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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 11 : When you thought things couldn't get any worse...
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A/N: Heyy guys so did you have a nice Christmas?

Anyway, the character ‘Kerry Parkinson-Grove’ is being re-introduced (or at least re-mentioned) in this chapter so if you can’t remember who she is I would advise going back and re-reading chapter 2! xxx

“Meow” said Aristotle


“Meow…meow” I replied


“Hiss!” Aristotle said.


Well that was a bit rude…
Yes I was having a conversation with my cat and before you ask, yes I am sane. Due to the current lack of friends the only social interaction I really got was with Aristotle. Though I now at least had Katy we weren’t really the type of friends which shared all their secrets and painted each other’s nails, we both knew that it was mostly a friendship for both of our conveniences.


It was so weird going into a lesson and not being able to plonk myself next to one of the girls. Instead I spent every lesson at the back, on my own.
Not even Kerry was talking to me. Clearly the others had already spoken to her because she had already replaced me in the group.


On a particularly crap day, care of magical creatures just wasn’t the same without Al to talk to, I dawdled to Transfiguration and ended up being late. It wasn’t as though I cared but by the look Professor Fenwick gave me, I think she did.
“Miss Barker, would you like to explain why you are late?”
“Umm…I don’t know” and I slumped down into a seat at the back sitting alone as usual.


You see, Professor Fenwick is a big fan of the Potter and Weasley family and always favouritism, and well everyone had heard about the argument so likely she now hated me. I wouldn’t put it past her, I don’t think she liked me much before let alone now.
Today we were meant to be recapping the basic vanishing spell but I wasn’t bothering, Fendick (as I liked to call her) soon noticed and approached with the intent of chastising me as well as boring me to death.


“Excuse me Miss Barker but why do you still have a teapot in front of you?” asked Professor Fenwick gesturing to the teapot I was meant to be vanishing.
“Because, well I like tea and I was thinking of keeping it for further use” I replied simply, with a completely straight face.
“10 points from Gryffindor for your cheek Miss Barker and now, show me the vanishing spell.”


I attempted to make the teapot vanish but only half-heartedly because well, I liked the tea pot and it had blue spots!


“Miss Barker, are you or are you not aware that the teapot is still here. This is a simple spell which you should have mastered in 4th year. Rose has already managed to vanish her tea pot among various other objects. I glared at the back of Rose’s head.
“Your performance is just unacceptable”


She carried on like this for what had seemed like ten minutes telling my about how rubbish I was and how much she hated me, or at least that was the gist of it, I didn’t really bother to listen to her too closely.


“You know what? I don’t care!” I yelled standing up and exploding with uncontrollable anger, “I don’t need to learn transfiguration to be an auror because in case you haven’t already noticed, I am a metamorphmagus!” I carried on yelling my hair turning redder and redder as I got more and more angry almost just to prove to Professor Fenwick that I was a metamorphmagus. Professor Fenwick just gulped like a goldfish.


I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and stormed out of the room. Like I said I don’t need transfiguration to be an auror because of the fact I was a metamorphmagus so I don’t know why she was giving me such a hard time about it.
When I reached the dorms I was still fuming and my hair was still bright red. I looked in the mirror, I suppose the hair sort of suited me, maybe not so bright but still.
It was a bit more daring than anything I had really done before. The only reason I had kept it blonde was I was the only one in the family that was born with dad’s blonde hair and I had kept it like that after he died because I was scared I would forget him otherwise.

That Friday there was another party a start of term one. I decided not to go. All the drama that had happened so far this year had happened at one of the parties. Right now the last thing I wanted was more drama I really wasn’t in the mood for it. I had had far too much drama so far this year and could wait at least a bit longer before I was served the next batch.


I was still awake at about 3am when the girls arrived back at the dorm. They were all giggling like mad and they were all obviously drunk even Rose. She is such a hypocrite! She has a go at me for getting drunk then she goes and gets herself drunk!
Then Rose stopped giggling and started talking.
“Such a good party” she exclaimed. The others all agreed. I watched through the hangings of my four poster bed.


“Especially as that bitch wasn’t there to ruin it!” she laughed gesturing towards me.
I ripped open the hangings and stormed towards Rose. She looked shocked it was obvious that she hadn’t expected me to overhear. It seemed to sober her up a bit. Her face was draining of redness and she now seemed very pale in comparison seeing as she had been quite flushed from being drunk.


“We have been friends for so long and after one stupid mistake on my part, I have become ‘that bitch’ have I!?” I screeched at her.
She collected herself up and closed her gaping mouth, “a stupid mistake? Is that what you call it? It was more like assault, I know it’s not exactly an official rule but I thought it was obvious not to go around assaulting your best friends cousin” she replied, it was snarky and full of malice…not like Rose at all. I could feel myself crumple in sadness at her words.
“ I was provoked, and I was already upset because my ‘best friend betrayed me” I glared at Evie, she didn’t say anything but she did at least have the decency to look ashamed of herself.
“Evie did nothing wrong, she didn’t have to say anything to a bitch like you” Rose growled.


That was it, I launched myself forward and grabbed her hair. She screamed out and clawed at my hands, Her nails were sharp, Rose wasn’t known for filing her nails and I could feel the blood trickling down my hands. I yelped in pain and let go. She glared at me. I slapped her and she immediately grabbed my hand pulled me towards her and shoved my backwards with all the force she could muster. I couldn’t stay upright, I flew backwards and as I fell whacked my head on the edge of the bed behind me.


My vision was fast becoming fuzzy and out of focus. I could just about make out Rose standing over me and snarling “Oh and Fliss, that hair colour…doesn’t suit you”
My head was throbbing and my vision becoming more and more hazy by the second but I knew I had to get to the hospital wing. I stumbled along my hands on the wall for support. I walked as far as I could, falling as I made my way out of the portrait hole, I crawled for a bit before I couldn’t drag myself any further. I sat down with my back to the wall trying not to fall sideways where I sat. My eyes sagged shut.


I was jolted awake by the sound of clattering footsteps, I checked my watch and saw that I had been unconscious for almost an hour. The footsteps became louder and louder until a group of laughing Gryffindor’s came into my sight. They must have been some of the last people leaving the party. The group was being led by James Potter. My stomach squirmed. I could see his eyes widen at the sight of the blood on my hands, I tried to get up but my head spun.


“Help…please!” I whispered, my voice desperate but he kept on walking. I began to cry silently as he walked past getting further and further away.
A clatter of heels on the stone floor preceded the arrival of someone else, Alicia.
“Fliss!? Are you alright?” Alicia whispered hurriedly.
“Licia, I don’t…I don’t know what…” but she shushed me and put an arm around my shoulder and the other beneath my legs. She hoisted me up and walked hurriedly towards the hospital wing. She had been drunk, but I think seeing me like this had sobered her up, we were at the hospital wing within minutes, “I don’t know what happened” she gabbled, “ I just found her”


Madame Thorne nodded and quickly started to attend to me. She examined my head and tutted. I didn’t know what to say, I still couldn’t even remember what had happened. After watching me drink various potions until she was finally satisfied, she left us alone. “What happened Fliss?” asked Alicia. I mumbled nonsense for a bit…before finally replying, “I dunno,” I groaned.
“Come-on Fliss you have to try and remember, it’s important”
“I, uh” but the potions must have been making me drowsy because my eyelids where becoming continually heavier.
“Sorry,” I mumbled to Alicia as my eyelids drooped and I fell asleep.


I sat up and looked around, I was still in the hospital wing but it was now dark, I had slept through the whole day.
Then it hit me, I knew why I was there. I remembered what had happened; I remembered why I was sitting in the hospital wing with bandages on my head and hands.
Rose. Rose bloody Weasley.
Footsteps shuffled towards me.
“Miss Barker, are you alright? You should rest, you hit your head very hard” said Madame Thorne.
“I know what happened” I muttered hurriedly as though I would forget if I didn’t tell someone quickly , “It was Rose, Rose Weasley. The cuts on my hands are from where she scratched me and she shoved me and I hit my head on the bed” I continued.
“Are you sure? Miss Barker that is a very serious accusation to make”
“I’m sure, in fact I am certain."

She nodded and assured me that she would inform the headmaster.
When I finally left the hospital wing a few days later I had the bad luck to walk straight into Rose and her minions. Typical luck of mine.


“How are you after your little ‘trip’ then?” Rose sneered at me.
“I don’t mind, you’re the one that’s going to get punished. It would be a shame to ruin your perfect record wouldn’t it” I snarled back to her.
“Like they’re going to believe you!” she screeched back though her voice was full of fear and worry.


“Miss James, you understand how serious what you’re saying is?” asked Professor Muddlepod. I just nodded. “So what exactly happened?”
“They all came back from a party, they thought I was asleep. I heard Rose saying the party was better without a bitch like me being there. I grabbed her hair and she scratched my hands” I explained, showing him the cuts still clearly visible on my hands. He raised his eyebrows but I continued to explain what had happened, “She shoved me and I fell backwards and hit my head on the bed behind.”
I watched as he scrawled across the parchment writing down everything I said.
“You say ‘they’ who exactly would that be?”
I faltered, not wanting to drop my ex-best friends in it.
“Amelia Gardner, Evelyn Mathews and Ava Malfoy” I answered my voice monotonous. I looked down at my knees ashamed that it had come to this.
“Thank you Miss James” he said and I took my cue to leave.

I trudged downstairs and returned to the common room, I had missed three days of school as well as the weekend because of the cut on my head. Apparently I had a mild concussion which had made me forget what had happened at first.


I sat reading a muggle magazine all curled up in an arm chair. The magazine wasn’t particularly interesting, just someone talking about their third divorce and how ‘heart-broken’ they were. Total trash if you ask me. People streamed through the common room as lessons ended though no-one asked me what had happened. They just whispered as usual. Not that I cared. Not that I cared about anything anymore.
From what I heard, Rose was called out of her lessons the other day to talk to Professor Muddlepod about what had happened.


All I knew was that I had I to join her, I missed half of history of magic so that was an advantage. “Well girls” Professor Muddlepod said. I looked around Evie, Saffie and Ava were there too.
“We seem to have a…uh situation”
I was confused. What did he mean a situation?
“You have given me conflicting stories” he continued.
What? How could there have been conflicting stories? I had told the truth, so what had Rose said?
“If you would both like to recite your storied for me please”
I obliged, staring Rose in the eyes as I did so, I was trying to make her feel uncomfortable and it seemed to be working. Then it was Rose’s turn. She was far too good at acting.


“We came back from a party” Rose started, “We found Felicity sitting on her bed, she was scratching her hands repeatedly, I have no idea why. Then we tried to stop her because we could see her hands were bleeding. But…but she slapped me. We tried to talk to her but she just kept backing away. She lost her footing and hit her head on the edge of a bed. We tried to take her to the hospital wing but she wouldn’t go, when we woke up she was gone!”
“She’s lying!” I screamed out, “are you implying I was self-harming? I would never…I wouldn’t I just wouldn’t, Professor, you have to believe me , that’s not what happened! Like I said, she pushed me!”
“Calm down Miss Barker, Saffron, Evelyn, Ava is what Rose said true”
Ava was first to reply, she clearly hated me and therefore didn’t feel any regrets in lying and saying Rose was telling the truth.
“Yes Professor, of course Rose is telling the truth, why would she lie?”
Evie was the next to answer but only after being prompted by the headmaster, “Umm, yes. Fliss tripped. There is no way that Rose want to hurt anyone”
“She’s telling the truth” was all Saffie could say. Her voice was shaking almost as much as her hands which were the only give away that she was lying. Her hands always trembled when she lied, however small the lie.
“Why are you lying? Just tell the truth, you have to!” I begged.
“Felicity, if you’re self-harming you need help” Rose said in a falsely worried voice. I looked at Professor Muddlepod.
“I am afraidFelicity, because of the nature of your injury we cannot tell whether you have remembered what happened accurately, I am therefore forced to believe Rose’s story. She is right. I will see about organising you some counselling sessions”
“What, no!? You can’t please, I wouldn’t! Can’t you tell that she is lying!?” I almost wailed.
“Why are you lying?” I yelled shaking Rose, Professor Muddlepod had to forcibly pull me away from Rose who then left hurriedly along with Evie, Amie and Ava.
“I swear Professor, I never, I didn’t please!” I begged.
“I am sorry Miss Barker, you should return to your dormitory”

I walked slowly ignoring where my feet were actually taking me, I walked and walked until I reached a corridor which was unfamiliar. I slumped against the wall and slowly slid down it until I was sat on the cold, hard floor.
“Things getting a little rough?” a voice asked, I looked up. It was Katy.
“I’m so glad you’re here…” I began before boring out the whole thing to her.
“Sheesh that’s well…your problems are worse than mine I guess…so they all lied to Muddlepod? God you need a drink,” and she was right, I did need a drink…and soon.

A/N: So that was chapter 11, I hope you all had a great Christmas and you enjoyed the chapter. Please tell me what you think
Beth xxx
EDITED: 5/02/14: Feel free to tell me what you thought of it.


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