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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 8 : Salad Cream Conditioner
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A/N: To start off. I just want to tell you all how sorry I am that I haven't updated earlier!! :( I'm sooooo sorry... but... I've been really busy with a GCSE English exam that I have been revising for... sorry :(

Secondly, I want to say that if anyone has any ideas for future plots then please tell me because I haven't written anymore beyond this chapter (yet!)


It was nearly five ‘o’ clock by the time the Potter family thought it would be a good time for them to leave. James Potter was surprised the most when he realised that he didn’t actually want to leave the Malfoy’s yet. After Ginny had taken him to Albus he had been introduced to Hyperion only to realise that they weren’t much different. Soon after, Edward Nott arrived stating that he had joined the boys because the girl’s had decided to talk about make-up and famous Quidditch players. James stayed quiet at first, not really wanting to speak with his enemy, he stuck with Albus whereas Hyperion tried to get Edward into the conversation. Then the quartet came up with a plan; to sabotage the girls.




“How about we challenge them to a game of Quidditch?” Edward commented after long hours thinking. The other three looked at him in confusion at his statement. He continued;

“Well, we could challenge them to a three aside game; Girls Vs Boys. Verity hates Quidditch so she won’t play. That means that whilst she is cheering on the girls. The boy who is not playing Quidditch could sneak into the house and booby trap the room”

The group looked at each other before nodding, James even let out a little smile, Edward Nott wasn’t as bad as he thought.

Half an hour later the six teenagers were outside and mounted on the Malfoy’s spare brooms. Hyperion, knowing the house better than anyone else, said that he would sabotage the girl’s room and the other three boys agreed. Albus was extremely happy because this meant he could now ride Hyperion’s new Thunderbolt.

“Prepare to be smashed to pieces little sis” James teased as his sister mounted her Nimbus 2001. She glared at him before laughing.
“You wish James”

Ginny, being the ex-Quidditch player she was, decided that she would go out to referee. This meant that Harry, Hermione and Draco also came out with their youngest children, leaving the house completely empty.

The minute the game started Hyperion slipped off to sabotage the girl’s.

He started with Lily Potter; he would never admit it to her or her brothers but he had developed a small crush on the cute little red head. She was always extremely fun to be around and didn’t treat him the way most Gryffindor’s did. Most of them ignored or teased him because he was a Malfoy; they said that he was a failure to his family and that they wondered what his death eater father did to him when he got home for the holidays. Never once would he tell any of them that, that was his favourite time of the year; apart from when he got detentions with Albus of course.

He reached into his prank overloaded pocket when he neared her scarf, gloves, and coat. Looking around to see if the coast was clear he fished out a box of itching powder from Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Albus had given him a whole trunk load of pranks for his birthday this year and he had only used a few of the many pranks, mainly on his annoying older sister Evangeline.

Scattering the powder over Lily’s clothes he felt slightly bad; if he ever actually wanted to date her in the future this would not be something he would bring up on a first date.

“Hey Lily, remember that time when you were eleven and you couldn’t stop itching for days after you left my house. Well I put itching powder on your clothes”

Yeah. Not good.

When he was finished he crept up the stairs until he reached his sister’s room. He peered around it for a while until he spotted the exact thing he was looking for. A half opened box of sweets labelled;

For my birthday party; HANDS OFF HYPERION!

He chuckled at his sister’s words before yet again reaching into his pocket and pulling out an assortment of multi-coloured sweets. He threw them into the box casually and smirked when he realised that in just a few hours his sister and her friend would be puking all over the place whilst supporting bleeding noses and bulbous boils.

Aleasha was easy, all he had to do was steal all her make-up and keep it in his room overnight.

Verity, not so much; she was a tricky girl and didn’t care too much for anything. In the end he decided to just trap a few fanged Frisbees in her trunk so that when she opened it to change into her night clothes they would fly all over the room, attacking everything that got in its way.

For Eva he had the most mischievous plan ever, so mischievous he was surprised that he hadn’t actually come up with it by himself.

Eva had one weakness in her perfect life and that was none other than he perfect, platinum blonde hair.

She would wake up every morning when she was at home and constantly ask Hermione if her hair looked okay even if they were staying at home for the whole day. At school, Hyperion would see her going up to random people throughout the day to ask them if her hair still looked perfect. They would all say yes of course, not wanting to face the ugly creature that was an angry Evangeline Malfoy.

So after all that, Hyperion knew what he was going to hit. His sister’s worshiped daily, almighty hair; and he knew exactly how he was going to do it.

Walking into her private bathroom he picked up he much loved bottle of coconut milk conditioner and poured it all down the sink. Then he pulled out a bottle of salad cream. Unfastening the top he then proceeded in pouring the lot of it into the now empty bottle of conditioner. The colour was the same and the residue from the coconut would keep the bottle smelling the same. He smirked as he put the bottle back on the side; picturing Eva’s face in his head when she realised that this was not coconutty care conditioner she was putting on her beautiful hair. He finished off the prank by adding a few drops of pink hair dye to her shampoo. Let’s just say that Evangeline Malfoy might resemble a marshmallow for the next few days.

He heard whoops from outside and peered out of his sister’s window to see Albus flying around the pitch with a small golden ball in his hand. Hyperion smiled before rushing out of the room and down the stairs, he arrived outside just in time for the players to land. The minute they were off their brooms the three boys ran over to Hyperion.

“So, how did it go?” they asked eagerly and Hyperion grinned evilly.




James Potter couldn’t contain his laughter as he watched his sister get into the car. Still scratching all over like a dog with fleas. The four boys had hooted with laughter after hearing about Hyperion’s pranks, which had cost them strange looks from the girls and adults.

“Are you still scratching honey?” Ginny asked her daughter kindly and Lily nodded in confusion.
“Yeah, I don’t even know why. One minute I was fine and then the next I was itching all over”

Ginny smiled at her daughter sympathetically and sighed, she hadn’t had the best day so far. She had brought on a nose bleed just after the Quidditch match and then ended up puking down the toilet in Eva’s bedroom. Now she was scratching like a dog and looked like she was about to rip someone’s head off.

Unfortunately Ginny Potter did not notice her two sons snickering together as she spoke to her daughter.

Harry did though.

A/N: So what did you think? Good? Bad? Tell me through reviewing pleeeaassseeee! 


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Secret Malfoy: Salad Cream Conditioner


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