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The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 2 : II
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Chapter Two - Honest Conversations

*Amazing CI by 365daysdone @ tda*

The Hufflepuff girl’s dormitory room was the perfect place you can go when you want to have a quiet rant with yourself. Well at first it was going to be a quiet rant, but instead it had escalated to me throwing things around the room. As soon as I entered the other three girls I shared a dorm with left, taking everything important with them. They knew that when I was in a bad mood it would always end up with me throwing pillows across the room in anger.

Magically my pillow found its way into my hand and then found itself whizzing across the dorm to smack against the opposite wall and land on someone else’s bed. How could I have been so stupid to think that I had any chance to win the Quidditch Cup that year? We have not one in over a century and the most matches we had ever won in a season was a mere 1. I couldn’t blame myself, I was only a beater for the team and I was a thumping good one, but the other members were completely useless. Our seeker was some thick kid who was only good at spotting the snitch and then gratefully pointing it out to the other team. Merlin knows how he was the best we could find.

That was the thing, only the really thick people wanted to be a member of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as they were the only ones who could put up with being laughed at. Our seeker was also good for another use, beating the hell out of anyone who laughed at us as we walked to and from lessons. He was rather handy with his hexes and it came as a relief when he was around and people were laughing at us because of our latest defeat.

Yet another pillow flew across the room before landing on top of the other one as it bounced off the wall. I glared at it and imagined the face of James Potter, but that got mixed with the image of Professor Walker so I just gave up with trying. With frustration I f lopped down onto my mattress before yelling out some rather rude words, but thankfully no one was around to hear them. 15 year old girls should not be having these kinds of stress levels. They should be spending their time worrying about makeup and drooling over boys, though I could never be classed as a normal girl for my age.

Rolling over onto my back, I brushed strands of hair from my face before staring upwards at what I thought was going to be the top of my bed, but what it did turn out to be was face of one of my friends. “What do you want, Megan?” I grumbled with irritation as I folded my arms, still lying on my back.

“Nice to see you too,” the blonde replied thickly as she sat down on the edge of my bed. Pushing her glasses back up her nose with one finger she turned her head towards me before cocking it sideways. “I know you get pissed a lot, Anna, but I have never seen you this pissed before. Mind telling me what you’ve done now?”

Pushing myself up into a sitting position, I swung my legs over the side of my bed before glancing over at my friend. “Who says I’ve done anything?” I replied darkly, but if you just took the moment to look around the room you could plainly see that it was a mess and as I was the only one in the room I had to be the culprit. I paused as I studied Megan’s facial expression, but in the end I shrugged before simply falling backwards onto my back again. “I’ve potentially ruined my life and the lives of six other people,” I moaned as I grabbed the nearest pillow and pressed it down on my face.

Megan pulled the pillow off my face before throwing it to the side and I could see she was still smiling. “How come?” She pressed, not seemingly bothered that I was in a bad mood and snapping at her.

Scowling darkly as she took my pillow, I glared at the blonde before sighing. “I made a bet with James Potter and Scorpius Malfoy,” I mumbled in embarrassment. “100 galleons each and the humiliation of me and the Hufflepuff team if we don’t win the Quidditch cup this year.”

“Well that was particularly stupid of you,” Megan responded lightly as she pushed her glasses up her nose again. “Out of all the stupid things you have done, this has to be the worst of them all. You have no hope of winning this bet.”

I glared. “Thanks for reminding me.”

She grinned back. “So what are you going to do? Call it off or actually try and win? I would go with the prior option.”

I shrugged my shoulders pathetically before pushing myself up into a sitting position again and putting my head in my hands. “I can’t call it off, James would never let me, I s’pose I’ll have to try and win the bet then. But with a team like ours there is little hope.”

“There are still the try-outs,” Megan pointed out with a smile. “You never know, some better people might show up.”

“You have to be joking,” I responded thickly as I inclined my head towards her. “Anyone in their right mind would stay away from the try-outs if they knew what was good for them.”

Megan paused for a moment as she studied the fact. “You didn’t stay away.”

I sighed in response. “I am obviously not in my right mind then,” I added with a shake of my head. “Besides, Josh made me do it as he was captain and wanted the best team possible. I couldn’t very well refuse to help my older brother out.”

The two of us sat in silence for a moment as Megan’s blue eyes traced my face as I blankly stared out of the window at a mouse as it scuttled past. The only benefit of having your dorm rooms under the ground was that you got to see all kinds of animals as they moved past your window as they were level with the ground.

“You could write to Josh?” Megan suggested eventually as she lightly shrugged her shoulders. “he might have some useful advice for you.”

“And what am I supposed to say?” I responded sharply as I glared at the blonde. “Oh hi Josh, It’s Annabeth. Just wanted to let you know that I made a bet with two other captains saying that Hufflepuff were going to win the Quidditch cup this term. Hope you are having a wonderful year as I’m not. Love your sister.” I finished and continued to glare at Megan as she blankly stared back at me.

In the end the blonde bit down on her bottom lip before looking away from my flustered face and breaking the awkward silence. “Well write a proper letter and just slip in the fact you made a ridiculous bet and need his help. It would ease him into the shock that his old team were going to viciously murder his younger sister.”

At her words I laughed softly to myself before my expression softened up and I split a thankful smile. “Yeah you’re always right,” I responded brightly as I leaned sideways and hugged my friend around the shoulders with one arm. “Always coming up with the good ideas you are. Merlin knows why the hat didn’t put you into Ravenclaw.”

“And no one knows why you’re not a Gryffindor,” Megan responded with a bright smile.

“Gryffindor?” I echoed with a knitted brow. “Megan, you know I would rather jump off the top of the school than be in the same house as those Potters and Wesley’s.”

“You would make a good Gryffindor,” Megan pouted as she dipped her head a little to add to the effect. “And you would look good in red. Yellow just makes us look like we have had an unfortunate explosion in a field of daffodils.”

Laughing at her words I finally withdrew my arm before picking up the pillow which had been thrown to the side before placing it back on the bed properly. The room was still an unfortunate mess and it had looked like a troll had stormed into the room when no one was around before leaving and leaving it’s mess behind. But I was sure the house elves could deal with the mess, they had managed with other throwing sessions I had before so why should this one be any different.

I paused as I brushed a stray piece of brown hair behind my ears before my fingers twiddled with the golden studs I had in my ears. “I guess I have to put up a sign for try-outs then,” I stated eventually. “But what am I supposed to say about this bet?”

Megan turned her blue eyes towards me for a moment before frowning in thought. “Don’t mention it to them,” she responded slowly, still thinking over her words as she talked. “When and if people turn up or try-outs then you can say what you’ve done to them and offer people the chance to leave with honour if they want no part of it. That would be the best thing to do and still be noble about it.”

I bowed my head for a moment before slowly nodding my head. I was just going to have to live with my bad decision making and I could only be thankful that I had a friend to help me through everything with a smile on her face.

AN: So this is the second chapter of this tale! I'm thinking about doing a little voting thing via reviews for the Quidditch matches about who wins when it gets to that so you the readers get to decide. I thought that would be a good way to engage you all and know that I am giving something back to you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what you think about this chapter and my idea!

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