry’s eyes, the forehead. ’’Ahh, the famous Harry Potter- should of known!’’ The teacher grinned. ‘’Okay, who knows the spell?’’ 60% of the class put up their hands. ‘’Who ever knows it, partner up with someone who doesn’t. You have one hour! ‘’

Hermione partnered up with a fellow Gryffindor who she had barely spoken to before.  After many-many attempts, the witch hadn’t even tried to think of a happy memory so Hermione gave up. She walked over to Ginny, and they started to think of a happy memory. Hermione thought of a summer, back from when she was little, before she was a witch, before the war. This was a perfect summer; her parents and she were sitting by the pier eating ice cream, watching the world go by. It was a simple memory, but it made Hermione happy.

She focused on her usual memory, and cast the spell. She opened her eyes to expect her otter, but nothing happened. Hmm, that’s odd, it usually works. Maybe I’ll try a different memory. After several other attempts, she came down to her last resort. No, it can’t be this. She focused on her last ‘happy’ memory and cast the spell.  She opened her eyes and saw her otter winding through the air. It was strong-stronger than it had been before. Damn! Why did it have to be the kiss? Even after she lost concentration, her patronus was still flying around the room.

She looked at Ginny and Harry; both their mouths had dropped.

‘’Wow Hermione! I knew you’re where a powerful witch, but that was bloody brilliant!’’ Ginny carried on watching the otter.

‘’Merlin Hermione, the only time I produced one that big, is when the dementors were after me and Sirius!’’ Harry winced slightly at Sirius’ name, but brought his posture back and hugged Hermione. ‘’What was your memory?’’

Hermione shifted her weight to her left leg, shit what do I say? ‘’well…it was just a memory from when I was little-at the beach.’’

Harry raised an eyebrow, ‘’isn’t that your normal memory?’’

‘’No! This was a different one, I was with the whole family.’’ Hermione planted a fake smile on her lips.

‘’Class dismissed’’ They hear Mr Jacob’s say over the chatting of the rest of the class.

The next class was Earth Magic. Hermione had taken it up as an extra class, because she wanted to be connected with the elements, not just rely on simple magic. Ginny had also taken this class by chance. They walked into the classroom, and saw that they had someone from the ministry. Hermione didn’t like the ministry much not since the return of Voldermort. Ignoring his name, she focused on their task- to make a ring of fire then extinguish it with water, using no wand or any verbal spell. Ginny went to get the Heat proof mat, and Hermione went to get the bowl of water. She was filling up the bowl when she felt a presence behind her.

‘’So, what was this memory you thought of?’’ someone whispered into her right ear. She shivered at his voice.

‘’Granger, what was it? I would like to know.’’ The same voice, but now in her left ear.


She turned around, but he was so close to her, she nearly spilt the bowl of water over him.

‘’Nothing, it was nothing Malfoy. Move back before I hex you.’’

‘’Scared, are you?’’ he put on his famous smirk.

Slightly- but im not going to admit that to you. ‘’No, why should I?’’

‘’No reason.’’ He walked off with a smug look.

Hermione returned to her seat started to read the instructions.

‘’So, are you going to tell me what that was about?’’ Ginny looked at her best friend, knowing she was hiding something.

‘’It was nothing.’’ Hermione replied quickly.

‘’Mione, what was your real happy memory back in class? I know you’re hiding something again.’’

Hermione looked at Ginny. Should I tell her? Will she tell Harry? No, she wouldn’t.  She sighed, ’’It happened, again.’’

‘’What did?’’ Ginny looked at Hermione, then at Draco. Realisation came to Ginny. ‘’You two kissed again?’’

‘’Shh! don’t say anything to Harry or Ron please!’’ Hermione put her head into her hands. She could feel the heat rising on her face.


Watching Hermione in her seat, he saw Ginny look over to him the realisation come to her face. Hermione then blushed and put her head into her hands. Ginny looked over to him and raised an eyebrow. Shit. What did Granger tell Weaselette? Draco quickly made his way over to Blaise and sat down.

‘’So, why were you staring at Granger and Weasley?’’ Blaise questioned.

‘’I wasn’t’’ Draco tried his best poker face.

‘’You were mate, and you know it!’’

Draco rolled his eyes.  ‘’Fine, but only because I though Granger revealed something.’’t

‘’And what would she reveal?’’

Draco started at his clever friend. ‘’Nothing.’’

Blaise looked back at Hermione, who was now tomato red, and looked back at Draco.

‘’Mate, did something happen between you and Granger?’’ his eyebrow raised.

‘’Erm…’’ Draco looked back at Hermione, regretting he did anything.

‘’Did you kiss her?’’ both of his eye brows were raised now.

‘’Well, she was the person in the broom closet, and then, yeah…I kissed her again last night.’’

‘’Really? You fancy Granger?’’

‘’No, I don’t, but, I don’t know. I don’t hate her anymore.’’

‘’Did you actually ever hate her?’’

‘’No, no I didn’t. I’ve never hated her. Maybe at first, but yeah…can we just leave it.’’

‘’Whatever mate.’’ Blaise looked over to the two girls and saw Ginny looking over to him.

She mouthed ‘’Do you know?’’ then pointed at Draco and Hermione.

Blaise nodded in reply.

Ginny raised an eyebrow and smirked. ‘’Good.’’


Blaise looked at Draco, who was now trying to die down the ring of fire he had created on the heat proof mat. Everything’s going to change for you mate.


Draco tried to concentrate on his fire ring, but he couldn't. He had a nagging feeling somewhere inside him, making him want to just carry on looking at Hermione. No. I can’t. I can’t fall for you. I am wrong for you. I must carry on acting as if I hate you. im not right for you. That is the best thing for you. For both of us.

A/N: Thank you to everyone of my readers. i got over a 1000 views over this weekend! its amazing,. I didn't expect a 1000+ reads at all! i hope you all enjoy this story, and what is going to come up. Again, i apologize if you think im moving it forward quickly. It is needed. 

Love you all! ~SlightObession. <3 

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