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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 22 : A Lover's Embrace
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'warm....'  Hermione's thoughts drifted. There was warmth wrapped around her hand. it was comforting.

'was it a dream?' Hermione was scared she didnt want to wake up in the lonely white room again. She felt the warm tears fill her closed lids she didnt want to wake up with out him.

"Fred..." she whispered as a few tears fell from her eyes.  suddenly her hand surrounded by warmth moved on its own until it was pulled up towards her face, she felt a warm breath grow close to her hand that did not belong to her and then soft lips rest on it. Hermione slowly opened her eyes, flinching at the brightness of the room until she was able to focus. She stared at the face lying infront of her, speechless. a warm smile crossed his features.

"Fred?...." she whispered afraid it was indeed a dream, even if it was she would be happy if it never ended.

"...Welcome back...." he said, his voice fill with love.

"Fred!..." Hermione cried out her voice raw, tears fell flowing non-stop. Fred stared for a moment in shock and the smiled with a slight blush at the love, then pulled her closer on the bed and kissed her forehead. He never wanted to let this go.

George stood from the door way shaking his head with a slight smile on his face, before turning and walking to where Berry stood at the end of the hallway. George smiled remembering how he felt only moments ago.

George stared at the lifeless bodies before him holding onto one another, looking as if they were simply sleeping. He felt the tears fill his eyes. this...couldnt happen. Death was no stranger to him, he had seen it and experienced it before, but this was different. There was no war this time, this was senseless death, and worst George blamed himself. If he hadnt pulled that prank, they wouldnt be dead.

"why?..." he cried out as he fell to his knees. Berry stood infront of him as he clung to her waist crying. He sounded so broken and Berry felt so useless.

"They didnt deserve this! WHY!?" he yelled out." he was falling into the dark, like he was drowning in his guilt, and the only thing keeping him from sinking, ...was Berry. George's eyes flew open, tears still flowing, as he felt cold liquid drops fall onto him and roll down his forehead. George slowly looked up and saw Berry, eyes closed, as she tried desperatly to hold back her tears, ...

'for me....' he flinched slightly as more of her tears fell on his face. George looked away and wiped his tears away. slowly he stood up, slipping from Berrys grasp. Berry held still using all of her will power to try and stop the tears from falling. Suddenly George grabbed Berry and pulled her into a warm embrace, Berry broke. she cried into his chest and clung onto him this time. George stared down at the blue hair girl in his arms and smiled softly,

'so this is what love must feel like huh?' he thought as he hugged the girl closer. a bright light suddenly caught his attention. it was small but it was there, in the lifeless hands of the two on the bed. George was shocked but suddenly felt Berry pull away and he forgot about it as she filled his mind again. she stood wiping her eyes apologizing over and over again. George grabbed her by her shoulders an dpulled her back into the hug.

"Dont apologize! Cry ok? you can cry, ok?" he said Berry shocked at first relaxed and nodded and held onto George.

'George? " she whispered, George looked down at her and pulled her away.

"George?.." she questioned worry in her voice.

"Berry...I...I Love you..." he said before kissing her and then embraceing her again. Berry smiled and held onto George again, Suddenly the small light Gred ten times, engulfing them in warmth.

'its a lovers embrace....' George thought. and as suddenly as it had come it had gone.

a few minutes late Fred awoke, George was happy but Hermione had not awoken yet.

"dont worry, she's  coming." was all Fred said before laying back down with her still lifeless form. George smiled, he understood. You just know.

George smiled as he approached Berry.

"George." She said blushing and looking away. George smiled softly then pulled her into an embrace.

"I love you Berry." he never wanted to let this go.

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