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Because :) by relic
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Hermione walked into the Leaky cauldron and tried not slump on the chair by the bar. She barely managed a vague hi to the bartender Tom who brought her usual drink immediately.

She drank half of it in one gulp and leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes
“alcoholic granger, who’d have thought?”

She groaned internally as she recognized the voice but she opened her eyes and turned to the speaker ,

“Malfoy” she greeted tersely

Draco Malfoy grinned at her somber tone; he had grown very well in the past few years and even Hermione had to admit that he deserved to be in the top ten hottest men in Witch Weekly. She hated that! yes her hair had grown out to match her face and her teeth were impeccable and nowhere near the buck tooth version they had been when she was younger but she still knew he looked better, much better.

“What do you want Malfoy” she asked as he slid into the seat next to her casually sipping his firewhisky.

He looked her over casually before lazily replying “company”

“Then go get some” she said not even looking at him “stand outside with a board saying ‘company required’ ; I’m sure a gaggle of woman will be all over you”

He looked at her seriously “would you?”

“Would I what?” she looked at him; she was tired, her eyes had bags under them and she looked sad. He didn’t like seeing that; she was a beautiful and determined woman and it took a lot to get her down.

He put his finger under her chin “what’s wrong?” he said ignoring their previous conversation

She didn’t know why she told him so easily but his grey eyes staring into hers helped “Crookshanks is sick”

“the mean grouchy ca…I mean I’m sorry” he stopped hastily; that cat had caused him nothing but pain it’s whole life but it meant a lot to her and bad mouthing the devil cat was not going to help.

“very sick?” he asked softly

“I don’t know; I was at the clinic all day with him but…” she couldn’t complete the sentence and looked down.

Draco didn’t say anything; he moved closer to her and took her into his arms. She fit easily in his arms and didn’t move.

“You should have called me; I’d have come” he whispered into her hair

“You were busy” she said quietly

“Not for this”

“He has to make it Dray; he has to!”

“He will! that cat cannot bear the fact I will live in peace if he isn’t there to crawl into our bed and scratch me every night”

Hermione started laughing and wiped her tears away “he doesn’t hate you Draco; he is just protective of me”

“yea sure” Draco scoffed but he was happy to see her smile

She kissed him hard and pulled back “thank you”

“For what?” he asked nuzzling the top of her head

“For making the worst thing in the world a bit better” she replied smiling at him

Draco pulled her up and started taking her out the door “hmm and thank you for trying to get me get chased by a a bunch of drunk women! Hold up a board it seems! Ha!”

Hermione laughed “you wouldn’t be able to breath”

“well it’s too bad I’m taken” Draco smirked; Hermione turned sideways so she was pressed up against him and pressed her lips against his “Darn right you are!”

He smirked again and reluctantly pulled away “Ok come on”

“Where are we going?” she asked leaning into him as they walked.

“To save my wife’s irritating mean cat!”

“Crookshanks is a sweetheart Malfoy!”

“Yea right!”

This is just a random one-shot i wrote because someone asked me to write a Dramione :) i do hope you like it! Leave a review on you way out please :) let me know what you think :) thanks so much


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Because :): Chapter 1


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