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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 9 : Pain and Justice
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Chapter 9

Raven finally put her wand back in her pocket, watching as Viper continued to groan from the pain he had just received. She had enjoyed watching him scream in pain. She had done that for several hours, just because he killed Alyssa and Louis while they were awake and not asleep. In his mind, she was a crazy bitch. In Raven’s mind, what she was doing was totally justified. He had screwed up and he deserved to be punished.

“You have a minute to get up so we can continue making our plans,” Raven said, sitting in a chair she had just conjured, watching Viper’s struggle to get up.

Viper quickly tried to get up, fighting through the pain. He knew that if he didn’t do what she asked, there’d me more hell to pay, which he certainly didn’t want. The first couple of times he tried to get up, his legs buckled on him. He couldn’t give up though. He had to keep trying or more pain was sure to come. Finally, he successfully rose to his feet with only a few seconds to spare.

“Who are we going to kill next?” Viper asked gasping, still not completely over the effects of the cruciatus curse.

“I’m not really sure,” Raven replied, thinking about the many members of the Weasley family who annoyed her. There certainly were a lot of them.

“I take it you’re not ready to kill Harry yet?”

Her head snapped up to look at Viper. Why would he even suggest something so stupid? Hadn’t he learned that there needed to be so much more suffering before that happened?

“Of course I’m not! He ruined my life! He should suffer!”

Viper continued thinking that she was totally mental. In his opinion, Raven was going a bit over board. He got the whole wanting to make Harry suffer thing, but how many more people would they have to kill before they could kill him? She had always said that she wanted Harry to suffer. But what exactly was her problem with Harry in particular?

“How did he exactly ruin your life?” Viper asked, hoping he wouldn’t be punished for asking the question, “I could see you wanting to make James and Kristen suffer, but what exactly did Harry Potter ever do to you?”

In a matter of seconds he felt Raven’s wand pressed against his throat. This chick had major anger management issues. He tried to steady his breathing, wanting to appear calm even though he was far from it. Where Raven stood, she could kill him easily right then and there, which he did not want.

“He saved the Wizarding World, making everyone believe that the Weasley’s were all that when most of them didn’t do shit. He had James, who thought he was all that, which caused Kristen to develop the same mind set. If she had never met James, she would have never felt the need to act like she was the best,” Raven explained, pushing her want deeper into Viper’s flesh, “No one cared about the rest of us with those two running around.”

Finally, she stopped shoving the wand into his flesh. She backed away, wondering how Viper would reply to that. She hoped that he would be sensible and understand her. Otherwise, he would have to pay the price.

“So you’re killing people, and forcing me to do the same, because you have a problem with not being popular while we were at Hogwarts?” Viper asked, not thinking before he spoke, “That’s ridiculous!”

This was definitely not the answer she had been looking for. It wasn’t just a stupid popularity thing. It was about how those people walked around like they were all that. None of it was justified. By killing them and their friends, she was knocking their egos down a couple of notches. Why couldn’t Viper see that?


Viper once again felt the unbearable pain running through him. He really didn’t like how it felt to be tortured like this. It was more pain than anyone deserved in his opinion, even the Weasley family. They got the gift of quickly being killed; why couldn’t he have the same instead of this constant, painful torture? All he had done was asked a simple question and Raven had decided to torture him.

“If I didn’t need your continued assistance I would kill you now,” Raven spat harshly, answering Viper’s internal question, “You know exactly what I mean. You felt the wrath of the Weasley family.”

Viper struggled to get to his feet, remembering some of the things they had done to him at Hogwarts. They hadn’t been the biggest fans of him, especially during his last year. Viper was now desperate to change the topic. He did not like remembering what that family had done to him.

“So who are we going to kill?” he asked, grabbing on to a wall for support, done with arguing with Raven.

By the look on her face, Viper could tell that Raven was still trying to pick the perfect person to kill. She wanted it to be just right to cause the perfect amount of suffering to the Weasley family. He wondered if he would personally know the person with the unlucky fate. He hoped so.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Raven replied, “I think I might know who to kill. Meet me back in here tomorrow night.”

With that, she apparated away leaving Viper to wonder who the next victim was going to be.




***I hoped you enjoyed that chapter :) Raven's a bit crazy isn't she? Anyway, any thoughts on who the unlucky next victim is going to be? How about on Raven and Viper's true identities? As always, I would really appreciate it if you all continued to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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