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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 4 : Have Mercy
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Wow, okay so that last chapter was more of a filler, this one introducing something very important. Thanks for reading :) soapman333

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Disclaimer: The Harry Potter realm was created by Rowling, I own nothing except for my original characters.


I thought Ellie's last name sounded familiar, but, to my surprise, I recognized her brother. He didn't seem to recognize me, which is fine, but somewhat troubling. Leonidas Galatian is a play boy at Hogwarts and too young for me, but, somehow, I got caught up in his good looks and charms. He's got the whole sex appeal thing going for him: slightly messy brown hair, deep-bright blue eyes, and dimples. Dimples!

I met him last year when I was tutoring Albus Potter, a friend of his, in an empty classroom. Leo interrupted our session to confront Albus in a rage, apparently Leo's girlfriend was being mean to his sister. The two conversed, and I tried to ignore them as I gathered my notes. Stupid me, tripped, sending my notes flying and, to my surprise, Leo looked over at me and laughed. I was caught off guard and was instantly mesmerized by his looks. Albus left us to go talk to Leo's girlfriend:

“What has my dear Albus got you locked up in an empty classroom for?” Leo asks me. He is getting so close to me. My heart is racing in my chest, can he hear it?

“Er, c-charms,” I stutter out, backing up from him and crashing into a wall.

Leo smirks and follows me to the wall. He playfully pulls on my ponytail, “Albus Potter, boy genius, has a beautiful girl like you in an empty classroom, and he's tutoring?!”

“I'm tutoring him,” I clarify, looking down and refusing to meet his eyes.

I hear him click his tongue as he lifts my chin to look at him, “Pretty and smart? Have mercy on me,” he winks and pulls me closer to him.

“Charlotte?” Ellie waves a hand in front of my face, breaking me from my memory. He's too young, I repeat in my mind.

“Er, sorry. What are your plans now that classes are over?” I ask her. We're just leaving our last class, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Library," she responses and smiles at me, “who were you thinking about?” she adds.

I blush and fix my hair, “I'd rather not say. . .can I come with you to the library?”

“I'd love the company, er, Charlotte?”


“Please be honest, are you hanging around me because you pity me?” Ellie asks in a rush, blushing and biting her lower lip.

“No, I'm hanging around you because I want to be your friend,” I clarify and smile at her relieved face.

“Er, don't you have other friends?” she asks.

“Well, all of my friends were older than me,” I frown, “I hope you don't feel overwhelmed with me clinging onto you all of a sudden,” I add.

“No, I'm happy that you want to be my friend.” We both beam and walk to the library together.


I'm incredibly ecstatic that Charlotte has chosen to overlook my faults and be my friend, but a gnawing thought in the back of my head keeps reminding me that she doesn't know everything about me. I could still chase her away. This saddens me, but I push the thoughts away, momentarily, to tease Charlotte about that lovey-dovey face she had on earlier.

“He must be cute,” I state. We're in the library, working on a potions essay due in two weeks. First day of class and we already have homework.

“Who?” she asks, dipping her quill in her ink bottle.

“That boy you were thinking about earlier, do I know him?” I continue to question.

She blushes, “It was a one time fling. Nothing special.”

“Wait, am I to understand that Charlotte Parkings, Head Girl, snogged a mystery man in a broom closet?” I'm jealous, my one and only kiss was a muggle over the summer. It was nothing remarkable.

“It was an empty classroom,” she frowns at me.

“What?!” I scream, earning a good scowl from the students around our table.

“Shush,” Charlotte covers my mouth with her hand and apologizes to the students.

I yank her hand off my mouth, “Charlotte, do you know his name?” I continue, whispering this time.

“Can we just forget it?” she begs.

“You will tell me,” I promise her and get up to get another book to study for the essay.

I run my fingers over the books on a particular shelf, looking for the one I need. I don't find it here, so I walk over to a different section to continue my search. Hearing a whispered conversation on the other side of the shelf, I drop down to my knees and try not to listen as I continue to search for my book. I find it, its in a red binding,grab it, and get up off the ground, quickly. In my hurry to leave, I run right into somebody and crash back onto the ground. The whispered conversation stops abruptly.

“We've got to stop meeting like this,” jokes James, pulling me off the ground.

“What are you two doing here?” Rose Weasley asks coming out from behind the book case.

I hold up my book, “Needed a text on the development of goat intestines in modern potion making,” I grumble at her. My leg aches from the fall.

“And I'm here to ask her where she wants to go on our honeymoon,” James winks at me.

Rose shifts nervously from leg to leg, “Okay, well, see ya," she looks at us, pointedly.

“Nah, I'm not quite finished here,” James replies, crossing his arms over his chest and staring her down.

I feel as though I'm caught up in some sort of family drama. Great,  I just wanted to do my stupid homework, “Hey, er, I'm going to go finish my essay.”

They both look at me in surprise, forgetting I was there. James grabs my arm, his touch sends a tingling sensation through my body, “No, Galatian, you're a witness, just in case she decides to kill me.”

“You're the one trying to eavesdrop, James,” Rose huffs.

“Ha! So you were up to something!” James exclaims and dances around happily. I giggle and he winks at me.

“Look, just forget it, okay?” Rose blushes and leaves us.

I watch her go and then turn on him, “James, what is going on?”

He beams at me and I realize my mistake, I used his first name, “Well, Ellie, Rose has been acting very strange lately, so I decided to figure out what was up and come here, running into you, and bringing us into this delightful conversation," he explains while leading me back to Charlotte.

“Define: Acting very strange,” I ask him as I sit down at the table.

He sits next to me, “She's been avoiding Albus and won't tell us why.”

“You could have just asked me,” Albus chastens, coming up to the table, frowning, as always. Leo and Scorpius are following and chatting, happily, to each other.

“Ah, my wonderful little brother, how lovely to see you here. Why is Rose avoiding you?”

Albus rolls his eyes, “It's a long story,” he concludes and then leaves James pouting like a child at his answer.

“Hey Leo,” I call, stopping him from leaving too, “aren't you supposed to be meeting your girlfriend by the lake?” I ask him. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Charlotte flush and search through her bag.

“Hm? Oh, no, I don't recall telling her that I would meet her there,” he winks and walks away. He's got a point, she kind of commanded him to go there.

The table falls silent as Charlotte and I return to our essays, James makes himself busy by doodling in a notebook and attempting to make origami. As the minutes and hours fly by, James now napping next to us, the wolf gnaws at me and I rest my head in my hands in exhaustion. Three days until the moon reaches it brightest form and the animal wins.

Charlotte looks up at me, “Dinner starts soon, maybe food will help. Shouldn't you go to Madam Pomfrey? Maybe she has something to get rid of the virus?”

“Dinner is good.” I smile at her and run my hands through my hair.

Charlotte returns my smile and pokes James, hard, with her quill.

“Ouch! Easy, you're worse than the family owl," he moans.


This year has been interesting so far, I didn't really expect much to have changed in my fifth year, but here we are, my best mate has done the most psychotic thing imaginable, and has gotten back with an ex-girlfriend. Not just any ex-girlfriend, but Lily Potter, the girl that literally drove him into the arms of every other girl. She messed him up. I frown at Leo from across the Great Hall, he's eating next to the psychopath. He's avoiding my glare, the wimp.

“Albus, how can you eat at a time like this?!” I slap the fork out of Albus' hand causing a girl down the table to giggle. I send her a wink, and mentally take note to talk to her in our common room later.

“Calm yourself, Malfoy,” Albus frowns at me.

“Calm myself?! How am I to calm myself when Leo is sitting next to that witch?!” I screech at my frowning friend.

If possible, Albus' frown deepens, “Look, we can't control his decisions, Scorpius.”

Gah, I hate not being in control. I sulk in my spot at the bench as Albus steals my fork and continues to eat his dinner. The giggling girl from earlier gets up and leaves, touching my arm as she passes me. I'm taking that as a good sign. Across the hall I see Lily kiss Leo's cheek.

“I'm going to puke,” I conclude, getting up from our table.

Albus looks up at me in surprise, “Alright, remind him about Quidditch tryouts tonight.”

Oh Albus, he knows me better than myself. Instead of going to the water closet to puke, I storm over to Leo, “Leo,” I address him, glaring murderously at Lily. Rose Weasley jumps at my arrival and chokes on her pumpkin juice, “Woah, are you okay?” I ask her.

“Great Scorpius, you've gone and killed Rose,” Leo teases me as I stare, stupidly, at Rose as she coughs into her napkin, “She's okay,” he adds when he sees my face.

I remember my mission and glare at Leo, “Why are you over here? Your sister is sitting down there,” I ask him.

He sighs, “Scorpius, you know why I'm over here,” he nods his head at Lily, who's ignoring me.

“No, you don't get it, Galatian. What are you doing here when your sister is sitting down there,” I reiterate and watch as Leo's face darkens. I'm hitting it where it hurts.

“Get the hell away from me,” Leo growls. Yup, I hit the right spot.

“With pleasure,” I slap the fork out of his hand, “you don't deserve the luxuries of a fork, you barbarian.”

I turn to leave, but stop, “Oh, and Albus wanted me to remind you about Quidditch try-outs later this evening,” and on that note, I storm off in search of that giggling girl from earlier. 

The plot thickens. . .Thank you for reading! Please review and feel free to ask questions, and I'll try to answer without giving too much away. I have ten chapters written, they just need to be validated - soapman333

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