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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 33 : Epilogue
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Alright so it is the first book I ever started and completed and all of you who read it while I was writing it, it was your words and encouragement in the reviews that pushed me through, you were a huge part of this journey for me and it was you who got me through it. I am forever grateful to you all and I truly do hope that you enjoyed the journey. So I want to say Thank You.



2 Years Later

“Yes daddy I know,” Rose said her head shoved into the embers of the fireplace.

“I just want to make sure that everything is set up for you is all,” Ron Weasley commented.

“Well if it’s not then I guess I’ll sleep in an ally the first night.” Rose responded in a sarcastic tone.

“Rose you will do no such thing.” She heard her mother say from the background.

Rose and Ron Weasley couldn’t help but chuckle at the remark, only to then go silent. “Seriously Rose are you completely sure about this?”

Rose sighed “Daddy I’m going.” She said in a stricter tone then she would have liked. “I like to travel and I enjoy my job so can we please end the discussion.”

“I understand, but first Brazil, then Greece, Chilli, Germany, and now to Toronto?” Her father looked at her.

“You know your father has a point Rose, Canada is just the younger brother to the States,” Albus yelled behind her, forcing her to pull her head out of the fireplace to give him glare.

“Not helping,” she mouthed, provoking Albus to laugh as he pulled a piece of long tape across the box, then flicking his wand to move it to the take pile. Walking over to the fireplace he shoved his head in “I tried to talk her out of it Uncle Ron she wouldn’t listen.”

“Speaking of which I don’t like the fact that you’re not going with her this time.” Ron scolded.

Albus only shrugged his shoulders, as Rose scooted him out of the way to continue her conversation with her father. Ron was silent for a moment as he stared at his little girl, he had always had trouble accepting the fact that she was growing up and making her own decisions. She looked different as well her hair cut around her chin, which made the angular areas of her face more defined, she no longer looked like a young girl, but more like a women, a concept that Ron was still quite foreign to. “You know Albus has agreed to settle down in London.” He said somberly, not trying to criticize.

Rose sighed, “I know, but…” She didn’t have an explanation, she was extremely grateful for the opportunities that her job gave her, she was an Auror of foreign communications, basically traveling to different country’s Auror departments that needed assistance at the current moment in time.

Ron huffed “Do you at least think that you will ever settle down somewhere?” he asked.

Rose thought carefully about the question before she answered “Eventually…” biting her lip she tacked on a “Maybe,”

“Do you ever think it might be in London?”

“Probably not,” she said quickly not even thinking it over.

They were both silent for a moment, “You know we’re starting to miss you a little.”

“Only a little, well don’t I feel loved,” Rose attempted to lighten the mood.

Only Ron didn’t laugh. “A lot.” He said sternly giving Rose a hard look.

“I know, and I miss you too,” she said, admitting to the fact that she didn’t see her family as much as she would have liked. Rose thought for a moment “But I’m happy, and I love doing this.” She paused “So can you please just be excited for me, this is a big assignment?”

“I know it’s big,” Ron commented, noting that he had read over its description about a hundred times.

Once again they were in silence only to be interrupted by a loud crash. Rose rolled her eyes “I better go before Albus destroys everything I own.”

Ron nodded his head “I love you, and I’ll talk to you next week.”

“I love you too,” she said hearing another crash come from behind her, “I’ve got to go, buy.” She said quickly pulling her head out of the fireplace.

“Marco,” she yelled, knowing that it was useless to even attempt to look for Albus with their apartment in the state that it was in, with boxes stacked a mile high and the furniture in moving positions.

“Polo,” she heard from down the hall.

“Marco,” she yelled again, peering down the hall, he was either in one of the bedrooms or the kitchen all of which sounded like disaster zones.

It was a few seconds before she heard another “Polo” come from her room.

“Marco,” she yelled one last time with a smirk on her face as she walked into her room.

“Polo,” Albus yelled his voice booming off the walls. Walking around to the far side of her room she stood above Albus who was pinned to the ground with a book case lying on top of him. Grinning up to Rose he said in a childish way “Hey look you found me.”

Rose shook her head pulling her wand from its special pocket in her jacket, waving it she watched the book case jump up into standing position. “You did not tell me that stupid thing as that heavy.” Albus comment as Rose held out a hand for him to pull himself up.

“Why didn’t you just use your wand?” she asked almost as if it was a stupid question.

Albus only looked around the room at the piles of boxes, along with the stuff that needed to be packed. “Attempting to levitate a book case just didn’t seem like the smartest move in the world.”

Rose looked around her room shocked that so much of it was not packed “I don’t get it, how did we accumulate this much stuff?”

“Beats me?” Albus said carefully watching his step as he found a path out of the room. Rose followed him back into the living room, where he proceeded to sit on the couch.

“What do you think you’re doing I have got to get out of here tonight.” She scolded

“Tell me why I agreed to help you again?” Albus asked, he in fact had another month left before he had to leave.

“Because you love me,” she said with a smug look on her face, and crossing her arms.

Albus laughed. “You know you never offered to help me move,”

“That’s because I fear what’s in your room.” Rose joked walking over to Albus and tugging as his arm “Alright breaks over,” she stated firmly.

Albus groaned as he mashed his face into a decorative cushion on the couch. “Come on, up, up, up.” She tried to say cheerfully. The only movement that Albus attempted to make was to raise his hand and flick her off, his head still in the cushion.

“Seriously Albus?” she said becoming annoyed.

He mumbled something into the cushion, “What was that? I couldn’t understand you?” she asked watching as Albus turned his head to look at her.

“Need food, will die without.”

Rose sighed looking toward the direction of the Kitchen, neither one of them being a huge fan of cooking so there was rarely food in the apartment. “How about I go get food, while you keep packing here, and we can take a break when I get back?”

Albus thought the plan over in his head, “Fine, just don’t go to that bakery I hate.”

“Okay,” Rose said as she grabbed her house keys and walking out the door.

Rose enjoyed living in Germany. Her and Albus had been lucky to have found a place that was right in the middle of town, everything within walking distance. Even though she had a ton of stuff to get done before she arrived at her port key location that night, she was relieved to get out into the fresh air. She didn’t do well with clutter, and the past three days had been nothing but clutter. That was the only downside of her job, it rarely gave her an advance noticed, usually three, four days tops. She also had to admit that she was upset that Albus had turned the position down, however she knew that he had been aching to get back to London since Greece.

In a way she was excited to be going on her own, it represented a new point in her life. Pulling on the door handle to the small corner café she reviewed the menu, seeing if there was anything that she might like to try, before she left, thinking that this might be her last chance to do so.

She waited patiently as they prepared her food, sipping the straight black coffee from its thin paper cup.

“Hey mate what was up with that,” she heard a voice yell behind her as the bell above the café door rang several times.

“Seriously you just ran across all that traffic, not even glancing,” a soft female voice said from behind.

Rose turned around to see the commotion that was going on behind her, only to practically run into the person that was standing behind her, “Oh I’m…” she looked to the man’s face “Sorry,” she stuttered slowly, her voice full of surprise and shock.

“Scorpius are you alright?” the girl asked taking a step closer, she had long black hair and fair skin.

“Hi,” was all he said, a smirk on his face, his chest rising and falling quickly because he was slightly winded.

They stood still a moment, in some ways he hadn’t changed a bit, but in others he seemed so different. He had his blond hair cut in a more trimmed way, and the beginnings of some stubble growing on his chin, but his eyes were the same, the blue grey eyes that always made her heart speed.

“Hey did you know that just down the street there is…” another familiar voice said, as it walked through the door only to cut off at the sight of Rose. “Of course… it’s a Thursday.”

“Bryan, what’s going on, he just sort of went bonkers a minute ago.” The girl asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah, kind of like he’s gone mental.” The other boy commented.

“She can do that to him.” Bryan mumbled as he walked over to Scorpius slapping him on the shoulder, pulling both his and Rose’s attention back to reality.

“Ms. Here’s your food,” the women behind the counter said in a thick German accent. Taking the paper bag Rose shook her head.

“Hey Bryan,” she said her eyes still locked on Scorpius, who seemed to be in a shock of some sort.

“Germany?” Scorpius said ignoring the conversation behind him.

“Yeah, I live here… Well lived, I’m moving,” Rose said awkwardly.

“Well that’s exciting, we’re all still in London.” Bryan said quickly attempting to get Scorpius’ attention “Remember we have that…”

This seemed to bring Scorpius to reality, shaking his shoulder free of Bryan’s grasp “You guys go on without me.”

“Are you sure? Remember you told me…”

“Bryan.” Scorpius said harshly, for the first time taking his eyes off Rose and giving him a hard glare.

“Whatever you say,” Bryan said casually “It was nice seeing you,” he said to Rose turning around to the other two.

“I don’t think that we should just leave him,” The girl whispered glancing her eyes up to the general direction of Rose, with curiosity.

“He’ll be fine. He’s lost his flipping mind but he’ll be fine.”

“Goodbye Bryan,” Both Rose and Scorpius said at the same time, watching as they walked out the door.

Putting his attention back on her he smiled again “It is really good to see you.”

Rose was silent for a moment “Yeah it is.”

“Do you have time to sit?” he asked waving to a free table by the window.

“Sure,” Rose said walking over to the small circular table and taking a seat.

They sat in silence a couple of more moments just waiting for the shock to where off.

“I like your hair,” he commented, the shortness of defining her face in a new way.

“Thanks,” she said taking another sip of her coffee. “So what are you doing in Germany?”

“Oh, me and a couple of friends of mine just decided to come up for the weekend.” He said with a smirk, still staring at her “So where are you moving to.”

“Toronto,” she said her voice quick but steady.

Scorpius nodded “Sounds cold,” Rose laughed. The comfortable silence fell between them, as Rose took another sip of her coffee. “So you have any boyfriends?” Scorpius asked abruptly, it being the one question that he really wanted an answer to.

Rose nearly choked on her coffee “Wow, you just jump right in don’t you,” she said shocked by the personal question. She waited a minute giving him a wiry eye before answering him “I date occasionally, nothing serious though.” She watched as Scorpius nodded his head, not showing any emotion “And you? That girl seemed to have a fondness for you, anything there?” She asked curious to the girl that was with him.

Scorpius seemed slightly shocked “Who? Lexie?” He shook his head “I mean she is a friend and I like her but,”

Rose smiled leaning back in her chair while crossing her arms “But?” she pushed.

Scorpius shrugged “She’s missing a couple of things.” Rose raised an eyebrow “You know, red hair, feuding family… that sort of thing.” He said in a flirtatious manor.

“Oh, don’t forget the whole years of hating each other,” Rose jokingly added.

“Yeah that too,” Scorpius laughed.

Rose sighed seriously “What’s holding you back, she seems nice.”

“I don’t know, I honestly hate being reminded of anything that happened back then because the pain is still there, and I fear that if I let myself fall in love again then...” He said slowly.

Rose looked down to the table, noticing the sticky marks of coffee that were on it. “Scorpius I thought that the whole reason we came up with this solution was so that we wouldn’t hold each other back. Remember what you said that night, if we can’t be together then we shouldn’t be near each other.” Rose raised an eyebrow, she thought back to the arrangement they made in the early hours of the morning that night in the divination room. They spent most of the night just holding each other and when the sun light broke through, they knew that that was it, it would be the last time that they let themselves lose control like that.

Scorpius nodded remembering the night quite clearly himself. “That’s the thing memories are just as strong, and remembering you kills me… every time,” he added looking to see what her reaction would be.

She looked up to him “So what made you come to me today, why not just keep walking by?”

“Temptation,” he said simply, almost as if there was no question about it. “Resisting it is a bitch.”

Rose was silent, as she stared into his eyes, “I don’t think you should give up on love, you deserve to be happy.” she said seriously

“And you don’t?” he questioned.

Rose got a soft look on her face “Me and love we aren’t on the same page.” She paused “I’ve always been too independent and stubborn to be physically bound to someone. I’m happy being alone, I’m… content.”

Scorpius gave her an intense stare, almost as if he was looking right past her eyes and into her soul, it was unnerving. “You go ahead and tell yourself that lie,” He said smoothly, leaving the subject to rest.

Rose smirked, looking down to her watch “I better get going, Albus will start to wonder where I am, and Albus when he is hungry isn’t exactly the nicest person in the world.”

They both stood up “Well it was good to see you.” Scorpius said casually as he followed her out the door.

Rose felt the heat of the sun beam on her face as the conflicting coolness of the wind brushed against her body. Giving Scorpius a slight wave she started to walk off leaving him behind her.

“Rose,” He yelled watching as she turned around, he walked to her with a sense of urgency in his step. He didn’t even hesitate over what he was doing, getting close enough to her he tugged on her jacket, pulling her closer into him. Forcing his lips on to hers, she didn’t move, she remained stunned as his lips collided with hers. Scorpius was about to pull up when Rose dropped the bag of food to the ground and raised her arms around his neck, pulling his lips back onto hers, letting her body go weak in his arms as it always did. Their lips fused together in the familiar motion and Rose felt the pit of her stomach turn upside down. Scorpius wrapped his arms around the small of her back holding her tightly against his body, as close as he could get her. They’re hearts raced as their lips slowly parted. “Don’t you ever get tempted?” he whispered his chest pounding.

Rose breathed quickly her heart still racing feverishly “Scorpius when it comes to you I’m always fighting temptation.” And she kissed him again.

A/N: The SEQUEL is called Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen. If you are interested in reading it, it is based six years into the future so there will be some different character elements so I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you liked it I know it probably wasn’t the ending that you were hoping for but I do hope that it left the door open for them. To be honest the only reason I didn’t leave them together is because there is too much history, that can’t be changed in a simple three months and still have it be realistic. Also the more I got into the book I realized that Rose has no clue who she is and she needs to figure that out before she can truly give her heart to someone and fight for them like she was to cowardly to do before. Anyways I personally felt like she needed to go off and live her life and figure some things out before she settled down into a serious relationship, which is why I’m having her travel. So that’s my reasoning. Please give me your thoughts and reviews I truly want to know what you think of it.

So as my final words to this story I am going to say please please please Review and tell me what you thought I really want to know what you thought of the ending.

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