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The New Hogwartians by greglestrange
Chapter 1 : The Letters Part 1
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 Chapter 1
-The Letters-


“Come on Rommie, get up.”

I groaned and twisted in my warm, luxurious bed not wanting to leave its loving embrace. It was a Saturday and for some reason my parents expected me to get up as if it was a normal school day.
“Romilda! Don’t make me come up there. Your toast is going cold.” My mother yelled.

You wouldn’t be able to tell we were related. My mom had dark, long hair and bright hazel eyes while I had light Blond hair and Blue eyes. I guessed I got my looks from my farther. I never met him though so I didn’t mind.

“I’m just getting dressed.” I yelled and I quickly sat up in my bed and yawned. I got out of bed and got dressed; I quickly sprayed some Lynx and brushed my hair. I rushed out my room and down the stairs. I was rushing down the hallway when I slipped and banged my head on a window. I looked up to see two boys laughing at me as they were walking passed. I went red with embarrassment and flipped them off. I picked up what I had slipped on. It was a fancy looking letter addressed to me in a handwritten green ink. I looked at the back and it had an old-timey wax seal. I looked back at the front and frowned. It had no stamp and the address was written weirdly.

Miss R. Reeve
The Hallway
17 Winston Close

How had the writer known I would slip on it? And where I would slip on it? Weird. I looked up to see my mum angrily staring at me and I hurriedly stood up and placed the letter on the bottom step. I rushed into the dining room and ate my toast. My mum was about to sit down to eat breakfast when I left.

“Are you going to leave your mum on her own?” she asked

“Yes” I replied

“What if get attacked?”

“By what? The toaster?” I picked up the letter and ran to my room. I sat down heavily on my bed and ripped open my letter.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmaster Henry Roman

Dear Miss Reeve,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.
Yours Sincerely,
Deputy Head Dylan Sampson


I read it through twice and then again once so I knew I hadn’t been seeing things. This can’t be happening. Oh My Gosh. But what’s a Hogwart? And wizards don’t exist do they? I ran down stairs to tell my mom but stopped at the living room door. Should I tell her? I thought. What if she kicks me out? What if this is all a joke? I decided to tell her as mom always knew what was going on.

“Mom?” I asked hesitantly

“Yes dear?” she replied absentmindedly

“I have something to show you. Don’t be shocked or angry or anything just read it first.”

“Okay.” Her face was steadily looking more worried and as I handed her the letter she frowned. As she read the frown deepened. She looked at me shocked and then said “THIS IS SO EXCITING.”

I screamed with her for a while and then told her to calm down.

“Well the Rommie, show us your magic.” Mum demanded nicely

“Mom, I don’t know any yet I think that is what the school is for.” I sighed.

“Well then I guess we need to go shopping.” She exclaimed

“Where in London will sell this stuff?” I asked as looked at the list of items needed.

“Diagon Ally which is behind the Leaky Cauldron.” She said


I then rushed upstairs and pulled on a coat. This looked like a start of a new adventure.


Okay so my first chapter. I wonder if anyone could do a really cool banner cus I can't make one and the website which is recommended is not letting me log on -_-

So tell me what you think. And I am writing the same chapter for the other 3 characters p.o.v in one chapter 

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