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Moments of Perfection by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : Seven
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A/N: Credit to apondinabluebox for story summary help. Happy Reading!





It was my first time starting Hogwarts. My eleven-year-old pureblood-self sighed wistfully while absorbing the faint dusky scent and the loud chatter of the murky platform occupied by witches and wizards. I was merely a speck in the huge crowd looming behind and around me though, clutching a shiny silver cage habituating my grand grey owl. My mother was busy telling me what I ought and ought not to do at Hogwarts.

I nodded every once in a while, though only half listening to the lecture on how to be a proper Black witch – it was one I had heard more than a hundred times already. Instead, I let my curious blue eyes wander around, observing those I knew and those I did not. I spotted my elder sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda, standing at some distance in their respective ‘friend circles’. I also saw many other familiar faces that I recognized from the pure-blood Balls and parties, yet none was a friendly comfort whom I could approach.

“I think you should get on your train now, Cissy, and make sure you sit in the compartment where your Father told you he has levitated your trunk,” my mother was saying as she brushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

“Yes, mother,” I replied with a stiff smile, before walking away with my owl.

I beamed and stepped on the Hogwarts Express before turning around for one last look at my parents, and that is when I saw him for the first time since I had been six.

Lucius Malfoy was standing merely a few meters away from me, ready to get on to the train in his Slytherin robes, his blonde hair slicked back neatly, and a ghost of a smirk on his face. He raised an eyebrow at me as our eyes met, and inexplicably a blush crept up my cheeks as I turned back around and walked further inside.



My feet were aching awfully in these heels and I could not wait to get them off. I did not know what I had been thinking when I bought these to wear on this lengthy Pureblood Christmas Party. I honestly could not take it anymore, so I decided to do something that Mother would never approve of. I slipped away from the banquet hall artfully without being noticed, and went out to the staircase where I took off my heels and rested my feet for a while. I knew it was very unladylike and dissolute of me, so I could only hope for Mother to not find out.

After a few moments of peace had passed, I decided to go back lest I was missed. Just as I finished putting my heels back on, and stood up to dust off my dress, he strode in.

“Mr. Malfoy,” I acknowledged calmly, though I was feeling everything but that.

“Miss Black,” he murmured, and there was something in his voice that made me want to melt. I could hear Mother chiding me in my head for acting like a silly teenager, but after all, that was what I was – a mere fourteen-year-old. I was not allowed to refer to myself as ‘mere’ though, I was a fourteen-year-old lady belonging to the Pure and Noble House of Blacks, and so I straightened up a little and tried to look as superior and haughty as I could.

“What brings you here?” I asked, as I began walking back towards the Banquet Hall. He fell into step beside me.

“I assume the same as what brought you here,” he smirked before continuing as I looked at him questioningly, “some peace and quiet. As a matter of fact, I was merely taking a stroll around the nearby hallways, enjoying some serenity, when I came upon you.”

I did not quite know what to say. This was probably the longest conversation I had ever held with him and the thought did not cease to annoy me in the back of my mind.

“Oh, I see. Well, we should definitely return to the party now as they might be looking for us,” I responded with what I hoped was a platonic smile.

“I thought we were precisely doing that,” he said with a half-smirk, and I couldn’t help but blush. “Have no worries, Miss Black, I shall not tell a soul that you’d taken some time off for yourself, provided you do not spill on me. You need not appear so flustered.”

This only made me blush further but I managed to murmur, “Thank you, and of course, this remains between us, Mr. Malfoy.”

“Please, I would rather my friends call me Lucius,” he drawled, with a strange gleam in his eye.

My heart fluttered a little. Friends.

“Thank you Lucius, and of course, you may call me Narcissa,” I replied pleasantly before walking back into the Hall smiling to myself.



I was incredibly nervous as I descended down the stairs. Today was the day when my fate would be sealed by my parents. It took all I had to maintain my composure and not run back inside my room to hide there for the rest of my life.

“Cissy dear, don’t take so long now. Your father and I have a lot to discuss with you today,” Mother called from her seat in the living room.

Of course I knew what they had to discuss. Yesterday, I had turned seventeen, and it was a known fact that as soon as a Black lady comes off age, her marriage is fixed with a suitable gentleman.

I furtively took a deep breath as I reached my parents and took a seat across from them, careful not to show any signs of distress or anxiety. Father smiled at me politely, while Mother seemed to be scrutinizing me.

“So, I presume that you are aware of why we have called you here?”

“Yes, Mother,” I said with a curt nod.

“Well then, you should be pleased to know that Mr. Abraxas Malfoy approached your father a few days prior with the proposition of marrying you to his son,” Mother murmured, with almost a smug smile on her face. The news surprised me immensely, and I couldn’t help but widen my eyes a little. Father gave a small cough and I managed to recover my poise.

“Your mother is quite pleased with the proposal, and so am I. The Malfoys are a respectable family, and Lucius Malfoy appears to be quite a gentleman. We believe that you are on good terms with the young Malfoy?”

“Yes, Father. You could say we are friends,” I responded cautiously.

“I see. How long have you been…friends?” Father raised an eyebrow and I tried to fight the blush that snuck up my cheeks.

“Since about three years, I would say,” I said, with what I hoped was a nonchalant tone.

“Very well, then. Abraxas expressed that he does not want his son to get married yet with him just being eighteen, and that he would like Lucius to rather become established in the society first, so I daresay that it would at least be three years until the wedding takes place.”

"That should not be a problem, dear. In fact, it would be nice for Lucius and Narcissa to court each other for three long years and get to know each other better. We courted for two years too, after all.”

“Indeed. That is settled then. I shall invite the Malfoys for dinner next week to finalize matters, and set a date for the children’s official engagement. Any concerns, Cissy?”

“No, Father.”

I could hardly believe that this was happening. I was going to be Lucius Malfoy’s wife? An unexpected set of circumstances indeed. Nonetheless, I was not complaining. I was just grateful that it was him, and not someone else.



I stared at the woman in the mirror. Her bright blue eyes sparkled and her smile radiated bliss. Her floor-length strapless white gown studded with numerous small diamonds hugged her frame at the top and then fanned out at the bottom, making her look like a princess from a wizarding fairytale. With her matching teardrop diamond earrings, and her silky blonde hair tied in an elegant bun, she looked simply breathtaking. I could not help but be proud that this stunning woman was me. The fact that I was being wed to Lucius Malfoy today only heightened my pride as well as my smile.

The following moments passed by in a blissful haze and the next thing I knew, I was walking down the aisle with my Father towards my fiancé.

Lucius, looking handsome as ever, watched me with a rare smile, and that was when I realized that I loved this man. I blinked at this sudden comprehension as I reached him and turned a delicate shade of red. I could be the blushing bride, after all.

The wizard presiding over the wedding uttered his speech then, and moments later, we were reciting our vows.

“I, Narcissa Black, take you, Lucius Malfoy, as my beloved husband, to have and to hold you, to honor and to treasure you, to stand by you in sorrow and joy, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, and to love you and cherish you always. I promise you this from all of my heart, for as long as I shall live,” I murmured with a certain reverence in my voice as I pledged myself to the man I realized I had grown to love. Then, when I listened to Lucius deliver his vows, my love for him only amplified, if that were possible, and I felt like the luckiest woman on the planet.

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” the wizard presiding over the wedding announced. A sparkling golden ribbon shot out of his wand and encircled Lucius and I for a moment, before disappearing. “You may kiss the bride.”

As Lucius touched my lips with his in a brief kiss, I felt content. It was my first kiss, and it was every bit as perfect as I had wanted it to be.



A small sigh escaped my lips as I waited. I was utterly and completely exhausted but refused to close my eyes.

“Cissa, how are you feeling?” My husband asked, gently taking my hand in his. This action surprised me a little as he rarely showed affection in public places. But of course, we were currently alone in the room.

“Honestly speaking, I am drained,” I replied with a watery smile.

“Go to sleep, then,” he murmured.

"Not yet, I want to see my child first.”

As if on cue, the mediwitch walked in just then in our private quarters in St. Mungo’s, carrying a small blue bundle in her arms.

“Congratulations once again, Mr and Mrs. Malfoy on your son,” she told us with a serene smile, “I have performed all the necessary tests and I am happy to inform you that your son’s health is in perfect condition,” she told us pleasantly and I breathed a sigh of relief on hearing those words.

“Mr. Malfoy, you may take your wife and son home now, but please ensure that Mrs. Malfoy gets complete rest for at least the next few weeks. The delivery must have weakened her.” Lucius nodded and the mediwitch handed me our son before walking away.

Holding him close to my chest, I planted a small kiss on his forehead. I beamed looking at the little wonder’s small grey eyes, his tiny nose and lips, and the slight wisps of blonde hair on his head. This was my son and I couldn’t be prouder.

"He is incredible,” I murmured, and realized that tears were glistening in my eyes. At that moment, I was grateful for the private quarters, and that it was just Lucius and I in the room.

“He sure is,” Lucius agreed as he tenderly brushed his hand against our child’s forehead.

It was strange, how five years ago I was a newly-wed wife, and today, five years later, I had become a mother. I had thought that I would never be able to love anyone as much as I loved Lucius, but I was wrong. As I cradled my son in my arms, I knew that I loved this little Malfoy just as much, maybe even more.

“We will call him Draco,” I voiced out the name that I had been thinking of since the past few months. Lucius regarded me with a somewhat amused look for a moment.

“Draco Malfoy, then it is,” he finally agreed and I loved how the name rolled off his tongue. My dear Lucius; I was sure he would make a great father. My family was finally complete.



I paced around the lavish room anxiously as I awaited Lucius’ return. If the owl post were to be believed, The Dark Lord had fallen, and this indicated that Lucius might be in danger of imprisonment. My face paled at the mere thought and I tried to convince myself that nothing would happen to my husband. After all, we had always been so cautious about everything, and there was hardly any concrete evidence against him.

Draco’s sudden loud cry brought me out of my reverie and I rushed over to his cot. He was awake, and apparently, a little hungry. I clicked my fingers and our house-elf immediately appeared.

"Dobby, be quick and prepare and bring me some milk for Draco,” I ordered him, as I took my son in my arms and began to pat him gently. Dobby bowed before disapparating to the kitchen.

The house-elf soon appeared again with a baby-bottle of milk, and as I started to feed my son, my anxieties returned. Lucius should have been home by now. Had he been taken by the Ministry? Had he already been sent to Azkaban? Was there no trial to be held?

A million questions ran through my mind and I could find the answer to none. Just as I finished putting Draco down again after he had fallen asleep, I heard a loud ‘crack’ in the hallway. It could only be Lucius since no one, apart from the Malfoys themselves, were allowed to apparate and disapparate inside the Manor directly.

I quickly ran outside the room and into the foyer to find my husband standing there, panting slightly.

“Lucius, you are alive, you are fine, and you are home! Oh thank Merlin, I was so worried,” I stumbled over my words as I rushed to his side, the tears that I’d been holding back for so long finally streaming down my cheeks.

Lucius acknowledged me with a stern look. Understanding the gesture, I quickly wiped away my tears, took a short breath, and regained my composure before taking his hand in mine and brushing my lips against his gently. He hesitated for a moment before granting me a brief kiss.

"I was worried about you honey,” I murmured.

"It is okay, I am fine, Cissa. Please do not create such a fuss next time. You know I dislike it.”

I nodded before moving away by one step. Surprisingly, he held my hand in his firmly and stopped me from moving away further.

“Is Draco safe?”

“Yes, he is asleep, and completely fine.”

“That is good.”

“Lucius, is it…is it true?” I asked him after a beat and he examined my face for a second before responding.

“Yes, The Dark Lord has fallen. Aurors will be arriving here in an hour to search the Manor,” he said and my eyes widened slightly in alarm, “I have already instructed the house-elves to send away certain artifacts to our mansion in Southampton. The Ministry should not be able to find anything of significance. However, I might have to go to the Ministry too. In fact, I will have to leave right after the Aurors have completed the search of the Manor.”

“Oh Lucius, you will be okay, right?”

“Yes I’ll be fine, Cissa. Stop worrying. I shall be claiming that I was imperiused to perform the Dark Lord’s bidding, and I have many supporters in the Ministry to endorse my claim. Besides, a few galleons should do the trick if nothing else works. You need not worry, I will not even have to face a trial,” he assured me with a gleam in his eye and I believed him.

When Lucius set his mind on to something, he found one way or another to do it, and I had no doubt that the Ministry would not be able to harm him, or Draco and I, in any way. We would all be fine.

As we stepped into our room and Lucius allowed me to embrace him fully, I smiled in relief. My son and husband were safe, and that was all that mattered.



I watched as Harry Potter uttered his spell, at the same time as his adversary uttered his, watched as the two spells collided, watched as the Dark Lord hit the ground, his snakelike face vacant and his eyes rolled upward, and for a moment, time stood still. Numbness had washed over me and all I did was stare unfeelingly at the pathetic form that had tyrannized my family relentlessly.

“It is over. He is dead. He is never coming back,” Lucius whispered to me, his voice expressing his shock, and I nodded.

“It is finally over, for good,” I mumbled, before taking Lucius’ hand in mine and giving it a little squeeze. Draco held my other hand, just like he used to when he was little, as he stood by me and took in the scene in front of him. We were all finally free.

I turned to look up at my husband’s face and found it free of fear and agony after what seemed like ages, and tears clouded my eyes. At that moment, I could not care that we were in the vicinity of more than a hundred people, rather I simply wanted to fall into Lucius’ arms, to hold my son close to my chest, and to never let go.

“Mother, He is… He is really dead this time, right?” My son’s voice held the same awe that his father’s had held moments ago, and I smiled as I nodded at him.

“Yes Draco, He is really dead.” Tears freely began to fall down my cheeks as I stated those words and I hugged my son tightly. For the first time in years, he did not resist and let me embrace him.

“Narcissa, I think we should perhaps leave…or move to corner. They are clearing the place, and er…moving the bodies,” Lucius murmured after a beat, and I separated from my son. He was probably right.

“I think the Ministry would not let us leave just yet. It is best that we move to a side and wait for the right moment to plead our case,” I said, a different kind of anxiety touching my relief.

However, as soon as the thought of Azkaban crossed my mind, Harry Potter’s sharp green eyes met mine and his brief nod told me all I needed to know. I was reassured that we would not be going to prison, not for the crimes we committed in fear and reluctance, as The Boy Who Lived was well aware of.

Draco, Lucius, and I settled in a corner, hoping to blend in with the crowd. I knew grief for my lost family members would eventually arise within me, but for the moment, all I felt was relief, and a certain kind of contentment as my son sat on my one side, while my husband sat on my other, both of them safe and sound.

“Cissa,” Lucius murmured, as he subtly stroked my wrist with his finger. I looked at him and met his gaze questionably. “Thank you, for everything you have done. We would have been lost without you. I am proud to call you my wife.”

The words surprised me for an instant; it was after a very long time that he had been so expressive. I smiled though as the words sunk in. It was as close to “I love you” as my husband could get.

“I love you too, Lucius,” I simply murmured in response and held his hand, already knowing that he would be sporting that rare smile which I so adored. My life had finally attained the perfection I had always sought.


A/N: This is the first time I've attempted such a writing style (the fragmentation kind I mean) so I'd love to know your thoughts on it. Also, do you think I need a Beta? In fact, I'd appreciate any comments you have on how can I improve this. I love your reviews. A simple "it was good" or "it was bad" would also do, if nothing else! Thanks :) {EDIT: 8 Feb 2013}


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