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Cold by megthechef43
Chapter 3 : Meeting the Enemy
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Hermione felt a little bit awkward as she approached the meeting destination on Friday. She checked and double checked the number on the side of the buildings. At first she could not find the correct number but upon a second glance the buildings began to slide apart revealing the correct address. The place was reminiscent of the old Order of the Phoenix headquarters.

Hermione climbed the steps with great difficultly in the outrageous heels she had been given. The outfit had been delivered to her this morning and included a black long sleeve dress that hit her mid thigh and heels. It was form fitting and defiantly not her normal style but it was glamorous, which was the style she was supposed to be aiming for. She had been informed that a woman dating a Malfoy must always look like a million galleons. Hermione had gagged a little at this statement and was completely repulsed. Hermione’s actual appearance had been stolen from an American girl for the polyjuice potion. She had grown three inches, long black hair, bright blue eyes and a lean figure. Hermione couldn’t help but feel like Barty Crouch Jr. during her fourth year as she first sipped from the flask now hidden in her clutch.

Hermione thought about the training she had been subjected during the previous days. It had included proper dress code for different types of outings she would most likely be taking with the insufferable git. She had been taught to walk in high heels but it was still an adjustment from the low heels she was use to. She scoffed when the instructor had put a book on top of her head. The most appalling lesson the instructor had gone over with her was how to act in public as Malfoy’s girlfriend. A girlfriend off Malfoy’s would not talk back or question him in anyway. Hermione had been fuming when she left for the day. It would probably be one of the many pureblood “rules” she would break.

Hermione balanced precariously on the top step and knocked three times on the solid wood door. The door creaked as it swung into a crack, Hermione caught a glimpse of a familiar green eye peaking through the crack before it close again quickly. Hermione heard her bestfriend fumble with the lock and chain before opening the door a little wider. Harry took a second look because he wasn’t sure what Hermione was suppose to look like.

“Hailey?” Harry asked as he further opened the door.

“Of course, who else are you expecting?” Hermione responded to her alias. Her name was going to be Hailey Gibbon. She had her background memorized from reading the file over and over again. Hermione knew that the next few weeks she would be scrutinized on her history and bloodline but Harry had assured her that her pedigree would hold. Hailey Gibbon was the estranged daughter of Henry Gibbon who had been a follower of the Dark Lord but perished in the final battle. Hailey had found out shortly before the final battle that Henry was her father because her mother who was Amelia Little had died during childbirth had sent Hailey to live with relatives in France. She had been homeschooled by the people who had raised her. A few months back Hailey had been in Paris when she ran into Draco during one of his missions for the Venators. They had begun dating and when things became a bit more serious she decided to move in with him. Hermione knew this story inside and out and was clinging to it for dear life because if she were to fail there was more at stake than just a bad grade.

Once Hermione stepped inside the residence, Harry ushered her down the hall and into the study where Kingsley stood by the mantle looking into the fire. His expression was grim and he looked as though he was contemplating something dreadful.  Kingsley roused from his thoughts long enough to nodded in her direction. Hermione had barely anytime to sit down when she heard a sharp rap on the front door. Harry left the room to answer the door.

“Move, Potter.” Hermione heard the voice sneer. She heard the footsteps coming down the hall and she looked up to see her nightmare of a partner enter the room.

“Are you the one?” he asked with an air of arrogance. His cold grey eyes scanned her up and down. “Let’s go, I don’t have all day.” He made a motion for her to stand and follow him.

“Excuse me?” Hermione asked incredulously. She didn’t know why she figured the ferret wasn’t going to be the same egotistical arse he normally was. She used to think he was just rude to her because she was Muggleborn and a Gryffindor. Now she realized he was bitter to everyone who crossed his path.

“Malfoy” Harry ground out between his clenched jaws.

“Potter” Draco acknowledge in a mocking matter.

“Malfoy, enough.” This time the words came from Kingsley as he came out of his trance. “Remember what I told you in our last meeting,” mentioning the threat that he had put forth during their previous discussion.  

“I don’t need her.” Draco growled as he threw his hand in Hermione’s direction in indifference.

“I doesn’t matter what you think. She is going in with you and that is not debatable.” Kingsley said in a tone of finality. Hermione could tell Malfoy was seething at being spoken to like a child in front of his school enemy and some girl. Draco, wishing to save face after losing his temper, he took a moment to calm down. A Malfoy never loses his temper in front of stranger and Draco had been raised to be cold and distance from his emotions but this situation was going to put him in danger and that got his blood boiling.

“We must leave immediately; he wants to meet her. This means we are having a small dinner party in which we will host him and a small group the elite members at our house. We still have a lot of work to do before he arrives this evening.” Draco’s tone of impatience did not go unnoticed.

“Every well, Malfoy this will be your partner. Her alias is Hailey Gibbon…” Kingsley started to give the details but was interrupted.


“Her real name?” Malfoy probed. Hermione was getting annoyed at being talked about like she wasn’t there.

“She will tell you if she feels it is necessary.” Kingsley told him with a slight mocking smile that Hermione would have missed it if she hadn’t been looking at him.

“How can I trust her if I don’t know her real name?” Malfoy snarled. This time Hermione had had enough.

“You will trust me because you have no choice. Now, are you ready?” her voice was as patronizing as possible.  She stood and nodded to both Harry and Kingsley.

“I will see you both here in two weeks.”  Draco was reeling from being spoken to like that from a woman.

Hermione walked from the room and she heard Malfoy follow her to the door. She didn’t look at him once they stepped back on to the street and Draco grabbed her arm in preparation to Apparate. Hermione felt the pull at her navel and the tight feeling she associated with Apparation. When they landed she lost her balance in the absurd heels she was wearing and ended up splayed out on the ground the tight black dress. She glanced up to the cold sneer of Malfoy as he turned and walked up the steps into the building. She got up and quickly righted her dress before following him up the steps.

Hermione was a bit blow away by the home she had entered but was careful to hide her surprise in her features. She had been in Malfoy’s presence for just over 15 minutes and she was ready to cause him harm.

“Welcome home.”  Draco’s voice was dripping with cynicism. “Follow me.”

Hermione scowled but followed him up the grand staircase that had divided the entrance in two. She didn’t know where he was taking her but she was more than ready to be rid of his presence. They walked through a large hallway and into what must have been the master suite.

“This is our bedroom.” He motioned. He saw her face contort in repulsion before he scoffed. “Don’t worry the idea of sleeping in the same room is abhorrent to me as well. This room is for appearance only. Your room is through there.” She eyed the door he mentioned.

“If anyone but you or I walk through that door it will look like a normal closet.” Hermione saw something small move on the edge of her vision. It took her a moment to realize what it was. Draco noticed her gaze.

“Shelly is you personal elf. Shelly put away your belongings when they arrived earlier.” Hermione was appalled by the idea of having a house elf but did not wish reveal her identity just yet and as a result she remained quiet.

“I have a meeting to attend to. Do not bother me. I will come for you at 6 this evening.” Malfoy informed her in a despondent manner.

“We should probably discuss some things first. I do not want to be blindsided tonight.” Hermione told the blond man.

“If you can follow orders, you have nothing to worry about.” Draco knew tonight would be the roughest but it would be best for her if she truly did not know what was going down. If she knew she would probably be too appalled to complete the mission.  

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