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Supremacy by imacullenpottergirl
Chapter 1 : Supremacy
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 Hey guys!! Here is a one-shot that I've written for a challenge about one of my favourite bands MUSE!! It's loosely based on the song Supremacy, so if you feel like it please check it out!! 

And I have to say a massive massive GIGANTIC thank you to my beautiful friend Kayla, (ohmymerlin) for reassuring me, and beta-ing this story at the last minute. I was practically having a breakdown, and I honestly could not have finished it without her. Love you Kayla!! 

Anyway, what you recognize isn't mine, please review, and lastly Enjoy :)

- Abhi

They were all lost in the music, lost in the moment. Moving their hips from side to side, they danced a hypnotic rhythm. The short dresses exposed their lean long legs already extended by their heels; the offer on display for everyone. They were willing, they were ready, and everyone could see that.

I take another gulp of my fire whiskey, and flinch as it burns my throat, though it is a welcome as a remedy to my misery.

“I need to go Freddie. I’ve been hurt too many times; I don’t think I can handle another.” She whispers, as I find her way out the door with her bags. She looks utterly broken, with her tear-stained cheeks and she looks like it’s hurting her to say those words.

“I’ll always love you, but I can’t stay unless you love me too.” She kisses me on the cheek, and murmurs, “Bye Freddie,” before walking out the door, and leaves me standing there, gob smacked and lonely.

I’m not sure why I’m still here. I could’ve left hours ago with one of these leggy blondes and forget for a few moments. But still I sit here, and gaze out at the crowd.

With her it was always different. It wasn’t just a fling, it was more than that. It felt different. Real. It didn’t compare to the others, it couldn’t.

And that’s when I see her. For a minute I don’t believe my eyes, I almost don’t recognize her. Her dark brown hair falls in loose waves down the length of her back, and its shine reflects under the lights. In the darkness of the club, her skin looks so irresistible that I yearn to feel the softness under my coarse hands. The navy, fitted, backless dress that she is wearing makes her look desirable; and I just want to feel the curve of her hips, the silkiness of her skin under my touch once again. Her face is alight with excitement, and she is eagerly looking around the crowd, searching. The black lines surrounding her eyes make the bright blue stand out; and they pierce through my heart, tugging at the want, at the need that I have for her.


My unspoken thoughts pull her eyes to mine, and they see right through the swaying bodies and look directly at me. She smiles shyly, before she looks away to follow her friends into the corner. She looks confident and strong. Somehow the tables have turned. I was always the guy who could have any girl that he wanted, and when I was tired I would move on to another. On my terms. But she saw straight through me. She knew who I was and what I did. She played along for a while, until she realized that she didn’t want to get hurt, because she knew that I could hurt her. I could tell her that she wasn’t enough - that I wanted out. She knew that I had all the power, all the control, so she left, making me confused and empty, a feeling that I had never felt before. It felt like Alex had a talent for making me feel things I’d never felt before.

I could imagine her smirking if I had said that.

Her smirk. It made her entire face light up with humor; it made her look so alive, so free. She was always so light-hearted, turning nearly every situation into something positive. She made them into memories to think back on and smile.

Wordlessly that barman hands me another fire whiskey, recognizing that I’m hung up over a girl. He smiles sympathetically, and nods; showing that he understands and knows what it feels like. To be so lonely that it hurts.

After finishing their drinks, she goes to the dance floor with her friends and I sit there, mesmerized, that someone could be as beautiful as her. Torturously, she sways her hips slowly, suggestively, closing her eyes and losing herself in the music. Her hands swing above her head, and her glossy, dazzling hair bounces around her as she twists her body, knowing that I am watching. She steals the show, and occasionally she’ll look at me with a sultry smile that stuns me. I’m unable to move because I’m so captivated by her.

She moves her body so gracefully, so skillfully, testing my limits. She knows how to push me over the edge. I grip my glass tightly, and I am entranced by her.

“That’s her, aye? Quite a catch you’ve got there. I don’t blame you.” He smirks at my shocked expression before he leaves to serve other customers.

Slowly, the tension in the room starts to build, gradually getting higher and higher as the night goes on. The both of us can’t bear it anymore so she strides over to me and pulls me through the crowd into a dark alley. My hand tingles with longing as she grips it tightly.

And suddenly, I can’t take it anymore. I push her against the wall and kiss her with my entire being, with all the loneliness I’ve felt into that one kiss. She kisses me with such desperation, like she's able to breathe again. And I realize that it’s hurt her as much as it’s hurt me. She missed me too. I hold her head with one hand, and her waist with another, and she claws at my chest with both of her hands. We become one, entangled in each other, and it feels like home. We break away after a minute and gasp for air, our breath making cold puffs of air in the dark night. I give us a little distance and rest my hands on my knees, panting, and she leans against the wall, closing her eyes, gasping for breath. I rest my forehead against hers and breathe through my nose, desperate for air. She pants, her body heaving.

“Damn it Alex. What have you done to me?” I ask her in wonder. I tuck a stray lock behind her ear, looking at her curiously.

She laughs bitterly before she closes her eyes and rests her head against the wall. We both stay silent, catching our breath.

“Do you love me?” she whispers, and her eyes open, the electric blue of her eyes gazing into my brown.

Without thinking, I say, “Yes.” I shock myself for a moment before I realize that it’s true.

“ Yes,” I say with more conviction, because I do. I do love her.

I love her. I love her with every cell of my body, with every fiber. I love all of her. Her fiery personality, her passion, her kindness, her mind, her humor, everything about her. I’d fallen in love with her. Love was a concept that I’d never even considered before. I’d never even thought about it.

All the others, they needed me. They were at my mercy. I didn’t need them, didn’t care for them, but I needed Alex. To survive, I needed her to love me in return. Now she has all the power, all the control. Because I’ve given myself to her.

She’s destroyed my supremacy.


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