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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series* by Magnolia
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21
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.......................and at St. Mungo's....................

Gabby had just stepped out of a fire place and into a completely white room. She walked down the white hall and to room 904. When she opened the door she saw her sister packed and ready to leave.

"Come on Elizabeth lets go this place gives me the creeps!"

"Gabby I've stayed here far too long! Trust me I never want to come back here again."

They walked down the hall in silence until they came to the cafeteria where they were greeted by Lockhart.

"Yizzie Bell? Where are you going?"

"Lockhart, my name is E-Liz-A-Beth, and I'm going home!"

"What's a Lockhart?" he asked dumbfounded

"Goodbye you nincompoop!"

Gabby and Elizabeth continued walking through the hall, until they came to the fireplace.

"Alright Ms. Windell sign here." said Ella

Gabby took the quill and signed the paper.

"Now Ms. Windell you understand that you have to keep a close eye on your sister and that she has to come back every so often for a check up?"

"Yes Ella we went through this yesterday. I know what I'm doing."

"Alright then, good by Ms. Windell, goodbye Elizabeth."

Elizabeth stepped into the fireplace and said "Windell home"

When Elizabeth popped into the fire place Sirius laying on the couch. He had been very aware that when Gabby left her intentions were to bring Elizabeth home. He had gone over in his mind several hundred times what he had planned to do when he saw her. But as soon as she popped in he sprang off the couch and hid behind the table.

"Sirius Black get out here now!" she yelled

Sirius sheepishly came out from behind the table.

"Sirius do you have any idea what you put be through."

He backed away from her.

"Don't back away from me! I said come here!"

Sirius obeyed, he had no idea why he had flushed his plan. His plan had been to pretend like she really was insane. But she just seemed so mad. He slowly walked up to her. Then she did something he hadn't expected. She bent down and kissed his little puppy dog face.

"I love you......."

but then Gabby entered the room.

.....Fritz" she finished

"You know that little rascal ran away after you left?"

"I can imagine."

The dog looked up at her, and licked her on the cheek. That little troublemaker still loved her.

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Flashbacks *Part TWO in The Dream Series*: Chapter 21


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