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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 7 : Returning back to Hogwarts
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I sipped on my hot chocolate served by Mrs Potter this morning. I observed the abandoned street from the veranda and listened to the birds as they communicated to each other.


It was six thirty in the morning and I had stepped out of James’s house for a bit. Everyone was sleeping deeply, buried beneath their blankets, exhausted  from yesterday's party. 


My mind ended on James. He was truly a sweet person. He and His parents welcomed us openly and treated us like their own. 

Staying here was so much fun. It was sad that it was coming to an end. It was a memorable time I will never forget. 


“Sweetheart, it’s cold out here. Take this blanket.” I glanced up and noticed Mrs Potter standing there, holding a blanket out to me. “You’ll get a cold.” I thanked her and placed the blanket on my lap. The weather was chilly at the time of the morning. 


“The hot chocolate is amazing, Mrs Potter.” She smiled and stood behind me, braiding my untidy hair. My excuse was that I just got out of bed. 


“I would always make it for James when he was little." she informed. "Then he started drinking butter beer and coffee." she laughed. "Someone's up. ” She mentioned. “I won’t be expecting any of the boys or Marlene to be up, they need their beauty sleep. It's most likely to be Lily.” I could feel the gentle pull of my hair, before it came to a stop. I handed her my hair tie and quietly went back to sipping my drink. “I always wanted a daughter.” I looked up at her and smiled wryly.


“You have James.” She let out a laugh as she pinned the short hairs out of my face and stared at me. “All neat and tidy.”  Stepping back, she checked her watch for the time. “I better get ready for work.”


As I continued to watch the street and admire the peaceful morning, I suddenly felt a warm hand press against my back. I looked to my left and found a tired, sleepy Sirius, yawning adorably. 


 “Good morning sleepy head.” I greeted him excitedly. Hey, it’s not my fault that I enjoy a good company! 


He smiled back sheepishly and placed his arm gently around my shoulder. “Morning Lindy. You’re in a good mood this morning.” I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I was too busy watching the wind blow his lustrous black hair across his eyes.


I could feel his lean, muscular figure gently against my body, making me sit in a tight posture. I honestly didn’t know what was happening to me but it definitely had something to do with Sirius Black. 


He took a long sip from his hot chocolate and glanced back at me, with the same gleam in his eyes. “How can you wake up so early?  I normally wake up at twelve in the holidays.”  


I snapped out of my thoughts. “I’m a morning person.” I grinned and placed the blanket on him, noticing that he only had shorts on. “Aren’t you freezing?” I asked worriedly covering him with the blanket.


I waited for an answer but Sirius was too busy playing with my braid, hitting its end into my face. “You look cute.” He said adoringly, smiling like a two year old child on Christmas. 


“Thanks, Mrs Potter did my hair and stop doing that.” I grabbed my braid from his fingers and placed it on my back.  “You on the other hand, look…” 


“Gorgeous, ravishing…” he boasted, grinning at me. 


“Tired.” I interrupted. I noticed the heavy bags under his stormy eyes. He smirked and pulled me closer to his warmth. I hadn’t even noticed that I was shivering. “You look like you could use a little more sleep.” 


“Well, I had no choice. I haven’t packed yet.” He smiled goofily. I opened my mouth to reply but someone beat me to it. 


“Better get to it then Sirius, I’ll be dropping all of you a bit earlier. I have to get to work early.” Mrs Potter informed, messing his hair and received a scowl from Sirius. 


“Anything but the hair.” We laughed while Sirius tried fixing his hair. 


“Come on Sirius.” I attempted to pull away but he held me tighter to him, not letting me go. Don’t look at his eyes Lindy! 


“You’re helping?” he asked hopefully, penetrating his striking grey eyes through mine. I told you not too! 


“If you come now.” I breathed slightly dazzled. 


I pulled myself away from his warmth, immediately being hit with the cold breeze. Walking past him, I ruffled his hair again. “Come on now.” He growled and followed me in. “You played with my hair, I play with yours.”



We were all dressed in our school robes sitting in the common room. There was three hours before the Hogwarts express arrived. 

Somehow Mr and Mrs Potter got hold of Dumbledore and sent us all here via flop powder; they didn’t trust James or Sirius to get us to the station on time. 

Lily and I were sitting beside the fire place on the couch talking about classes while Marlene was filling her nails. The Marauders were whispering between each other and constantly glancing at us which constantly annoyed Lily. 


Finally, James pulled back first and smiled with glee. “Perfect.” He got up and flopped down, next to me on the couch.


“What’s perfect?” Marlene asked James, still not taking her eyes from her nails. 


“Our diabolical plan.” Sirius answered. “Which doesn’t involve you guys.” I gazed from Sirius to flickering fire, ignoring the constant poking I received from James.


“I’m hungry.” Lily moaned. From the food James served me last night, I had no intentions of going near food for a long time.


 “Hey Marlene.” Lily called sweetly. 


“No.” Marlene replied firmly. “There’s no way I’m going to the kitchen.” Lily huffed and crossed her arms. “It’s so far away.” She complained. 


Lily sulked and made a face to James. “It’s James’s fault.” Lily accused, now glaring at him.


“Hey!” James protested, immediately sitting up.


“She’s right Prongs.” Sirius stated dryly. 


“You were the one that forgot to pack the food your mum specifically told you to give us.” Lily blurted. 


"In my defence, I was half asleep." James concluded proudly. 


“I’ll come Lily. I’m starving.” Sirius offered, walking the door with Lily right behind him. 


“Peter, you want to go to the library.” Remus asked. 


“Nah Remus, I’m going to stay here.” Peter mumbled from the couch while stretching his hands. 


“James!” he asked. 


“I’m with Peter on this one. I’m going to chill here.”  James gave me a wink before closing his eyes.


Remus sighed and gave one glance at Marlene, who had her mouth ready to reply. “I’m not even going to bother asking you sweetie.” Marlene smiled and blew him a kiss. “Lindy?” 


I took a quick glance at Marlene who was busy fixing her nails and at James who was busy poking me while taking a nap and decided it was safer to follow Remus. ”Sure Remus, I'll come.” I pushed James away and stood up. 


“Come back my beloved.” James yelled.


“No need to keep the act James, Remus and I both know you’re using Lindy to make Lily jealous.” Marlene commented with the corner of her mouth twitching up.


"What." Peter screeched. 


"Well, now we all know." Marlene sheepishly corrected. 


“Nice going Marlene. Don’t leave me alone Lindy. I’ll be go deaf if you leave me with her.” James stretched his arms dramatically, trying to reach for my robes. 


With a quick charm from Marlene, James’s hair turned from pitch black to hot pink. I laughed first, followed by Remus and Peter. 

“Your hair.” Peter choked. 


“What, it’s perfect, devilish…” James answered boldly. 


“Pink…” Marlene stated with a mischief smile of triumph. James reached down his pocket and pulled out a mirror. “You carry a mirror in your pocket?” Marlene questioned. “Somehow I’m not surprised; I always knew there was a hidden girl in you.” 


“I’m not a girl and this isn’t just any mirror.” James stiffened, obviously from the reflection in front of him.


“Oh yeah.” Marlene shot back. “What’s so special?” 


“Nothi-Nothing. It’s got my…” he scratched his pink hair. “It’s got my initials on it.” Marlene looked pityingly at James. 


Remus tugged on my sleeve and motioned me to follow. We walked out of the common room while James continued yelling, whipping out his wand. “MY HAIR, My BEAUTIFUL HAIR! WHAT DID YOU DO? MARLENE!” I laughed and followed Remus to the library. 


“James is definitely going to have some kind of revenge in stored for her.” Remus stated truthfully. 


We both walked into the library laughing and took a seat at the table furthest away from Madam Pince. Taking out parchments, I started to read James’s essay he’d given me to check. He was a smarty pants that didn’t want to be known as a nerd. 


“So, you and James?” I looked up from the essay and glanced at Remus who had a questioning gaze upon me. He looks worried, why?  “I know you’re both pretending to make Lily jealous, well at least to James…” Ah Ha! Remus thinks I fancy James, ewe, no offence, James. “But if you have feelings for him…” he continued.


“Remus, I do not fancy James. We are only doing this to help him somehow win Lily.” I justified. 


“Are you sure.” He asked sincerely. 


I nodded my head. “Positive. I can’t even think of James like that, it’s gross.” I shuddered at the thought. 


“I just don’t want you to get hurt while helping him.” He confessed shyly. “You’ve been here for a few months and you’re already an important part to our lives.” I smiled sadly and felt my eyes water up. “I’m sorry, did I say something…” Remus asked anxiously. 


“No Remus, you made me happy. Being brought up at home and being home schooled, I've never had real friends.” 


"We're always here for you." Remus smiled and went back to his book, leaving me with my thoughts. 


I should tell them! 


No, you can’t, they'll get mad or baby you around. 


But… Mum and Dad told me to tell them during holidays, they said I was being unfair if I didn’t.  


I guess I can tell them latter…


But day by day my time is getting smaller. It’ll be worse if they found out themselves…. Sirius is already suspicious 


 “Lindy!” I snapped away from my thoughts and faced Remus. “I’ve been calling you for a while now.” He scrunched his eyebrows and stared at me intently. “Lost in your thoughts?” 


I nodded. “Sorry, what is it?” I mumbled.


“Oh, I was just wondering if you could help Sirius on the potions assignment. I would but I'm tutoring first years so I really can't be bothered to help him." he admitted. 


"Sure. I'm not sure if I'll be helpful though." I wasn't a pro when it came to potions. 


"Here he comes now." I watched as Remus wandered back behind the shelves, leaving me alone with Sirius. 


“Hey.” Sirius greeted, taking a seat across from me. 


“Hi.” I muffled, gazing anywhere but at him. Sirius always studied me, making me feel uncomfortable. 


“I brought you food but you weren’t there. You haven’t eaten anything today. Lindy, are you ok?” Sirius placed his hand gently on top of mine, staring at me with concern. 


I broke the gaze, causing Sirius to turn away. “Yeah,” I replied pulling my hand away. “I just remembered that I left a book at home, Mrs Pince is probably going to kill me.” I lied smoothly at Sirius. Now I’m being a liar!


”You’re worrying over that. Don’t worry Lindy I’ll talk to her. She’ll forget that you even borrowed that book.” He pulled me up to my feet and dragged me to where Remus was. 


I’m sorry Sirius. 


Sirius POV


She was hiding something, something she didn’t have the courage to tell us, something that was eating her inside, causing her pain by not being able to tell us. 

She was always drifting off into her own world. Staring off at space and zoning out of our conversations. First I thought it was because she fancied James and couldn’t tell anyone, but that obviously was not it. Well at least to Remus. 

I wanted to see her smile, genuinely. Not the cover up she’s been making everyone buy. I saw right through her lie today, like I do every time. I specifically remember returning all her books with her on the last day before the holidays. She’s not really good at lying.


Her mouth would always say something but her eyes would speak another. This wasn’t me. I never searched through a girl’s heart and I never wanted them to share their pain. And here I am, trying to find every possible way to make her smile, trying to search deep down her heart.


I won’t be able to if she won’t open up to me. I’m going to have to make her confess, confess what’s been bothering her.


“Ready Sirius.” One glance at her and I feel like my heart is about to stop. My breathing stops as I look into her crystal blue eyes, where underneath there’s pain.


I promise you Lindy, I won’t let you be alone. I’ll be there with you as long as you want. I’ll prove to you that whatever you’re hiding, it’s safe to share with me. 


Authors Note: It’s been awhile since I’ve updated and I hope you’re not disappointed by this chapter. This is much shorter compared to my other chapters but I had to end It off here. Please review if you enjoyed it or think what’s going to happen. 

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Keep Breathing : Returning back to Hogwarts


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