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Living In London by CharliesRose
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5 - Belinda
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Beautifully Rosie banner, thank you so much cynical @TDA

Rose Weasley is a very tall, slim girl with a completely flawless face, and hair that actually remains straight when she uses a straightening spell. She’s a Healer-In-Training at St Mungo’s working with one of the best Healers there is. She has a beautiful little cottage that she lives in with her boyfriend, who honestly looks like a supermodel and works as a curse breaker.

I have one word that describes her life; “Perfect”!

It was her perfect life I was thinking about as I approached the stunning red head in the middle of Diagon Alley where we agreed to meet. The unfortunate thing about days off on Wednesday is everyone else has to work while you are stuck at home. And normally I don’t mind this, except eventually you do get sick to death of spending an entire day in bed every week, and neither of us could work out a better way to pass the day other than meeting up.

‘Belinda,’ Rose skipped the last few steps and opened her arms to smother me in a hug, ‘so happy you could make it, I was getting so bored at home, and oh my Merlin you look so pretty today, I really hate you,’ she teased, tugging at a curl that had fallen out of my pony tail.

The nice thing about Rose is her genuine, well... niceness. She’s so bright and bubbly and easy to be around, she’s so complimenting and happy all the time, and she’s not one of those irritating happy people either; it’s rather like her happiness just infects you and you can’t help but also be happy.

‘Thank you Rose,’ I blushed, mumbling shyly.

Rose didn’t seem to take note of my shyness, instead she pulled me along to the counter of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour and ordered two very chocolate-y sounding ice creams. ‘So,’ Rose chided sweetly, handing an ice-cream cone with me, ‘I am so happy you wanted to meet up today, I’m pretty sure I was just about to explode from boredom, I mean, why give me a day off work on Mondays? It’s ridiculous! And I’m sure I’ve seen just about every movie at the cinema-’

‘What’s a cinema,’ I interrupted, between mouthfuls of chocolate goodness.

‘It’s this random Muggle thing where they put films on a huge screen and you watch with a bunch of people – as I was saying, I’ve watched so many movies and read like, every book in my house... which reminds me, you don’t mind if we stop in Flourish and Blotts do you?’ She hardly waited for a response before continuing, ‘so I was so happy we could meet up, it’s just something to do that’s not... well... boring.’

I smiled silently.

‘I talk too much don’t I...’ she trailed off softly.

‘No,’ I tried to convince her otherwise, but it didn’t seem to be doing much work.

‘Yes, so I’m going to shut up and you are going to talk.’ She finished with a grin, prodding my side.

I licked my ice-cream innocently and glanced up to see her demanding expression, though her demand was soon forgotten when we passed a branch of the designer clothes shop “Patil and Brown” and Rose took her time admiring all the clothes in the window. ‘I worked in here one summer,’ she told me, admiring a dress patterned with flowers. ‘It was the Summer I got together with Scorpius.’ I laughed a little awkwardly, not knowing what to say, but it was okay because she continued. ‘You have a boyfriend?’ She asked.

‘Oh no,’ I teased, ‘nope, was never very good at having boyfriends...’

‘Why?’ she giggled, moving on to the next shop window, casually licking her ice-cream.

‘I don’t know, I was always the girl in the background,’ I admitted feebly.

‘How?’ Rose sounded aghast, ‘you’re so damn gorgeous? Boys here would be falling their feet to get to you.’

‘But in France their so busy falling over their feet to get my best friend Isabelle they hardly notice me.’

‘Well that’s depressing,’ Rose snorted in a very lady-like manner (don’t even ask how that’s possible because I truly have no idea.)

‘It was okay, I always had friends that were guys,’ I replied, ‘and I’ve had a few boyfriends... just no serious ones.... and my brother was always too protective to let boys anywhere near me when we went to the same school.’

‘You have a brother?’ Rose gasped, her eyes alight, ‘is he hot? How old is he? When do I get to meet him?’

‘Rose you have a boyfriend,’ I scolded playfully, finishing my ice-cream (Damn!) but proceeding to answering her questions, ‘his name is Ben, he’s twenty five and I’m not going to answer whether I think he’s hot or not because that’s a weird question.’

‘Oh My Merlin forget Scorpius, this is the “friends brother”, they’re always drop dead gorgeous, I must meet him,’ she insisted with a loud laugh. ‘Well you’re so lucky you have an older brother, mine sucks, would you like to swap.’

‘I bet he’s not that bad,’ I replied, ‘I mean, when we were kids and living here I always thought he was an irritating-’ I didn’t get to finish my sentence before Rose interrupted.

‘Wait, you lived here before, how come I never knew this?’ She demanded, rounding on me.

‘Um, I dunno, I guess I just never mentioned it, I lived in England until I was seven,’ I replied.

‘That’s so strange,’ her face was blank of any expression for a few moments, but she quickly snapped out of it, ‘I wonder if our parents knew each other.’ We rounded a corner and were faced with a shop so bright it hurt to look at it. There were giant posters and displays covering the windows, advertising the craziest things imaginable; sweets to get you out of lessons, anti-gravity shoes, shield clothing, love potions (and potions of very many other varieties.)

‘It’s so shiny,’ I squealed, shielding my eyes.

‘It’s my Uncle Georges,’ Rose laughed, pulling me along passed it, ‘while I would definitely recommend visiting, I would go some time when students are back in school so you can actually breathe when you visit.’

‘Your Uncle owns a joke shop?’ I asked, glancing back at it over my shoulder.

‘Yeah, it’s fantastic in there, I’ll take you some time.’ She continued walking beside me down the street, and I decided to take more note of where we were as she told some funny story about her cousin Roxanne being left in charge of the joke shop for a day. The street was busy, but not too busy, and the sun threw a warm glow over the cobbled roads. It had a nice atmosphere.

‘So what do you think of London?’ Rose’s questions snapped me back to our conversation.

‘It’s nice...’ I replied slowly, ‘I mean, I haven’t seen much of it... I barely know anyone, so that’s difficult and all,’ I blushed.

‘Well you know me, and trust me, you know one Weasley and it’s inevitable you will soon know them all – and by that time you know about half of Wizarding Britain. I have an hour before I need to get going, let’s sit down, my feet are killing me,’ she flicked the heels she was wearing and we made our way over to a cafe on the other side of the road and ordered pumpkin juice.

‘You know it’s so nice just having a girly day,’ I blurted out awkwardly. Having said it I thought Rose might laugh but she grinned broadly.

‘I know right,’ she agreed, ‘you just can’t have girly days out talking about nothing in particular with boyfriends, it really sucks.’

‘At least you have a boyfriend,’ I laughed.

‘You’re lucky you don’t,’ she rolled her eyes mysteriously and winked.

We spent the rest of the hour gossiping, talking about shoes and clothes and boys and in general being teenage girls (though by nineteen we should probably be out of the teenage girl stage of our lives). Rose told me about how she acquired most of her clothes from her cousin Dominique’s model shoots from back before she got pregnant. Dominique actually hated clothes but always looked good in them, she was the kind of girl who could make a bin-bag look good. So after she was done with modelling she gave all the clothes she had modelled to Rose who loved clothes. 

I told Rose about the boys I’d dated in France, though the list was very short. She laughed in all the right places and cursed the bastards by the end of each story and spent ages telling me about how English boys were so much less complicated. I wondered if that was just because she was lucky enough to have the perfect boyfriend.

‘It’s not,’ she promised when I asked her. ‘I mean, Scorpius is just one guy, but all the guys I’ve dated have been pretty decent, and look at my cousins, they’re all decent.’ She paused but then added, ‘but don’t date Freddie... he’s a bit of a man-whore...’

‘Ok,’ I laughed, ‘I’ll take your word for it.’

‘And don’t date Albus... he’s a bit... complicated.’

‘Oh,’ I raised my eyebrows, she sounded as though she was joking but I couldn’t really tell, ‘in what way?’

‘It’s not really my place to say, not that I know much, he’s just had a very bad experience and it really hurt him...’ she grew a little quieter at the mention of that particular cousin, and sipped her Pumpkin juice absently for several minutes before a her grin reappeared, ‘speak of the devil and he shall appear,’ she muttered with a smirk, pushing her chair back and getting to her feet. I swivelled in my own chair to see Albus approaching, head down so his hair covered his face.

‘Albie,’ Rose called, half running half skipping the distance between them and throwing her arms around his neck. It was probably a little strange to say she was still quite a bit shorted than him even though she was so much taller than I was.

Al gave a meek smile and ran his hand through his already disastrously messy hair. Even from the short distance away his muttering was so soft I could barely hear what he was saying. However Rose didn’t seem bothered, she waved away his words and grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards us.

‘Hey Belinda,’ he murmured weakly.

‘You must join us,’ Rose demanded, I’ve only got a few minutes left but I haven’t seen you in ages,’ she squealed, and not waiting for an answer she pushed Albus into the third seat at our table. ‘How have you been?’ she sat, leaning on her clasped fists looking at her cousin with genuine interest.

There was one thing I noticed about Albus which was that he didn’t talk very much, he was quiet and collected and gave pretty much only one word answers. All the time.

‘Oh come on Al,’ Rose said, exasperated by the time she’d asked about twenty questions and he’d only replied with yes or no. She glanced down at her watch again, ‘we are going to have to meet up soon, because I have to go.’ She stood up , brushing herself down, ‘and next time you’re giving me more sufficient answers, do you hear me.’ She leant over and kissed his cheek and then turned to me, ‘sorry I have to leave you, we must do this again,’ she collected me into a hug briefly, then with a quick wave over her shoulder she disappeared.

‘I- um- I have- I should go too,’ I stumbled over excuses, and the corners of Al’s mouth twitched into a smile.

‘You don’t have to leave,’ he blushed and ruffled his hair, ‘I’m not running off anywhere this time.’

‘I know... but ugh... well...’

‘Do you want anything else to drink?’ he had a guilty expression, but...Well who could refuse such a charming smile?





Hey My Lovely Readers,

Firstly thanks for all the helpful reviews, it’s so useful so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue reviewing, I’d love to know what you thought, what you like, what you think needs improving (helpful criticism is ALWAYS welcome!! – in other words, please review, I will literally get down on my knees...)

Also, thanks to helpful reviews, I have realised the chapters are a little disjointed, I’m still trying to fix that so if updates are not as frequent it’s because I’m trying to improve!! -  though hopefully this one will be quick because the que is short (YAY!)  

Lastly JK Rowling is the one and only creator of Harry Potter, and I take no credit for anything you might recognise.

Thanks for the reading, and please review.


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