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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen
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“Are you ready to find out the sex of your baby?” Healer Wright asked with a kind smile.

Erm, no.

“Sure,” I replied, glancing nervously at James who looked as stiff as a rod.

Healer Wright walked over to where I was lying on the patient bed and explained, “So I’m going to perform a charm and a pink light on your stomach will tell you that it is a girl and a blue light will tell you it’s a boy.”

I nodded, squeezing James’s hand nervously.

He shot me what looked like a reassuring grin and just held my hand tighter.

Yeah, I’m nervous too. Don’t worry.

My eyes focused on my stomach as Healer Wright waved his wand, performing a series of intricate spell formations and muttering weird Latin words.

Suddenly, my stomach looked like it was lighting up, growing stronger and stronger until it became a solid pink. 

“It’s a girl,” I whispered, eyes full of tears again for some stupid reason. I glanced at James and noticed he had an odd sort of smile. “James, it’s a girl.”

James looked up at me and I noticed that he had tears in his eyes.

“James!” I said, sitting up. I tugged his arm and pulled him to his feet so that he would be closer to me. Meanwhile, Healer Wright discreetly left the room. “Are you okay?”

“Sorry Bella. I’m fine. I just feel really happy, that’s all,” James reassured me, cupping my face with his hands and shooting me a warm smile. “We’re having a baby girl.”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and grinned. “The first Potter grandchild is going to be a girl. You know what that means…”

“No I don’t think I do,” James said innocently. Too innocently. “What does that mean?”

“It means I win the bet,” I pouted, pulling my arms away and folding them.

James laughed, pulling my arms back and putting his arms around my waist. “I know, I know. So you win. What do you want as a prize?”

“Mmm, I think I already have everything I want,” I grinned, before pulling his face down towards mine for a kiss.

“So did you find out today if it was a boy or girl?!” Lily Potter ambushed me later that night as Lucy, Grace, and I were sitting in a corner in the Common Room. Rose was still at Quidditch practice.

I turned to her, my eyes wide with excitement. “It’s a girl!”

Lily squealed loudly, jumping up and down and attracting a fair amount of attention.

I laughed but pulled her down onto the love seat next to me. “Shhh! Lily! Calm down! But yes, it’s a girl! I always thought it’d be a girl but James thought it’d be a boy.”

Lily scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Boys. It’s supposed to be a mother’s intuition, isn’t it?”

“Exactly! That’s what I told him! Well, anyways. James didn’t seem as disappointed as I thought he’d be that it’s a girl. He got pretty excited, actually, after he moved past the initial shock at how real everything seems now that we know the sex of the baby. He was rambling on and on about names and I told him that we weren’t going to name her Bella,” I said to Lily, repeating everything that I had told Lucy, Rose, and Grace earlier.

“He said that?!” Lily said incredulously. “He said he wanted to name it Bella?”

Lucy tried hard to hide her snicker and Grace coughed to disguise her laughter but I nodded, smiling affectionately at the thought of James.

“Yeah. I was asking him if he had any thoughts on names and he was saying that Bella was a good name. Honestly, how stuck up would I have to be to name my own child after myself?”

“I could see James doing that. Naming his child James Potter the Third,” Lucy mused, twirling a strand of her hair with her fingers.

“Merlin no. I’m not naming any son of mine James Potter the third,” I said firmly with wide eyes. “That would be so confusing!”

“Oh, already thinking of the next child, are we, Bella?” Lily said slyly, nudging me with a laugh.

“Shut it,” I blushed, smacking her on the arm lightly. “I’m just saying. I don’t think I want my daughter’s middle name to be mine either. I feel like there’s too many important women who should have their name in there than mine.”

“So you do have some ideas for names then?” Grace asked curiously.

I nodded. “Not anything in particular but I know that I want her middle name to be Ginevra. Your mum helped me so much ever since Christmas break that it’s ridiculous how much that woman’s done. Considering how much she supported me, too, it would be rude not to have your mum recognized, somehow,” I said, directing the last part to Lily.

Lily broke out into a wide smile and said, “Did you tell James that? And I think Mum would appreciate that.”

“Yeah I told James. He asked me what about my mum but I think it’s more fitting for Ginny to get her name in there. I have a stack of baby books and letter long lists of things that I need to do, people I can reference, when I need to do what… Merlin knows James wouldn’t be able to know what to do at all and I’m not really experienced myself. Ginny’s been amazing with that. I think Clio has been getting a bit tired, flying so much because of all the letters we send,” I told Lily, whose eyes were sparkling at the compliments directed towards her mum.

“Mum’s really prepared like that,” Lily nodded in agreement. “She still has everything from when we were in nappies. I think this is the only thing, besides Quidditch, that Mum’s preparation and knowledge can rival Aunt Hermione, and you know how Aunt Hermione knows everything and has a source or reference to just about any question you have.”

“I guess that’s how all mums are like,” I replied, thinking thoughtfully.

A baby girl… I was going to be a mother to my own baby girl.

A cute baby that I could dress up, cuddle, spoil…

“Lost in thought, are we?” Lucy joked, waving her hands in front of me with a smile.

I grinned apologetically. “Sorry about that. I got lost in thought for a moment. Ever since my cousin Mia had her son, all I can think about is having my own baby and now I will actually have my own cute baby that I can cuddle and spoil.”

“So what do you know?” Ruby said impatiently. She was standing with Sapphire Woodley in an abandoned classroom, silencing charms cast all around so no one could eavesdrop.

Sapphire scowled, tossing her brown hair behind her back. “If you’re going to be so impatient, then I won’t tell you.”

“Fine, sorry, just what is it? It’s been ages since I asked you to get close to Lily Potter but now you finally tell me something,” Ruby said apologetically at her cousin.

“Just because I got close to Lily Potter doesn’t mean it was exactly that easy to find out information on Bella Hart and those girls. I haven’t even been properly introduced to them yet and I’ve only met James because he dropped Lily off at my house during Christmas break,” Sapphire said.

“I know, I know, but you’re my only hope. Besides, at least now you’ve met James. Wasn’t that what you’d been hoping for?” Ruby raised her eyebrows.

Sapphire rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “I was hoping that he’d fall in love with me, not just meet me. But yeah, at least he knows my name and face now. James had been so amazing!”

“I still can’t understand how Bella Hart managed to land him as her boyfriend,” Ruby scoffed condescendingly.

Sapphire smirked. She said, “I know how. That was what I had to tell you.”

Ruby’s eyes widened with excitement and nodded. “Go on. What is it?”

“Lily’s been spending more and more time around Bella and those girls, which is weird considering before she really only hung out with Hugo or Scarlett. The only time she’d talk to them was in passing or whatever,” Sapphire started off.

“Yeah I’ve noticed that too. I didn’t give much thought to it,” Ruby frowned, mentally cursing herself for not giving it a second thought.

This was why she needed Sapphire. Sapphire noticed these things and used her brain to figure out that there was something wrong.

“Well so naturally, it’s suspicious because the other day after Hogsmeade on Valentine’s Day, I asked Lily if she wanted to come up to the dorm and do nails together but she declined, saying she wanted to ask Bella something. So remember how you taught me how to do the disillusionment charm, even though it was so bloody difficult? Anyways, so I did that and it came in handy, really. I followed Lily when she went to go sit with Bella Hart, Lucy Weasley, and Grace and heard their entire conversation,” Sapphire smirked, feeling quite proud of herself.

Sapphire knew that Ruby was still obsessed with Albus Potter and that she hated Grace now, along with Bella Hart, Lucy Weasley, and Rose Weasley.

Though she always considered Ruby to be one of her favorite relatives, she hadn’t really felt comfortable with the idea of being close to Lily Potter so that she could find out the dirty details of their family to spill to everyone.

Now that Sapphire knew, however, it was a different story.

Sapphire couldn’t have felt happier that Ruby suggested the plan. It was a miracle that none of them were sorted into Slytherin, with their cunningness and great ability at devising plans.

Ruby looked like she was about to wet herself from being so close to the delicious details so Sapphire took pity on her cousin and said, “Bella Hart is pregnant. With a baby girl. And the dad is James Potter.”

Ruby gasped loudly, her eyes wide with shock. She was frozen, unable to move as she just listened to Sapphire tell her everything.

“Lily had immediately ran up to Bella and asked her if she found out if it was a boy or girl that day, which meant that Bella must have only found out the sex of the baby on Valentine’s Day. I looked it up and apparently, you only find out the sex after 20 weeks or so. Counting back, that means that Bella would have conceived the baby with James in the beginning of October, way before the two of them even got together. I’m willing to bet all my money that it happened at the back to school party because Lily had let slip once that the two of them got cozy then. I also looked up why Bella doesn’t look pregnant and apparently there’s this new contraption for mothers called InvisiBump that hides your bump,” Sapphire said before taking a deep breath.

Ruby was still in shock so Sapphire went on. “They were talking about baby names and Bella was telling Lily how she told James that she wasn’t going to name their child Bella after herself and how she wasn’t going to name any son of theirs James either. Bella’s thinking of having their baby’s middle name be Ginevra after Mrs. Potter because apparently Mrs. Potter had helped her out a lot.”

“That’s why Ethan Hart is mad at James,” Ruby concluded, cutting Sapphire off with a gleeful look. “Remember that day in the Great Hall? That must be why. He found out somehow. Oh, Sapphire, this is amazing!”

“Yes I know, feel free to kiss my feet, fluff my pillows, and be my servant,” Sapphire smirked.

Ruby rolled her eyes at her cousin. “Whatever you bint. Now, where would we let this out to? It wouldn’t work at the Daily Prophet because Mrs. Potter works there, even if it is for the Quidditch section.”

“You could always try Witch Weekly. If you try the other tabloid magazines, no one will believe it because everything there is all full of rubbish. People would believe it if it’s on Witch Weekly, especially how it’s so much more backed up and so much better now, after it’s been revolutionized since the days it was a rubbish gossip rag,” Sapphire said.

Ruby nodded and said, “Yes, I was thinking of Witch Weekly too. The problem is that the Chief Editors of Witch Weekly are Lavender Finnigan and Parvati Thomas, and apparently they, along with their husbands, know Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Weasley really well. They could very well send an owl asking them to confirm this and ask their permission for it to be printed. That’s why you rarely see anything major in Witch Weekly about them unless it was somewhat true.”

“Well that’s true too…” Sapphire sighed, thinking through this deeply. “I wish there was some way of letting people know what I’ve seen and heard…”

The two girls lapped into silence before a brilliant idea struck on Ruby.

“That’s it!” she whispered, looking at Sapphire with excitement. “We’ll spread it on WizTelly. I remember the old War stories about Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore’s pensieve and all that shit. As long as we can get the memory from you, which shouldn’t be hard, we can send it off to WizTelly and they’ll definitely play it on the news for everyone. We’re still Hogwarts students. We don’t know how to modify memories yet.”

Though Sapphire agreed with Ruby’s plan of sharing her memory on WizTelly, she couldn’t help but think in wonder at just how far Ruby was willing to go to get her revenge.

When Ruby finally finished explaining how exactly they were to proceed with the plan, Sapphire asked cautiously, “Rubs, I know that you hate Grace and all of them but really, why do you want to do this?”

Ruby’s eyes flashed with anger, before dissolving into hurt. She sighed; this was Sapphire. Of course she could tell Sapphire. “You don’t understand. As much as I hate Grace now, she’d been my best friend. I hate how quickly she was willing to turn over to them. And the way that those three, Bella, Lucy, and Rose, had been scolding Albus for taking me to the party and telling him off for being involved with me… it’s humiliating.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little too far?” Sapphire raised her eyebrows. “Don’t get me wrong. I want to do this too, but I mean, so much work, all to get revenge? Wouldn’t it be better to just leave it?”

Ruby shook her head, a determined expression crossing her face. “You don’t understand.”

“Try me then,” Sapphire said determinedly.

Ruby sighed and gave her younger cousin a look. “You’ve got Teddy Lupin, the godson of Harry Potter and the son of brilliant war heroes. Victoire Weasley, the oldest child of that entire clan and part Veela. Then you have Dominique and Molly Weasley. Dominique, Hogwarts’s resident slag because she’s part Veela as well and a wild child. Molly Weasley, the eldest daughter of the Minister of Magic and named after her grandmother, the woman who killed Bellatrix Lestrange. They weren’t as bad because they were all older.”

“Then there’s Fred and Roxanne Weasley, twins and the children of the infamous George Weasley who had not only lost his twin brother, but was the creator of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes along with his brother. Fred and Roxanne, smart, athletic, funny, well liked, good looking…” Ruby trailed off with an ugly expression.

“And now?” Sapphire pressed on.

“Louis Weasley, part Veela, a womanizer, incredibly charming, athletic, smart, Head Boy. Sam Wood, quiet, kind, brilliant at Quidditch, famous father. Ethan Hart, not anyone of special background in the Wizarding world but the son of a Muggle millionaire, loud, funny, athletic, been in love with a bitch for five freaking years. Then you have James Potter. Eldest son of the Chosen one, the reason why one of the most brilliant female Quidditch player the Harpies ever had retired, and he’s a Quidditch captain, handsome, charming, a perfect gentlemen, smart, hilarious, should I go on?” Ruby said sarcastically, a faint twinge of admiration noticeable to Sapphire.

Without waiting for Sapphire’s answer, she said, “And finally, there’s Albus Potter, identical to Harry Potter, nice, charming, funny, great at Quidditch, smart, approachable… of course there’s Hugo but he’s younger than me.”

“And the girls…?” Sapphire continued asking. There must be more to this.

“Lucy Weasley, youngest daughter of the Minister of Magic, smart, a drama queen, rude to a guy in love with her. Rose Weasley, oldest daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley, said to have inherited the brains of the brightest witch of her age, on the Quidditch team, and dating a Malfoy. Then you have Bella, daughter of a Muggle millionaire, not anything special considering she has decent grades and isn’t even on the Quidditch team or anything special like that… and of course there’s Lily Potter but she’s younger than me too,” Ruby finished off, gritting her teeth angrily.

“So what’s your point? I know what they’re all like,” Sapphire rolled her eyes.

Ruby snapped, “I want my revenge because I hate how they all are like that.”

“Are like what?” Sapphire really was beginning to not understand what Ruby was getting at.

“All normal and happy!” Ruby flung her hands up in the air with frustration. “No normal and sane person should be that happy! All of them with their perfect happy families, stable jobs, a lot of money, falling in love and looking like they’re on the track to getting bloody married. It’s just not normal! Have you ever seen a family that is that close to each other?”

“Look Rubs. I wanted to help you at first because I really don’t like Bella Hart, especially with James. But in regards to the rest of their family, maybe that’s just how they are. I mean, they are the main surviving war heroes,” Sapphire said pointedly. “Look, it’s not like they bullied you or anything.”

“Well of course they didn’t. I wouldn’t let them bully me. Besides, all of them are too much of saints to actually bully people. With a family like that, if there was word that they actually bullied someone, can you imagine the howlers they’d probably get?” Ruby exclaimed.

When Sapphire didn’t reply, Ruby went on. “THIS, though, is the Hogwarts’ form of bullying. Not some stupid sob story and not something like what we’ve heard stories of what Draco Malfoy used to do when he was at Hogwarts. I hate how they have the entire school wrapped around their fingers! Longbottom is their old family friend, Flitwick and McGonagall love all of them, they’re all in Gryffindor, Gryffindor almost always win the Quidditch Cup and House Cup… it’s ridiculous! And now, Grace ditched me for them! It’s not bloody fair!

Sapphire watched Ruby closely for several moments as Ruby calmed herself down. Sapphire had never been one to care for all of these things as Ruby did.

Really, to Sapphire, the “popularity” of the Potters and Weasleys were understandable, even if it was annoying at times.

Because the boys seemed to have everything every girl could possibly look for in a guy. The girls also were so diverse and so different in their own ways that guys could pick and choose which one to fancy, albeit none of them would ever fancy you back.

Someone’s dream boy or girl was always usually a Weasley or Potter, as ridiculous as that sounded.

Becoming “close” with Lily Potter only taught her that it was really pointless to hate them because it was so impossible to try to make an argument against them. They weren’t openly mean, nor were they openly rude.

Sure, Louis Weasley was a complete womanizer but it wasn’t as if no one knew that. Lucy Weasley was a drama queen but that wasn’t a life changing discovery either.

Sapphire could see how pointless it was for Ruby to try to make a statement against these people with blessed genes, yet, strangely, Sapphire understood why.

Ruby fancied Albus Potter; it wasn’t the fancy as in I’ll-join-the-Albus-Potter-fan-club fancy but the actual I-like-you-as-a-person fancy.

And for Albus Potter, of all people, to actually taken an interest to her!

If you wanted the definition of a nice guy, it would be Albus Potter.

Sweet and mischievous Albus Potter whose wild side was hidden under his open kindness towards everyone, a shocking contrast to James Potter whose wild side was quite obvious, his kindness hidden deep beneath and only noticeable to the ones close to him.

Though Sapphire didn’t exactly have any alms against the Weasleys or Potters, so to speak, Sapphire did hate Bella, a part of Ruby’s feelings that was completely understandable.

Ruby hated the three girls for fraternizing with their relationship, before it had even started. She hated Grace for standing up for them and doing what looked like ditching in her eyes.

Sapphire hated Bella, even more so now that she discovered what might be the key to why James even went out with Bella in the first place, for taking James away.

She didn’t deserve him. She didn’t deserve someone as amazing as James. Sapphire wasn’t quite sure that Bella had exactly realized what she had, what sort of miracle she had been granted.

Sapphire was smart; she hated to be caught up in a plan like this, especially when she knew how pointless it was to try to bring the Potters and Weasleys back down to Earth when they really hadn’t done anything.

But the thought of Bella unrightfully having James tied down to her and the thought that Bella and the rest of her friends twisted and manipulated the boys at every turn disgusted Sapphire.

It was with those thoughts in mind that Sapphire agreed to Ruby’s plan and reassured Ruby that she would be sharing her memory on WizTelly.

 “Rose Potter doesn’t sound bad.”

“But Lucy Potter sounds better.”

I snorted at my two best friends as Lucy, Rose, Grace, and I headed down to the Great Hall.

“What about Lucy Rose Potter?” Grace suggested, trying to put an end to the bickering that had started ever since I came back from my appointment.

Lucy and Rose had been arguing about who should be the god mother and who should have their names honored after I told them that James agreed wholeheartedly with me when it came naming our baby.

I shook my head. “No, the middle name should be Ginevra. Mrs. Potter deserves that. Besides, if the baby is named Lucy or Rose, it’ll be too confusing. I’m thinking more along the lines of an indirect name.”

“Oooh! Like ‘Lucy’ means light so the baby’s name can be something that means ‘light’,” Lucy said ecstatically as we reached the Great Hall. I blinked at her in mild surprise; I hadn’t mark Lucy to be the type of person who looked too much into what her name meant.

“Yeah, something like that. But Rose would be more difficult. There are very few names that means Rose isn’t something like… I dunno, Rosa,” I said, wrinkling my nose at the name ‘Rosa’.

As I entered the Great Hall, however, my attention was diverted from the thought of naming my daughter to the filthy looks that were thrown from all over the Great Hall to me.

It wasn’t a new occurrence for Lucy, Rose and I to receive dirty looks. Lucy and Rose were such distinctive in their personalities and their attitudes towards life that it frequently ignited jealousy.

It was, however, a new occurrence for me to be the center of hate. Most of the time, I preferred to stay in the background of the spotlight and not do anything to attract attention.

“Is it just me or is everyone staring?” Rose murmured quietly as the four of us scuttled towards where the boys were crowded together, huddling over something secretively.

“So does someone want to update me on why everyone’s looking like they can Avada the lot of us?” Lucy demanded as she squeezed into a seat between Albus and Louis. I took a seat next to Sam, frowning as I noticed James’s absence. Ethan wasn’t present either, though that wasn’t much of a surprise.

Louis rolled her eyes at Lucy and flung today’s issue of The Daily Prophet and another unfamiliar newspaper that I hadn’t noticed towards her. “Honesty, don’t you read at all?

Lucy glowered at him before Rose snatched The Daily Prophet away from her and turned pale white as she read the headlines.

“Rose?” Grace asked tentatively. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. What was going on? There was definitely something wrong.

“They all know,” Rose whispered dramatically before she threw down the newspaper. “Here, look.”

My heart constricted and my breathing stopped as I read the headlines.


Below was a huge picture of James and I together at Hogsmeade, looking around us warily. Next to it was a picture of Lily, Lucy, Grace, and I at the Gryffindor Common Room, the day that I had shared with Lily the gender of my baby.

The entire wizarding community is in an uproar: Harry and Ginevra Potter’s eldest son, James Potter (named after his grandfather James Potter the first), will be expecting a baby with his Hogwarts girlfriend, a Muggleborn sixth year by the name of Bella Hart.

A recent memory extracted from a Hogwarts fourth year student, Sapphire Woodley, and played over on WizTelly caused the uproar when Bella Hart, Lily Potter, Lucy Weasley, and another anonymous friend of the famed family were caught sitting around, discussing the names for the new baby girl Potter and Hart will be expecting around June. It was also indirectly suggested that Potter and Hart are getting serious, already thinking of their next child.

Harry Potter has refused to comment, as had Ginevra Potter, but many parents aren’t quite happy with the example that Potter and Hart has set.

Says Zacharias Smith, uncle to Woodley and an acquaintance of Harry Potter in their Hogwarts days, “When my niece told me of the news, I was shocked. I had thought Harry and Ginny would raise their child better, to not act so irresponsibly, but clearly I was wrong. This is the epitome of irresponsible and childish behavior, and I had expected better from the supposedly poster boy James Sirius Potter.”

Some others, however, disagree with Smith. “I have known Harry and Ginny for ages now and I have known James ever since he has been born. James is a responsible boy, and Bella is a sweet girl. I wish them both happiness because I have never seen a young couple more in love and more dedicated towards each other than James’s parents themselves,” said Hannah Longbottom, landlady of the famous Leaky Cauldron.

Although expecting a baby may be merely a sign of Potter and Hart’s dedication towards each other, anonymous sources say that the baby has been a source of rift between Potter’s longtime friend and Hart’s cousin, Ethan Hart. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the baby may have been conceived far before Potter and Hart have become serious with each other.

Stated Sapphire Woodley herself, “James and Bella had never been more than acquaintances who had the same circle of friends until a back to school party thrown by the Weasleys and Potters that was insanely rowdy. Bella Hart has always been hanging around the Potters and the Weasleys, and there’s nothing special about her. Even Ethan is better than her because of his great ability as a Beater. She’s like this fame-seeker who managed to land herself the lifelong ticket to staying a part of the Weasley and Potter inner circle.”

Whether the two young couple are together because of love or together because of a baby, it is unclear. One thing is clear though: come June, the Potters will be expecting a new addition to their family because a baby girl carried by Bella Hart is on the way.

Enormous tears had welled up in my eyes by the time that I had finished the article.

Without letting anyone have a chance to speak, I picked up the second newspaper, and nearly died when I saw the headlines.

It was the main British Muggle tabloid newspaper, and the headlines made me want to cry even more.


Millionaire Garret Hart, who along with his brother and fellow millionaire Rupert Hart, is infamous for his business, Hart Enterprises.

Under the scrutiny of the entire nation, the Harts seem to be a normal family until two Hart cousins, Ethan and Bella, turned older.

Rather than attend secondary school, Ethan and Bella had chosen to attend an obscure boarding school in Scotland, a school that no one in Great Britain has ever heard of.

Despite the odd behavior, Ethan Hart, son of Rupert Hart, seems to the rest of Britain like a normal lad, out visiting his cousin Charlie at university, playing football games, and so forth.

Bella Hart, however, has remained nearly hidden away from the public eye. Never seen during the summers and never spotted away from Scotland or Southwest England, none of which is the Harts’ residence.

Once spotted sporting odd clothing that seemed to resemble a robe of some sort, Bella Hart has been deemed as a mostly eccentric teenage girl.

Recent anonymous sources from the obscure Scottish boarding school informs us that Bella Hart will soon be expecting a baby in June.

Supposedly disowned and thrown out of her own home, Bella Hart has nearly gone underground and all but disappeared from the world.

Whether such a young lady is capable of taking care of her own baby, fathered by an anonymous and supposedly irresponsible young man, is doubtful.

Perhaps the Social Services should get in touch with Bella Hart.

Below was a horrible picture of me in my Hogwarts’ robes upon the return home the summer of my Fourth Year.

Flinging both newspapers towards Rose, I quickly got up in a flash and ran from the Great Hall, ignoring the pointed stares, some laughter, and the smirks on Ruby Smith and Sapphire Woodley’s face. 












A/N: What do you guys think?! 
A whole lot of drama happening in this one. 

I wasn't exactly happy with the way this chapter turned out because I thought it felt sort of rushed but there wasn't any way I could change it that made sense to me in my mind without dragging the story on. 

So what do you guys think of Sapphire's betrayal? Ruby's rant about the Weasleys and Potters? The news article about Bella? 

I love your reviews; you guys are all amazing. Thanks for reading (:

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