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Fraternizing with the Enemy by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 1 : Chapter I
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‘Oh my Merlin. Oh my … AVA!’ Dom screamed. ‘What the –’

‘Dom! Shh!’ I hissed. ‘Someone will hear!’

‘Avarie de Monte!’ Dom whisper-shouted. ‘You’re pregnant! Bloody pregnant!’

‘Yes, I know!’ I growled. ‘Now shut your pie hole!’

‘But … but … with who?’ Dom demanded.

I blushed. ‘You’ll have to find out yourself.’

‘You mean you don’t know? Ava, I didn’t have you down as a –’

‘What? Of course I know! I’m not bloody you. I haven’t slept with about five guys in the last three weeks!’ I retorted.

‘Hey, that’s not my style,’ Dom said, rolling her eyes.

‘Sure,’ I said, passing the bottle of Butterbeer between my hands.

We were in Hogsmeade and I’d just dropped a Dungbomb on Dom. Yes, I was pregnant. My reaction was nothing compared to Dom’s. It was only yesterday when I found myself holding the Muggle stick in my hands.

‘This morning … I feel like crap,’ I muttered to myself. I opened my eyes. There was nobody in the dorm. But then again, it was the second day of the Christmas holidays. I got up and a wave of nausea swept over me. ‘Mmf!’ I groaned. I rushed into the bathroom to deposit the contents of my stomach in the toilet.

‘Ava?’ Dom called. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah, I’m fine, Dom,’ I yelled back.

‘You were just being sick,’ Dom said, coming into the bathroom. I wiped my mouth.

‘Maybe it’s just a bug,’ I suggested, shrugging. Dom raised her eyebrows at me.

‘Are you sure, Ava? Because morning sickness is very common when being pregnant. And also, it occurs after a few months.’

‘I know. Wait, what? I’m NOT pregnant, Dom!’ I cried.

‘Are you sure, because Maria told me you happened to come back with a tall, handsome stranger a few months back. And like I said before, morning sickness occurs a few months into the pregnancy.’ Dom said smugly, folding her arms across her chest and smirking.

‘Okay, maybe I did, but that doesn’t mean we – I mean, it doesn’t mean I’m pregnant!’ I said urgently. Dom raised an eyebrow.

‘Whatever you say, Avarie,’ Dom said, walking out slowly with her arms still crossed and her eyebrows still raised.

‘I’M NOT PREGNANT!’ I screamed at the closed door.

‘Sure you aren’t!’ I heard Dom say. I threw one of my shoes at the door. As it fell, I slid to the floor, pondering on Dom’s words.

Sure, I did go home with a tall, handsome … not-so-stranger a few months ago. In fact, it was someone Dom knew. Someone Dom was very close to, in fact. And sure, we had a little bit of … ahem. But not much. It couldn’t have made me pregnant, could it? No, of course not.

But then, a few minutes later I was standing there with the Muggle pregnancy test clutched in my hands. I was staring at it. And the little plus sign was staring back at me.



‘Helloo? Ava?’ Dom called. ‘Knut for your thoughts?’

‘Sorry? No, I’m okay. I was just thinking,’ I said.

‘About what? A certain tall, handsome stranger who knocked you up?’ Dom enquired.

‘Yes – no! I mean, we have NEWTs this year, so … I mean, I was just thinking about that.’ I said hastily.

‘So, who is this tall, handsome stranger?’ Dom said, leaning closer.

‘Nobody,’ I said.

‘So, what you just go up to a random guy and get him to make you pregnant? You’re sick, Ava, and this is me speaking,’ Dom said, grinning.

‘No! Like I said before, you’ll have to find out yourself,’ I said.

‘Aw, come on, you won’t even tell your best friend?’ Dom whined, making big blue eyes at me. I rolled my grey ones.

‘Nope,’ I said.

‘Fine,’ Dom huffed, flicking her silvery-blonde hair over her shoulder. ‘You better watch out, de Monte, ’cause I’m on your back. I’m on your back so close you’ll feel me there.’

‘Which is really normal, isn’t it,’ I said, rolling my eyes. I gulped down the last couple of drops of Butterbeer and stood up. ‘Well, I’m off,’

‘Are you going to sleep again with … someone?’ Dom raised her eyes suggestively, grinning as she, too, stood.

‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I am,’ I said sarcastically. We started to walk back up to the school.

When we got there, Dom said, ‘I’m just going to look for Louis. He’ll want to know –’

‘Wait, what? No, you can’t tell anyone!’ I said suddenly.

‘They’re going to get a big suspicious when you start getting … big,’ Dom said. ‘Do you want them to think you’re gaining weight?’

‘Of course not, you idiot. I’m going to tell everyone, just not yet,’ I said.

‘Whatever you say, Pregnant Girl,’ Dom said. ‘I’ll see you back in the common room.’


It still felt odd to know that there was a tiny little person growing inside of me. I lifted my tank top and felt my stomach, viewing it from all angles in the full-length mirror in the bathroom. I didn’t feel any different. Maybe a little sick, but apparently that was normal. My stomach was still flat.

I glanced over at the pregnancy book lying on the floor. I’d snuck into the restricted section of the library last night and taken this. Jeez, I’m a hormonal pregnant seventeen-year-old, don’t judge me, okay? It said I should start noticing my stomach getting bigger at about four months. Phew. That was long enough to start telling everyone.

Dom down. About twenty to go.

And then there was the question of telling the baby’s father, who hadn’t spoken, or even looked at me since last night. Maybe he was embarrassed.

I sighed and sagged. He wasn’t known to be a player. That was Scorpius Malfoy, my ex-boyfriend. We broke up when a Hufflepuff girl told me he’d slept with one of her friends. As you can imagine, that didn’t go down so well.

For the record, I’ve never had that much luck with boys. Before I came to Hogwarts, when I was ten I had a brief relationship with a Muggle boy (I’m half-blood) but that dissolved when he said,

‘I’m sorry but I don’t like you anymore.’ And when I asked him why, guess what he said people? Yep, that’s right – ‘I prefer your best friend.’

And then I kind of slapped him and ran away.

I went out with Scorpius last year, but our relationship ended just before the summer holidays.

I let out a deep breath and prodded my stomach. Nothing happened. I guess the baby wouldn’t start moving yet because it was probably just a little … blob right now.

Picking up the book and slamming it shut, I moved back into the dormitory.

Shit, Rose is here.

‘Hi, Ava,’ she said. She was poring over a thick volume. She really is just like her mother.

‘What’s that you’ve got there?’ I asked her, sitting on my bed.

‘Oh, it’s just something to help with my Ancient Runes homework, see,’ She held up the book so I could see the cover. Just a jumble of weird letters. Makes no sense to me. ‘You?’

‘This is nothing,’ I said quickly, shoving it under my pillow. Rose darted forwards and grabbed it.

‘I always love a good … mothercrapping pregnancy book?’ Rose screamed. ‘Ava, you’re pregnant?’

‘Noo …’ I said.

‘Then why are you nodding?’ Rose demanded.

‘Am not!’ I said. But then I realised I was. Crap. ‘Okay, maybe just a little bit!’

‘How far along are you?’ Rose asked me, and she seemed genuinely concerned.

‘A few months,' I replied. 'I'm getting morning sickness quite bad.'  

Rose flicked through the book. ‘Hmm, yeah, it says its normal here. Who else have you told? Who’s the father?’

‘The only people that know are you and Dom. And me. And as for the father, I’m telling you what I told Dom: you’ll have to find out yourself. And don’t go telling anyone, I’d rather let everyone know myself.’

‘Sure,’ Rose said. ‘Does the father know?’

‘Well … possibly. I mean, he hasn’t spoken to me much since that night when … you know,’ I blushed.

‘Yeah. Well I think you should let him know as soon as possible. Is he a Gryffindor?’

I was like, What a stupid question, of course he’s in Gryffindor, Rose! I thought you had your mother’s brains. For Helga’s sake, you’re supposed to be the brightest witch of the age!

But I just said it inside my head so nobody heard me.

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Next time I catch him alone I’ll tell him,’

‘You’d better,’ Rose said darkly. ‘Not knowing about pregnancy can cause a whole lot of trouble, Ava,’

Oh and I suppose you know all about it, Miss I’m-a-pregnancy-expert? Well you’re not the mothershitting pregnant one here!

Instead I nodded wisely and smiled at her. ‘Thanks, Rose,’

‘Ava de Monte, I’ve been looking for you – oh, hello, Rose,’ Dom said, charging into the dorm.

‘What do you think, Dom?’ Rose said.

‘About what?’

‘Ava’s pregnancy,’

‘Oh, yeah. She won’t tell me who the father is, which makes me think she doesn’t know,’ Dom sat beside Rose and they both looked me up and down. I felt like a piece of art being criticized by a part-Veela and a geeky-yet-adorable redhead. Which I was.

But then again, I was a pregnant piece of art. Does that make sense? Can art be pregnant? If it was a picture of a pregnant woman, maybe. Or one of those picture-in-a-picture thingies. Do they exist yet? I don’t think they do. Maybe I should invent it and then my baby and I could move to Paris and put our artwork in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa and we’d both be famous because I painted it and it would be inspired by my baby, which would be a girl. And if it was a boy I would disown it.

Joking. I’d never do that. I’m not my evil aunt. Jeez. I may be a hormonal pregnant woman but I’m not a psychological weirdo. The resident weirdo around here is Al.

‘Ava?’ Dom said, snapping her fingers in front of my face. ‘Merlin, she’s going weirdo again,’

‘I am not!’ I snapped, trying to bite her fingers playfully. ‘Watch out, my teeth are sharp and I’m a severely hormonal pregnant woman.’

Oh yeah, I am going to use that.

Dom and Rose laughed. ‘Come on downstairs and we can show off our pregnant BFF to everyone,’

‘No thanks,’ I said. ‘I’d rather sit up here and eat toothpaste. Wait – what?’

‘Cravings, Ava, they’re normal,’ Rose sighed.

‘Right. I knew that. Duh, I’m not stupid,’ I said, making a ‘tuh’ noise.

‘Brilliant. Now come downstairs,’ Dom said, glowering at me. ‘No one has to know about your … condition,’

‘You think being pregnant is a condition?’ I yelled, standing up.

‘Well … yeah,’

‘Right. Come on, let’s go.’ As I moved towards the door, I thought I heard Dom hiss,

‘That girl is seriously mental,’

Gee, Dom, it’s the hormones.

To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve only slept with someone once and I just so happened to get pregnant and Dom’s been with about four boys and she’s not yet a mother.

When I went downstairs with Dom and Rose behind me, Lian lunged at me.

‘Ava, where have you been?’ she screamed.

‘Upstairs,’ I said, ‘why?’

‘No reason,’ Lian said. ‘I missed you!’ My crazy Chinese friend started bouncing around.

‘Is she high?’ I hissed to Dom.

‘Probably,’ Dom replied. ‘Let’s go and sit down,’

There was hardly anyone in the common room apart from Lian, me, the Weasleys, Rose, Dom, and Molly and Hugo and the Potters, Lily, Al and James.

Feeling a little bit awkward, I sat down next to James. I wondered how it felt to be Lian, Rose (maybe not Dom), Molly or Lily – to be a pure virgin and without an embryo inside you.

‘So, Ava, what were you doing upstairs?’ James asked.

With a jolt, I managed to look up into the smiling face of my baby’s father.



AN: Hi :) I decided to take a break from my other stories and write this one. The idea just sort of popped up one day and I wanted to see how it would turn out. I might update this once in a while but if it becomes popular it’ll become one of my regulars. Anyway, I hope you like it and please review because that’s what this story depends on xxxx

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