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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 8 : The Wedding
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Chapter image by mockingjay @ TDA

This chapter is dedicated to HermioneEverdeen because she is my wonderful reviewer and has reviewed every single chapter so far and to FredWeasleyIsMyking for all the helpful reviews and CC!!!

Dear Diary,

Today's the big day: Vic and Teddy are getting married, finally. I really don't think I could have put up with bridezilla for much longer. Hopefully I might catch a certain Irish lad's eye and maybe even get a dance out of him.

Even Dom's said we would make a good couple, I mean he's drop dead gorgeous and I'm just there like a lemon but hey ho, once Dom's worked her magic on me tomorrow morning and when I'm in my bridesmaid dress. Then I'm thinking I might not look so much like a lemon around Connor.

Good luck for me.

Love Moi, (Rose)

I could hear a lot of yelling coming from outside my bedroom door. I groaned as I wonder who the hell was being so noisy. Rolling over I looked at my clock and saw it was seven, seven! in the morning. Why the hell are there people yelling outside my bedroom door at seven in the bloody morning. Then it dawned on me, today was August fourteenth: Vic and Teddy's wedding.

I rolled myself out of bed and picked up a grey hoodie that was lying on the floor and pulled it on over my pyjama top. I pulled open the door and the scene in the hall wasn't pretty, Vic had a handful of strawberry blonde hairs in her right hand and a murderous look on her face and Dom was glaring daggers right back at her sister. I swear if I hadn't opened the door they would have killed each other.

"What are you two doing?" I asked.

"My darling sister woke me up at six o'clock!" Dom replied.

"Why?" I questioned then realised it was a stupid thing to ask.

"Because I'm getting married today and you lot tend to stay in bed until god knows what time and you all have to get ready!" Vic growled at me.

Of course Vic was now gone and bridezilla was back.

"So why the shouting?"

"Because she woke me up early and then she started telling me to go get ready and then she ripped my bloody hair out." Dom screeched at me.

"Jeez calm down the pair of you, Vic we have plenty of time you're not getting married until one. That's six whole hours away." I said trying to pacify bridezilla. "And it's not like you're going to be late, your getting married in the garden."

Vic looked at me stunned and the went of downstairs in a huff.

"I'll be bloody glad when she's married and this stupid wedding is over." Dom ranted as she pushed passed me and flung herself on my bed since it was nearest.

"Yeah, I think everyone will. I'm going for a bath." I told her grabbing some clothes and left her ranting away to thin air.

After a long hot soak in the bath I eventually got out and put a pair of grey leggings, a pink top and a grey hoodie on before making my way downstairs after noticing Dom was no longer in our room. When I entered the kitchen I found the kitchen chairs all in a line, each with a cousin sat them.

"What's going on?" I whispered to Lily who was sat on the end, so I took the empty seat next to her.

"Waiting for Auntie Fleur to come and do our hair." Lil replied.

I nodded, I really don't why Vic's stressing I mean it's only like half eight now and like I said she's not getting married until one and our hair is going to take like less than a minute since Auntie Fleur's using her wand.

I yawned as Auntie Fleur came rushing over wand out, she came to stop behind the chair Lily was sat on and then called Vic who came in from the living room. "'Ow do you want Zeir Air?" Auntie Fleur asked.

"I was thinking, they could all be curled but each of them could have a different style." Vic replied as Nana came in.

Oh great, now she's going to be here for god knows how long deciding how all out hair is being done. Great, looks like I'm in for a long day. "Just going to get a coffee." I told Vic, Auntie Fleur and Nana as they glared at me as I got up from my chair.

I sat back down as they started work on Lily, boy this is going to be a very long day.


Four hours later and we were all ready, including Vic even though she was faffing around with one thing or another. I was in my strapless blue dress as were Dom and Mol, Lily and Roxy were in their's and Lucy was in her 'princess' dress as mum called it and matching pale blue shoes. It's her 'princess' dress mainly because she had a strop and said she wasn't wearing it until mum came up with the idea saying she was going to be a princess for the day.

I slipped on my sparkly silver pumps, relived that I didn't have to wear heels and stood up, making my way downstairs. It's been twenty minutes since us bridesmaids have been ready and we're all stood in the living room, looking rather pretty and blue.

Nana's sat on the sofa wearing dress robes in magenta and is crying silently into a hanky, Granddad is sat next her beaming with pride in his battered black dress robes.

After all the fuss about our hair (which took an hour and a half to do, mainly 'cause Vic kept changing her mind) mine is all to left side and curled, Dom's is down and curled and Molly's hair is half up half down, the bottom half curled and then you got Lucy with her tiara nestled amongst her brown curls, Lily with her red hair all pulled to the right side and curled and Roxy who's naturally curly hair has been tamed and put into a half up, half down do like Molly.

I've yet to see the bride since us lot were shooed from upstairs the minute we had our dresses on, all I know is that when I nipped to the loo about half hour ago I could hear crying and I'm not too sure if that's a good or bad sign.

"Ze bride is coming." Came Auntie Fleur voice from upstairs.

I could hear their footsteps getting closer and closer and then my eyes were blinded by the whiteness that had stepped into the room, in other words Vic.

Once my eyes adjusted from the glare, I could see my cousin looked stunningly gorgeous. Her dress was white with lace all over the bodice and at the bottom of the skirt. On the right hand side a cluster of lace flowers and beads overlapped the sky blue sash (which matched our dresses) which was tied in a bow at the back.

Her blonde hair which seemed to stand out against the whiteness of her dress was bumped up on top and the rest of it was in waves.

"Oh Vic, you look beautiful." I heard Nana sob.

"Five minutes until show time." Came a happy voice. I looked around to see James enter the living room and his mouth dropped open, "Bloody hell. Don't you all look pretty."

I smirked at his appearance, "You don't look so bad yourself."

He was wearing a black suit (much more fashionable than dress robes, according to Vic), a white shirt and a sky blue tie which matched our dresses, of course.

"Thanks Rosie. Hey do you like my shoes." He said raising his eyebrows.

I looked down at his feet and saw that instead of wearing black shoes, he was wearing a pair of pale blue converse shoes.

"There's going to be bloody murder if Vic spots them." I smiled.

"Well if there is then she'll have to kill the others and Teddy too, it was his idea and we're all wearing them actually."

I rolled my eyes at him and took my bouquet of flowers from mum who was passing the blue and white bundles to each of us. Instead of having a bouquet Lucy has a ball of the same flowers hanging from a ribbon.

"It's time." Came Nana's voice.

As I left the house I was able to see the large white marquee that had occupied the garden for the past two days. Waiting outside was the rest of my male cousins, each of them had the same shoes as James even uncle Bill who was waiting patiently for his eldest daughter behind them.

"Ok so Fred your with Dom, Rose with James, Al and Molly, Hugo and Lily, Louis and Roxy and then lastly Lucy before Bill, Fleur and Vic." Nana barked at us. Looks like she's gotten over her tears then.

I noticed Vic eyeing up the boys shoes, but she didn't say anything. The music started and Fred and Dom started to make their way down the aisle and then I felt James link his arm through mine before he practically pulled me down behind them. The marquee was packed and the inside looked amazing, a sky blue ceiling was above us. Teddy was stood at the end looking rather nervous, his back towards us. Uncle Harry was stood next to him and I smiled at their shoes, just as James had said they both to had the same blue shoes as James.

In the crowd I spotted Phoebe sat next to Scorpius in none other than a bright red dress (Phoebe that is, although Scorpius in a dress, oh how I would pay good money to see that), I smiled even wider. Trust her to wear bight red to a Weasley wedding. I also noticed Teddy's hair was a bubble gum pink and then in a blink it was bright turquoise. At the end of the aisle, myself and James split and I went to the right and he to the left. I made my way to the end chair and took my seat next to Dom. "Did you see their shoes," She whispered. I nodded. "Aren't they brill, I think Vic nearly had a fit when she saw dad in them."

Soon the front rows were full and the bridal march played. I looked around and saw uncle Harry whisper something to Teddy who then turned around and his face literally beamed with happiness. Vic was walking down the aisle, with Uncle Bill (in his blue converse) and Auntie Fleur either side of her. Vic's face was covered by the veil but you could still she her smile radiating through it.

When Vic finally made it down the aisle, her parents kissed her on the cheek and Uncle Bill placed her hands in Teddy's before sitting down. Together along with the white haired wizarding priest they stood under the archway made up of blue and white balloons, which are charmed to burst when they're finally pronounced husband and wife.

The wizarding priest pointed his wand muttered 'sornus' before announcing "Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered here today to celebrate to union of two people, two people who have know each other since they were little..."

I blanked out a little as the priest rambled on and I thought of how maybe one day in the future, this could be me with the love of my life getting married. I think I would choose a day in June and my dress would be white with lots of sparkle and a bit of lace or maybe ruffles. I'm not a fan of the big poofy dresses, so I think I would go for a mermaid style dress like Vic.

"Do you Teddy Remus Lupin take thee Victoire Isabelle Giselle Delacour-Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife."

Teddy beamed at Vic and said, "I do."

I could hear sniffling and I turned around in my seat to see Nana and Madame Delacour (Auntie Fleur's mum) sobbing into lace handkerchiefs. I turned back and looked at Dom who had a few tears running down her face. I smirked at her and she flipped her middle finger at me using her bouquet to hide her hand.

"I now declare you are bonded for life as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." The priest trailed off, pointing his wand up at the balloon arch causing them to pop and silver stars and confetti upon their entwined bodies as Teddy to put it nicely snogged the face off his bride. There were a couple of wolf whistle and 'get in there mate' as I joined in with the clapping and cheering. After they had finished 'kissing' the old priest announced, "If you would all be upstanding for the bride and groom."

We all stood up and Teddy and Vic walked down the aisle and out of the marquee, matching smiles as big as the sun on their faces. The priest waved his wand and with a flick the chairs rose gracefully up into the air and large round tables complete with table clothes appeared and the chairs were brought down and neatly set around each table.

He waved his wand again and in the middle of the tables a golden dance floor appeared, complete with speakers hovering above, nestled in the drapes that lined the marquee ceiling. I went to leave the marquee but felt Dom's hand on my wrist, "No point congratulating them now, we'll have time later." Dom said, "Come on let's find our table since Vic insisted on doing a stupid seating plan."

We made our way to the entrance and looked at the board that had the table numbers and who was sat where on it. When planning Vic insisted on doing things the muggle way and went with table plans, names tags on the tables and other things including a disco later on.

As it turns out us bridesmaids were all sat on one table along with Phoebe, Scorpius, James, Fred, Al, Hugo and Louis. I took my seat and placed my flowers in front of me on the table, Dom was on my right side and James was on my left. He was looking longingly across the room and I followed his gaze and saw what, I mean who he was staring at. Nikola, baby Carly, Ronan, Ivy and Connor were all sat at a table along with Auntie Luna, Uncle Rolf, Lorcan, Lysander, Uncle Neville, Auntie Hannah and the twins Frankie and Alica.

He looked pretty amazing with a white shirt and pink tie, his brown hair spiked up. I tried to catch his attention but he was too busy looking in the opposite direction. "Staring at lover boy are you?" Dom smirked at me as Phoebe came bounding over to take her seat next to Dom.

"I, no!" I protested.

"Hey Rosie, Dommie. You both looked amazing and if I swung that way I would totally date you."

Dom smiled at me and we both laughed as did Phoebe and the boys.

"You are one insane girl Phoebe Finnigan." Fred commented.

"And your rather small in the trouser department Freddie Weasley." Pheeb retorted.

Fred turned bright red and we all laughed even harder. "I, I, that was last year and I've..."

Fred was thankfully cut off by the hunky blonde waiter who had arrived at our table, a bottle of bucks fizz in his hand. Dom flashed him a smile as he poured our drinks and gave us instructions for our food. "The menus are situated in the middle of the table, just choose what you want and say it above your plate and the food will appear."

"Thanks." We all chimed.

After a three course meal of which mine consisted of Parsnip soup, roast chicken with all the trimmings and a large slice of strawberry gateau with ice-cream, I'm completely stuffed. After all the plates were cleared away Uncle Bill called for quiet and stood up as people (namely uncle Ron, James and Fred) started calling 'speech'.

He managed to quiet them down as he stood up, "Congratulations. Instead of losing a daughter, I've gained a son. I've know Teddy since he was in nappies, and he and Vic became the best of friends since she could practically talk. You are both perfect to each other and I wish you a life time of happiness. Love you both and best wishes for the future."

There were a couple of 'Awws' and uncle Harry stood up. "It was a great honour for Teddy to ask me to his best man today. His parents would be so proud of him and I'm sure their watching over you today Ted." He announced but said the last bit to Teddy. "I'm not going to say anything embarrassing about either of you except that my favourite memory of my godson and niece is when you were two and four and you were running around here, in the garden of the Burrow, stark naked having a water fight. Congratulations, Ted and Vic."

I smiled as we raised our glasses, trust uncle Harry to mention something embarrassing. I must make a note to ban dad from saying something really, really embarrassing if I ever get married. Trust me, there are a hell of lot of embarrassing things that I've done over the years and I really don't want to get reminded on my wedding day.

After the speeches, I got up and went over to Ted and Vic who were talking to uncle Neville. "Congrats you guys." I said giving each of them a hug. "You look stunning Vic." I commented.

She smiled, "Thanks Rosie and of course you look gorgeous as well."

By now the sky was growing dark and what looked like jam jars filled with light were floating in and around the marquee, the sides had now vanished so you were able to see through it as well as the sunset in the background. After mingling with some family members for a bit, music started playing and I recognised it as a weird sisters song. A few seconds into into I felt a hand on my wrist and saw my best friend grinning at me right before she and Dom pulled me over to the dance floor, both of them ignoring my protests.

Instead of being annoyed with them, I could literally kiss them both. Guess which Irish guy is dancing as well! Connor who had been dancing with Nikola stopped as James stepped in.

"Hey Rose, looking as pretty as ever." Connor said in a low voice as he passed me.

I felt myself blush and left Dom and Pheeb dancing away, Connor was over by the drinks table getting two butter beers. As I got closer he lifted them up, pointed to himself and then to outside. I nodded and followed him out of the marquee into the cool August night.

"Thanks." I said as he handed me a butterbeer.

Connor shrugged, "I meant what I said, you look really pretty."

I felt myself blush again, "You're not so bad yourself. deffineitly cutest guy in the room." I blurted out.

"Ahh so you think I'm cute."

"So you think I'm pretty." I retorted.

"Ahh touché miss Weasley, touché." Connor laughed.

We walked over to my favourite oak tree and sat on the bench that someone (I'm guessing uncle Bill) had placed here, out of the corner of my eye I noticed benches dotted around the outskirts of the garden.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

I nodded, "Yeah I'm finally glad bridezilla's gone and Vic's back." Connor laughed, "How come you were invited?" I blurted without thinking and covered my mouth with my hand. "Shit, I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was, I didn't exactly expect your family to be here, I mean you don't really know Vic and Teddy do you?" I babbled on.

Connor just looked at me before taking the bottle out of my hand, next thing I know he's inches from my face as I can hear his breathing, correction I can feel him breathing, his chest is that close to mine.

He leant in and his lips were on mine, warm with the slight taste of butterbeer. The hand that had been resting on the back of the bench was now on my waist and the other on my back. My left hand was on his back and my right was trailing through his soft brown hair. I felt his tongue lightly press on my lips and I opened my mouth.

"Would the bride and groom please take the floor for their first dance." A voice echoed around the garden, causing us to break apart.

We were both breathing hard, staring at each other when I broke the silence by saying, "Best get over there otherwise I'll be in trouble for missing it."

Connor smiled as I stood up and I squealed as he unexpectedly scooped me into his arms. He put me down just outside the marquee and we entered, standing by Phoebe, Scorp, Dom, Molly and Al. Teddy and Vic entered and took to the floor, as the music started and I recognised it as one of the songs sung by Lily's favourite muggle band.

Today this could be the greatest day of our lives,

Before it all ends, before we run out of time,

Stay close to me, stay close to me,

Watch the world come alive tonight, stay close to me

Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur joined the floor along with Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny, and not long after Nana, Granddad, Madame Delacour and Monsieur Delacour joined them as well.

"Care to dance M'lady." Connor asked with a bow holding out his hand.

I smiled taking it, "Of course." I said as he lead me to the floor as the music blared around us.

Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives,

Let's make a new start, the future is ours to find,

All around us I noticed people joining in: uncle Neville and auntie Hannah, James and Nikola, Phoebe and Scorpius, Dom and the hunky waiter. Wait did I just say Phoebe and Scorpius?, I must have looked wrong, oh no I was right. There's the ferret with one hand around Pheeb's waist and a smirk on his face.

Now Fred's walked up to and by the looks of it asked her to dance and hooray she's said yes, haha Malfoy's left on his own like a saddo. I watched ferret boy sulk off the dance floor and I felt Connor pull closer, I rested my head on his shoulder and when the music ended we broke apart, he kissed my forehead lightly and we left the floor.

I danced with various cousins and a few drunk relatives as well as Connor and Phoebe. I was sat at a table rubbing my foot, wondering if I could sneak in the house to get a plaster when I heard a glass chiming, looking up I saw Teddy stood on a chair.

"Can I have everyone's attention," The music stopped, and the chattering dies out." Thanks, I just want to say a big thank you to you all for being here on mine and Vic's special day. It means a lot to us both." He looked down at Vic who was holding his hand and smiled, "We have a very special announcement and we thought we'd wait until now to tell you all, I'm going to be a father, Vic's pregnant."

Cheers erupted from the crowd and there were many shouts of "Congratulations." as Teddy got down off the chair, pulling Vic into a hug.

"See told you she was up the duff." Dom said as she sat down.

I rolled my eyes at her, "Where's your latest boy gone then?"

She looked at me confused, "Oh the waiter, he's gone to get us drinks."

The waiter appeared and I quickly left, making my way towards the house. I was looking the kitchen cupboards for a plaster when a voice behind me said "Wrong cupboard, they're over there in the first aid box."

I jumped and turned around to see Malfoy stood there, drink in his hand.

"Thanks." I said hurrying past him to where he had said, sure enough they were in the first aid box by the window. Don't you find it weird that he knows where stuff is and it's not even his grandparents house, oh that's just me. Well he spends enough time here and at The Potter's since his parents tend to travel alot.

"That blue really brings out the colour of your eyes you know." Malfoy said moving closer to where I was.

"Hey Rose," Connor called entering the kitchen, he stopped when he saw Malfoy stood there looking at me like I was something to eat, "Can I have a word please."

I nodded and excused myself pulling Connor into the living room and closing the door behind me.

"To answer your question, your cousin Vic invited us as she and Kola are now friends and have been talking non-stop about wedding stuff ." He kissed my forehead, "And I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me," Connor said shyly, "Friday night around six ish."

"Course, see you then."

He kissed me on the lips before leaving me alone in the room. I smiled as I twirled around in a circle. I feel like I could shout with happiness, I Rose Weasley have a date!!!

What a perfect way to end a perfect day.

A/N When writing this I had an image of the perfect dress for Vic in my head and then I started looking around the net and eventually I found the perfect one (which is what I described) and if you want to see it there are pictures on my blog - link in my author's page. I think it's perfect for her since she's part veela/part french and has Fleur for a mother.

Song lyrics belong to Take That as it is their song Greatest Day.

And there was more Rose/Connor action YAY! and they're going on a date!


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My Summer Of Love: The Wedding


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