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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 9 : Rooms Visitd and Secrets Revealed
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A/N- Hey, guys! Basically, this is what happened last chapter, but in James’ Point of View, and with a little more added at the end. I know, I know you’re so proud of me for updating so fast... You’re not? Well this is just trying to make up for the fact that it took TWO MONTHS to get the previous one in. I already have the next three chapters done, so these updates should be quick, provided my chapters don’t get rejected. They have a tendency to do that... Fingers crossed! Okay, go read, and thank you!

James’ P.O.V.
    Padfoot was still grumbling. For some reason, Wormtail hadn’t wanted to join us tonight. He hadn’t been around that much lately. We had spotted him with some Slytherins, so we decided he must be on some top- secret mission for Dumbledore. Despite being angry that Dumbledore wouldn’t let us do anything, we didn’t dare question the man. Anyway, Wormtail was out. We left for our secret rendezvous with Lily, a bit late because Sirius had to find his trainers. They were under a pair of Wormtail’s very used boxers. Which was why Padfoot was grumpy.

    When we came downstairs, the place looked empty. Then we spotted Lily. She was lying down on one of the plush couches, her eyes closed. I took a deep breath. She looked beautiful. Perfect. I mean, perfect because it would be easy to pretend I was in love with her. Not because I actually liked her. Right. Her legs looked longer than normal and ridiculously sexy. Her shirt was a bit tight, not enough to be slutty, but tight enough to show off her curvaceous frame. Every thing she wore was dark (except her light blue shorts), which set off her fiery hair. Then she opened her eyes, and I couldn’t stop staring. She had done something with her makeup that made the green in her eyes jump out at you. Once again, I was marveling at how much of a genius I was to have picked a girl in fourth year that would be this pretty in seventh. It made my plan go off smoothly. Of course, she ruined everything when she opened her mouth.

    “Ready to see something in this castle that you’ve never seen before?” I laughed lightly. There was no way. Us Marauders had combed through the Marauder’s map last night, and we hadn’t caught anything useful we didn’t already know about. We set off down the hall. The Fat Lady grumbled, of course.

    “Irresponsible children, sneaking out at this time of night!” But we pretended we hadn’t heard. I was surprised at Lily’s sneaking abilities. She must do it often. Even though she wore high shoes that looked painful to walk in, she was quiet and so good at melting into the shadows, that sometimes we lost track of her. One time, in the middle of a passage she paused and reprimanded us about walking in the middle of the hallway. She insinuated something about us standing under a blanket, and we all snuck glances at the invisibility cloak in my pocket. There was no way she knew. She acted oblivious enough. So we struggled to copy her movements. She had memorized nooks and crannies we hadn’t bothered to, because of the map, and she even snuck into some corners we didn’t even know were there. This girl was a machine. I began to wonder if maybe she could show us something we didn’t know about. Impossible. We had the map.

    Finally, at a seventh floor corridor, she stopped, and gestured to the blank wall as if it were something to marvel at. Sirius got more and more annoyed as she explained, and Remus became more and more amazed. I didn’t know what to think. A room that would become anything you wanted it to was a bit far- fetched, even for me, the unregistered animagus.

    Lily demonstrated, and I was amazed. My first thought was that we should have seen this place in the Map. But that thought was crushed by Padfoot, who ran into me and tripped into the opposite wall. A door had appeared on the wall facing us. It was plain white, and reminded me of a muggle door.

    “What is it?” The words were whispered, but they still seemed loud in the tomb like hallway. I resisted the urge to cover my mouth. The question was out, and I wanted it answered. I had never seen such a door before. She said it was her room, and that I had given her the idea. I couldn’t wait. I had always wondered what a muggle room looked like, and that it was Lily’s was all the more fun.

    The room was red, white, and had lots of dark wood. I liked the red part, because it reminded me of Gryffindor, but there was very little gold. Of course, there would be books, lots of books. They were everywhere. On her bedside table, stuffed into two bookshelves, and there was one on her desk. But mostly what I saw were these strange, shiny- surfaced things. Lily had sat on the bed casually, and I bent to pick up a flat, square object made of plastic. There was a picture on the front, three guys who were in strange poses. The picture looked weird, not real. Rock and Roll, I read. The object opened, and I saw it was a case. A metal circle, with a small circular hole in the center was inside the case. Sirius, whose mood was restored due to the sheer awesomeness of this room, decided to joke with Lily.

    Nice room, sweetheart. Are we the only boys your age who’ve seen it?” If it was any other girl but Lily, this would have been too far, but I wasn’t worried. Lily could serve wicked backlash. She didn’t disappoint.

    “You wish you were the only boys who had ever come in here. I’ve had more teenage guys here than you can count. But since you can only count to about twenty, that isn’t much of an achievement.” I laughed so hard no noise came out. I don’t even know why it was so superbly funny. It must have been something to do with the fact that Sirius forgot the number twelve this morning during Quidditch, mixed with the lateness of the hour and the stress that meant I hadn’t even started on my homework yet. Remus changed the subject though. These things make him uncomfortable when they’re said around a girl.

    “Hey, who are these on the doors? Why don’t the pictures move? And they’re in color, too. Wow!” He pointed at the strange pictures on the doors. Once again, the people didn’t look real. Too perfect. Lily blushed a bit. I wondered why.

    “Those are just some muggle celebrities,” Oh. Now I understood why they looked perfect. Didn’t you have to when you were a muggle celebrity? Those muggles, so obsessed with perfection, when nothing in this world was ever perfect. Except Lily’s eyes. They were pretty close.

    “Why can’t you dress more like this, Lily? It would be a bigger smash than the sexy uniforms.” Sirius was teasing Lily again, pointing to a picture of a scantily clad muggle woman. Weird, she looked too skinny to be healthy. Stranger yet was the picture Padfoot was now pointing to. A naked woman lying on a cotton candy cloud. Sadly, she was on her stomach, so we couldn’t see anything entertaining.

    I moved on to the pictures next to it. There were all these half naked boys. I decided to ask a question. I knew the answer, but I wanted Lily to confirm it. “Why are these boys not wearing cloaks? Or shirts, whatever muggles wear.”

    Lily blushed. “They wear shirts. It’s just that most girls never want them to. Of course, not only celebrities can be hot.” Then she looked coyly at Moony. My face became a hard mask while I considered the new turn of events. Lily liked Remus? No. It was probably some inside joke or something. He did treat her the best out of all of us, if I was being honest. No way she liked him. I couldn’t figure out why I felt uncomfortable that Lily liked other guys, and their six packs, because the next second we were attacked.

    I pointed my wand at the direction the noise and light was coming from. I needed to protect the others! But then there was a soft hand on mine, pulling my wand from my secure grasp. For some reason it was that one touch that let me give up my only weapon so easily. Lily had taken my wand.

    I saw that the thing I thought was coming at us wasn’t. It was simply a big shiny object in Lily’s room that was giving out light and sound- and had little people in it?!?!?!?!

    Moony asked the obvious question- what that thing was. Lily said that muggles could ‘rucohrd’ things in real life and play it in this thing- a ‘tellie’. She then turned on a ‘raydio’. It was normal music, but tunes that I didn’t know. The sound was clearer, too. And it sounded weird. Strange beats, the background was a bit metallic sounding. Muggles sure were strange.

    We had gotten our fill of the room when we turned to go. Moony and Padfoot were already talking about how many amazing things we could do here. But when we tried the door, it wouldn’t budge. We pulled as hard as we could. Was this another trick of the room? Were there Death Eaters outside who had somehow locked the door? Thankfully, Lily came to the rescue of my panicking heart.

“The door won’t open you know,” She walked over to us in the sexy heels. “We had a deal, and you have to honor it.” She retreated to her seat, and we remembered that we had promised her secrets in exchange for this. I couldn’t even complain. This would be so useful to us, and I didn’t see how the map, the cloak, or our animagi forms would help Lily. Maybe the kitchens, but I guessed she already knew about those.

Sirius, however, was annoyed. He hated not knowing things until the last minute. “You tricked us! You made this room, and you trapped us here!” Lily rolled her eyes, and Moony rested a hand on Padfoot’s shoulder. I could tell my werewolf friend was tense, and I knew why.

“We had a deal, mate. And besides, this room is worth a few secrets. Just not, you know...the unsafe secrets.” I was right. Moony didn’t want us to tell her he was a werewolf. Of course we wouldn’t. This was our best kept secret.

Soon, we got in a circle so Lily couldn’t hear us. Padfoot got right down to it.

“So what secret should we tell her? Since we won’t show her Moony’s furry little secret. I don’t think we should describe any of our transformations. She might get suspicious.” Remus relaxed visibly and nodded. It was his turn to speak.

“We should tell her two secrets though. This is huge! Just imagine the possibilities. Lily gave up a fair bit of knowledge tonight.” Sirius scowled, but nodded. I didn’t like it either, but likewise, I understood.

“So maybe we could tell her about the map? And show her, of course. It won’t benefit her, but maybe if she thinks someone is in trouble she could call up a favor?” I made it seem like a question.

“Good idea, Prongs. Any others?” Moony was positive. He was looking at me expectantly. I was reluctant. I had one more idea, but it was one that I sincerely did not want to share. It would be almost painful to share this with her.

“Well...,” I took a deep breath. Padfoot frowned. He knew what I was going to say next, and he felt the same way as I did. “We could always show her my dad’s... invisibility cloak.” I let out my breath heavily. Moony understood at once. But he was more practical, wanting things to be fair.

“Are you sure? I mean, at least we know she won’t steal it... But we can always tell her about the kitchens and claim that we don’t have any other secrets.” Moony never lied, or even suggested it. I could see the revulsion in eyes. During a prank it was different, for fun, but this was no prank.

“Or I could turn into a dog, she would scream and faint we could kill her, and stuff her in a broom closet.” as always, Padfoot lightened up the mood. We laughed, and I shook my head.

    “The Marauder’s map and the invisibility cloak. Let’s go.” We broke apart. Lily was looking at us expectantly.

    “We decided on two secrets to tell you. Remus insists on both of them because he thinks what you just showed us is an amazing secret. I agree, it is pretty awesome.” My voice almost cracked. I felt like I was about to give up a part of me. Of course, it’s not like we would let her use any of it.

    “Alright, I’m ready. Tell it to me.” She leaned back relaxedly, but her eyes were alert. I gulped, and stepped forward. This had to come from me. I had analyzed it before, and this would help me in my plan to draw Lily in. By telling her these secrets it would make me seem both openly vulnerable (for some reason girls like vulnerable guys), and it would make it seem like I trusted her. And I did.

    “Okay, both of these things are here with us. One we made ourselves, and the other was inherited from my dad. Um, here. I’ll show you the first one.” I reached in my cloak and got out the silky, watery material that was the invisibility cloak. I held it forward reluctantly, and Lily reached out to touch it. Padfoot made as if to stop her, but I felt Moony pull him back. Lily was amazed, she looked up at me and for a moment I was lost in her eyes... I mean, for a second I looked at the pretty color in her eyes. I wasn’t lost in them. To be lost in her eyes meant to be attracted to her, and that wasn’t possible. I took an even deeper breath, and continued.

    “It’s an invisibility cloak. It was my dad’s. Um, that’s how we get around at night, and why it looked like we were under a blanket on the way here. Usually, we are under a blanket of sorts.” Lily nodded, and moved her hand away as I stowed the precious cloak back in my pocket. I felt lighter now, not the despair I had expected. I realised I really trusted Lily. She could obviously keep a secret.

    Padfoot thrust a piece of parchment in my hand. The map. I let her see, and Lily took it, opening all the folds. She was confused, and I could tell a little annoyed.

    “This is the Marauder’s Map. Each of us is a Marauder, so there are four. We made this. It’s a map of Hogwarts with all the secret passages on it.” Lily looked a bit unimpressed.
“It also tells where every person is in the castle, at all times. And it has labels so you can see who is who.” Lily was impressed, now. But I could see she wanted to know how it worked. I was surprised she didn’t think we were lying. This girl was incredibly trusting. That made me feel a twinge of guilt for what I was doing to her. I took the map back.

Pointing my wand at it, I said “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” Ink flooded the map. I opened it up, and we could see where everyone was, at all times. Lily gasped, and wrenched the map from my hands. I jumped at it, but she held the map out of reach.

“Wait,” She said. I waited. I watched as she flipped the map to the seventh floor. I suddenly saw what she was doing. All of us looked as hard as we could, but even with four pairs of eyes we couldn’t see the room.

“It’s unplottable,” Lily said. “Just like Hogwarts. That’s why you didn’t know it was here.” She flipped through the map while we digested that information. I nearly heard Moony’s head flipping with excitement. This room offered more possibilities than we had thought.

“Yeah, I already knew about all these hidden passageways to Hogsmeade, the only useful part of this map is knowing where everyone is. Wait... I didn’t know about this one. There’s a secret passage from the Whomping Willow to the Shrieking Shack! Wow, two of the worst places I could think of going. I bet no one uses that passage. Have you ever tried it?” Moony, Padfoot, and I had already gone stiff, but when she said that, the tension in the room thickened. Lily was oblivious. Quickly, I saw Padfoot shaking his head out of the corner of my eye. Lily nodded, and handed me the map back. We all relaxed.

    “Well, I’m beat. I’m going back to my dorm. Shall we?” She opened the door, and we all filed out. The map was still in my hands. I saw McGonagall walking quickly to where we stood.

In a flash, I whipped out the invisibility cloak, and covered the four of us. The boys caught hold of the situation quickly, but Lily was startled. She let out a yelp, and within a split second, three hands were over her mouth. I gave her the map for her to see just how close to a detention we were. She was immediately silent.

We heard McGonagall’s impeding footsteps come closer and closer. The old bat came into view. She was dangerously close to us, as we were up against the wall, and she was almost touching it. We were nearly home free when Padfoot sneezed.

A/N- Alright, sweethearts (Pretend I didn’t say that if you’re a guy)! PLEASE review! Okay I love you thank you so much.




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