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Listen to your heart by WTF_is_a_hufflepuff
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22
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AN: Anything that you recognise does not belong to me. This chapter is quite rushed and short but I didn’t see the point in trying to drag it out any longer. Just the epilogue left after this.

Hermione’s POV

It had been a little over a month since our two week honeymoon to Paris. We didn’t stay in Paris for all of it though; we went to Greece for a few days as well. Draco took a bit of convincing; if he had had his way we’d never have left the hotel but I wanted to see the sights as I had the chance. In the end Draco agreed when he realised that if we went to Greece I’d spend a lot of the time in my bikini because of the heat and the fact that we would be close to a beach.

When the time came to return home we were both reluctant but we had our jobs to return to. Now that we were back we were still going strong and we spent as much time together as possible. This was easier now that we shared a room which Narcissa had decorated for us as a wedding present even though she paid for most of the wedding.

However today I’m on my own as it is supposed to be our day off but Draco was still away on a mission. I missed being near him every time he went away but it was part of his job so I didn’t make a fuss. It also gave me the chance to have some me time or do what I have planned to do today.

Narcissa and I were having breakfast in the garden when I struck up a conversation.


“Yes, dear?”

“Did you have anything planned for today?”

“Nothing that can’t be done another time. What’s on your mind, dear?”

“I was hoping that you would come to St Mungo’s with me. I don’t want to go on my own and-”

“You think you might be pregnant.” I nodded and Narcissa looked like she was going to burst with excitement. “Oh this is amazing news! I’m going to be a grandmother!”

“Might be.” I corrected. “I’m not sure yet which is why I want to go to St Mungo’s.”

“Does Draco know yet?”

“No, not yet. I wanted to be sure before I said anything.”

“Ok, dear, I won’t say anything. We’ll finish up here and then floo to St Mungo’s; if you are pregnant then it’s not safe to apparate.” I just smiled and nodded.

Thirty minutes later we were sat in the maternity ward waiting for the results.

“Mrs Malfoy?” A healer called.

“Yes?” Both Narcissa and I replied at the same time causing the healer to look very confused.

“Um...Mrs...”She looked at her notes. “...Hermione Malfoy?”

“Yes?” I replied. The healer smiled and led me into another room away from the other patients. “Just a second. I want my mother-in-law with me.” The healer nodded and I called Narcissa in.

“Ok, first of all I’d like to say congratulations, you are indeed pregnant,” Narcissa and I smiled at each other. “With triplets.”

“What?!” I spun back around quickly to face the healer, shock written all over my face. “Did you say triplets?!”

“Yes I did. Now I’d like to schedule appointments...” As the healer continued to talk I stopped paying attention but luckily I had Narcissa to pay attention for me.

Triplets?! That’s a bit of a surprise. I was expecting one baby, but three! This is amazing! Draco will be so happy when I tell him.

“She’ll be there. Thank you. Come on Hermione.” I looked up to see Narcissa looking back at me expectantly. I stood up to follow Narcissa out of the room after thanking the healer.

When we arrived back at the manor I was still in shock, so much so that I didn’t notice Narcissa leading me to a sofa and handing me a glass of water. I also didn’t notice when Draco arrived home from work a few hours later until he knelt in front of me taking my hands in his own.

“Hermione, love, what’s wrong?” I broke out into a grin and Draco visibly relaxed although he was still curious. “Hermione?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“You’re... you’re pregnant?” It was taking a little while for the information to sink in but as soon as I nodded Draco grinned and began to spin me around laughing. “I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father!” I giggled at his antics.

“Yes now put me down. I haven’t finished.” He placed me back on the sofa and sat next to me. He looked at me curiously but he couldn’t wipe then grin from his face. “We’re having more than one.”



“Triplets?!” I nodded. “Wow!” He picked me up and once again spun me around. “We’re going to be parents! We’re having triplets!”

Draco’s POV

Now with only a week to go until our babies were due and Hermione and I were discussing names but we didn’t know the sex of the babies as Hermione had wanted it to be a surprise. I say discussing but it was more like arguing as we both had an idea of names we liked but were too stubborn to agree on anything. Have you ever tried arguing with a hormonal pregnant woman? Well trust’s not fun.


“Why not?”

“Because I don’t like it!”

“We have to agree on something.”

“Well then why don’t we go with the names I suggested?!”

“Because I don’t like them.”

“Oh! So you don’t love me?!” Hermione burst into tears. Where the bloody hell does she get these ideas?! Of course I love her!

“Hermione that’s not what I said.”

“But that’s what you meant!”

“No it isn’t. I love you with all my heart and nothing can stop me from loving you.”

“You really mean it?” Hermione had stopped crying and was looking hopefully at me.

“Of course I mean it.” I leant over and kissed her forehead

“Oh Draco, I love you too.”

In the end we decided that any girls Hermione would choose the first name and I would choose the middle name and vice versa for any boys. After all we knew that a girl would be called Ella thanks to the portrait in Hogwarts (We had decided to leave her portrait there as it would cause a lot more confusion if we brought it home).

With the argument settled I stood up and started to help Hermione up from the sofa but she didn’t even try to stand up.

“Come on, love, it’s time for dinner.”



“They’re coming.”

“Who is coming?”

“Who do you bloody think?!”

“How am I supposed to kn-? Oh. What do I do?! I’ve never done this before!”

“And you think I have?!” Hermione glared at me incredulously until Mother appeared in the doorway.

“Dinner is being served. Oh, is it time, dear?” Hermione nodded whilst I stood shocked.

“How can you be so calm?!”

“It’s my job to be. Now hurry up, Draco, your wife is in labour!” She hurried to Hermione and helped her up. “Why are you just standing there?! Go get her things! We’ll meet you there. Go!” I ran to our bedroom and gathered a few essentials before apparating to the hospital.

Narcissa’s POV

Several stressful hours later the first of my grandchildren was born: a little boy named Scorpius James Malfoy. A few minutes after Ella Seren Malfoy was born followed shortly by Sophie Astrum Malfoy. Scorpius looks exactly as his father did as a baby complete with the blonde hair and grey eyes. Ella has Draco’s blonde hair and grey eyes but she has her mother’s face and curly hair. Sophie unlike the other two had Hermione’s brown eyes and brown hair; the only evidence that Draco was involved is that she has perfectly straight hair.

Once I had held my grandchildren I decided to leave Hermione and Draco to spend time on their own with their children. I took the opportunity inform their friends and Hermione’s family that the triplets had been born and what they had been called. All of them were eager to meet the new arrivals but I refused to let any visitors in until tomorrow; Draco and Hermione deserved a little time to themselves.

Eventually I returned to Hermione’s room to see if they wanted anything before I left but when I knocked there was no reply. Slowly and quietly I opened the door to see the new family all asleep on the hospital bed which had been enlarged in order for them all to fit. Hermione and Draco were side by side and Hermione’s head was resting on Draco’s shoulder. Scorpius was asleep on Hermione’s chest whilst Draco had the girls on his. Taking care not to wake them I took a photo and then left as quietly as I had entered.

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Listen to your heart: Chapter 22


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