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Stormcaller by Snapegirl
Chapter 27 : Epilogue
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As the months went on, Lily grew bigger, rounder, and more impatient. In contrast, Lucy grew more serene, eager, and happy as Remus Lupin made himself a presence in her life. Remus came to call upon her each week, always making time for her to go to dinner, or a dance, even a movie, once she introduced him to the phenomenon. He also made certain to include Theo in some activities as well. He took both boys to Quidditch matches and also went flying with them. He took over some of Lily's Transfiguration lessons as well, because as a shapeshifter, he knew what it was like to transform better than anyone.

Harry and Theo liked him because he was mild-mannered and patient with their questions and mistakes. Eventually, Theo asked permission from Lucy to tell Remus about his shapeshifting ability. Lucy agreed and Remus learned of Theo becoming Tempest. He was quite amazed at the Squib's ability, and said it proved his theory that no one (even Muggles) were without some form of magic, even if the ability was latent.

Lucy soon found herself losing her heart to the werewolf, because, like Finn long ago, Remus loved Lucy for being herself—not for being a pureblood witch. He didn't look down on her for loving her deceased husband or her son or for being a glorified housekeeper at Heatherton Cottage. "People do what suits them best, and they love whom they love without reservation. At least the best kind of people do," he told her once. "Like Lily and Severus. Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect, because Merlin knows I've made plenty of mistakes, but unlike my former friends, the Marauders, I can learn from them. I know what it is to be ostracized because of being a werewolf, so I can sympathize with Theo for his foot and his magic, and Harry because he's a stormcaller. But I also admire their strength. They've learned not to let their disabilities rule them. That's something I've had to work very hard on, because it's all too easy to say I give up and surrender to the way others feel about you. And I've had to learn not to. But I have, especially now, when I have a decent witch and a child worth fighting for."

Severus was surprised at Lupin's new resolve and happy for Lucy, whom he regarded like a sister. Eventually he healed and returned to practicing Mind Healing, and all of the staff at St. Mungos and his patients were grateful to have him back again.

Lily became more and more housebound as her pregnancy progressed, though compared to how she had been when she had Harry, staying at Heatherton with her son, Theo, Lucy, and Severus to keep her company was not a trial. Not always. Of course, she had good and bad days, and the boys learned to tell which was which and try and sympathize or stay out of her way on the bad ones. But for the most part, her pregnancy was normal and she enjoyed feeling the new life within her move.

Harry was praying harder than ever for a brother when Remus asked for Lucy's hand in marriage some three months later. Harry was a witness, and Lily and Severus the best man and matron of honor. Both were shocked a little that they had been chosen, especially Severus, who had started out not being friends with Lupin. "It's one of the reasons why I chose you," Remus said afterwards. "Because you tell it like it is. If I'm being a jackass, you'll let me know."

"Always," laughed the Mind Healer. "If you'll do the same for me?"

"Of course. What are friends for?"

Around two months later, Lucy was pregnant as well, and both the couple and Theo were overjoyed about the new addition. They moved into Lucy's little cottage full time and began decorating a nursery.

Lily was almost due and together the two witches discussed the symptoms of their pregnancies and if they were uncomfortable and also what names they were going to consider with their child. She had decorated her nursery with mint green stripes and lambs, moons, and stars. She told Lucy that she couldn't wait for the baby to get born.

Finally, on November 28th, Lily felt the first labor pains. She waited awhile to tell Severus, because she wasn't sure if they were real or not. But when her water broke, she knew the baby was coming, and they quickly Flooed to St. Mungos. Unlike her first time, this time went quicker. And there was a surprise.

Instead of a single daughter, there were twins—a boy and a girl. Valerius Septimus was born first and ten minutes after that came his fraternal twin, Iris Marian. The twins looked nothing alike, with Val having his father's dark hair and green eyes, and Iris having her mum's red hair and dark brown eyes.

Severus about nearly burst with pride when he saw his newborn babies. He had never expected twins, much less one of each! Harry was delighted too, he was a big brother to both a boy and a girl. It was a very happy Snape family that took the babies home from the hospital the next day.

Lucy and Remus stood as godparents to both babies, and in turn, Severus and Lily were godparents to their son, Johnnie—John Richard Lupin—when he was born. Unlike Theo, Johnnie was born perfectly formed in body and in magic. He was welcomed into the family with joy and love, and would grow up beside the Snape twins, best friends from the time they could walk and string two sentences together.

And Harry became famous as the world's first known stormcaller to avoid madness and discover how to use his once-vilified talent to save lives all over Britain. Severus and Lily kept the reporters off his back once they learned of what he had done, though one effect of the storm had good consequences.

The winds had churned up the mud of a bog on the moor—and with it Poor Maggie's murdered love. Once the body was found and properly laid to rest, the ghost quit her haunting and moved on to heaven, reunited with her lost love at last. And the legend of Poor Maggie was allowed to die and a new one came to take its place—that of the stormcaller Harry Potter.

A/N: Well, that's all for this story. Anyone care for a sequel?

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