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The Demon Within by Prongs1981
Chapter 7 : Getting Together
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“Come on, Rose!”



“No, Mia!”



“Why not!?”



“Because it isn’t any of your business!”



“But I saw you two!” I pleaded. It definitely was my business. She goes around snogging the guy she has had a crush on for ages and doesn’t want to tell me! I, as the best friend, am obligated to know everything that is going on in her life.



“You saw nothing!”



“Liar, Rose Weasley! I saw everything. But fine! If you won’t tell me about it, I’ll just go ask Scorpius!” I stopped abruptly and started in the opposite direction, like I knew where I was going. I didn’t have a clue really where the Slytherin common room was, not that he ever hangs in there. I knew Scor wouldn’t tell me anything. But Rose didn’t.



“Fine!” she yelled after me. YES!



It’s been a week since the snog session and she is finally telling me. She is  very persistent in not wanting to tell me things. But I win. I always win.



“Not here, though. Let’s go to the common room.”



We made our way up the moving stair cases to the portrait hole. We gave the Fat Lady the password and stepped through. The common room was empty since it was a pretty decent day outside. We plopped down on our usual seats by the fire.



“Alright, so how did it happen?” I asked curiously.



“Oh…I dunno really. We were just sitting around talking, I don’t even remember about what.”



“Were you drinking or something?”



“Well, I mean, a little. I don’t reckon I was drunk or anything. It was just pointless, random things that I’m not really too sure of.”



“Okay, this is irrelevant. Get to the juicy part!” I demanded.



“The juicy part?”



“Yeah, you know, the part where you two started sucking each other’s faces off.” I have a way with words.



She gave me a disgusted look.



“It’s not like that. I dunno we were just laughing and having a nice time. And then Mitch Jones tried hitting on me, in a crude way.”



“Ew, Mitch is such a player.”



“I know. And Scorpius knew that as well. So he told him to get lost. But he wouldn’t go. He sat next to me and put his hand on my thigh.”



“Seriously? What an arse! But how does this have to do with how you and Scorp started kissing?” I questioned impatiently.



“I’m getting there! Scorpius got a bit angry, you see, didn’t think Mitch should be anywhere near me. So he punched him.”



My mouth dropped. Scor would never hurt a fly, let alone punch someone. Oh, goodness he really likes her!



“He punched him!?”



“Yeah, right in the face. And then he told me I was too special to be treated like that and I was too good for anybody in the whole school. So I kissed him. And he didn’t stop or anything.”



“So now you two are a couple?” I asked excitedly. My best friends! In a relationship! They’re going to get married, have babies, I’ll be the godmother. This is just great!



“No, we most definitely are not.”



“Come again?”



How are they not a couple? He pulled such a good move defending her. It’s obvious they like each other, I mean they are bloody perfect together.



“I haven’t talked to him since the party,” she explained.



“Rose, that was a week ago!!! Why have you not talked to him?”



“He’s avoiding me too. Mia, he was drunk, he doesn’t like me like that. I ruined our friendship by kissing him.”



“Are you mad!? He is in love with you. Anybody with half a brain knows that.”



“No, he doesn’t. But anyway, I’m just going to let this whole situation die down for a bit. You didn’t tell anybody what you saw, did you?”






I did tell Riley, who is bound to tell Fred, who of course will tell Albus. Albus will then ask Scorpius about it. So yeah, basically everyone knows.



“Nope, not a soul,” I lied.



“Good, because I don’t want Scorpius to know that I mentioned anything to anyone. He probably already thinks I’m a real nutter.”



“Your secret is safe with me, Rose.” I can say that because it technically isn’t lying. I already told someone so from here on out I won’t say anything. So it is safe with me. Technically.



“Thanks. You’re a good friend. I’m going to go down to the library now to study, like I was planning on earlier before you made me tell you this whole story. Catch you later.”



Rose left the common room, leaving me alone. I jumped off the couch and sprinted up to the 6th year boy’s dormitories. I launched the door open.






I covered my eyes with my hands. I forgot the number one rule for entering a boy’s room. Knock, always knock.



Al grabbed his towel and made a little skirt thing out of it.



“Okay, I’m at least a little covered now,” he said. I removed my hands from my face.



Dear Merlin! 1… 2… 3… 4 …5 …6 …7… 8! He has a bloody 8 pack. And his arms! How haven’t I ever noticed his arm muscles before? He was so ripped! There was nothing but muscle on this boy.



“Enjoying the view?”



The view? Oh right, I’m totally staring at him like a crazy person. But who could blame me? Look at his body! It’s so perfect!



“I, uh, was just, uh…wow you have a lot of muscles,” I blurted. Mental slap. Did I seriously just say that out loud?



He gave his sly smile.



“Thanks. I think it’s only fair that you take your shirt off too now.”



“I think you have gone loopy. No but seriously, I need to talk to you.”



“About my abs? Because you have yet to look away.”



“Ugh! No! Just put a shirt on already!” I said. I didn’t want him to put his shirt on because holy moly that was a really nice 8 pack, but I couldn’t give him that satisfaction that I thought he was actually really good to look at. I’m not a crazy stalker fan like the rest of the girl population at this school.



“As you wish, Mia,” he said coolly with a little wink. Oh, Merlin.



“That’s exactly what I want!” He grabbed an old Puddlemere United shirt from his trunk and dressed himself. He grabbed a pair of boxers and excused himself to the bathroom. He came back out fully clothed and towel less.



I made myself at home on his nicely made bed. He grabbed a spot next to me.



“So what did you want to talk about?”



“I know you know about Rose and Scorpius.”



“And what is it that you know that I know because I don’t think I know what you know I know,” he teased.



Boys! Always trying to get a laugh.



“About them kissing last Saturday.”



“Oh, that. Yeah I know. Fred told me.”



See, the order was right. I told Riley, she told Fred, Fred told Al. I’ll bet anything he talked to Scorpius.



“And did you talk to Scor?” I questioned.



“Of course I did. He’s my best mate…and Rose is my cousin. I had to know what was going on.”



“And what did Scorp say?” I was dying to get to the bottom of this. Our best friends’ relationship was in jeopardy here.



“And tell me why I should tell you what he said?”



Bugger! Why must he always be so difficult?



“I need to know!”



“How’s Will by the way? We haven’t talked about your relationship for awhile.”



“Don’t change the subject, Potter.”



He raised his eyebrows at me, expecting me to answer his question. I could tell he wouldn’t tell me anything if I didn’t answer his question.



“We broke up. Now tell me what he said.”



“Why did you break up?” He looked sincerely at me.



“What? Why does this matter?”



“Well, I care about you, Mia. Are you okay? I thought you really liked him.”



“Er, I guess, but looks can be deceiving. I’m fine. I’m glad to be rid of him, to be honest. He was not as good of a guy as I thought.”



“Did he hurt you?”



What was with all the questions? I just wanted to know about Rose and Scorp, and he is just digging around in my love life. It is not any of his business. He shouldn’t even care.



Probably just wants to tell you he told you so. Wants to have a nice laugh. You’re so stupid for falling for Will. You’re such a dumb girl.



“Let me guess, you want to tell me that you told me so. I get it, Potter, I was wrong,” I said harshly. The voice was right of course. I was stupid for falling for him. Stupid for giving him everything. Just stupid for wasting my time. And Al would probably rub my face in it.



“No, of course not. It’s not like that at all. Mia, you have to tell me. Did he hurt you?”



“It doesn’t matter. I deserved what happened. Now please can we get back to Rose and Scorpius?”



“You deserved it? Mia, you’re not making any sense. He did something to you! I’m going to kick his arse!”



He started to get up and move to the door. I grabbed his arm to stop him.



“No, Al, seriously, it doesn’t matter. I broke up with him. I don’t have to go through anything like that again.”



“Are you sure?” He asked, looking down at me. I gave him a hug.



“Yes, I am.” He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in tight. I could smell his body wash. He smelled so good. “Now, I’m begging you, please tell me what Scorpius said.”



“Well, if you’re begging, I can’t refuse.” He smiled down at me and ended the nice smelling hug. He walked over to his bed and hopped on. I followed and took a seat.






“Oh, right. I asked him about the kiss. He said that he punched a guy and Rose started to kiss him.”



“But why is he avoiding her?” I questioned.



“Well, she was a bit drunk you see, and he is afraid that this little ordeal would affect their friendship. Besides, he doesn’t want to creep her out,” he explained with a shrug.



“Rose wasn’t drunk. Scor was..”



“Scorpius wasn’t drunk in the slightest. He never drinks. He usually drinks water at parties.”



“He didn’t drink anything? Not one drop?”



“No, that is what I just said, wasn’t it?”



“So…does that mean… I am right. He likes Rose for sure?”



“He’s liked her for ages. Bit annoying really. I mean, it’s really strange. He’s my friend and she’s my cousin. Anyway, we all know that he likes her. Except Rose, naturally, she can be so thick at times,” he said with a chuckle.



“I know that. She is my best friend after all. Now the question lies, what are we going to do to get them together?”



“Oh, no! I am not getting involved in this bit of nonsense.”



“It’s too late, Potter. You are already in.”












We schemed for ages, trying to come up with the best way to get them to talk about their, not really secret, secret feelings. By dinner we had the perfect plan.



I was walking along the corridor towards the Slytherin common room. Al had told me that Scor usually leaves there around 5 for the Great Hall and I wanted to cross paths with him.



I felt like I was aimlessly walking. I had never been to this area in the castle. It looked pretty Slytheriny but it is hard to tell for sure.



It’s dark, sketchy, and very gloomy over here.



How did Scorpius get put into Slytherin? He’s too peppy for this kind of décor. And especially the people. There hasn't been a witch or wizard gone bad who wasn't in Slytherin. Then there’s Scorpius who is the nicest guy anyone would meet.



I guess that’s what you get for having your whole family in Slytherin. He had his name in that house since before he was born.



“Mia, what are you doing down here?” called a familiar voice from behind me.



Thank Merlin, I was really starting to get scared.



“Scorpius! I got lost! I was looking for you and Al said you’d be in the dungeons but I wasn’t too sure where that was,” I explained. Al did try to explain it but I just got confused and, well, here I am.



“It’s a good thing I found you then. Why are you looking for me?” He questioned, finally getting to where I stood.



“I need your help!” I blurted.






“I’m failing, Scorp. I just…just can’t figure out transfiguration. I try and I try, but nothing! I am completely terrible at it. Will use to help me but since we broke up-“ I trailed off, pretending to be really upset. I forced tears out of my eyes.



“No, Mia, don’t cry. I’ll help you! No, please stop. Mia, come on. I’ll tutor you as much as you need,” he tried. He pulled me into a hug.



I gave a sniff and continued to give a fake cry. He rubbed my back kindly. We ended our nice friend hug.



“Thanks, Scorpius, you’re such a good friend.”



He smiled at me.



“Thanks, Mia. You’re pretty great yourself.”



“Can we start the tutoring tonight? I have a killer essay and-“ I gave another whimper, “-I am just so lost.”



“Yeah, sure, anything you need, Mia. Right after dinner. But hey, I gotta go into my common room to get something, I’ll meet you after in the library?”



“Sounds great, Scorpius.”



We went our separate ways and I headed to go find Rose.












“-I’m just so lost without his help, Rose. Maybe I should give him another shot. He was such a good boyfriend and so smart,” I cried to my best friend.



“No, Mia, he was utter shit to you. I’ll help you. I’m the best in our class anyway. Will can just fall in a hole!”



“Thanks, Rosie, you are the best friend anyone could ask for. Can we do it tonight after dinner in the library? I have a killer essay due and…and…I’m so lost,” I whined.



“Sure, sweetie, I can help you.” I smiled through my fake tears.









After dinner I informed Albus how the plan was going. All we had to do was get them alone in the library to talk and we were golden. We would get our best friends together.






I got to the library a little early and sat there doodling on my parchment. Albus was hiding behind a bookshelf ready to make an excuse for me to leave.



“Hey.” I turned around to look Will in the face.



“What do you want?”



“I just want to apologize.”



“You don’t get to apologize, Will. You cheated. You used me and then you cheated.”



“I know. I’m sorry. Can you please forgive me, Mia. I still really like you.”



“Will, you need to leave.”



“Please, Mia, I want you back.”



“She said leave, Bertrang,” Albus said, walking out from his hiding spot.



“This really isn’t your business, Potter,” Will fought back.



“Of course it is. You fucking cheated on my friend. You are scum. You don’t deserve Mia’s time of day,” Albus defended.



“Oh, I get it, are you two hooking up. See, you are a little slag, Mia. Bet you were doing Potty here on the side-“



Albus cut him off. He grabbed Will’s collar on his robes and pulled him closer to him.



“I swear to Merlin, Bertrang, you stay the fuck away from her. Get the hell out of here,” Albus growled. He released him and shoved him away. Will frowned at him and left. Albust turned to me. I stared at him dumbfounded.  I didn’t know what to say.






“Why didn’t you just tell me he cheated on you?” he asked sadly.



“It, well, I mean…I just…I didn’t want to trouble you with it,” I stumbled out.



“Trouble me? Mia, you couldn’t ever trouble me. Like I said, you’re too good.”



I heard someone coming.



“Al, they’re coming. GO!”



He nodded and quickly went back to his hiding spot behind the bookshelf.



“Hey, Mia. Wow you’re early, you must really be determined to do better in class,” Scorpius said, taking a spot down next to me.



“Class? Oh! Right, charms!”



“Charms? I thought you needed help with transfiguration?” he questioned. Oh duh! I did say transfiguration.



“Oh, I, er, need help with both. I’m so stupid, Scorpius, I can’t even get the classes right!”



Yeah, nice safe! What up!?



“Oh, it’s okay, Mia! I can help you with both if you like,” he offered.



“Hey, Mia, sorry I’m-Scorpius? What are you doing here?” Rose said, finally joining our little party.



“Rose? What are you doing here?” I asked innocently.



“You asked me to help you with transfiguration, remember?” she said, getting a little mad.



‘What the hell, Mia?!?!’ she said telepathically. I ignored her.



“I did? Oh my gosh, I am really starting to lose it! Seriously you guys, I really need help! You know, with both of you here, I could have double the help,” I offered.



Rose looked at Scorpius who was looking intently on the ground.



“I guess…”



That’s the spirit, Rose!



She took a seat next to me. Scorpius was sitting across from her. She was becoming red.



Que Albus.



“Oh, hey guys! What are you all doing here?” Al said in a fake acting voice. Come on, Potter, get more real here! He is not as good of an actor as I am. Newb!



“They are just helping me study for transfiguration,” I said sweetly.



“And charms,” Scorpius added.



“Mia, you’re failing charms now too!?” Rose piped in.



“Oh, I didn’t tell you?”



“No, you didn’t tell me,” she said harshly. This girl really needs to cool it. I’m trying to get her and the love of her life together here and she is just being too crabby for words.



“That reminds me, Mia. Flitwick is looking for you. Something about an extra credit opportunity. He sent me to fetch you. You gotta come now,” he said, a little more believable this time.



“Okay, I’ll be right back then, you guys.” They started to get up. “No, you stay. It’ll only be a couple minutes.” They sat back down. “Just talk or something, don’t get too bored.”



Al and I left the library and went back to the common room. It was a bit awkward on the way back. We didn’t know what to say to each other after the whole Al threatening my ex-boyfriend situation.



I was about to head up to my dorm when Al stopped me.



“He cheated on you a week ago, Mia. Why didn’t you say anything? I found out today. TODAY!”



“I dunno. It wasn’t a big deal, I guess,” I said lamely, refusing to look at him.



“It is a big deal, Mia. I would have…I could have been there for you,” he said. I closed my eyes and lifted my head. I slowly opened them and looked into his brilliant green ones.



I was hurt looking at him. I don’t know why I didn’t tell him. I should have. We are friends and it’s only fair. He did tell me a bit of his mysterious crush.



“I’m sorry, Albus.”



“Don’t be sorry, love. I’m just concerned about you. Are you okay?”



“Yeah. I’m good. Don’t worry.” He looked at me in a way he had never looked at me before. He grabbed me and hugged me again. This is the second time today. And he still smelled so good.



Is it weird that I can feel his abs right now? Probably.



“Aw, isn’t this just precious?” Fred said from behind us. I pushed away from Albus.



“Fred, leave them alone! They are in love!” Riley said cheerfully giving him a forceful push.



Woah, WHAT!



I am not in love with Albus. He is not in love with me. What is with my friends lately!?



“Riley, what the hell!?” I blurted. Fred chuckled. Riley shrugged and plopped down on the couch.



“Oh, whatever, Mia. I’m just stating the facts. I mean Rose and I know about your dream and how you kept talking in your sleep.”



“What were you saying in your sleep, Mia?” Al questioned eagerly.



This can’t be happening! I don’t even know who I was dreaming about and now everyone knows! My face was getting really red with anger.



“Nothing!” I said quickly.



“She said, ‘Al! No, don’t go! No, please!’ and some other mumbo jumbo,” Riley said, looking down at her nails.



“RILEY!” I yelled. What the hell!? That was my private dream! Something I didn’t even want her and Rose to know about.



“You were talking about me in your sleep?” he said giving his famous smile. Bullocks!






“Yes! Now can you two finally get it together! You need to date.”



“Don’t you like my little comment now, Mia?” Fred said, laughing. He sat on Riley who tried to shove him off but he didn’t budge.



If I wasn’t so angry with her, I would have been giddy. But this is not okay!



“I’m going to bed!” I announced fiercely.



“Try not to dream too much about me,” Albus teased.



I sprinted up the stairs. I hate my friends.









Hey, everyone!



Who is loving/hating Riley right now? She’s just so blunt! What a great friend!



Did everyone think Scorp and Rose were a couple after last chapter? Yeah, that would just be too simple for them, wouldn’t it. (Evil laugh)



So what did you all think of the chapter? Love, hate, bored? Man, I’m sorry I asked so many questions in this author’s note. Curious I guess on how people are feeling about it.



Anyway, please comment and tell me what you think! I love reading people’s reactions; they make me smile because you are just so funny :)



Thank you so much for reading you guys!






Love you all!






P.S. EvaLestrange I hope this doesn’t have too many spaces. I feel bad and really tried to fix it :)




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