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Hermione Zabini?? Why me... by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 26 : Hightops and Babies
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“Ok… ok freaking out here!!!!”  I was having a panic attack as I gazed at myself in the full length mirror in the ‘bridal suite’ at Malfoy Manor.  It was the day of the wedding.  My wedding.  AHH!


“Hermione!  Calm the fuck down!”  Ginny.  Ahh gota love Ginny.


I trained my eyes on her in the mirror.  She was standing next to me giving me a stern look, behind that look she was giving me her ‘why are you flipping a shit’ gaze.


I took a deep breath and looked back to my reflection.  In and out, just breathe Hermione.  It took a few more deep breaths before my heart stopped pounding.


“Ok.  I’m ok.”  I murmured.


“Good.  What the bloody hell is wrong anyway?  You were jumping up and down last night in excitement.” 


Yes.  Last night was awesome.  All my girls and I went to… wait for it… QXT’s!  We got drunk, danced all night long.  About half way through our evening the guys showed up.  Draco, ahh Draco… so loving and tender.  Also sexy as hell.  He held me close and we danced until the club closed this morning.  Many hang over potions were needed.


“Hello?  Hermione?”  Ginny was snapping her fingers in front of my face when I came to.


“Sorry.”  I sighed. 


“What’s wrong with you today?”  She asked with a puzzled expression.


“I don’t know.  It’s all gone so fast.”  She frowned a bit at my response.


“You’re happy right?” 


I thought about all my time spent with Draco and smiled.  “Absolutely.”  I replied.


“Great.  Then it’s time to go.  Your dad is meeting us in the entrance hall.”  Ginny picked up her bouquet of yellow daffodils and handed me mine.  She turned towards the door then stopped and faced me again.  “You look incredible Mione.  I’m so happy for you.”


I walked to her and hugged her tightly.  “Thank you.”  I whispered and pulled back.  “I’ll meet you there in a minute yeah?”


Ginny nodded.  “Just no running away alright?”  She laughed.


“Never.”  I promised to never run from Draco again.  And I wouldn’t.  He was my life; my everything.  After Ginny left I walked back to the mirror for one last look at myself as Hermione Jean Granger/ Zabini.  Looking back at me was the girl I saw for the first time three years ago to this day.


I remember being so frightened when I woke up that morning and found a raven haired beauty staring back at me in the mirror.  The eyes, those damn purple eyes scared the hell out of me.  Now they brought a smile to my face, the eyes of my family.  I remember thinking I was a vampire, I chuckled at that thought.  Now here I was, my pale skin looking creamy in a vintage lace ivory wedding gown.  The fabric like butter, cascading down my skin, hugging me like glove.  The dress was perfect. 


Mother scoured the antique stores in Paris for this beauty.  I wanted something old, something timeless.  Her shopping abilities led her to the right dress.  I lifted the hem of my dress and looked at my shoes in the mirror with a smile.  Ornate purple heels held my feet.  Another gorgeous find by Mother.  That woman should be a personal shopper.  I was excited about later though, no ones else knew, but I would be changing into a brand new pair of purple Chucks.  My little secret.


Letting the fabric one again cover my feet, my eyes settled on my face.  Ginny did an excellent job.  My skin looked flawless, my hair dark and alluring all curled and pinned up in the right spots.  My cream lace veil would look beautiful when draped over my head.  My pink stained lips lifted in a smile when I heard the door open and spotted Blaise in the mirror behind me.


“Wow… Mi you look beautiful.”  Blaise stepped up to me and pulled me into his arms.


“Thank you.”  I whispered and tried to hold back the tears.  He finally released me and held me at arms length.


“Dad’s waiting downstairs, you ready?”  He asked. 


I loved how he called him ‘Dad.’  My parents, the Grangers, had become like a set of second parents to Blaise over the years.  Mother was delighted that her son had a male role model in his life and she quickly became best friends with my mum after that first shopping experience the three of us had.  Every holiday and special occasion, or just Sunday dinners, we all gathered around the table at the manor or the one at my childhood home.  We really were one big happy family as cliché as that might sound. 


“Yes.  I’m ready to see my man.”  I smiled brightly and Blaise led me out of the suite and down to the entrance hall where my bridesmaids and Dad were waiting. 


“I’ll see you out there.  Try not to trip.”  Blaise smirked and gave me a kiss on the cheek, hurrying out the doors before I could hit him over the head.  Ahh, brothers…


“Hermione…”  Dad got choked up at the sight of me and he engulfed me in a bear hug.


“What?  No more ‘pumpkin’?”  I was a bit surprised he didn’t use his term of endearment, calling me that ugly orange vegetable.  He finally pulled back and wiped a tear from his face… oh Dad…


“No.  Not today.  You look stunning Hermione.  My little girl is all grown up.”  He took a deep breath and I could tell he was about to cry some more.


“Dad I-”


“Enough, enough, I can’t take this.  We’ll all ruin our make-up and have to go back upstairs.”  Ginny and the rest of my bridal party were almost in tears themselves.  Dad and I smiled at them and followed Ginny’s lead in getting everyone ready to head out to the wedding tent in the yard of Malfoy Manor.


“Good luck Mione.”  Ginny gave me a quick squeeze of my hand and followed Audrey, Angelina, Fleur, Pansy and Luna out the back door.  Yes, I had all the Weasley wives as bridesmaids.  The Weasley’s would always be a part of my family.


“That’s our queue.”   Dad announced as the bagpipes began to play.  He draped the veil over my face and made sure it was perfect before leading me out into the warm summer air.


Oh hell… oh bloody hell.  My feet were moving, my face was in a permanent smile, but my insides were tightly coiled… until I saw him.  At the end of the aisle he stood.  Tall, beautiful, face shinning with joy.  I couldn’t get to him fast enough; I basically pulled my Dad’s arm out of the socket.


“Calm down Mione, we’re almost there.”  Dad whispered to me under his breath.  I let out a low chuckle. 


I drank in the sight of him.  Draco was dressed impeccably of course.  In a fitted black tux he looked delicious.  I couldn’t wait to peel him out of it tonight.  His hair was untidy, just the way I like it and his smile was brilliant.  Blaise was beside him smiling just as brightly.  I knew he couldn’t wait till it was official and Draco was his brother-in-law.


We finally reached the alter.  Dad kissed me on the cheek, hugged Draco and handed me over to my future husband.  The ceremony passed in a blur until it was time to read our vows.


“Hermione… when I was a boy, I had a very clear idea of whom and what I wanted to be.  And then you slapped me.” 


My face turned to shock and our guests started snickering.  My lips turned up into a smile at the memory and I gazed into Draco’s eyes.


“I think I loved you then…”  He whispered.  My eyes began to well up, oh Merlin oh Merlin.  “You were all that was good and strong.  I looked up to you from that moment on, though obviously I didn’t show it.”  More snickers in the crowd. 


“I promise to always love you, look up to you, protect you and let you put me in my place when I behave badly.  I promise to be yours for all eternity.”  Draco finished his loving words with a kiss on my palm. 


“Ok you go.”  He said and smiled triumphantly as I along with the crowd laughed at his excitement.  Oh gota love my Slytherin.


I took a deep breath and prayed I could get through this without bawling.  I gazed up into his gorgeous eyes.


“Draco…”  I breathed.  Oh dear Merlin he’s crying… my strong, badass man is crying.  I raised my hand to his cheek and wiped away the tears.  He held my palm to his face, lacing his fingers with mine.  Ok starting again.


“Draco, my life for 7 years had been a whirlwind of sorts, until I really met you again.  You became the thing that held me down to Earth as everything still flew around me; you became my rock, my friend, my love, my lifeline.  Everything I am at this moment is because of you, because you love me.” 


Draco’s eyes closed and more tears slipped out, I squeezed his hand and smiled when he opened his eyes again.  I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to him and he smiled in response.


“You never cease to amaze me with your kind heart, your ambition, your love, your strength.”  Ok here it goes…


“Years ago I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices.”


Draco’s mouth went slack and his eyes widened as I relayed the same words that Dumbledore had spoken to him that night on the Astronomy tower… the words Harry had told me about only once years ago.


“Now I see a man before me who would make everyone who ever knew him proud.  A man I love with all my heart, a man worthy of all of his hearts desires.  Draco, I give you my heart, my body, my soul in hope that you will cherish them, cherish me and that you will let me cherish you… for all eternity.”


Draco hauled me into his arms and held on for dear life.  I could feel his body shake with his occasional sobs.  I didn’t mean to make him cry… I just wanted him to realize that I love everything he was, is and will become.  He eventually pulled back and held my face in his hands, my veil sticking to the tears on my cheeks.  He brought his lips down and kissed me through the lacy fabric.


“Thank you.”  He whispered against my lips before stepping back to allow the ceremony to continue.  I held his hands tightly in my own until it was time for him to lift my veil and kiss me for our first time as husband and wife.


“You may kiss your bride.” 


And his lips were on mine.  By the time we pulled apart I had forgotten about everything else in the world except Draco, my love… my husband.  The thought made my smile widen.  Draco’s answering smile was as brilliant as the sun.


“So Mrs. Malfoy, you ready for a party?”  He whispered with a smirk.


“Hell yes.”  I beamed at him and let him lead me from the tent.  On our way back down the aisle I smiled at all the people I loved.  My parents, all three of them had tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.  All the Weasley’s were cheering, yes all of them.  Ron eventually got over me, dumped Lavender and found a sweet girl from Ireland.  Another red head to add to that family.  Draco’s parents also had smiles on their face; I think I even saw a tear on Lucius’ cheek.  All of our Professor’s were in attendance along with our friends from our school days.  It was perfect.


After many hugs, kisses, dances and congratulations I finally found my way into the arms of my husband.  Draco held me close and kissed the top of my head.  I sighed and snuggled deeper into his chest.


“The course of true love never did run smooth.”  Draco whispered into my hair.  I smiled and gazed up at my beautiful husband.


“Quoting Mr. Shakespeare now are we?”


“Hey you gota give it to him.  The man was brilliant.  And I thought it was fitting given our past; plus it’s from your favorite play.”  Draco kissed my lips tenderly and I rested my head against his chest once more, my heels forgotten and my Chucks making me much shorter than him again.


“Yes.  He was brilliant.  As are you my dear, dear husband.  After all, you did choose me.”  I heard him laugh and nuzzle his face in my hair.


“Thank you Mrs. Malfoy.  Now how soon do you think we can get out of here?  I want to get started on making some babies.”  Draco whispered huskily in my ear.


I immediately tensed up and my eyes went wide.  Babies?  BABIES?  Oh bloody hell…



A/N:  Well there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did J.  Once again… I have NO affiliation with Harry Potter or Converse high top Chucks.  Although they are the best sneakers ever.  And the line ‘The course of true love never did run smooth.’ is a quote from William Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’


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Hermione Zabini?? Why me...: Hightops and Babies


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