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Iridescent Hearts by aquabluez17
Chapter 2 : Sapphire Violet Malfoy: Impasse
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Hi guys! Thanks for all of the reviews! It really meant alot =) I hope you like the 2nd chapter. There's a lovely Chapter Image up for the last chapter and a lovely banner as well. The artists will surely love it if you would take time to look at their work =) 


Sapphire Violet Malfoy's POV

I looked on as the vows were said. The vows that would force my sister into the marriage she didn’t want. The marriage she could not run away from. The marriage that she would now be stuck in.

I seethed silently as I heard the priest call out that the husband could kiss the bride. To my surprise he actually did, even though he hated her guts and Ru didn’t try to move away. Probably since she didn’t have a choice. His grip on her back looked lethal in any case. Though why she wasn’t kissing him back escaped me. I know I would have. I mean if I was going to be stuck in a marriage with such restricting rules I would make the best out of it by forgetting my loathing for the idiot and just snog the living daylights out of him. It’s not like he was hard on the eyes or anything. But then no one asked me anyway.

“Saph? Saphy?? Sapphire!” I heard someone say as they shook me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Ya?” I asked slightly taken back at the messy raven haired boy in front of me, confusing him for his brother for a minute until I saw the telling deep emerald green eyes.

“Maybe I have this dance M’lady?” Al asked cheekily as he bowed and placed his palm in front of me.

Smirking at his antics I put my hand in his palm and quickly stood up, picking up my black and gold dress slightly as I curtsied to respond, “Off course good sir,” and followed him to the dance floor where I saw all shades of red dancing including my triplet with her new husband looking a bit dazed.

“They’ll be okay. Don’t worry,” I heard Al whisper in my ear as he placed his arm around my waist and I put mine on his shoulder, “And if they aren’t... Well then we all will be there to keep them from going to Azkaban,” he muttered making me smile.

“It’s too late anyway. They will just have to learn to stop being childish,” I stated calmly as I looked up at the boy who was a year younger than me, in the same year as my younger brother Scorpius, but still hovered over me.

“Don’t worry too much now,” he chided me smirking, making me laughing silently at his cheekiness, “Not worrying at all silly. Nothing to worry about.”

“If you say so,” he said, as I tried my hardest not to step on the poor guy’s feet.

“Do you know where Scorp is by the way?” I asked as subtly as possible. It’s not like I actually cared anyway. I just wanted to make sure he was here, and not getting into trouble. Somehow I always get stuck cleaning up his mess and today is just one of those days where I would rather sock him than clean his mess.

“He’s here. Drinking. Far away from your father’s eyes. And yours too as I recall,” Al added as my eyes narrowed at this piece of information.

“He’s what?!” I bit out through gritted teeth, “That little piece of shi-”

“OKAYY!!” Al said quickly, spinning me around so I couldn’t run to find my annoying little brother who was making very bad choices at this very moment while I had been too busy feeling bad for Ru. The song changed to a slower one as everyone changed partners, forcing me to stay on the floor. I watched Al grab one of his many cousins, Lucy, and whisk her off. 

Before I could stop my feet, I felt myself crash into a wall, only realizing it was a person when I was suddenly enveloped in a pair strong sturdy arms. I looked up and saw his face, instantly feeling a scowl appearing on mine.

“Well well well. If it isn’t the great Ice Princess,” he drawled, looking down at me from his menacing height of 6’4 even after my heels made my mere height of 5’9 go up an inch or two, not that I was that tall anyway. In my own home I was the second tallest so I was perfectly comfortable with looking up at people; so rather than the intimidating effect he obviously wanted, I just glared. He acted like a hawk, while I was his next prey though it didn’t bother me. This was normal; it was something he always tried to do, and I had outgrown it after the first time, in 1st year. His big hands rested on the small of my back in a tight grip so I couldn’t leave. Obviously he didn’t know me at all; There was no need for this, I wouldn’t be able to leave anyway.

“And if it isn’t the one and only court jester,” I sneered back, feeling the cool air radiating off of him as he glared at me, “Are you sure your parents didn’t make a mistake Weasley? Surely they meant to name you Feste! The name does speak volumes.”

“Ya? And what about you my little jaguar?” he said in that tone.

The tone which demanded attention. The tone which forced one to cave, commanded to give up control. I silently conjured my thoughts as I prepared myself. It always took a lot more out of me than him, this thing we had. He took it as a pastime. As an intermission before his big finale while I sunk like the titanic every time. Not this year though. Not this year. I refused to go down without a fight. It will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but then again what else is new in my life?

“Running out of nicknames Weasley? Or are they just a tell tale of the amount of thinking your brain can handle?” I asked gasping though in shock of him yanking me into his body or just for the hell of it, I wasn’t sure.

It was terrifying how thrilling it felt, this battle of ours. It was like a drug...,my own personal drug. During the next 10 mins, I would be the one who would be responsible for what would happen to my life. It would be my duty to win, my duty to watch him crash, my duty to embrace the euphoric feeling we both so caved. The feeling which made us fall mercilessly to this barbaric routine of ours.

“Why so upset princess? Sad that the lime light if off of you for the day? That no one cares about daddy’s little princess since daddy is paying too much attention to his other daughter. The one who is actually humane,” he asked mockingly, watching for any weakness on my part so he could dive in for the attack, “I can practically feel the ice melting. Wouldn’t want people to believe you are soft now would we?” he taunted as we started the game old as time, the one with many previous players.

Battle of wills some called it while others argued that it was just opposites attracting. Some said it was sexual tension, but the absurdity of the thought made me chuckle. Whatever it was where many had failed, we still tried. We had to prove them wrong. We had to prove that we could do what they couldn’t have. And if you have motive, everything is possible... right?

I stared into his deep indigo eyes, only realizing for the first time that they were much closer than usual. The hells, I mused to myself, at least they are good for one thing. I watched him while calculating my next move, so we could move on, so we could finally end this thing we had, and reign me the rightful Queen I was supposed to be. After all, it was more of a battle of wit than will, and it would be foolishly naive of me to pretend that I was lacking in the area.

I snapped out of my monologue as I felt his eyes slip from my face and take me in, making me shiver slightly. When he was done, they came up to meet mine once again, a lazy smirk stretching on his face as he looked at me with those cold indigo eyes. It truly amazed me, the number of people who talked throughout Hogwarts about his supposed magnificent eyes. Every corridor, every bathroom, every class had at least a pair of girls who would be talking about his eyes, his face, his personality, him. Apparently the eyes made them all melt. I wonder if I was missing something...

“I should be asking you the same thing,” I countered as he spun me harshly his grip tightening around my waist making me smirk slightly as I realized I might be getting to him, “No one paying attention to the son of the greatest jokester in the world. I bet your father would never have that problem. Guess greatness doesn’t run in the family... or just conveniently missed you, recognizing your lack of talent,” I finished smirking even wider as I finished my shot and waited for the rebound while trying to figure out the damage.

“What has the summer done to you my jaguar? Shaved your fangs?” he asked, his voice void of any emotion, as always, his face holding that sadistic sneer it always did when he talked. Was I the only one who ever noticed the sneer? Or was it specially for me? His words hit home, making my traitorous body flinch even though I didn’t want to.

He was right. The summer had changed me. Flinching? Shuddering? Responding physically? It was beneath me. Especially in the presence of Frederick Charles Weasley the II as he always reminds people. But here I was, in the arms of the enemy, showing emotion, feeling his words and worse of all trying to find any human emotions in the self made monster in front of me. Yes it’s true. He was a monster. One who feed off people’s despair, my despair. Strived off of making sure everyone was lower than him. A true dementor.

“What about you Weasley? Seems like you still have your lousy comebacks trying to outbest me,” I goaded him.

“Oh how could I forget. No one can out best the Ice Princess,” he scorned at me, as his fingers trailed circles in my back making me shudder.

I hoped to Merlin that he didn’t realize the slight effect he was having on me but it was clear from his abnormal smirk that he knew exactly what he was doing and getting exactly the reaction he wanted. I shivered as he pressed his cold hands on my back and slightly slide them and down, not enough for anyone to notice but enough for me to want to break his sodding hand. Damn you Weasley. Damn you.

“Good for you to remember,” I responded calmly before pushing against his chest, “And don’t you dare touch me. Who knows where those hands have been and when was the last time you washed them...”, I snarled before leaving as the song came to closure, just like our 10 minute battle had. Though I knew that it wasn’t over yet. Not tonight, just like it hadn’t been since the first night in 1st year. An impasse. A ceasefire, that’s what this was. The winner had yet to be named... and in war, there is always a victor.

“What do you mean she has to marry him?!” I demanded, the anger quietly brewing inside me.

“You heard me dearie! She, Amber Ruby Malfoy will be the one to marry James Sirius Potter,” the ghost responded as if it absolutely normal for him to be matchmaking two of the biggest nemesis on the planet.

“What are you now? Cupid?” I responded, my voice heavy with sarcasm which obviously flew wayyy over the ghost’s head since he just stared at me as if I had two heads.

“Why off course I am not love! I am the grim reaper! I thought I already mentioned that...,” he responded sounding slightly thrown off, making me groan at the ancient ghost.

“Nevermind,” I bit out before continuing, “Why does she have to? I will. I would love to marry James,” I responded. Anything to get my pain of an arse sister out of trouble. That was after all, my only goal in life.

“Yes yes! I’ll marry her! I’ll marry Saph!” James said, speaking for the first time, panic clear in his voice making me smirk besides myself. I wasn’t a martyr. I refused to become one now.

“Nope cher. You will not marry her. You will only marry Amber,” the ghost replied, sounding almost as if he was going to bite our heads off. I’ll like to see the goddamn snake try. “And not only will you marry her, you will make an Unbreakable Vow with her since, if it wasn’t obvious, I don’t really trust you too.”

“Ya that is not happening grandpa,” I drawled, wincing a bit mentally at what Grandpa Lucius would say, since it didn’t really matter what my other Grandpa said anyway.

“Language,” Dad said scowling making me dip my head down in acknowledgement of my mistake before saying, “Do me a favor Mr. Reaper,” I said to him, making it sound like his word was law, even though mentally I knew things would end up going my way as always.

“Fine. Then I guess I’ll just see you at your death. Pleasure doing business with you love. Maybe we will meet on the other side!” he said excited as he started to float away, making me shiver slightly.

“No wait. You can’t just leave,” I called out, my voice starting to lose control.

“What is it love? If you don’t agree with the deal, then there is no deal,” the ghost responded, his voice now cold.

“Isn’t there any other way?” I asked almost sounding desperate but refusing to acknowledge the thought. Desperation was for the weak. And since the weak had no place in this world, they had no place in mine as well .

“Nope love. Nothing at all! But just for you, I’ll make the time period longer,” he said and the turned around to point his ghostly fingers at my sister and James, “You two will have 2 years to produce a child. Don’t bother to thank me. I already know I deserve it,” the ghost said, giving us his weird ghostly smirk with a slight chuckle.

“There has to be something else,” I demanded, feeling the determination slipping, the domination tipping, and my rule falling.

“Aw. Your enthusiasm really gets to me love it does. Too bad I don’t really care...,” the ghost drawled. I heard my silent growl before I felt it escape my mouth. This was bad. This was really really bad.

Well I hope you liked it! For any of you who are wondering, next chapter will be back in Amber's POV. 

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