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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 38 : A Surprising Turn of Events
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 Chapter Thirty Eight

As Hugo and Albus frogmarched Lily and I to a shed in the far end of the Potter’s garden far away from anyone else I seriously thought they were about to kill me. I shouldn’t have been so stupid as to assume they wouldn’t be pissed I’d kissed their sister/cousin; I suppose it does look kind of like I was taking serious advantage of their friendships and hospitality. The only thing keeping me reasonably calm was Lily and the fact there was a look of pure amusement across all of her face which told me this wasn’t going to be as bad as I was picturing. The shed was damp, old, cold and very creepy. Al plonked me down on a chair, turned a light on and shone it directly into my face. Damn thing was very bright

“Explain” he said briefly

“Ermm I” I began nervously. It was clear from her expression that Lily was trying to hide the fact she was laughing

“Kissed our baby cousin” said Hugo

“I’m three months older than you, you tool” piped up Lily “Anyway, I was the one who kissed Oliver”

“Regardless” said Al “He was the one kissing back, and he’s the boy who is very, very lucky the two weakest Weasley boys were the ones that found you”

“I’m not weak” exclaimed Hugo

“Yes you are” Al, Lily and I replied at the same time. I got a kick in the shins from Hugo for being cheeky, it would appear best friend status had gone out of the window here

“So, why were you guys kissing” asked Albus

“It was a moment thing” I said “It just felt right and before I knew it we were kissing”

“When you have a girlfriend?” said Albus sounding surprised

“They broke up this morning” whispered Hugo

“Oh” said Albus “Well, it’s still a stupid move Oliver. You’ve been friends with us for six years surely you must realize we don’t take kindly to boys trying to get random shags from our cousins and or sisters”

“Yeah I know that” I said “But this wasn’t just me after random shag with Lily, we’re in love”

“And I’m Professor Sprout” said Albus. Lily laughed out loud but was soon told to shut up again

“No they are actually in love” groaned Hugo “Well, Oliver’s in love with Lily at least he told me that he was last year”

“And you were OK with this” said Albus outraged “Your best friend was in love with your baby cousin”

“I am three months older than him” piped up Lily once again

“Well I wasn’t over the moon” said Hugo turning to look directly at me for the first time since we’d arrived in the shed of death. I wonder how many ex-boyfriends were buried under these floor boards “But, he’s my best friend and I love him so I accepted him. All I want is for him to be happy”

I smiled at Hugo. I love him too

Albus sighed and looked from Lily to me and then back at Lily. Lily nodded and explained to Albus how we were in love but weren’t together as we didn’t want to ruin anything by getting together too quickly. Albus seemed to consider this for a few minutes, in which nobody spoke and it was very awkward, until finally he untied my hands from the chair

“Look, I’m not over the moon about this and you two better not make it obvious or James will have you Oliver” said Albus “But, I know that you’re a good person and an even better friend and I know the last thing you’d ever do is hurt anyone”

“So, you’re not going to kill me” I said hopefully

“Like I’d have let him kill you” said Hugo embracing me

“Oliver” said Albus resting his hands on my shoulders. I’d never really noticed how green his eyes were, the damn things were like a meadow in spring “You have to understand that it’s natural we want to protect the girls, just like you protect Jack. Its instinct, just something we do we’d have never killed you we just wanted to get facts straight, and I am convinced you weren’t after sex”

“Took you long enough” sighed Lily “Come on Oliver, I left Anita locked in my room she’s probably wondering where we’ve got to”. Lily dragged me back to her room with Al and Hugo in toe wanting to know what was going on with Anita and, having kept enough secrets lately, we realized we had no choice to tell them. Both were highly amused by my idiocy but agreed to help along with Dom, Roxy and Rose who came up to Lily’s room. Anita and me had to pose for a lot of photo’s, learn various things about one another and practice kissing (I’d kissed three different girls in one day, get me) without looking awkward. That last bit was very fun though it did feel weird with everyone watching, well everyone except Lily who deliberately looked away whenever we did.

After perfecting the kiss it was time to get ready, learn some basic French and come up with a backstory on how we fell in love.

“You, my friend, are the biggest moron on the planet” said Hugo as he, Albus and I got ready in Al’s bedroom “Anyway, who the hell is called Margaret in this day and age”

“My girlfriend” I said. Al grinned

“James will be stupid enough to by this” said Al “I doubt anybody else will be though which might lead to some awkward explanations. Vic and Aunt Fleur in particular are probably going to ask Anita about her family and such”

“Well then we’ll just have to avoid them then won’t we” I replied “At the end of the day, the only person we need to convince is James, and like you said he’s very likely to buy it”

“I’m just worried about people like Rebecca and Melissa” said Hugo “They know Anita. They’re going to be very confused that she’s called Margaret, your girlfriend and a French exchange student”

“Not to mention Freddie and Louis are in her year” said Albus

“Can we please stop talking about how this plan is going to fail” I shouted “It’s going to work because if it doesn’t I’ll be buried in your back garden come this time next year”

“Well, I actually don’t think James will go that ape shit if he does find out” said Albus “He’ll be pretty mad don’t get me wrong, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you Oliver even if he doesn’t show it sometimes”

“Yeah” said Hugo with a nod of agreement “Anyway, we’d all rather Lily went out with someone like you who we know and trust rather than some airhead hunk who treats her like shit”

Good thing they still don’t know about Malfoy

“Right boys” said Hugo to the whole group on the landing as the party began downstairs “Operation convince James that Oliver is really dating a pretty French girl called Margaret and isn’t in love with Lily has begun”

“Worst codename ever” said Rose. Hugo shot her the finger

“Potters, Weasley’s, Bennet and whatever Anita’s last name is go” said Hugo. I grabbed Anita’s hand and made my way downstairs sighing; Hugo was way too over excited about this plan. As we began dancing I looked towards Lily who was being chatted up by some fifth year and I felt a surge of jealousy. I caught her eye, she grinned and rolled hers. I smiled back at her, completely in love

Next Time: Anita makes a lustful confession and Oliver and Lily get a moment alone but it leaves Oliver asking questions

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