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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 12 : Post-Rematch
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 ~Draco's PoV~

I dazedly landed on the field and led my team to our locker rooms, feeling sick. What was wrong with me? Suddenly I developed stronger feelings for Luna- my friend.

The team didn't seem angry that we lost, they just looked slightly let down. I would've felt bad if I didn't have something on my mind. I distractedly attempted to change out of my robes and think at the same time.

After a while, Blaise patted my back and said I did well, then he left the locker room and I realized I was alone. I hadn't even accomplished anything but get my Quidditch robes on backwards. I huffed and pushed myself to quickly pull them over my head.

A few minutes later, I came out in my school robes, feeling as if I was in a dream as I trudged through the path to the school. The snow was falling harder, and others who were also taking their time after the game were rushing inside now.

I didn't mind the cold wet flurries that caught in my hair. I didn't know the snow was seeping through my socks. I didn't notice anything outside my thoughts. I was beginning to have feelings about Luna, feelings you shouldn't have when you were just friends. It was like I had a crush, but stronger than that.

I had always known that Luna was pretty. It's not like I cared about what she looked like or anything, but I just knew she was pretty. And now I could tell that she had definitely matured recently, which made her seem stronger and- beautiful.

And it wasn't just her looks. No, it was the fact that she was so naive and funny and that she had an open, generous heart. Open and generous enough to befriend someone like me.

But surely she didn't like me. I am an idiot for hoping that someone like Luna, someone as innocent and pure as her, would like me more than a friend.

Though it did sting, I pushed aside my thoughts and skipped lunch to go to my dorms.

~Luna's PoV~

I was still smiling as big as I had when I caught the snitch and my proud, cheering team carried me off the field on their shoulders. I was just so happy, I couldn't drop my joyful expression.

I sat with my team and friends at the Ravenclaw table, we were talking, recounting exciting moments from the game, and celebrating. And eating, of course.

As Audrey told us how she almost fell off her broom but still managed to stop a Quaffle from going in the hoops by head-butting it away, I got a glimpse of the Slytherin table. I saw their team quietly eating and felt a pang of guilt inside of me.

"I'll be back guys," I told everyone before jumping up and skipping to the opposing Quidditch team.

"Hello!" I greeted once I was there.

I got a mixture of evil glances and curious looks.

"I just wanted to tell you guys that you were really good! Astoria, that was the best Keeping I've ever seen!"

The dark haired teenager looked down at her plate with a little smile. Some other people from different houses were watching us.

"And Blaise, your flying skills are incredible!"

The tall man smirked proudly.

"But anyways, you guys were great and just because you didn't win doesn't mean you should give up or be sad! That's what attracts the nargles the most. You had fun, didn't you? And that's what matters."

By now most of the Great Hall had noticed the discussion. I ignored them and watched as the Slytherin's started to liven up and talk. I beamed more.

"Wait, where's Draco?" My forehead creased in question as I realized the blonde captain was missing.

Blaise shrugged. "He was still changing when I left the locker rooms. Maybe he wasn't hungry."

I nodded, my smile dropping into a small grin. I was looking forward to talking with him. "Alright. Thanks, see you guys later."

I went back to my seat, feeling as if I had made some new friends, and wondered where Draco could be.

Brianna and Maddie had moved over nearer to my spot and I noticed for the first time that they both had black eyes and a few other scratches on their face.

I gasped. "What happened to your faces?"

"Maddie accidentally whacked me with her Beater bat," Brianna explained. "So I 'accidentally' hit her back. It was sweet revenge."

Audrey rolled her eyes but laughed with me all the same.

"Almost done Luna?" The twins asked together after a few more minutes of talking and eating.

I nodded as I emptied my goblet of pumpkin juice. "Coming Audrey?"

She shook her head. "Terry and I are going for a walk later."

I nodded and turned to Brianna and Maddie. "Let's go!"

We stood up and left the Great Hall, skipping and giggling. It was fun to hang out with them, even though they were fourth years.

"So what's the plan?"

Brianna opened her mouth but shut it as Pansy walked by, shoving against my shoulder as hard as possible as she did.

"Oh, I'm sorry Luna. By the way, you did a good job!"

"Thanks!" I grinned. Pansy just laughed and continued her journey down the corridor.

"Why is she laughing?" I turned to the twins.

"Luna, she was being sarcastic," Maddie informed me.

"Oh!" I said, eyes widening in understanding.

Brianna laughed and I followed them down the halls, my thoughts going back to Draco.

There was a moment in the game when we were both at the same speed, reaching for the snitch. After I caught it I turned and noticed that Draco had fallen back and was looking at me funny. It was odd, but I was distracted once my team came over to me.

Was he mad that I won? That made me feel guilty. But no, I could somehow tell that wasn't it. I would have to talk to him later.

A/N: How'd you like it? Any suggestions or requests? Tell me in a review! :D

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