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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 8 : Confessions of James Potter
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Chapter 8: Confessions of James Potter

(James’ POV)

I looked up to the sound of the whistle and heard the announcer’s voice over the crowd’s screaming, cheering and booing. I held onto the Quaffle that Madison had just thrown to me and another Bludger went shooting past my left ear. I glared at the big second year who had been sending Bludgers straight at me the whole game, he glared back. I was hoping Madam Hooch’s whistle was to call a foul on him since he’s been only sending me head shots. I listened for the announcer’s voice now. Seconds later the clear voice rang over the crowd once again.


I almost fell of my broom. This couldn’t happen. All my hard work. All the effort I put into this master plan of making the house team my first year and we lost.

I then looked at the scoreboard and almost fell off my broom a second time.

The score was 230 to 200 with Gryffindor in the lead. Did we really make that many points? Ashley was flying to me now and crashed into me. She grabbed me and held me in a hug.

“I’ve never seen anyone fly like that Eric!” Ashley seemed to be in tears. The others gathered around me. “You got us at least 150 points today!”

I finally heard the announcer again. “GRYFFINDOR WINS!”

Everyone was around me now and I grinned ear to ear. After about fifteen minutes of cheering and group huddles we made our way back into the locker rooms. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed my hair was changing back. I quickly grabbed my bag and turned to Ashley.

“I have to send an Owl really quick, catch you guys in the Common Room for the party.” I told them running out of the locker room, not waiting for any of their protests.

I ran to the castle and finally found a broom cupboard I changed in yesterday after practice. I throw the door open and tossed my stuff on the floor as I locked the door. I sighed and then rustled through my bag for my clothes. I would be back to normal in a few minutes.

That’s when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I jumped back and saw that there was someone in the broom cupboard with me. They then lit their wand.

“How was detention, James?”

The light from his wand flooded the cupboard to his face, which I recognized at once, Sirius. I was slightly surprised that he called me ‘James’ since I wasn’t changed back yet. I should still look like Eric Davison and he should be none the wiser.

“I’m sorry, Lee, is it? I think you have me confused with someone else. I’m Eric-” I started to say before Sirius cut me off.

“Cut the crap, James.” Sirius glared. “I know it’s you. I don’t know why you look like Davison, but I know it’s you.”

I tried to think of another way out of this, but I was already close to changing back now, and I decided not to lie anymore to him.

“How did you figure it out?” I finally decided to ask. “I thought I was being careful.”

“You tied that stupid feather to your handle. Plus I’ve been on to you for a while. I just didn’t know what, until I saw you in the match today.” Sirius said. “You were good by the way, you scored 160 points. I counted the whole time.” I could hear something else behind his voice. I wonder if he was comparing me to the other James in his head. For some reason this didn’t set well with me, but as I tried to ignore it as the Sorting Hat’s voice rang in my head, Why is it that you want to be like him so bad? I didn’t, I’m different than him, I know it. I tried to force these thoughts out of my head and focused on Sirius now.

“Ashley told me at least 150, so it’s good to know that it was over that.” I smiled at him. His expression however was grave and he was currently frowning.

“Tell me how.” He stated.

I frowned. This could get me in a lot of trouble.

He seemed to guess what I was thinking. “I’m not going to tell.”

I finally looked at him again. “Okay, well I wanted to join the Quidditch team this year.”

“I gathered that much, James.” Sirius said still frowning.

“Well I talked to Teddy and he told me first years are not allowed to join.” I tried to avoid what he really wanted to know until last. “So I talked to Neville and he told me the same thing, then I got really despite and found the Caption. She kind of told me to go shove a broomstick up my bum.”

I noticed Sirius upper lip twitched up for a moment. At least he still found me funny.

“So, I got creative and found someone who would let me use their name and looks. They had to be older and not well known.” I sighed. “That’s when I met Davison. He was perfect and I convinced him to sign up for tryouts. I told him it would make him popular and girls would be falling all over him…and well that’s about it.”

Sirius glared at me for a second before he spoke. He was about to ask me how I looked like Davison and I was trying to avoid that topic, if I could. Unfortunately, unlike Fred he notices when something is absent. “That’s a great story and all but it’s missing a very important part, Jamie-boy.”

“Oh really?” I said nervously. “What would that be?”

“How you managed to look like him!” Sirius yelled.

I jumped and shushed him.

He rolled his eyes. “Relax there is a sound charm around this room. No one can hear unless they come in here, I placed it up before you got here.”

I nodded.

“So?” Sirius still glared at me.

“Umm…remember our first day of class?”

“Yes…” Sirius was getting annoyed.

“Remember the potion out that Slughorn had me move and…store?”

“Yes-.” Sirius stopped. “Wait, you didn’t…”

“I nicked some of the Polyjuice Potion when Slughorn left me alone.” I confessed finally.

Sirius’ mouth dropped open and once he shut it he seemed to think about that for a moment. Then a grin crossed his face.

“I don’t know whether to call you insane or brilliant.” Sirius ended up saying.

I smirked now. “Probably a little of both.”

The smirk left my face when Sirius’ became unreadable again.

“Are you going to tell?” The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. But I would be lying if I said the question wasn’t on my mind.

Sirius’ grey eyes darted up to mine and he shook his head. “What kind of friend would I be if I did that?”

I smiled and dropped my bag. By now I would look like myself again. “Thanks mate.”

“You better change. I’d expect that everyone else made it to the Commons by now for the after party.” Sirius said moving pass me toward the door. Just as his hand was out stretched to open it there was a timid knock on the door.

Sirius turned to me.

“It’s probably Davison.” I told him with a shrug as I removed my jersey.

On cue Davison voice came through the door.

“James? Are you in there?”

I reached pass Sirius and opened the door, then pull him in before it drew too much attention. Davison seemed to freeze at the sight of Sirius and began to stutter a lot of nonsense words, that seemed to be an explanation of some sorts.

“He’s cool Eric. He figured me out because he’s my roommate and my best friend. It was bound to happen sooner or later.” I told him. I saw a grin cross Sirius’ face.

“I knew this was a bad idea, James.” Eric began blabbing the same speech he had been giving me for the past two months. “We could get expelled.”

Sirius barked a laugh and turned to Davison. “You seriously think that you would get expelled for this?”

Davison turned to Sirius now with horror in his eyes. “Yes I do.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Please. At most you might get a detention and that’s a huge might. James is in more danger of being expelled for stealing from Slughorn, but Slughorn would have to prove it and quite frankly he loves James Potter too much to do that.” Sirius paused. “At most, you would lose your spot on the team and get detentions for a month, if that. I honestly, think that you guys are not technically breaking any rules. That is if you read between the lines. James would be in more trouble for using Polyjuice Potion, but using it for Quidditch hasn’t really been heard of so I’m not too sure what they would do.”

I nodded at Sirius. He after all would know more about the school rules than me. According to my Dad he broke more than his fair share. Although he probably didn’t read too much into Polyjuice Potion like I did. I could get expelled. After the Professor Moody incident they were kind of strict about that. Also I’m not the first to steal from Slughorn, that might be hard to look past as well.

Davison however nodded. He looked content for now. I was hoping after the game we wouldn’t have his little panic attacks. Before he could think too much about what just happened I threw my Quidditch jersey at him.

“That’s what you came for, right?” I said somewhat bitterly. “Go on, I told them that you would meet them in the Commons. Try not to talk too much about Quidditch, you’re rubbish at it and they might catch on.”

Davison looked at the jersey and a grin spread ear to ear.

“Thanks James!” He nodded as he left quickly.

Sirius grinned at me.

“What?” I glared as I changed clothes.

“Bit upset that you can’t be in the spotlight?” Sirius asked with a smirk. I think I liked it better when he was glaring. He needed to stop being so cocky.

“No…well a little, but it’s the price for his help and I don’t feel like waiting a year to join the team when I’m good enough now…so I’ll get over it.” I told him shrugging it off.

Sirius laughed at me and I stuffed everything back into my bag. My Aunt Hermione gave it to me for my birthday. It had a charm on it so I could fit all my Quidditch gear in hear and it still looked like a normal small bag. My broom was already nicely tucked to the side, feather still on the handle.

I looked up as Sirius finally spoke again.

“Honestly James, I don’t know how you came up with pretending to be someone else just to join the Quidditch team.” He shook his head at me.

I suppressed a laugh as I shrugged indifferently.

I actually probably wouldn’t have thought of it if it wasn’t for Sirius. Sirius was pretending to be someone he wasn’t and right before I even saw the Polyjuice Potion I was thinking of ways I could pretend to be someone I wasn’t. The Potion was just there at the right time.

I collected all my things and shoved them in my bag and we carefully checked to see if anyone was outside the broom cupboard as we walked out together.

He seemed in deep thought as we went up the stairs.

“What’s on your mind, now?” I asked knowing that something was bothering him.

He grinned and shook his head. “It’s just…how did you get that good? I mean I know you father join the House Team his first year, but he wasn’t that good, probably…It looked like you had professional training or something.”

“Well I kind of did.” I wondered if it counted. “You see unlike my Dad I’ve been flying almost all my life, plus it helps when your Mum takes you to work with her and you get to fly around with a National level team.” The women that were on the same team as my Mother found Albus, Lily and I adorable, so naturally they taught us a few tricks. Scoring goals against Slytherins was a lot easier than trying to score against the Holyhead Harpies and they didn’t try knocking me off my broom as much.

Sirius grinned and seemed to piece everything together. “Are your siblings as good?”

I shook my head and frowned. “Probably better, Al makes a mean Seeker and Lily can do almost anything she wants. I think she prefers Seeker and she’s just small enough to do it, but I have also been at the receiving end of the Bludger she hit after she got mad at me and Al for throwing the Quaffle at her repeatedly. I was out for the rest of the day. Apparently it hit Albus too after me, but he didn’t get hit in the head.”

Sirius laughed. “I can’t wait to see that.”

When we finally got to the Commons I saw that everyone was already there and food was almost pouring off the tables that had been placed in the center of the room. I turned to Sirius, guessing that him and Fred were behind it, considering that only a few knew about the kitchens. Everyone seemed lively and thrilled to have mountains of food. I wondered how they handled these things before and decided it didn’t matter since I knew where the kitchens were.

Eric was in the center of a group of people and they were all chatting quickly about my plays during the game. When I entered the room, he saw me and gave me a nod and a smile. He then turned his attention back to the chatty group in front of him.

I felt slightly better about letting him take the credit and followed Sirius to find Fred.

We found him next to one of the tables filled with food, talking to the other two Gryffindor Chasers on the team, Madison and Dany. Claire Madison was a fifth year and probably the next Team Caption; she had dark black hair and seemed very quiet, but actually talked more after she got to know you. Amanda Daniels, or Dany, was a three year with brown hair and would only stop talking to score a goal.

Fred was telling them how he was going to join the team next year as Beater and when he does he’ll never let another Bludger hit pretty things like them.

I could tell Madison was trying not to hit him and Dany was thinking about just leaving without telling him.

“Fred.” I said trying to pull him back to reality.

“Jamie!” Fred shouted pulling me toward him. “This is Claire and Amanda, Chasers!”

“Actually I prefer Dany if you don’t mind.” Dany told him. I had already heard this rant they first day I met her. Basically, she didn’t like the name Amanda, there were too many Amandas in the world for her liking, Dany came from her last name Daniels.

“Right! Dany! And this is Sirius and my cousin James Potter.” Fred told them. Sirius and I nodded politely. It felt weird meeting them again.

“James Potter?” Claire recognized my name, Dany appeared to as well.

“Yes.” I blushed a little. They both smiled warmly at me.

“Ashley said a first year begged her to join the team. That wouldn’t happen to be you, would it?” Dany giggled at me.

I nodded.

“I knew it!” Dany shouted. “Ashley said that it was just a first year. I bet James could have made the team this year.”

Claire rolled her eyes. “Not after the way Eric flew during tryouts.”

“We could have had a backup, just in case.” Dany protested.

Claire rolled her eyes again and turned to me. “Sorry, Dany and I are fans of you mother, Ginny Potter. When we heard you were starting school Dany and I actually told Ashley that she should drop the no first year rule to make you the exception. I mean you Mother’s a genius.”

I smiled at them. “Thanks, I’ll tell her. I’m sure that will make her happy.”

“Your Dad wasn’t too bad either.” Sirius nudged me in the side. “He joined the Gryffindor Team his first year.”

“That was our other argument.” Dany told me.

“He sat out a lot of games though.” I informed them shrugging, he was good though.

“Well, we can’t wait to see you next year.” Claire said. “Ashley will be sorry she missed out.”

I nodded as they left the three of us alone now.

As we talked I realized that Fred still didn’t know or guess that I was actually Davison. It seems Sirius was the only one who noticed my strange behavior over the last two months. While I felt relieved, because I knew Fred would be mad I didn’t involve him in my plan and he also had a problem with keeping his lips shut about these things, I also felt like Sirius’ and Fred’s rolls should be reversed. I had known Fred my whole life and he should have been a little more observant of my odd behavior, while I’ve known Sirius a little over two months.

He did seem to know exactly what I was thinking most of the time and I felt bad for not always knowing the same about him.

While Fred prattled on about what I missed today, while I was at detention, I looked a Sirius. He seemed to find Fred funny at the moment because he chuckled every few seconds. Was this because he knew I was really there and Fred’s account of the game was worthless? Or maybe he actually found Fred funny for some reason.

It’s been two months and he seems to know everything about me, while I know nothing really about him.

Actually that’s not true. I knew that he was Sirius Black, and that was more than I was supposed to know. I smiled to myself. I had seven years to learn about Sirius. This thought comforted me for the moment. Then it hit me, would I have seven years?

Sirius die…kind of…in a way, at least. What’s to stop him from disappearing now? What even brought him here?

I found out so fast on the first day here, I didn’t really have time to process what really happened. How much time did Sirius have here?

I was pulled out of my train of thought when Fred banged his hands on the table we were standing next to.


Fred was pointing behind me in excitement.

I turned around and followed his gaze. In the middle of the room was Teddy, who appeared to be snogging some girl.

No…wait. Teddy seemed to be trying to push her away. I recognized the girl as one of Victoire’s friends. She seemed to be trying to force Teddy into another kiss while he was politely pushing her away. One of Victoire’s other friends seemed to be taking her by the arm, pulling her away.

“Back off Hannah!” I heard the girl snogging Teddy say to her friend.

The whole room was now quiet and everyone was looking at them.

“Courtney, we should go sit down.” Her friend, Hannah, urged.

“Teddy, I really, really, really like you and I was wondering if you would go out with me.” Courtney shouted, despite her friend’s request.

“Courtney, I-” Teddy started to say.

“I know you like me too. You always spend time with us. Why else would you hang out with us so much if not to spend time with me?” Courtney continued.

Hannah seemed to shake her head like she was missing something obvious. Before Courtney could continue though Teddy spoke up again.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like you like that. I just hang around you guys because I’m Victoire’s friend. I can’t return your feelings.” Teddy said politely.

Courtney’s face fell. “Please, give me a chance. Maybe you will like me…”

“No, I’m sorry.” Teddy said strongly this time. Something seemed to catch his eye across the room, but he turned his attention back to Courtney.

“Why? It’s not like you’re going out with anyone, I would know! Is there someone you like?” Courtney seemed like she wasn’t handling rejection very well.

Teddy hesitated for a moment before he said. “I’m sorry Courtney, I just don’t feel the same way you do.”

He then turned around and made his way across the room and left the Commons to go out in the hall. He seemed like he was in a hurry.

“Wonder why he left so early?” I said to Fred and Sirius.

Fred shrugged and grabbed a sandwich from the table now that the show was over. Sirius on the other hand was frowning, as he looked at the spot Teddy ran to in a hurry.

“What?” I asked, pulling him out of his train-of-thought.

Sirius shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure everything is fine.”

I was now extremely curious. I groaned internally.

“Looks like we’re running low on sandwiches.” Fred said as he finished the last one. “Want to go get some more?”

Sirius nodded. “Sure.”

Fred and Sirius started to head toward the door when I stopped them.

“Hey, Fred why don’t you stay here since you got it last time. I haven’t been able to stretch my legs because of detention.” I told him.

Fred shrugged. “Sure, Jamie. I’ll hold down the fort.”

I left with Sirius now leaving Fred behind. He seemed content when he found Madison and Dany again. Once we were out in the hall I turned to Sirius.

“What was really on your mind a moment ago?” I asked him suddenly.

Sirius gave me a confused look. “That Fred is the reason all the sandwiches are gone?”

“No, I mean before that, when Teddy left the room.” I told him.

“Oh, that. Isn’t it obvious?” He asked me.

No. That’s why I’m asking.” I said rather forcefully.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Didn’t you see her leave?”

“Who? Courtney?” Sirius wasn’t making any sense.

“No, Victoire.” Sirius said it like he was talking to a kid.

I paused for a moment. Victoire was there?

Sirius noticed my confused look and explained farther. “Remember how I said that I think that they are secretly dating?” I nodded. “Just before Courtney kissed Teddy Victoire came into the room. She left right before Teddy rejected her but imagine how it looked to her.”

“But they aren’t dating.”

“Just pretend they are.” Sirius rolled his eyes again. “Imagine what Victoire must have thought.”

I guess I see his point, so that would mean… “You were worried about them?”

Sirius nodded. “Teddy looked like he was in a tough spot since that was one of her friends. I don’t think that this would blow over that easy.”

“You really think they are dating?” I asked in disbelief.


“I’ve known them for my whole life. There is nothing romantic between them.” I said now rolling my eyes at him. We started walking now.

“Maybe that’s the problem.” Sirius said.

“What is?”

“You’ve known them your whole life, I haven’t. So I’m not judging them on what I already know.” Sirius grinned at me.

I laughed. “You just don’t want to lose the bet!”

Sirius laughed too. “Nope, I just can’t decide what I’ll make you do once I win.”

What Sirius said though actually made sense in a way. It explained how he was on to my schemes quicker than Fred. Fred and I have know each other our whole lives. Sirius and I were just getting to know one another. I grinned at the thought.

As we went down to the kitchens to get more food Sirius and I continued laughing. It wasn’t curfew yet so we didn’t take my cloak, but we did however, take the secret passageways to avoid attention. When we reached the dungeons we round the corner and I bumped into someone.

“Sorry-” I started to say still kind of laughing with Sirius when I was pushed to the ground by the person I just bumped into.

I looked up at him and recognized him at once. How could I forget his ugly face when I had been dodging Blugders from him just this morning.

“Watch where you are going first year!” He yelled at me.

Sirius helped me up. The buff, dumb looking Slytherin Quidditch Player wasn’t alone. I saw that he was with two others, both also on the Quidditch team.

The girl with him was the first to speak up. “Goyle was that really necessary?”

The other with him, an older boy agreed with the girl. “It’s not like he was the one that made 160 point today for Gryffindor. Cut it out.”

“He should show me some respect.” Goyal bellowed. The girl and boy both rolled their eyes. As Sirius glared at them he tugged me around them. Clearly not wanting to start anything right now.

I thought that we were home free when the girl said something again.

“Hey, I know you two.” She said. “You two are the first years that went up against Professor Lowsley. You’re Harry Potter’s son.”

I could hear Sirius silently cussing.

“Harry Potter’s son huh? My Dad says Harry Potter is a fraud and a coward.” Goyle jabbed at me.

I turned around now.

“Without my father, you wouldn’t be here today because my fraud and coward of a father saved your father’s ass from burning up. Why don’t you remind your father of that, kindly?” I shot back at him. As soon as I heard his name I knew all about how his father use to follow around Malfoy and how they got into all kind of trouble. “I also believe that your father used the Polyjuice Potion to dress as a girl. Tell me, what’s it like having two Mums? And are they both as ugly as you are?”

Sirius choked back a laugh from next to me and didn’t see what was coming next.

Goyle reached for his wand and attempted to send a hex flying our way. I pushed Sirius out of the way and grabbed my wand.

Stupefy!” I cried hitting my mark, Goyle fell onto the ground. The boy and girl with Goyle stood back waving their hands like they didn’t want to mess with me.

I had a feeling a triumph for the next second. I had just won a Quidditch game, then dueled a second year three times my size. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Of course that only lasted for a second, because just as Goyle was getting up Professor Lowsley rounded the corner.

I froze.

This didn’t look good for me. Goyle on the ground and me with my wand out. Even for self defense, it didn’t look good.

Fortunately for me Goyle didn’t see him yet.

“You’re dead Potter!” He yelled.

“There will be no death threats while I’m hear Goyle.” Lowsley said taking a step forward. He turned to me now. “James, what happened?”

“Umm…I ran into Goyle when I didn’t see him, he pushed me down, we had words. He insulted my Dad so I informed him more about his,” Goyle glared at me. “He took out his wand, but I saw what he was about to do and I was faster.”

Lowsley looked like he believed me, but I wasn’t sure.

In the end, he nodded. “Very well, James.” I looked at him. “Ten points from Gryffindor for dueling, even if it was self defense, there are other spelled you could have used.” He now looked at Goyle. “Goyle, twenty points from Slytherin for starting it.” Goyle looked like he wanted to punch the wall. “Now boys, I recommend that we all return to our respected dorms.”

Goyle turned around with the other two and hurried off down the dungeon corridors. Lowsley turned to us.

“Before I got here you said your Father saved his, right James?”

“Umm…yes.” I wonder how he heard that.

“Wasn’t his Father a Death Eater?”

“Yes…I’m pretty sure.” I didn’t see where he was going with this.

Lowsley nodded to himself then looked to us. “Well off to bed you two, I’ll see you in class Monday.”

With that he then stalked off door the hall in the same direction we needed to go.

Sirius and I looked at each other.

“Let’s give him a head start.” I said.

“We still haven’t gone to the kitchens.” Sirius said.

“Well then, I don’t know why we are standing here.” I grinned and turned around to go to the kitchens.

Sirius followed and we continued our conversation from before without giving Goyle, the other Slytherins or Lowsley much more thought.

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