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Loose Ends by NewForever
Chapter 1 : A New Start
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The first thing Harry, Hermione and Ron did was pass out up in the Gryffindor boy's dorm. Hermione and Ron shared a bed while Harry crashed on the bed beside them. 

Of course, this ensued a thirty minute search for them, but when they were found, they were left alone. No one blamed them for getting some sleep. Out of everyone this year, these three had had the hardest. 

When her mother wasn't looking, Ginny crawled into bed with Harry. She snuggled into his side and stared at his face, tracing his cheeks, nose, forehead, lips... He unconsciously moved closer to her in his sleep. 

Hours later, most of the survivors had gone home and the dead had been picked up. Hermione and Ron slept throughout the rest of the day and night. Harry and Ginny slept longer. Ron almost had a heart attack when he saw his sister in bed with his best friend, but Hermione pushed him out, insisting that they were doing nothing but sleeping.

When Harry woke up hours later and found Ginny next to him, he was confused. No, not about his life up to now. He knew he had defeated the Dark Lord. Harry didn't think that was a moment he could forget. No, he was confused as to why the red head was sleeping next to him.

Just as he thought that, her eyes fluttered open and they locked eyes. Ginny didn't smile and neither did Harry. They were content to just look in each other's eyes. When Ginny sat up is when they finally broke eye contact.

"I'm sorry," they both said. Harry looked at her, startled. What did she have to be sorry for? 

"I'm sorry for sleeping in your bed without your permission," Ginny said after a deep breath. "I'm also sorry for not understanding sooner why you left."

Harry gave her a small sad smile. "Don't be sorry, Ginny. I don't mind you sleeping in my bed and the other thing was completely my fault. I just...I didn't want you to get hurt. I couldn't stand the idea and I didn't even think about how you would feel. I was only thinking about your safety, which is still inexcusable, but--"

Ginny put a finger to his lips. "Sh. I understand. I spent the entire year knowing you were out there and in danger and all I could think about was you with other girls. I was selfish and I'm sorry."

"How about we just start over?" Harry suggested.

Ginny had a mischievous glint in her eye. "How about we just start where we left off?"

Ginny slowly leaned over, as if she expected him to pull back, and met her lips with his. She moved hers gently at first as she waited for Harry to respond. Harry was the one to quicken the pace. He pulled her on top of him and she straddled him. They never broke their lips in that process. When they did, Harry continued kissing down her neck and she leaned her head up to give him better access.

After a few minutes, Harry looked at her. "We should go get checked out by Madame Pomfrey and see your mother. They're probably worried."

As much as she would've liked to stay there, Ginny agreed and she got off him. They fixed themselves up and then walked downstairs hand and hand. Surprisingly, they didn't pass anyone on the way to the infirmary, but as they got closer to the infirmary, more people littered about. 

Many came up to thank Harry and shake his hand. Some nodded their head at him. Ginny was almost invisible next to him in everyone elses eyes, but not to Harry. Harry was aware of her hand in his and her shoulders gently bumping his sometimes.

Most of the injured had already been cured and sent home to rest. The more serious ones were sent to St. Mungo's ASAP by healthy survivors. The rest that Madame Pomfrey could take care of but weren't able to be sent home yet were filling up the beds the nurse had.

Ginny and Harry spotted their family surrounding Bill over by a bed, but before they could go over, Madame Pomfrey saw them and shooed them into her little office. She quickly gave them a once over, kind of like a magically check over, and smiled as she said they were both healthy but should still take it easy for a couple of days, especially Harry, who was getting to be a little underweight.

"You remember Bill was bitten?" Ginny mumbled. 

Harry nodded. "Yes. I hope he's doing okay."

Madame Pomfrey passed them and said, "Bill is doing just fine."

"Then what is he still doing in the infirmary?" Ginny asked in a slightly irritated way.

"His body needs to adjust to a werewolf's habits. They have different body systems. There's nothing I can do to reverse it and it isn't serious enough to send him to St. Mungo's. The most I can do is help him adjust," Madame Pomfrey said sternly, not offended by the red headed witch's attitude. "He'll be able to leave maybe tomorrow morning. In the meanwhile, I'm glad he has his little girlfriend here, Fleur. She's been a big help. When Bill is sleeping, she'll help me with the other patients. Fleur is quite the skilled witch."

Ginny nodded, her irritation reassured. Harry tugged her over to her family, dropping her hand when they finally joined the group. Mrs. Weasley enveloped Harry and Ginny in a hug the moment she saw them. 

"I'm so glad you two are all right," Mrs. Weasley said. 

Ginny had to assure her mother several times that they were indeed perfectly fine and even Arthur had to step in to get his wife to stop. Ginny looked at her brother Bill. 

"You doing okay?" she asked.

Bill smiled. "Never better."

Fleur gave him a pained smile that everyone but Bill notice. If he noticed, he had decided to ignore it. 

Harry noticed George wasn't around and he asked Arthur where George had gone off to.

"Locked himself in his shop," Arthur sighed. "And won't come out."

"We're having Fred's funeral tonight," Ron said.

"So early?" Harry asked.

"I don't want people to remember my son's lifeless pale face," Mrs. Weasley said. "He was a lively boy, always was and always will be. I want to remember him that way. The sooner he has a nice funeral service, the better for our family."

They all nodded in agreement and understanding.

"What happened to Charlie?" Ginny asked.

"He's down at the Ministry of Magic with Kingsley getting ahold of the chaos. The old Minister quit and has disappeared, so Kingsley is taking charge. We need to get a start on finding Death Eaters, putting them in Azkaban, and clearing up the whole story of the Dark Lord's death. If not, the whole wizarding world would be in chaos even more than when You-Know- I mean, Voldemort's death," Arthur explained. 

"I'll help in anyway I can," Harry said dererminedly. 

Mrs. Weasley smiled and patted his cheek. "You've helped enough, dear. It's time to let other people handle this. If they need you, then you can help, but only if they need you."

Harry nodded. He didn't like it, but he knew Mrs. Weasley only said what she said for his own good and he didn't want to put her more on edge.

"When are we going home?" Ginny asked.

"You can go home," Bill told them. 

"I'll stay with him," Fleur volunteered. Mrs. Weasley before would have exploded at some else trying to take care of her child, but Fleur must have grown on her. 

"Are you sure?" Mrs. Weasley asked Bill.

"You heard Madame Pomfrey, I'll be home tomorrow morning. I promise," Bill assured his mother.

"You need some rest, Molly," Arthur told her.

"Oh, alright," Molly sighed. 

Everyone bided Fleur and Bill goodbye and stood up. Hermione grabbed Ron's arm and Apparated. Molly and Arthur were gone in a pop. Before Ginny could even think, Harry had carefully grabbed her wrist and spun, Side-Along Apparating her. He dropped her hand when they appeared at the Burrow. 

"Maybe I should go cook some food?" they heard Molly say from inside the kitchen.

"Rest, Molly. Come on," Arthur said. "I'm sure the kids aren't too hungry."


"No buts. You haven't slept a wink. Upstairs."

They heard Molly's loud sigh and her footsteps up the stairs. Arthur watch his wife in amusement and then noticed the four behind me.

"I'll be heading to the Ministry now," Arthur said to them. "Kingsley might need me. Keep an eye on your mother for me, Ron."

He Apparated again with a quick spin of his feet and was gone with a pop

Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and Harry were all exhausted. They had had some long days, a long year and it was all emotional draining, but they were all ready to make an effort to get back to normal. Hermione smiled and looked at the other three.

"How about some brunch?" 

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