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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 7 : Blasphemy!
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The full moon affects all creatures on the earth, not just werewolves. Animals and humans alike are known to be affected by the light of the full moon. Technically speaking, a full moon cycle is three days and three nights, sometimes more, sometimes less. This month will follow the average three full day cycle.

I hear my roommates get ready for their day of school, but stay in bed. I have about twelve or so hours before the moon rises. It's not that I can't move, it's just that I feel it's not worth it to go through the mundane actions of school today when my body will be torn apart by a monster from inside at moon rise. Call me cynical, but I generally sleep through school days like this one.

The transformation pain is. . .unique in that it's indescribably painful. Do you know the myth of Prometheus? His punishment for stealing fire from the gods was to be chained to a mountain, burned by the sun with birds pecking out his inner organs. At night, these organs would be replenished, just to be gnawed at the following morning. That is how I would describe the pain.

When I hear my roommate leave the dormitory, I open the curtains around my bed and stare at the light peeking through the window. I watch the dust particles dance in its beams and I envy them. I roll over and watch the same scene play on the other side of the room. Why can't the sun just shine 24/7?


I start to become worried after I don't see Ellie at lunch. Has her sickness worsened? I spot Charlotte eating at the Hufflepuff table, alone, and stroll over to her. After winking at some confused sixth year girls, I crash down next to her and fill my plate up.

“So you haven't seen her either,” I state.

Charlotte frowns, “No, not today.”

I nod my head and dig into my mashed potatoes.

“Hey, James, has Leo ever talked to you about Ellie?” she asks me.

“Nah, we generally just talk about Quidditch. Sometimes about Albus, but never about Ellie. Why?”

“Oh, he just mentioned something about her the other day. Does she get this exhausted often?”

“Yeah, I've noticed a pattern. Once a month she gets cranky and hormonal, but don't you all?” I say, waving my hand in her general direction.

Charlotte blushes, “Forget I said anything.”

I shrug, “Look, I've got a sister and a mother. Its natural, don't be embarrassed. Embrace it!” I lecture, mouth full of potatoes.

“Disgusting, no wonder Mom and Dad never invite guests over for dinner,” Albus says, nose crinkled.

“Baby brother!” I get up and hug the kid, he's stiffens in my embrace, “What brings you to our company?”

I notice that he looks stressed out and tired.

“Did you hear about Rose?” he asks me, rubbing his eyes.

My body immediately tenses up at the tone behind his words. The tone he uses is the tone often used when talking about a bad event, specifically, a bad boy event. “Who is he?” I growl.

Albus sighs, “There's a reason she dated the bloke in secret, that look could kill Merlin. Ask her who he is, I'm just here to clear up confusion in regards to a rumor being spread that she lost her virginity. She did not,” he yawns and shifts from leg to leg.

“I didn't hear that,” I frown. What the devil is wrong with kids these days? I'm starting to sound like my father.

“I did,” Charlotte joins in.

“From where?” I ask her.

“Nowhere in particular, just around.”

I roll my eyes in a very Albus-y way, “That clarifies a lot.”

“Calm yourself, all that matters is that it is not true. Now, excuse me, I've got to get to Defense Against the Dark Arts early,” Albus leaves us. That kid seems too mature for his age.

“We need to get to Care for Magical Creatures. Those blast-ended shrewts won't care for themselves, unfortunately,” Charlotte gets up after his departure.


Scorpius and I leave the pitch after a particularly harsh quidditch practice. I look at the horizon at the full moon rising and shudder. Ellie will not be herself, soon. Scorpius has been in an irritable mood all day, picking fights and snapping at everyone. I decided I would confront him about it after an exhausting practice session, because he's less likely to throw a punch after hitting bludgers all evening.

“What's up, Scorp? You've been acting more. . .Malfoy-ish today than usual.” Albus would have been proud of that joke.

“What's it to you, Galatian?”

“Nothing, I guess. Albus and I are tired of your mood. We miss the happy-go-lucky idiot of a friend, savvy?” I threw in some pirate lingo for his entertainment, but he continues to frown.

“It's stupid,” he says finally, kicking at a patch of grass.

“Nah, man. If it's got you this worked up, it can't be stupid,” I soothe him.

He nods, “Okay, well, I heard from this Gryffindor I was snogging yesterday night that Rose. . .” he starts to blush, “that she, er, was 'deflowered' by a secret boyfriend or something.”

“And you trust this girl?”

“What? No, that's not the point. Its that,” he pauses to sigh deeply, “Maybe it wasn't that guy, but there will be a guy that will. . .get to know her on that level, ya know?”

Somehow, I understand what he's saying, “Why do you care?”

Scorpius freezes, “Well, you know.” That you and Rose and completely head over heels in love with each other, but you two are too ignorant to see it. Scorpius never believes me when I tell him, the idiot.

“What do I know?” I sigh.

“She's Albus' cousin. She's practically our sister,” he shrugs.

“That’s true, but it’s not our place to interfere with who and what she does in her spare time,” I counter and observe as his face reddens in anger.

He tries to calm down and explain himself, “Look, I think of Ellie as a sister too. If she went prancing around with some bloke behind your back, I would hunt him down like a snitch.”

“Oh I hope not, you’re an awful seeker,” I tease him.

“THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” he screams, pauses, and continues in a lowered voice, “The point is: we’ve got to keep all guys away from Rose, so that she may remain virtuous for the rest of her life,” he finishes.

I laugh in shock, “That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth, and you tried to memorize every line in that muggle movie, The Titanic!”

“It is, what it is,” Scorpius concludes. He then proceeds to try and say a few lines from The Titanic, but I tackle him to the ground.


I have decided to save myself from heartache by devising a “Get-over-Leonidas-Galatian” plan. I was writing a Transfiguration essay in the library when the idea came to me. People can do whatever they set their minds to, so why not try some of that mental junk and make myself get over the lady charmer? I wrote out the steps to my plan on a piece of parchment:

1-Do not converse with Leonidas.

This one will be hard because I'm practically best friends with his sister, but it can be done.

2-Stop reliving the “empty classroom incident”.

I don't know why I keep replaying that afternoon over and over in my mind, but it has got to stop.

3-Stop trying to figure out his stupid ominous statement.

What the heck did he mean by, “Thank you for everything.” The idiotic manipulator.

4-When forced to converse, avoid eye contact.

Damn those beautiful, blue eyes.

5-Keep everything about past circumstances with the Galatian a secret.

To be honest, I don't want everyone to know about it. What’s done is done and we don’t need to bring up the past.

I fold up the parchment and hide it away in my charms textbook. Nobody actually opens those manuals up to study from, Charms is a more of a “practical application” class.

A girl with beautiful, reddish/brown hair and big, brown eyes walks over to me, “You're Charlotte, Ellie's friend, right?”

I smile and nod at her.

“I'm Rose Weasley, could I study with you? My friends are acting very odd around me and it's making me feel uncomfortable.”

“Of course! Do you need help with anything in particular?”

James strolls up behind Rose and laughs, “Rose needing help with homework?! Blasphemy!” Anthony is with him.

“Are we talking about the Rose Weasley that has already mastered nonverbal spells?” he joins in.

“The one and the same!”

“Never have I ever thought that, in all my years, I'd witness the day somebody offers Rose help in academics,” Anthony mock faints.

I giggle at their theatrics, “Oh stop it, you're going to give her a big head.”

Rose ignores them, sits down, opens a textbook, and begins her homework.

“Rose having an inflated head?! Inconceivable!” James starts again.

“Rose's humility is up in the ranks alongside Harry Potter and Professor Longbottom. Its practically saint-like,” Anthony chants.

The two boys look at each other and crack up.

“Rose is incapable of failing an exam, whether she's attended the class or not,” Anthony says.

“Rose was born as a result of dividing by zero,” James counters.

“There is no global warming, the earth's just intimidated by Rose Weasley.”

“Rose Weasley will never die of a heart attack. Her heart is too nervous to attack her.”

“Rose does not need to climb a mountain, the mountain comes down to her.”

“Rose Weasley never gets lost, everything around her is simply in the wrong place!”

“Whenever Rose tells a lie, it instantly becomes a fact.”

Rose and I look at each other, it was cute at first, now it's just annoying.

“Hey, James?” I ask.

“Hm?” he answers.

“Please leave,” I ask curtly.

“Rose never leaves, everyone else crawls away in terror, because she's terrifyingly brilliant,” James finishes before he and Anthony leave, still exchanging jokes.

James Cameron owns all rights to The Titanic and I am no way affiliated with it. Thanks for reading (and thanks to the validators who catch my mistakes)!

Please review! Thanks :) soapman333.

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