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The Malfoy's Rules by JuzElizabeth
Chapter 4 : Hogsmeade conversation
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Chapter 4
Hogsmead conversation


Draco smiled to himself as he left the hospital wing because he had told madam Promfrey that he needed the bandage to cover up the scumbag, she looked at him with an eyebrow raised,

Well until he held up his left hand. She signed and muttered something to herself that sounded awfully like ‘I hope it stays there’.

Draco was about to go to dinner but decided he wasn’t hungry so he went back to his dormitory and he checked the notice board to see when the next Hogsmead weekend was,

“This weekend” Draco said surprised, he wanted to get his Christmas shopping done and over with.


Draco woke up on Saturday morning and had a bath and dressed in his normal robes and went down to breakfast.

At breakfast Crabbe told him that he wasn’t going to go because Goyle had eaten something bad the day before and both were feeling sick.

Draco ignored what Crabbe was grunting about, he looked over to the gryffindor table and saw Harry talking to Ron, who was turning from red to green, looking to Harry and something at the other end of the table, Draco followed Ron’s stare and glared. They must be talking about Ginny. Ginny was staring at Ron as if he had three heads. When Harry went down to the end of the table and sat with Ginny, that Draco suddenly felt small insects crawling around in his stomach.

He looked down at his food suddenly not hungry in the least, he felt rather ill, he tried to make himself believe that it was the mere sight of Harry that made him feel sick and not the fact he was holding Ginny’s hand smiling

obviously thinking Draco was still listening to him Crabbe said, “Pansy, go with her she never goes alone” watching Draco stare at his plate angrily.

“Yeah that’s why she is going with Millicent and Blaise” he answered as he got up and headed to the entrance hall.


As soon as he got into Hogsmead, he went into honeydukes to look for something for Blaise. After a while Draco left with a bag full of all kinds of sweets. He knew Blaise had a sweet tooth no matter how much he thought it was bad for his teeth, although he still had at least one sugar quill and a box of bertie botts every flavour beans in his school bag.

When he got a few Christmas presents for his family he went to the three broomsticks for refreshment, but as he walked in he looked around and saw nobody he knew from slytherin.

Draco found a table in between a couple from Hufflepuffs and a group of Ravenclaws.

After he ordered a butterbeer Draco groaned as two Hufflepuffs started making out. Draco didn’t want to watch two morons pretend they are doing it right, so he just looked at his table until his drink had came.

Once it has Draco picked it up carefully making sure it wasn’t dirty or was poisoned, once he was satisfied he drank it.

While he was finishing his drink he felt like someone was staring at him, he looked around, he saw Ginny at a few tables away, looking at him while Harry was talking.

Draco smirked at her, which caused Ginny to scowl. Harry turned his head and saw that Ginny was looking at Draco, she looked away in a flash as Harry stood up glaring at Draco who raised an eyebrow at Harry as if to say ‘What are you going to do about it’

Harry looked down at Ginny and shook his head, “Don’t pretend with me Gin, you know I don’t like liars”

Harry took one last look at Ginny and started towards the door, Ginny stood stunned for a second then looked at Draco and turned towards where Harry was walking towards the doors

“Harry!” she yelled after him. Harry stopped for a moment still not looking at her.

Ginny was about to open her mouth before Draco said mimicking a girl voice,
“Oh Harry I’m not pretending with you, I know your not as good-looking as Malfoy, but we can try”

Ginny glared at Draco and then looked towards Harry, “I wasn’t pretending anything, Don’t listen to him Harry”

He turned and looked at Ginny’s hand on his, he was smiling but his eyes were sad “I never do” Harry said at an almost whisper. But Draco heard, as did everyone else who were close enough to hear the conversation

“Little Weasley just wants a real man to please her, isn’t that right Weselette?” Draco said cheekily with a wink, making sure Harry saw it too.

Harry made an advance at Draco but suddenly stopped and Draco smirked, “Afraid I’m right Potter?”

Harry glared at him furiously “Afraid I can actually please someone Malfoy?”

They both glared at each other until both Harry and Draco noticed that Ginny was gone, Harry quickly looked at the door.
“Damn it!” he yelled and ran out after her.

Draco smirked as the door closed and he decided to leave after them because he had finished his drink and had to get back to Christmas shopping. And with all the glares he was receiving from the gryffindors he wasn't that much in the mood to stay around.

Draco walked up the path thinking “Why was she even looking at me… ” he shook his head slightly

He stopped and looked down at his hand, he sat down by a near by tree and unwrapped the bandage on his left hand looking at his nearly faded mark. Draco frowned ‘stupid little Weasley’ he said to himself.

’Even if she is attractive’ Draco stopped dead, ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ hit himself hard in the head

‘She is a Weasley Draco, get a hold of yourself’ and he stood up quickly, leaving behind the bandage.

He was about to walk into zonko’s when he heard a very familiar voice

“Harry go away!” Draco smirked and leaned against the wall as Ginny spoke.

“No Gin please I need to know now, do you still like me?” Harry’s voice answered, Draco rolled his eyes

“It’s complicated Harry” Draco raised an eyebrow and peeked around the corner and saw that Harry was holding on to Ginny’s arm.

They were leaning closer to each other, to Draco's disgust. He was already getting tired of this conversation he was about to go when he heard his name

“Ginny is it because of Malfoy?” Harry said slowly and she pulled back a bit shocked, Draco turned back around missing the hint of sarcasm.

“Harry I’ve already told you that I don’t…” Harry started laughing she stopped as he leaned in and kissed her

“Ginny I was only joking... I know Ron will get used to us” Harry smiled as she did.

Draco was about to leave again when he saw Ron walk past him, down to where Ginny and Harry were. Ron stopped when he saw them

“What’s going on here?” he said looking from Harry to Ginny with appalled look on his face.

Draco couldn’t watch any more because he was about to be found out because of his snickering, Ron looked as though he were about to kill his best friend. He went into zonko’s and looked out the window while Ginny stormed past crying.

Draco laughed because Ron had obviously punched Harry. Draco went back to finding gifts, well at least he was until Pansy walked in, he tried to hide from her but it was too late she had already starting walking over to him smiling.

“Hi Draco” she said leaning in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips

“Hello” he said simply as she moved away

“Um Pansy where is Blaise and Millicent?” he said as he realized, she pouted

“They got tired so we went to the hogshead and Millicent said she had to meet someone else in a few minutes and Blaise said he was going to go to the three broomsticks. I just think he was having too much fun flirting with a girl in 3rd year in there, but did you see what happened with the two Weasley’s and Potter?”

Draco looked out the window and said “No what happened Pansy? ” Knowing if he had told her he hadn’t heard she would either get really whiny and want to know who told him before she did.

Pansy beamed “The boy Weasley was ranting about how someone told him that Potter was sleeping with the girl Weasley and then Weasley asked the girl weasel how many other boys she’s slept with, and she slapped him, it was really funny”

Draco looking at Pansy quickly to see if she was lying, he smirked, she wasn’t and she looked thoroughly amused by it.

“I’ve still got to get Theo something yet, have any idea’s?”

Draco shook his head a bit and noticed her hands were full and he smirked at her

Pansy looked puzzled then saw him looking at the bags and handed him three.

“Hold them for me Draco” Pansy said simply not really giving him a choice, she watched him for a while curiously.

“You’ve been shopping all morning, it’s 2 o’clock, my my aren’t we growing not wasting all you inheritance now are we?” he sneered, eyeing the piles of bags in her hands. Pansy had finally realized that the more money she got from her parents the less she got when she turned 21.

“They’re just some gifts for my Parents Draco” she said as she watched Draco snoop through the bags

Draco nodded and looked up at Pansy as she looked around the shop.

Pansy raised her eyebrows

“Um Draco what are you doing In here” she said slowly

“Christmas shopping” he drawled, here it goes again

“Your not actually going to buy a Christmas present here, …are you Draco?” she said shocked looking back at him.

“Pfft…no” he said slowly, knowing very well this is what he's going to get her new quills from.

“I'll see you later Draco,” she said rather smugly, before Draco could reply she seized her bags and stormed out of the shop.

He didn’t mind really because he kind of liked shopping by himself it was the only time where he could actually do something without being told what to do and how to do it.

When he got back to his dorm he sat on his bed and stared at the things he bought that day, he walked over and put them on his bed.

He looked at a peculiar little brown diary on his bed, he picked it up and put it in his wardrobe.

He didn’t know why he bought it for her. He told himself a thousand times before that he shouldn’t, but she did need a new one and he hadn’t spent all his spending money on it, besides it wasn’t like he would actually tell her that it was from him.


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The Malfoy's Rules: Hogsmeade conversation


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