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Unexpected Expectations by LadyOrobourus
Chapter 4 : A Day of Sin's Expectaions
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Prestory AN~ Dream is marked by Itallics, didnt want it to be confusing. Happy Reading


I tried to calm myself as the door opened, a young witch, looking only a few years older than me,  came inside with the tray, her wand pointed at me. It was as if she knew my intentions. I waited until she started to sit the tray down to attack, using all the strength my broken body I could muster. I lunged forward. The connection of my fist to her throat cut off her spell. I quickly rotated her neck as I had seen in the movies, with a sickening pop, the life left her already dead eyes. Elated that my plan had worked, I tried not to think about the conciquences of what I just done. It took no time to empty her pockets and take her wand. There was not much, some gold and a ring of keys. A rude grunt from the doorway interrupted my search. The guard looked surprised as he took in the situation. Flashes of green and red filled the room as we both attacked. My spell hit his chest, his body crumbling against the wall. I tried to ignore the pain from his spell that had grazed my side. I could not stop the squeak that escaped my lips. I mended what I could, quickly getting back to the task of getting out of here.

It took only a minute to change into his robes and mask. Silence met my ears as I listened for sounds of backup. The path twisted and turned I set a path of fiery destruction in my wake. 

             It felt like an eturnity before I managed to pull myself out of the hole and onto the ground. I quickly took off the stolen robes and mask, and dropped them into a pile. Looking around, hoping no one was close enough to respond quickly. I followed the road leading away from the shack that marked my previous prison. Before leaving, I had started a fire down stairs. Smoke was already rising out of the hole I had made in the cellar door. Someone would be coming soon, I moved as quickly as my injuries would allow my initial adrenaline rush wearing off. Once I was a safe distance, I turned on spot and the familiar sensation of being pulled through a tube had never been more welcome. The elation hit me with enough to force my knees to collapse from under me as I landed in St. Mongos. The cold tile floor felt nice on my fevered face. It was finally over. I could finally rest. For the first time in weeks, I welcomed the darkness when it took me.


            Daylight poured through her window when she awoke. The tidy room adorned in several of her favorite things, was nothing as dark or dreary as the dream had been. Draco had moved several bookshelves in so all she had to do was summon them. The only issue was her wand. In her escape, she had managed to crack it and it wasn’t working quite properly. She was still on bed rest but Draco came in every afternoon to take her out in a floating chair around the garden.

In light of the most recent Mr. Westbury visits. Sin had taken to using a dream journal, though most of the time she had normal unicorns eating ice-cream dreams, several stood out, and one in particular was one of a muggle house, its white sides and butter-yellow window shutters. It was reoccurring, most of the time only at a glance. It had taken her a while to notice the trend. She still wasn’t allowed to take any potions besides the daily array. Her frustration was building. How much was dream? Was it all in her imagination? Why did that picture look familiar? This dream had been so predominate. She sat up and tried to summon her dream journal, but her wand gave a feeble spark of green. Already tired of being stuck on bed rest, she decided against pushing her luck. Sitting back against the mounds of pillows, she pulled a quill from the side table and wrote it down. This would have to work until she could make a formal entry.



It had taken quite a bit of convincing on Sin’s part to get the healer to agree to let her walk about for a bit. Upon the word that she wouldn't overdo it, promises of resting once she felt tired. He reluctantly agreed. She was still on a daily potion regiment, so taking any memory returners or dream remembrance potions was out of the question for now. There were several spells, but her wand was still wonky. Of course, she could just ask Draco but she wasn’t sure she wanted to drag Draco into this just yet.


 This last week’s redeeming quality had been Draco. He managed to make it bearable, constantly bringing her new books, along with sweets and tea. They ate dinner in the garden frequently. Unless he was at work, he rarely left her side. As sweet as it was, she wondered if this was the newest step in their relationship. He often caught her off guard with his handsomeness. She spent a lot of time wondering how lucky she was to have his attention. He was the same as he had always been, charismatic and charming. Since his display at the hospital, she found him a bit more guarded and slightly reserved.


When she asked him about building her shop, again she noticed he carefully avoided the subject. Before the fire, they had been talking about moving in together, but she had hoped that had meant sharing a space, not separate rooms on the opposite sides of a manor. She wanted a home to call theirs, not the guest room of his mother’s manor. Disappointment of the situation colored her mood dark more often than not. If he didn’t want her to be with him then why had he gone through so much trouble to put her here. She tried not dwelling on such negativities. Maybe he was waiting until she healed to move her in with him in a more permanent situation. She could only hope.  


It had taken a bit more convincing to talk Draco into taking her shopping. She needed a new wand and the fire destroyed all of her clothes. The ones she was wearing, the hospital staff had burned. She had a few outfits that Narcissa had picked out but as well placed Narcissa’s gesture had been the outfits lacked color. Mostly blacks and grays the outfits really were not her thing. It wasn’t until she started complaining about how she was feeling depressed from being stuck in the manor all way that Draco broke.


Therefore, the next afternoon a very reluctant Draco and Sin set off via floo to London. Their first stop was to Olivanders to purchase a new wand. Sin was a bit giddy. She had spent a lot of her down time studying wands and their cores, buying a new one was one of the things she looked forward to the most. The history of wand making was most fascinating. Draco’s hand took hers as they walked along the familiar path to Olivanders. As they approached the shop, Draco stopped and turned to the other end of the ally “While you are getting your wand I am going to go get some owl chips for Alfonse.” He kissed her forehead before turning back down the street, to the Owlimporium. Sin thought nothing of it until she was walking into the shop. Alfonse was starting to get a bit of weight to him from an over abundance of owl chips already.


The old dusty shop was filled with the spice of magic. She could feel the supple pull of energy as she looked over the neatly stacked boxes. She was thankful Draco was two shops down, purchasing something from the owl shop, as the visit was far from pleasant. Olivander was insistent that he had never sold her a wand. It took a bit of convincing, but she finally got through to him that maybe her face had changed over the years. She wished she had brought her broken one to convince him.


He eventually let her win him over. She played with several wands until finally the warm wood of Acacia with a dragon heartstring core made the counter bloom. She paid the man his 12 gallons, and left the shop happy to be done with the place.


Disappointed that wand buying had not been as fun as she had wanted it to be, she tried to look forward to the rest of the day, setting off to find Draco.  Finding Draco turned out to be simple. He was on his way back with a small sack of treats. She could feel the warm wood of the wand still unfamiliar but eager. They left through the Leaky Caldron into muggle London.


She spent the rest day pouring over brightly colored clothes both Wizard and muggle alike with Draco. She was tired of pastels and flat plain colors. She wanted …. No, she needed something to brighten her mood. Despite her constant protest, Draco managed to pay for everything before she got the chance. When confronted about, he gave her the look that told her to drop it. Normally she would have pushed, but after her visit with the wand maker, she wanted nothing to do with unpleasant things for the day. Her luck was running a bit short.


They stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch. Sin found a couple’s booth in the corner as Draco ordered for them. She didn’t want to admit it to Draco but her leg was starting to hurt and before long she would need to go home, but the nice weather and being out of the house was too much to pass up. Draco looked amused at the number card in his hand muttering to himself about muggles.

 He turned to her with an apprehensive look “So, what do you want to do after this?” she thought for a moment and ran her good hand through her hair. The patches were gone but it was still sort of a mess. It had taken Narcissa four charms to get it semi decent for the day. Even then, the dark roots were starting to show though. “I wouldn’t mind going to the salon and getting my hair fixed.” She cast Draco her best please smile. If anything, his look darkened. She instantly regretted asking. She could never figure out his apprehension of shopping with her. His closet was twice as big as her was. All of his suits where handpicked tailored to him. Somewhere in that man was a guy who liked shopping, she wanted to find it and harness that power for pure shopping madness!

The server came with the food before Sin could push farther. The little tart cast Draco a sly smile as she placed his food down first. She didn’t even glance at Sin as she plopped her food down, causing the au jus to spill all over the plate and Sin. Sin scrambled to mop up the mess, Draco’s glare at the made Sin want to defend the rude girl. “I would like a replacement for my fiancé’s food. I would also like to see your manager.” His continued glare caused the girl’s smile to falter, and she scurried away to the kitchen and Sin watched in silence still trying to contain the mess. Trying control her curiosity of the situation, before it showed on her face.

Draco looked back at her before answering the stream of questions that were flooding her mind. “It was easier to get rid of her if we were more than a couple.” He pushed his plate away, not quite looking her in the eyes and started to help mop up the mess that was now making its way to the other side of the table. She nodded and didn’t push the matter. He was in a mood today, and she didn’t want to fight.

 A haggard looking manager came out of the back moments later and after a string of apologies, moved the couple to a new table and Sin got an un-soggy sandwich and the check compt. The silence thickened to a point Sin couldn’t stand it. She took a couple of bites before breaking it.

“Thank you, but you know I would have eaten the other sandwich it was just some broth…” Draco chewed before answering. “That’s not the point. She was blatantly rude, I wanted to get up and leave but you have been limping in the last half hour I figured it would be worth it to sit it though so you could rest.” So he did care, Sin was taken back, this was unexpected. He had noticed, but the weird part was that he cared enough to stay, on top of the Fiancé bit; she was starting to get concerned.

 Since when did Draco become like this? Normally if he wanted to do something, it was his way or no way, the spoiled only son shown through the nice on most occasions. She ate her sandwich in silence mulling over it. He had called her his fiancé, while she was pleased; this was a new turn in their relationship. Had she really won over the notorious bad boy? She shook her head to clear out the thoughts, of course not... She tried to not think too far into it, after all he had said it was just to get rid of the other girl.

 When they walked back out onto the street, Sin held out her hand to Draco and he took it. She didn’t stop the smile that crept onto her face; she was going to have to talk with Narcissa about this. He stopped and hailed a cab. A short phone call and twenty minutes later Sin’s newly re-grown hair was in a deep lather as the flamboyant Frenbua was talking her ear off about the delicious little charm he had learned in Paris to re-grow hair. After she got her hair styled, Draco paid him as Sin admired his work in the full-length mirror. The charm had grown her hair to her shoulders. She never remembered her hair being that fuzzy. It had taken several serums to make it manageable. It now hung in a loose shoulder length that complimented her face and neck. Blonde was truly her best color. Her brown eyes were bright. The shiny skin of scars drew her attention to them. She turned her head to the side to look at the scaring that ran along her hairline behind her ear. She would have to redo the charm that normally hid them. She admired her reflection one last time before returning to Draco’s side. He held his arm out and she took it. He turned on spot, taking her home.


Her new wardrobe had not fit into her guest room very well. She had hoped this would spark the more permanent living situation conversation with Draco. Instead, Draco fixed the situation with bringing his armoire down as temporary housing for them. Her frustration must have been apparent because a few days later she woke up to the house elves bringing in a new luggage set for her. When she asked about it, he had mentioned he would be traveling soon on business in Rome, and wanted to take her along. Business trip sounded very boring but Rome sounded nice. Rome was one of the places on his to take her to list. She allowed the excitement of travel to motivate her to pack. She busied herself picking out several outfits to wear for the trip. If traveling with Draco was anything like living with him she had to be prepared for anything. 

AN~ Hoozah! Now we are getting to the fun part of the story... Sorry for the chapters of boring. I'm hoping to update again soon. If you have time tell me what you think, trust me it makes my day. As always Happy Reading ~ Lady

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