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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 8 : Fair Enough
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This chapter is a favorite of mine, the middle italicized parts are not that important, so if you get tired you can skip to the end, that part's important ;) - soapman333

Awesome chapter image by empyreal.@TDA


I can't sleep. I can never sleep when there's a full moon. I brought this upon myself, when I was twelve or thirteen, I searched for jobs pertaining to helping werewolves in the ministry. The only division they have is the Werewolf Registration. My parents took me to let me “check it out”. The main man over the division met with me and told me all about the importance of registering werewolves.

Did you know that every full moon, five out of ten werewolves get into accidents and die? They don't die because they're fighting some other werewolf, or, Godric forbid, vampire. They die because a train hits them, they fall off a cliff, run through a window and get punctured by the glass, etc. Basically, I now live in the fear that the wolf inside Ellie will do something stupid and get her killed.

The ministry keeps a lookout for any hint of disturbance caused by werewolves. They're in charge of it all, like, if a wolf attacks a muggle or something, but the most occurring “call ins” are the accidents. They go in and identify the witch/wizard from the wolf carcass and then report it back to their families, or lack of family. The whole thing makes me sick to think about.

I sneak out of the Slytherin common room to go to the kitchens. The elves who work there are really fun to talk to and get to know. Each of them has a little story. Gerald, a little elf with big brown eyes and a long neck, used to work for pureblood family with vampires in their lineage. When I'm in the mood for one, he's willing to tell me horror stories. Huffy, a bigger girl elf with big lips and huge ears, used to work for a man who solved mysteries. She's, also, always willing to tell me about some of his adventures. My favorite elf, Kreacher, an old crooked nosed elf, used to work for a man who was a Death Eater, but then tricked and fought off Voldemort, saving Kreacher's life in the process.

I arrive in the kitchens and am immediately surround by little, happy faces with huge smiles.

“Master Galatian! Is it the full moon already?” an elf named Vimy squeaks at me.

“Yeah,” I beam at them, “I would like to exchange stories with you guys, if that's all right?”

“Anything for you, deary,” an older, female elf named Spitty says.

The house elves race around the kitchens, popping popcorn and making hot chocolate, and finally sit down a big group around me.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Peter, who lived in a cardboard box on the side of the road.

Peter had big dreams to go and save a princess from a fiery dragon, and marry her to become the most powerful king in all the land.

The problem with his dreams is that they are very unrealistic in the 21st century, England.

We don't really run on a monarchy anymore, and dragons are tamed for tournament and wand uses.

This didn't stop ole' Pete from dreaming away.

A fairy from America heard of the poor boy and decided to help, because she believed if you worked hard enough, any dreams you have can come true. They call it the American Dream over there, here, we call it impractical and silly, but enough side narration.

The fairy teleported, or something like that, to the boy and granted his wish.

A tower appeared and a beautiful maiden called out for help as a Hungarian Horntail, I believe, started to attack her building.

Peter looked on the scene in awe, its just like he imagined it!

Quickly, he asked the fairy for a sword and some armor so that he can effectively fight the dragon. The fairy granted his wish, once again, and Peter was covered in iron plates.

The problem with armor is that it's very heavy. Especially for a boy who is used to living in a cardboard box. The sword, also, was incredibly heavy.

After an hour or so, Peter was able to waddle up to the dragon.

“Mighty Dragon!” He called. This part is silly too, Dragons don't bother learning English.

In this story, however, this dragon did learn English.

“RAWR! What are you doing interrupting my feast?”

“I am going to slay you, so, er, don't move.” Peter replied and used the last of his strength to lift the sword high into the sky.

As gravity took over and pushed the sword into the dragon's belly, Peter took off his ridiculous armor, and climbed up the dragon's back to reach the top of the tower where the beautiful princess was chilling.

“Behold, my fair maiden, I have slayed your dragon and now I ask for your hand in marriage.”

The girl laughed, “Uh, no offense, but I don't commit to matrimony on the first date. Perhaps you could take me to a nice restaurant and propose to me there?”

“Fair enough.”

And the two lived Happily, Ever, After.

The house elves clap in delight at my story and I blush.

“Have you ever thought of going into writing?” Vimy asks me as he hands me a cup of hot chocolate.

“Not really, but that seems like it would be fun,” I reply.

“Oh, Master Galatian! Can I go next?” an elf named Patsy asks me.

“Sure, come on up and begin your tale,” I get off the makeshift platform and sit next to Vimy and Huffy on the floor.

“I used to work for a house of royal squibs,” he squeaks, “This is their story.”

About fifty or so years ago a young girl by the name of Hayley Squires was born to a family in the country hills of Scotland.

Hayley was very special in each of the townsman’s hearts.

Although poor, the village would contribute money for a schooling fund for the girl, because they all wanted her to strive to be the best that she could be.

Now, this town is very familiar with magic. They heard legends about the old mansion on top of the hill and how their children could turn stones into buttons and string into pins, but, being muggles, they would grow old and forget the childish legends.

The house on the hill belongs to a very old wizarding family. Incest between siblings to keep the “blood pure” led to the production of squibs. The few children with any magic, left the house in search of something better. The squibs grew to hate muggles and wizards alike, believing that, because they still live in the house, they are the superior human beings.

The leader of the house was a woman named, Tristania. She was so adamant against anybody who lived outside the house that she actually refused to let her children and kinsmen leave the building. Her son, Scotty, about thirteen years old at this point, would sneak out of the house and observe the other non magical people in the village worship the fifteen year old Hayley.

Scotty, himself, fell deeply in love with the girl.

The feeling of love is not a familiar one to the royal squibs. They mated with each other for increase in population and they each respected each other, but no one really understood how to truly love.

One day, Scotty was determined to actually meet the girl that has become the center of his attention.

Hayley was sent by her parents to fetch flowers to display on their dinner table. She climbed the east hill to pick the beautiful, wild flowers and, to her surprise, a boy waited for her there.

The two became fast friends and promised to meet each other at the same time, at the same spot the next day.

As the children grew up, Hayley began to miss some of the meetings, scaring Scotty. When she did show up, it would be for a brief time, and then she'd return to her village. Scotty went to go inspect what kept her there and found that she had been betrothed to a sheep herder. The two hugged and kissed in front of Scotty and a new feeling, very familiar to the royal squibs, of jealousy started to brew inside the boy.

If he can't have Hayley, no other man can have her. He rationalized as he began brewing a potion. Upon their next meeting, Scotty forced Hayley to drink the vile liquid and she instantly fell into a very deep sleep. So deep, that it appeared she had died.

Scotty planted her body in the center of the village for the townsmen to see and retreated into a bush.

The people of the village saw her body and, believing her dead, mourned their loss. Such was their grief that Scotty began to feel another new emotion, guilt.

He jumped out of the bushes to confront the village people, saying that, he, was the one who tricked them into believing Hayley was dead, when she is actually alive.

The villagers made Scotty revive the girl.

Such was their anger against this mysterious boy who brewed magical liquids, that they chased him back into the mansion.

A great feud then, officially, broke out between the people of the house and the people of the village.

As the years passed, Scotty had a daughter of his own and he named her Hayley. She was not anything remarkable, but, in Scotty's eyes, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He treated her with much reverence and would encourage her to go outside the house and see the beauty of the pastures.

Hayley, in one of her adventures, met a boy named Timothy from the village. The two became friends and visited each other every day.

The years passed and Scotty notices his daughter's anxiousness to go outside. He silently follows her outside and sees her and her friend meet. Scotty recognizes the boy as his beloved Hayley's child and cries.

The village and mansion hear of the two friendly teens and both parties try to keep their own away from the other, but there's something about a forbidden love the creates persistence and determination within a person's heart.

The two lovers run away.

Scotty dies of a broken heart.

The two groups put away their differences to give him a funeral. Scotty, to this day, is known as the man that started and finished a feud.


Patsy sits down again and the elves look at me. I quickly wipe away the tears that formed in my eyes.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Very early, sir. It's about four in the morning.”

“I will come back tonight to exchange stories, again. Have a good day, friends,” I wave at them and leave the kitchens. Patsy's story blew mine way out of the water. He should be the writer.

As I walk back to the common room, I think back, as I do every other second, to an event in an abandoned classroom and a beautiful girl, now I know her name to be Charlotte:

“Kissing me won't solve your problem,” she said to me after pushing me off of her.

She is a curious character, determined to do the right thing.

I couldn't look her in the eye, “I know.”

“What happened?” she asked so sincerely that I let myself look into her blue eyes.

I don't know why, exactly, but I let her know the generals of the problem, “My girlfriend is bipolar. She tells me she loves me, and then doesn't speak to me for days. She kisses me passionately,” I sneak a look at her, but she doesn't seem upset about what I've said, “one day, and then seems to be revolted by me the next. Basically, I can't figure her out. Today, she yelled at my sister,” I wince at that memory.

The girl frowns and grabs onto my hand, “I'm sorry.” Her eyes are filled with tears.

“I just,” I sigh, “don't know what she wants from me!”

“Girls are bitches,” she sighs and I can't help but laugh.

She smiles, “You have a nice laugh.”

“I'm sorry I dragged you into my drama. I guess I was hoping that I'd figure it all out through snogging you senselessly,” I grin at her.

She laughs, “Don't worry about it, there's something exhilarating about snogging a hot stranger in an empty classroom.”

Her laugh is so beautiful, her eyes are so kind, and she's extremely hot. I reach over and I kiss her, again. This makes three times. I'm surprised she doesn't stop me, in fact, she deepens the kiss.

She stops the best snog session I've ever had after a good chunk of time and stares into my eyes with her intensely sincere and kind eyes, “Well, you have to go solve your girlfriend problem,” she whispers.

I bring her lips to mine, “I should probably do that,” I agree and give her a quick-passionate kiss.

She frowns when I pull away.

I leave feeling like I'm leaving something incredibly important behind.

I dump Lily as soon as I see her.

Please review and tell me what you thought about the house elves :) soapman333

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