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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 9 : Rose Can Count To Infinity, Twice
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Can you believe that we have reached the nineth chapter already? Thank you, so much, for reading :) soapman333

Absolutely wonderful chapter image by empyreal.@TDA


I have a headache. Actually, I've had this headache ever since that snog session with the Gryffindor. I should stay away from those girls.

Albus sighs next to me, “Look, he didn't sleep last night,” he nods his head towards Leo.

I frown, “The break-up?”

Once a month, Leo doesn’t come into our dormitory to sleep. We figure he’s either fallen asleep in the common room, something that happens a lot, or just pulling an all-nighter for an essay. He could not have done either of those things because Albus did his essay for him and I fell asleep in the common room last night.

“We could ask?”

I laugh, “That solution is too simple,” I conclude.

Albus rolls his eyes and throws his spoon at Leo.

“Ouch! Merlin, Albus. Scorpius is the violent one,” he groans at us, rubbing his head where the spoon hit.

Well, I’m offended, “Oi!” I respond.

Both Albus and Leo look at me and say, “It's true, mate.”

I grumble incoherently as Albus turns to Leo, “You didn't sleep last night,” he states.

“Fifty Leo points to Albus for careful observation,” he replies, still upset about the spoon thing.

“Don't get smart with me, Galatian. What's up?”

Leo sighs, “Just one of those nights.”

I nod my head in comprehension while Albus stares angrily at him, “What does that even mean?”

He shrugs his shoulder and gets up from the table, “I'm going to go over some notes before our test in charms. I'll see you guys at dinner,” he walks off, leaving us to our lunch.

Albus turns to me, “What did it mean?” he demands.

I ignore him and check out the Gryffindor table. Lily is chatting with Rose. She doesn't look too upset, but Rose does for some reason. Anger boils up in my chest, I play it off. She's Albus' cousin, basically a sister. I repeat in my head as I stare at her.

“The rumours aren't true, Scorpius,” Albus says, catching me looking at her.

“I know,” I sigh, I didn't want to explain it all to Albus because he wouldn't get it. Life is Black and White to him.

He raises his eyebrows up at me, “Just go talk to her,” he concludes, throwing his fork at me.

“Hey!” I jump.

“That's for slapping my fork away that one time.”


Ellie was absent all day today, too. I know we haven't really declared our whole “best friends” thing to each other, yeah, people do that, but I feel as though it's unsaid. I doodle, angrily in my notebook. My homework's finished due to my loneliness. I see Leo approaching me from the corner of my eye, operation “Get Over Leonidas Galatian” kicks in now.

I quickly pack my things as he sits at the table.

“Hello Charlotte,” he greets me, grabbing my hand to stop me from leaving.

There goes that plan. Not even two days, too. I suck at life.

I sigh, “Hello Leo.”

I look at him and am startled to see that his eyes are bloodshot and his hair is a mess, similar to Albus' and James' own hair.

“Holy Hufflepuff, what happened?” I ask in surprise.

He raises his eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

I give in and sit next to him, “You look awful,” I explain.

He laughs, “Thank you, I was hoping to win you over with a new look: The Restless. I see that it hasn't worked,” He says, heavy with sarcasm.

Nah, it's sexy, definitely working, “Is that right? The bloodshot eyes are supposed to be alluring?” I tease him.

“You win,” he throws his hands in the air, “I didn't sleep last night.”

“Why not?” I frown.

“It happens.”

I stare at him in hopes that he'll explain further, but I forget, he's Leonidas Galatian: Mr. Mysterious. I end up pouting and crossing my arms across my chest.

“Did you know that you look extremely sexy when you are frustrated?” he asks, out of the blue.

I stare, open mouthed at him. Did he just hit on me? Does he remember me??

“Well, you do, but, don't worry, I won't snog you on Ellie's behalf,” he promises me, ruffling my hair in the process. Nope, I’m just his sister’s friend in his eyes. I wonder what he'd do if I told him that we snogged at one point. Freak out? Laugh? Whatever, I'm getting over him. Kind of.

Anthony joins us at the table, “Hey Charlotte, I have a huge favor to ask of you.”

I stop staring into Leo's eyes and look up at my fellow seventh year, “What can I help you with?”

He sits down next to me, “Look, James is going on a date with a Ravenclaw to Hogsmeade this Saturday. I need a date, will you go with me? As a friend, if you want,” he smiles, hopefully at me.

“Sure, why not? It's a date,” I agree and smile at his relieved face.

“Great! I'll meet you in the Great Hall at like, ten?”

“Ten works,” I confirm.

He gets up to leave, but I stop him, “Hey Anthony, Rose Weasley has counted to infinity, twice.”

Anthony laughs so hard that he falls into a snorting fit and Leo looks between the two of us in pure confusion, “We are going to get along just fine, Parkings,” Anthony tells me before leaving.

I watch him go before turning back to Leo, he's now pouting with his arms crossed across his chest.

I get up and grab my bag. Two can play at his little games, “Did you know that you look extremely sexy when you're frustrated?” I ask him before leaving.


It has not gone unnoticed by me that Ellie has been absent.

Funny thing about hating someone, you seem to notice everything they do: Where they sit, who they talk to, and their constant breaths.

The school has yet to notice that Leo and I have broken up. Apparently we were separated enough when we dated last time that they aren't surprised to see us separated right now.

I look over at Leo at dinner, he looks awful. He generally takes a couple or more days out of each month to not care about his appearance or something. I always believed it to be experimentation on his part to see if girls will still snog him senseless. They do, by the way.

Rose giggles at my staring, “You two are so cute,” she sighs, “Why isn't he sitting with us?”

I blush, “Oh, he's just spending some quality time with Scorpius and Albus.”

Rose blushes at Scorpius' name. It's really cute how they adore each other.

I see a particular boy sitting at the Ravenclaw table, he’s staring at Rose.

“Gary’s staring at you,” I tell her.

She looks up angrily for a second, and then slouches back down, clearly upset. I decide to change the subject.

“Do you know where Ellie Galatian is?” I ask her cautiously, checking to make sure that Tessa and Stacy aren't paying attention to us.

“No,” frowns Rose, “I think she's in the hospital wing with some kind of virus.”

I nod my head and finish my dinner in a hurry, “I'm going to go get ready to meet up with Leo.” She waves me off.

I walk up the several flights of stairs to the infirmary, pausing to chat with the more popular students as I pass them. Upon arriving, Pomfrey is attending to a third year boy with a serious bloody nose.

“Hello miss, I've come to visit a friend,” I smile at her.

“Oh? I just have Mr. Thomas here at the moment.”

I look around at the vacant beds in the room and frown, where could Ellie Galatian be?


“Er, never mind. There's some kind of miscommunication,” I tell her and leave in a hurry.

I race down the a million flights of stairs to get to the dungeons. Albus is walking with a blonde girl from Slytherin.

“Albus,” I greet him, panting, when I reach him.

He looks on me with curiosity, “Why are you in the dungeons?”

“Where's Ellie?” I huff out.

“In the hospital wing, why?”

“She's not there.”

“Maybe they had to take her to Mungo's? It could be serious, she could barely keep her head up.”

“If they did, Leo would have been notified,” I voice my thought process out loud.

“That would explain why he didn't sleep last night,” Albus nods.

“He didn’t?” I respond, worried.

Albus nods, “He’s in the library. See ya.”

Albus must be a mind-reader or something. I shake my head and jog to meet the boy who broke my heart, twice.

Who do you like the most out of the three amigos? Leo, Albus, or Scorpius? Thanks for reading, please review! soapman333 

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Shut Up and Kiss Me: Rose Can Count To Infinity, Twice


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