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The Troubles of Teenagers by SiriuslyLily
Chapter 3 : I Felt No Remorse.
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Chapter 3

Petunia? She's not even magical. I looked at James, who didn't know who Professor Dursley was. Then I looked to Mary, who has seen Petunia before, had an expression mixed of disgust and horror. She glared at Petunia.

My knuckles were turning white from strangling my fork. Die fork, die. Petunia looked at me with her head held high, as if to say 'Look who's better now. '

"Lily? What's wrong?" James asked sweetly. I gave him a nod to tell him I'm fine, which I'm not, by the way.
"James ... Professor Dursley ... It's Petunia."

He took a moment to realise what I told him. He looked purely angry.
"Your sister? Who is mean and a complete meanie to you?"
"That's her."
He stood up.
"James, sit down. Please." Everyone in the room was staring at us. He marched up to the teachers' table. He talked to Dumbledore, who nodded at what James was saying. When James came back, he glared at Petunia.

Why the hell was Petunia a teacher? How did she even do it? James sat beside me, and smiled triumphantly.

"What did you do?"

"I just joined Muggle Studies."


"So I can annoy Petunia to hell and back." I laughed at his master-mind plan. I am already in Muggle Studies, despite being muggle-born. Hey, I like to learn! (Overly enthusiastic, by the way, even though its true.)

When the feast was over, we made our way to the Common Rooms. I stood outside the Fat Lady. Something isn't right ...

Oh no.

I've forgotten.

I'm so stupid.

I'm Head Girl.

I ran my fastest to the Head's dorm. I don't even know the password! I banged on the door as hard as I could for around five minutes. My fists were becoming very sore, as if someone rubbed coarse sandpaper on the then laughed.

Finally, the door decided to be nice and open. Not.
"James! What the hell? Why didn't you let me in the frickin door?"

Then that's when I realised ...

"James, you're Head Boy?" He nodded. Um ... Crap.
"Mind telling me the password?" He thought about it and grinned. I don't need him to grin, I need the frickin password!

"You didn't tell me you were Head Girl."

"Well you didn't tell me you were Head Boy."
He nodded and smirked. Would he stop making facial expressions?

"Tell me I'm the sexiest man alive, and I am superior, then I'll tell you." Seriously?

I glared at him with all the glariness I could muster. He's not a man, he's still sixteen. His birthdays not until the end of September on the twenty-third. Mine is on the fifteen of October.

"Do I have to?" He grinned as if to say so. Well then.
"James, you're the ... Sexiest man alive and you're superior. I winced at my own words. I'll get him back for this.

He smiled smugly and let me in.

"The password is 'curtains.'"


"It was the only thing I could think of." He mumbled and fell on to the sofa. Well then. I walked over the room that said 'Head Girl.'

As I opened the door I gasped. The room was an exact copy of my real bedroom. It had the navy-blue-almost-black walls and ceiling and black curtains. There were glow-in-the-dark stars all over the room. Stuck to the ceiling, the walls and hanging from the ceiling. There was also a big moon. It was comforting. I ran to the desk and opened the drawers to find my favourite book; 'Little Women.' I love that book.

James stood in the doorway watching me happily.
"Your room is amazing. Really." It was always my dream to have my room like this. There was also posters of the latest screamo band on the walls.

"Nice posters, I like that band." I looked at him amazed, for knowing a muggle rock band, and for liking them. I hugged him with all my might.

I attacked him with a hug. He stumbled, being caught of guard. I was still holding onto him as we fell onto my water bed which made a sort of squishing water and whoosh sound.

I felt the blush creep up on my face. This is officially awkward. He laughed at the situation. I couldn't help but to laugh as well. He casually threw an arm around my shoulder. "Thanks, Jamsie." He sighed happily before turning to me. He gave me his 'mischievous and you know it' grin.

"Follow me." He dragged me out of our Common Room. James did a ninja impression, which was very impressive. It consisted if spinning, pouncing and random hand spasms.

We made our way down to the kitchens, and I greeted some paintings as well. One had a pink beard, but I don't know if he knows that. Ha ha. I think I should add some glitter in the middle of the night ...

James tickled the pear, which gave an annoying high pitched giggle. It really broke my ears. James saw my pain and tried not to laugh, but it deemed too hard.

The kitchen smelled like chocolate cake, but the kind that makes you want to become a chocolate addict and need to go to rehab. But you don't actually go to chocolate rehab.

A creepy little house Elf hobbled up to us and bowed so his nose touched the floor. "Mr Potter, how nice it is to see you again, Sparky is so happy!" His voice sounded like someone decided to drown their favourite cat. "Ms Evans, it is a pleasure to serve you! What can Sparky get Mr Potter and Ms Evans?"

I wanted to pull my ears off listening to that. James asked the house elf for two bowls of chocolate chip cookie dough, my favourite. We sat against the wall of the kitchens eating happily away. I mixed my ice-cream until it looked like lumpy soup. It was still delicious.

"So Evans, what's your favourite colour?" I put down my spoon and mixed it some more.

"My favourite colour is yellow. Et toi?" I finished in French. He took some more ice cream.

"I like any colour,really. But my favourite is navy." Like my walls. A horrible but funny idea came into mind. I imagined James covered in dark blue, with stars stuck to him. Haha. We passed time by talking and ... Other things. I found out that James' parents are very old, whereas mines aren't that old.

James stood up and stretched his arms, before offering to help me up. "Hey, Lils, we have to share a Common Room now." He grinned. I shook my head then rolled my eyes in response. I took his hand and he pulled me to my feet.

The walk back to the Heads' was a long one. We had almost got caught by three teachers. We stepped through the door after saying 'curtains.' It's still a stupid password. I'll have to change that. "Lily I have to see the Marauders. I'll see if I can get McDonald down for you." He pecked me on the cheek and ran through the door. I sat on the sofa and read 'Little Women' for the hundredth time.

About five minutes later, there was very loud banging on the door. I opened to find a mental looking Mary. She actually growled. I only see Sirius do that. So that's creepy. Really creepy. I opened the door, which creaked painfully, and got viciously attacked by my best friend.

"Why the hell did you agree?! What could have possibly possessed your used-to-better mind?" I was sad. She insulted my marvellous brain. See? I said marvellous! I hissed like a cat, because I want I be a cat. A fluffy one. A fluffy ginger one with a squashed face.

I pointed at the sofa, demanding her to sit. Then she looked around the room. A small smile crept upon her face. Suddenly she realised what she was doing and scowled at herself.

I heard the faint sound of running water. Slowly, Mary and I crept quietly like ninjas. We both had our wands out, ready to attack. Quickly, I opened the door to my bathroom. I was shocked. Sitting on the floor beside the bath, was Peter Pettigrew.

"Peter, what are you doing?" I asked clearly. He panicked, but couldn't think of anything to say. I walked to the tub, and at the bottom of the tub, was something rectangular. Peering into the tub, I recognised a book. The title, was 'Little women. I saw RED. Then I noticed something else. The water was orange.

"PETER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FAVOURITE BOOK? WHY IS THE WATER ORANGE?!" I don't do we'll when I'm angry. Peter shivered.

"Uh ... You see, Lily, you always ... Always said how your books aren't juicy enough. So I soaked it in Orange juice to make it ... Juicier."

He screamed.

I roared.

He ran.

I followed.

He turned.

I turned.

He fell.

I laughed.

He cried.

I felt no remorse.

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The Troubles of Teenagers: I Felt No Remorse.


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