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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 4 : Afraid
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 First time glances, they're the best,

no pray, no tell

or there will be hell,

to love and to hold,

thats all they want,

goodybye, hello, i put you to the test. 

                                                        -Unknown, Hello, goodbye.




Walking into their first class of the year –potions- Hermione sat down, at the back of the class (not wanting to be noticed by the rest of the students) and got her book out of her bag. She looked around and saw that the Gryffindor’s were sharing their class with Slytherin’s. Oh, no, even more awkwardness she looked around and saw that he was not in the class.  She and Draco hadn’t spoken since their encounter in the room of requirements – only exchanging awkward glances at one another. She looked up, and saw that they had a new potions teacher she did not recognise.  The potions teacher had long-ish brown hair, and bright grey eyes. Just like his-wait no. she shook her head, and carried on taking in their new teacher’s looks. He was also tall, muscular? And he stood proud; he was a VERY good looking man.

‘’Good morning everyone! Welcome to potions’’ the door opened, and Draco walked in ‘’Ahh, hello Mr Malfoy’’

Draco cringed at the use of his second name, ‘’Sir, call me Draco please.’’

‘’Ahh, of course, why don’t you sit next to Miss Granger at the back.’’ He directed his hand in the direction a blushing Hermione was, then turned to the class, ‘’and class, my name is Mr Jacob’s.’’ and with that, he turned around and opened his book.

Draco awkwardly shuffled his way to Hermione, dropped his bad onto the floor, and slid onto the stool next to her.  ‘’Hello.’’ He didn’t look at her, but felt her eyes glare into the side of his head.

Hermione turned her head to face him, not saying anything in reply, rolled her eyes, and turned back to the gorgeous Mr Jacob’s. They were making Polyjuice potion. Great! This should be easy! She let out a slight chuckle remembering how she decided the very person sitting next to her.

‘’What are you laughing at?’’

Hermione looked at him, ‘’Never you mind Malfoy.’’ She got up, and went to get Fluxweed and Knotgrass.

‘’Now, class, everything was picked and stewed properly, so there should be no problems.’’ Mr Jacob’s reminded his class.

Hermione returned with the ingredients she needed, and set them down on the table in front of Draco.

‘’Malfoy, measure out three Fluxweed, and two bundles of knotgrass then put them into the cauldron.’’

Watching her, he noticed she didn’t look at the book, ‘’and how would you know what to do. You didn’t even read the book!’’ he started following her instructions.

She smiled, ‘’I may of made it before.’’

‘’When was this?’’ he raised one eyebrow, pouring the remainder of the ingredients into the cauldron.

‘’Well, it could have been, a couple of years ago, hmm, the Slytherin common room is kind of too green, isn’t it?’’ she looked up at him, and saw the frustration on his face-this amusing her even more.

When the fuck did she get into our common room? ‘’What?’’ he looked down at her face and saw the amusement on her face. ‘’Whatever Granger, now how long have we got to wait?’’ he said with a hint of annoyance. He stirred it three times clockwise, waved his wand and waited for his answer.

‘’Another 55 minuet’s as it is a copper cauldron.’’ She sat back down on her seat, and got out a book. Feeling the awkwardness into the air, she started to read it. It’s been two days, and he’s not mention the kiss. Did he enjoy it? Did h-no, I can’t think like this. Of course he didn’t like it! It’s Malfoy.  

Watching her pull out her book, he though, is that all she ever does? Read? Granger you’re so boring. He sat there, watching the rest of the class, Ron highly amusing him by spilling his potion twice and having to re-start, when he saw Harry, reminding him, of the previous night. The kiss. That kiss. That bloody good kiss with Granger. Who knew she could kiss? The only boy I’ve known she has kissed is Weasel. Surely im better than him! Of course I am! Im the Slytherin sex god, of course I was better. A smirk crept up on his face. Wait, why do I care what she thinks about it? Hmm, I think we should forget it.

After another 20 agonising awkward minutes, he finally decided to say something. ‘’uh, Granger,’’

‘’Hmm?’’ she looked up from her book.

‘’Uh, I think, look, about the other night, I think…we should forget it. It’s awkward enough that we have to live in the same dorm together, let alone have this on our shoulders. Agreed?’’

Hermione looked back down at her book, not wanting him to see her disappointment ‘’Erm…sure.’’ She looked back up at his face. It was emotionless and cold. ‘’that’s fine. It’s for the best.’’ She faked a smile and went down to re-reading the same line over and over again, thinking about their kiss.

That was…hard. Why was it hard? The timer went off, and he added the crushed lacewing flies then heated it on a low heat for thirty seconds, waved his wand and put it on the shelf, just as soon as the Mr Jacob dismissed his class.

The both walked out the door, and to their next classes not saying anything, or looking at each other.


Sitting down at dinner, Ginny looked over at Hermione,

‘’Hey, erm, Hermione, what happened in potions today?’’ she raised one eyebrow, –Ginny was now in the same year as them, as the trio decided to start, and she finished her previous year, so naturally, she would be in this year- and waited for her reply.

‘’What do you mean?’’ Hermione knew what she was asking, but she didn’t want to think about it.

‘’Well, you and Malfoy, acting all strange around each other and you barely spoke to one another, I at least expected you two to be rude to each other! Not awkward silence!’’ Ginny raised both of her eyebrows, trying to read Hermione’s face which showed a range of emotions, which eventually, stopped on a cold blank face. ‘’Mione, is there something you’re not telling me?’’

Hermione looked down at her plate, ‘’yes’’ she whispered.

Ginny had concern growing in her, ‘’what…what is it? What happened between you and Malfoy?’’

‘’We…on the night of the party, I never did tell you who I kissed, did i?’’ she looked back up at Ginny’s face, and saw realisation grow in her face.

‘’No! It was him, wasn’t it?’’ Ginny looked over to Malfoy, and saw him staring at the pair.

‘’Yes, it was. It was awkward, it was, and in Potions, it got worse. Eventually, he said we should just forget it happened, I don’t mind forgetting it, but, I don’t know! It bugs me, why would he want to forget, was I really that bad? I don’t even know why I am so bothered!’’ Hermione’s faced crumpled in confusion and looked back down at her plate.

‘’Hermione, look at me.’’ Hermione looked back up, ‘’is there any chance, you could have feelings for him? I mean, c’mon, he is pretty hot.’’ She nudged Hermione with her elbow and laughed, ‘’I mean, you two do live together in the same dorm, and you’re pretty upset by the looks of things.’’

‘’no! No chance, I mean, it’s a Malfoy. He watched me get tortured; he called me names for years, picking away at my self-esteem. No, there’s no chance. Look, I’ve got to go, I have a meeting tonight.’’ It was a lie, but Hermione couldn’t face was Ginny would say, so she got up and left, leaving Ginny opened mouthed and a puzzled Harry who was just about to see what was wrong.


A couple of hours later, Draco entered the prefects common room and sat down on the arm chair opposite Hermione, she looked up at him and went to say something, but Draco beat her too it,

‘’Granger we need another prefect meeting. I wanted to discuss having a Christmas ball, I have already spoken to our Headmistress, and she said it’s fine, she gave me a list of all of the people staying at Hogwarts and she wants us to put them in some stupid seating plan.’’ He pulled out a piece of paper with different circles on it (tables) and a list of names.

‘’Oh, this should be fun.’’ Hermione smiled, this was something she liked to do, and Draco just rolled his eyes.

‘’Course it is.’’ He smirked at her, and handed her the list.

About an hour later, Draco still hadn’t done anything Hermione had asked him to do. How much of a lazy git can he be? Seriously? ‘’Malfoy! Do something!’’ she got up and went to get the list of bands they had come up with, but tripped over his stuck out Leg.

She was going to fall, be her caught her in time. He looked at her, and they locked eyes, he brought her up to her feet, and quickly moved away before things could get awkward. It’s too late for that.

Hermione watched him walk away, and before she knew what she was doing, she opened her mouth;


He turned around and looked at her, knowing exactly what she was asking, but decided to put on a blank look, ‘’why what?’’

‘’why do you want to forget?’’

‘’Because it would be easier.’’ He looked at her, seeing disappointment in her eyes.

Hermione looked down to the floor ‘’was I really that bad?’’ she said, in barely above a whisper.

He didn’t know what to say, no, you weren’t. It’s just, im afraid, I’ve changed, but there’s still the old me inside; I don’t want to hurt you. Instead, he said, ‘’no.’’ and with that, he turned away and walked into his bedroom.

Hermione stood there, shocked at what she just heard, did he, did he just say that it wasn’t bad, it was a no. A no, wait, ’’MALFOY!’’ she walked up to the stairs on his side of the common room and opened his door.

He turned around, ‘’what now Granger?’’ he tried to avoid making eye contact with her.

‘’You…you can’t just say, ‘no’ and then walk off.’’

‘’well…I just did Granger. Unless you want something important, I would suggest you leave, im about to get naked, and I don’t want you to see.’’ He felt bad, im sorry Hermione.

She stood there, looking at him, shook her head, and walked out, letting out a frustrated sigh as she left, slamming the door behind here.

That bloody girl, it aggravated him that she was acting like this. Why does it matter so much to you? he walked over to the white door, and opened it. Hermione was sitting on the sofa curled up in a ball. He walked over to her, not saying a word, and sat down in front of her.

‘’I didn’t say anything, because I don’t want to hurt you.’’ she jumped at the sound of his voice.

‘’Trust me, I’ve had enough hurt in my life, im sure a little more won’t hurt.’’ Sarcasm dripping of her voice.

That’s it. That was the piss take…’’you know what Granger, I was going to tell you how it felt, but I don’t care now.’’

‘’EURGH! You always confuse me Malfoy! ALWAYS! Ever since first year!’’ her face was turning red now, she had gotten closer to him in her frustration.

He kissed her.

He grabbed her by the arms, pulled her closer and kissed her.

He needed to, to see if what he felt it was real.

After a couple of minutes, Hermione regained control of her body, pulled away and slapped him. Stepped back, and ran back to her bedroom. This is so confusing. Draco Malfoy just kissed you-then you slap him. Clever one Hermione. She laid down on her bed and fell asleep, knowing what she would dream off.

He stood there, watching her go into her bedroom-stunned at what just happened. I kiss you, and receive a slap, that’s new. I needed to know. I can’t admit it. I can’t-not yet. No. its, gee’s you’re not even friends.  He could feel his eyes getting heavy; he looked up at the clock~ 12 am. No wonder im tired.

Pulling off his shirt, and putting on some cotton red bottoms, he slipped into bed, praying his nightmares would not return. 





A/N: hiya guys! WOW! over 800 reads already! i really didnt expect that! :O 

Thankyou so much <3

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