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Miracle in Diagon Alley by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 9 : My First Practice
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"LYRA MALFOY! OPEN THE DOOR THIS INSTANCE!" I hear Ginny yelled. I shoot my eyes open and glance at my watch around my wrist. It's still 6 o'clock.




"LYRA!" Ginny yells again.




"I'm up, I'm up," I says, walking toward the door. When I open the door, I kind of expecting an angry Ginny standing in front of me. So, I'm surprised when I see Ginny was smiling.




"Um, what happened?" I ask. Her smile widens and she hugs me.




"Congratulations!" Ginny exclaims. "I knew you'd get it, but still, I'm still surprised that you did. Wow, I'm so proud at you!"




"Hang on," I say, struggling to get out of Ginny's bone-crushing hug. "What are you talking about?"




"I just received this letter early in the morning," Harry says, coming behind his wife. He waves the letter in front of my face and I grab it instantly.




There's a logo of the Quidditch Junior League.




My heart literally stops for a second.




"You mean..." I begin, but I trail off, too overwhelmed with all the feelings. Harry grin.




"Yes, blondie. You're accepted to be England's Junior Chaser!" Harry says whilst laughing. I scream in happiness and jump to hug both Potters.




"Slow down, Nymph. You could have killed my parents," I hear James says. I let go James' parents and grin.




"I'm sorry," I say. "I was just so happy, I wasn't thinking that I'd cause any harm."




Harry smiles. "No worries, child. I had experienced enough from Ginny and your Mum." Ginny rolles her eyes upon hearing Harry's comment. I glance at James.




"What about you? Did you get it?" I ask. I know that if he gets it, that'll mean Albus lost. But, if he doesn't, that'll either mean Albus who gets it or somebody else.




"Yep," he says, popping the p. "I pity my brother. He was so broken-hearted when I told him I got the position. Poor thing." I slap the back of his head.




"You're a jerk, James," I comment dryly. He grins.




"Oh, well. I got that a lot from others too, anyway." He turns at his mum said, "MUM! I want to eat something tasty and meaty. I'm going to need a lot of energy today. Today's my first practice and the championship would be next week."




Ginny pinches his cheek, rolling her eyes. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood, James, or else you'll have to say goodbye to the championship."




We head down to have break fast. The table's filled with plates of delicious food. Ginny's definitely outdone herself. In the corner of the room, Albus is scowling and muttering words I dare he'll never have the guts to say it out loud in front of Ginny. I feel bad for him. It must have felt really suck to have your brother and best friend appointed to be in Junior League team. Lily seems like she's trying her best to cheer up Albus. But it's to no avail.




It takes James and I less than an hour to get ready. Harry kindly offers to drive us there. He looks so happy all the way he drives us, talking and laughing. I've never seen him this happy. Ever since I stay with him, Harry is happy, but not this happy. James said it's because Mum's death. I believe him.




"Well kids," Harry says, stopping right in front of the entrance. "Good luck with your practice. I'll pick you up in... Three hours, I suppose?"




"Thanks, Dad," James chirps. Harry ruffles his hair and kisses my forehead. James and I wave at him until Harry's car is nowhere in sight.




James heaves deeply, turns his way attention at me. "You ready, Lyra?"




"I'm ready when you are."




"All right. I'll just remind you, this won't be easy. With me being my dad's kid and you being your mum's kid, people would – "




"Yes, James. I understand," I say right away, stopping him from saying the exact thing I fear. Together, we step in into the stadium, with me holding James' hand for reassurance. Instead of our new team mates or our coach that we find, it's reporters that greet us. I'm a bit glad that most of the attention is on James.




"James! James! What do you feel about joining the League?"




"Do you think you'll win next week, against the Canons Junior team?"




"Did your father use his influence to get you in?"




"Oh, you've crossed the line, you useless lump of meat!" James exclaimed angrily.




"Who's that girl next to you?"




"Is she your girlfriend?"




"Why did she look like Draco Malfoy?"




"Silence," says someone calmly but enough to shut up the reporters.


It's Pansy.




"Mrs Zabini," a reporter pipes in. "What do you say about your husband decision of using James Potter? Do you think he's made a good decision?"




"I trust my husband and his every decision," Pansy says briskly. "If he believes James Potter would be great for Tornadoes Junior, then I go with him."




"And so do I," says another voice. The reporters gone berserk at their new target.




"Mr Malfoy, are you – " but Draco's threw that reporter a death look that silences him. He eyes every reporter in a murderous glare, daring them to talk.




"Good," he says, satisfied. "Now, if you'll excuse us, I've to take James and his friend to meet their new coach. I expect you to be gone when I'm back here."




I'm surprised when Draco takes my hand and holds it firmly I nearly jerk my hand away. I glance at the reporters behind me, knowing if it isn't for the fear they have for Draco, they would have took more pictures of Draco holding my hand. I watch Draco as we walk toward Blaise Zabini's room, trying ignore the whispers of every other Quidditch player. I focus my mind on Pansy's husband, whom I know have been coaching the Tornadoes Junior since Draco objected the offer a year ago.




"Draco!" exclaims Blaise Zabini once we enters his office. "So nice of you to visit me. I thought you've forgotten my existence at all."




"Shut it, Zabini. Your dramatics are irritating," Draco snaps, glaring.




Blaise glares back at him. It takes them three minutes until they break the tension and laugh out loud. They hug each other in a manly manner, passing formal greetings at each other. I eye the interaction closely, my eyes mainly train at Draco's best friend. Blaise Zabini is an extremely good-looking man. He, just like Draco, look younger than his actual age. He's a bit shorter than Draco, and a bit thicker than him. He's brown eyes that can rival James' infamous puppy-dog eyes.




"Blaise," Pansy says. "This is your new Chaser and Seeker."




James grins, giving out his hand for Blaise. "I'm James Potter."




"Glad to see you, James. I'm sorry I wasn't there to test you myself but the pictures my assistant took of you were amazing. You really are your father's son." He turns at me and cracks a wide smile. "And you must be Lyra Malfoy."




I grin sheepishly. "Yep, that's me."




"You were brilliant, Lyra. The way you flew and threw the Quaffle. I've to admit, there were doubts in my head about whether you really are Draco's girl or not."




"I don't think I was that good."




"Good? Didn't you hear what I say? You were amazing! Wasn't she, Draco?"




Draco nods, his face is unreadable. "Yes, she was."




"You're so modest, Lyra. And that, Star, I believe you got that from Hermione. Draco's a cocky bastard," Blaise says, smiling. I'm listening to what he says though. My thoughts are only focused on Draco watching my try-out.




"You were there?" I ask.




"Yeah. I saw you flew. Blaise wasn't joking. You were amazing."




I blush, looking down at my shoes. "Thank you."




"Now, let's see you and James fly," Blaise says, clasps his hands together. "You kids please follow me to meet your team mates, okay?"




"No need, Mr Zabini," says a boy as he comes into Blaise's office. He's probably a few years older than myself, around seventeen. "I'll lead Lyra and James myself."




"Teddy!" James exclaims. "How are you?"




The boy named Teddy grins. "Hey, James. I'm fine, thanks for asking."




"Lyra," says Blaise. "This is Teddy Lupin. He's the Chaser and Captain of your team. I bet you've probably seen him a few times in Hogwarts."




"Yeah," I say. "He's the Head Boy."




"Nice meeting you, Lyra," says Teddy, shaking my hand. "Now, come with me."




Teddy leads me to the Quidditch pitch. There are four kids around standing with brooms next to them, dressed in the Tornadoes popular blue uniforms. I recognise the Beaters; Theodore Nott's twin children, Hero and Romeo. They are in my year and in Slytherin, too. I can say the Nott twins and I are civil, if not friendly. I don't know the rest of them team, except that I've seen them a few times during my days at Hogwarts or at the magazines along with their famous parents.




"Lyra, James, they are your team mates. Alexander Wood is our Keeper, Hero and Romeo Nott are our Beaters, and Tamara Conner is our friend as Chasers."


We greet each other politely. Hero and Romeo soon find themselves friends with James. I find Tamara is quite nice. Blaise wastes no time and tels Teddy to start the practice immediately. We position ourselves and when Blaise blows the whistle, our practice starts. I score a few goals, feeling my confidence growing with each goal I score. I see Pansy cheers loudly and Draco even looks like he's actually enjoying it. He looks proud of me.




That's all I need. Draco feels proud because of what I do.




And I score goals like mad.



Author's Note:


I am terribly sorry for the late update. As cliche as it sounds, I really was very busy. And again, I'm sorry if this chapter was so bad, because to be frank, I don't even like it. But I promise, the next few chapters would better. Trust me :)




Thanks for reading and please review!






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