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CoMpLiCaTeD crushes.... by shinichi
Chapter 1 : Prologue 1
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 I don’t own any characters. Hope you all enjoy the story.


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I am Ginny Weasely. I have been studying since two years and now I am in my third year. I just turned thirteen last  August. And I finally found out that I am in love. Ok! I know that I am just a teenager but I can’t help liking that guy…

Well, I’ll tell you about him. He’s not yet so popular among girls but he’ll soon be. Unfortunately he doesn’t study with me; he’s in the fourth year. When I told all this to my best friend Luna, then she felt that our pair would be a little awkward. Would it?

Will blond hair suite with red hair? Moreover, he’s a Slytherin!

Huh, and he’s kind of proud and arrogant; that’s what I heard from my big brother- Ronald. Ron’s also in the fourth year and he keeps criticizing that guy. He says that he’s an insufferable git.

He also calls Hermione a mudblood. Hermione is not my close friend so I don’t care that much.


He’s really too good looking. I want to marry him when I grow up…but what if he doesn’t like me? And I am pretty sure that my mom-dad won’t allow the marriage at the first place….they tell me that his father is on the dark side…. I didn’t understand that much though.


I have not talked to him personally yet but I collided with him yesterday.-


“Can’t you see when you’re walking?”


“I am sorry...” I said meekly.


His other friend said- “let’s go fast. We’ll get late for our class...”


But he waited…he gave me his hand and helped me to get up.

“Thank you…” I said with a smile.


“Ha-ha….you are quite better than the Weasel…”

I looked at him confused.


“Oh I mean your brother……he never says thanks to me, I help him all the time…poor thing he always needs help…”


“He’ll thank you very soon, I will tell him…” I said with a broad smile.


He went away laughing out loud.

I fell in love with him that very moment.









I don’t know whether he felt strange but, today I kept on staring him while we all were in the great hall.  And then he looked at me for a long time and then turned his face away. Did he really feel strange? I asked Luna about this-


“Why don’t you ask him to be friends?”


“I want to but, I’m not getting any right time to ask him…”


Luna nodded.

She was kind of quite and weird. I don’t know how I became good friends with her. She didn’t have many friends till now.

After a while she said-

“What’s the date today?”


“Ummmm……its 7th February….why?”

“Great! Then I think you should umm…give him some gift or kind next week…its valentine’s day…”


I eyes glowed up. She was right, that’s the right time…”


“But what if Ron comes to know?” Luna asked.


“I don’t really care much about that…let me befriend him…we’ll see what happens later…”


“Ummmm….okay. Well, what was his name you told me?”


“Draco Malfoy…” I said with a slight blush.




I know that this chapter was extremely short but the next few chapters are going to be short like this as it’s the Prologue.

You’ll soon understand why I am making these chapters so short. Do tell me if you found anything awkward, because I am no good writer hee hee.


Well, I hope you read further.

Please leave a review, they make my day :)

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Dramione rockz,


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