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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 5 : Cat Got Your Tongue?
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 Wow, thanks for reading this far! The plot is thickening. . .

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Disclaimer: The glory that is the Potter realm belongs to J. K. Rowling.


Not twenty-four hours in and my friends and family have created a mess. I'm impressed, but exhausted. Scorpius and Leo are refusing to talk to each other. I figured this would happen, so I'm on the quidditch pitch to watch and make sure they don't hurt each other.


“Boys! Get it together!” the captain calls up to them.

After the tryout hour, Leo made the team and Scorpius kept his position. Apparently their skills outweighed their bickering problems. I go back to reading my Ancient Runes textbook and ignore the commotion in the field.

I haven't voiced my concern yet, to Scorpius' displeasure, but I'm unhappy that Leo has chosen to date my sister again. You see, Lily is. . .Lily and Leo is Leo! They both have good qualities and bad qualities. Lily is strong-willed and passionate, but sometimes she judges too quickly. Leo is clever and witty, but let's his mind control decisions that his emotions should make. Complete opposites, unfortunately. They cause each other stress.

An example that comes to mind is a fight they had within the first week they dated, Leo had supposedly “checked out a Hufflepuff” or something and Lily wanted an apology, but she didn't tell Leo why she was upset, or what she wanted an apology for. This frustrated Leo because, he couldn't see the logic behind her behavior. They fought, broke up, and then made up, all within twenty minutes. They had stupid fights like this that lead totheir major fight and, inevitable, break-up.

“Oi, Albus, boy genius!” Leo calls to me. Practice must be over, he has changed back into his school robes and his hair is wet from a shower.

“Hey Leo,” I reply, packing up my stuff, “we are going to wait for Scorpius,” I add when I finish.

Leo frowns, but doesn't answer. Instead he slouches into the seat next to my own. After a few minutes he turns to me, “Albus, how do you feel about Lily and me?” he asks me, tentatively.

I shrug, I know I am not happy about the arrangement, but there is not anything about it that really affects me personally, besides the fact that she's my sister, “Why try again?” I ask him, instead of answering.

Leo sighs and runs a hand over his face, “If I told you, you would be unhappy,” he concludes, getting up and leaving me behind to wait for Scorpius.

The statement is alarming, but I let it pass. It was sincere.


I couldn't sleep. So many things are breaking apart around me. I attempted to chill in the Heads common room, but Charlotte's snoring gave me a headache, so I strolled out and, somehow, made it outside.

The difference between the Potter mansion and Hogwarts, besides the obvious reasons, are the stars. The city lights prevent stargazing. I stare up at them and try to memorize each, individual, dot. It's slightly hard to see them because the moon is so bright. I've always felt uncomfortable with the moon so full.

I sigh and lay down next to a tree by the lake, continuing my attempts to memorize the twinkling lights in the sky. The only noises I hear are that of nature: frogs, crickets, and the wind. Soon, I am soothed to sleep in the soft grass.

I start awake, covered in dew and shivering. Today is cold and foggy, a strong contrast to the bright summers day that yesterday possessed. I attempt to get up, and groan as the aches from sleeping on the ground are made known to me.

“Potter?” I look up and see a confused Ellie dressed, not in school robes, but, Godric take my soul, running shorts and a tank top.

You know the old phrase, "cat got your tongue?" Well, whatever damn cat that goes around, playfully stealing important muscles in people's mouths should be cursed. That cat has my tongue. I couldn't speak to save my soul.

“What are you doing out here, in your pajamas?” Ellie attempts again, tapping her foot in annoyance. I wish she wouldn't do that, it brings attention to her long legs. I can feel the sweat gathering on my eyebrows.

I attempt to swallow and look away from her legs, but both actions are impossible.

She sits next to me, removing her legs from my view, but bringing her breasts down to my eye level. Why, Merlin, must I be forced to converse with such a perfect figure, so early in the day? Is this some sort of karma? Ellie's just started to become friendly towards me.

Somehow, Merlin only knows how, I looked away from her breasts and put my head on my bended knees in front of me. I control my breathing and count inside my head, before I turn back to Ellie, this time looking right into her grey eyes.

“I fell asleep out here,” I finally respond.

She smiles and hops off the ground, holding her hand out for me to take.

“What time is it?” I ask, after she pulls me up.

“Six,” she laughs at my mortified face, “run with me,” she adds.

We stretch by the lake, and then run together in silence. I dared not to glance at her running figure, knowing that I would probably just fall back into a muted state. We finish running after an hour or so, I'm incredibly impressed by her endurance, but I don't say anything for fear I might slip up. I walk with her through the castle corridors and to the Gryffindor common room.

“Thanks,” Ellie finally breaks the silence.

I smile and nod, mildly aware that I'm still in my pajamas. She climbs through the portrait hole, leaving me to my thoughts, or, lack of thoughts, as I walk, mesmerized, back to my own common room.


“Pretty and smart. Have mercy on me,” he says as he pulls me closer to him. His lips trace my jaw-line and I bit my lip.

“Who are you?” I manage to gasp out as his lips move down from my jaw-line to my neck.

He stops kissing me briefly, “Leo,” he abandons my neck and nibbles on my ear, instead.

“What house? What year?” I ask more questions.

He sighs and lifts his head to make eye contact, he's crying. He wipes the tears quickly, making me question whether I really saw them or if it was my imagination.

“I'm sorry,” he whispers and lets me go, my body is suddenly cold.

“Wait,” I call after him. I sound pathetic, but he pauses, “tell me what's wrong,” I say with false confidence.

He turns around and laughs, “What the hell is wrong with you Hufflepuffs and your need to be so damn friendly to everyone? Even the guy that tried to seduce you in the empty classroom?”

He doesn’t try to leave anymore, but he falls into a chair and lays his head in his hands.

“Charlotte!” I wake up with a start, my roommate, Ashley, looks at me with sympathy, “Classes start in a half-hour.”

“Thanks,” I call to her, jumping out of bed and hopping into a cold shower.

I dress quickly and perform some charms on my hair to make it look presentable. Brushing my teeth, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I need to get over him, he's too young, he's your friend's brother, and he was just using you to get over someone else. After a quick application of makeup, I deem myself presentable and rush to my first class. Who am I kidding? I am hopelessly in love with Leonidas Galatian.



Forty-eight hours. I have two days until I am isolated in the shrieking shack to suffer alone. That sounded super sad, I won't, technically speaking, be myself so its not as sad as that seemed. I'll go through a painful transformation and then the wolf will take over. I, myself, will be pushed somewhere, I don't know where, and I'll be pulled out as soon as the moon's light dims down, once more, into a waning shape. It's like this: extreme pain, black-out, and wake up in the hospital wing, covered in scars.

I don't bother to stay awake in classes at this point, I sleep and Charlotte is too distracted in her own mind to even attempt to wake me up. When it comes to academics, I can handle it, so don't worry about my sleeping through lectures. Not much has changed in the curriculum since the four founders, themselves, established the school.

Why was James in his pajamas outside? I can't get over that. They were cute, however, red plaided fleece. Something strange about James that I've noticed: He hasn't asked me out for the past two days. TWO DAYS!  See? I told you that he doesn't actually like me, he just loves to tease.


Charlotte, like I said, has been zoning out and acting strange.

“Charlotte?!” I call at her, a fourth time. We're in the library, finishing up that essay and going over notes.

“What?” she finally comes back from la-la land.

“I was wondering if I could borrow a quill? Mine broke,” I ask her. She bends down and searchs her bag to find a quill for me to use.

“Ladies,” Scorpius strolls up and sits right next to Charlotte. He looks at her curiously, “have we snogged, perchance?” he asks her.

I raise my eyebrows, is this the boy?

“No,” Charlotte curtly replies, handing me my quill.

“We can change that,” Scorpius smiles at her, I kick him under the table, “Ow! Merlin, Ellie. Control yourself.”

“Why are you here?” I ask him.

He pouts at me, “Aren't you happy to see me?”

“Not particularly,” I shrug.

“Fine. I want you to talk some sense into Leo.”

“You're his best mate.”

“You're his sister.”

“Oh please, you're basically his brother. Don't pull that dung here.”

He throws his hands into the air, “Okay Galatian, Merlin. Leo and I aren't on speaking terms at this time.”


“Yeah, 'oh' is right.”

“Why don't you just make up?” I suggest.

“I'm not apologizing for what I said, or, more like, implied,” he shrugs, “Plus, he loves you even more than me. Promise me you'll talk to him?”

“Fine,” I allow.

“Awesome,” Scorpius gets up and looks at Charlotte, one last time, “Let me know if you're up for a good time, cutie,” he winks at her and leaves.

“At least I know you didn't snog Malfoy in that empty classroom,” I tell Charlotte, laughing at her mortified face.

Please review and let me know what you liked/disliked. I have written more than has been validated, so feel free to ask questions, but I should warn you: I will not give anything big away. THANKS!!! soapman333

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